Chapter 54

54. Puppy’s waltz

「Sorry. I wanted to invite you for a tea but we have to go back to the shop immediately to arrange the flowers, or else we won’t make time on the opening by 11:00!」

Nagisa-san come out of the window of her van and told us.
The compartment is fully loaded with flower’s cardboard box and bamboo on the roof
Nagisa-san is on the driver’s seat. Miyuki-san is on the passenger seat. Mao-chan’s on the child seat, blocking the flower boxes.

That’s amazing…That’s the car Nagisa-san’s driving everyday…!
She’s really a manager of a flower shop.
Even though she’s so young, that’s amazing…

「Yoshida-kun, sorry for making you do the labor. It really helped us…!」

Nagisa-san told me.

「No, I can always help whenever you want」

Nagisa-san’s eyes shined!

「Mao! Yoshida-kun will working on the flower shop!」

…Wait wait.

「Nagisa…you’re being hasty. It’s fine to just let him help from time to time, isn’t it? If he goes to the market every morning, he won’t be able to go to the school!」

Katsuko-nee buts in before I could deny it

「Oh my…that’s troublesome」
「You want him to graduate high school, don’t you?」
「Right…we weren’t able to graduate from high school after all」
「That’s right…also, he’ll be working on my bakery after he graduates…!」


「That’s what I promised Ojou-sama…! I’ll wait for him to graduate and he and I will begin a bakery together!」

No…I wasn’t included in the promise!

「Wait wait, Katsun! Isn’t that strange?!」

The furious Nei-san joins in…!

「Yo-chan’s going to live with me on a small house on a steppe!!」

Err…how should I tsukkomi here?

「…What’s a steppe?」
「Well…the air’s clean, the view’s good, and there’s a hot spring, and the fishes are delicious, it’s good everywhere!」

That’s no longer a steppe

「But, I have Yo-chan and Maru-chan! We’ll live just the three of us!」
「Oya oya, what about me?」

Margo-san laughs.

「No way…I’ll make my bakery a four story with an outdoor hot spring on the rooftop! I’ll prepare Nei-sama and Margo-sama’s room so how about you people come to my place? You can eat breads all you want everyday!」
「…Eh, really?」
「I’ll also make three meals everyday!」
「Uwaa…that’s tempting! What should we do, Maru-chan?…Should we go with Yo-chan and live on Katsuko-san’s bakery?」

Why I’m included in the set?!

「If so, then I’ll extend my own shop! I’ll turn it into five stories! It’ll have the best view! While we’re at it, I’m also going to make Misuzu’s dog house! Yoshida-kun, if you come to us then you can do Misuzu as much as you want! I’m gonna do my best to be a top breeder!」
「Mama, do your best!」

Mao-chan’s smile is so cute.
But you see Mao-chan…Your mother’s trying to increase something outrageous.
Or rather…I’m a stud dog?

「I remembered Misuzu-chan but…Katsuko-san, we’ll be late for the meeting. We should go back and make preparations」

Margo-san asks Katsuko-nee while smiling wryly.

「Ah, that’s right…I have to change clothes!」

Katsuko-nee panics

「Oh right, I have to return to the shop soon.」

Nagisa-san starts the engine…

「Later…thanks everyone. It helped me. Normally, that person would be nagging us for an hour」

Oh…The Yakuza earlier.
It looks like it was worth getting up early as we’re able to properly guard Nagisa-san. Un.

「It’s fine…we’re going to dispose the ringleader by the end of the day」

Margo-san declares…
In short…the Yakuza would be beaten up by the end of the day.
It can’t be helped…it’s for the sake of helping Nagisa-san.

「Leave it to us!」
「Don’t worry」
「It’s for Nagisa’s sake after all!」

Everyone smiles at each other…
The 『Toys』of 『Kuromori』…

「Yoshida-kun…you’re welcome to come over and play with us during the consecutive holidays!」
「Yes, I’ll visit」
「Ah, but before that, we’re going to meet at Misuzu’s Presentation!」


「My…you haven’t heard about it? It’s the presentation of Misuzu’s Japanese traditional dance. It’s on May 2」
「Is that so??」
「Yoshida-kun’s going to watch it, of course?」

Well…I have no choice but to go as the pet’s owner.
I don’t get what Japanese traditional dance is.

「Yes, I’ll be going」
「Misuzu will surely be pleased…Then, later everyone!」

Mao-chan waved smilingly.

「…Take care」
「Bye bye!」

Nagisa-san’s car went out of the market…

「Now then…should we go back?」

Margo-san said that and we boarded the white van…

◇ ◇ ◇

It was half past nine when we arrived at the mansion.

「Let’s go to the garage」

Margo-san said.
…It’s my first time going to the garage.
It’s always been Katsuko-nee or Margo-san’s car letting me off on the entrance and boarding it.
The garage at the back of the residence was the size of a small gym.
There’s 20 to 30 cars parked inside it…
The garage door was opened and we entered while inside the car.
Katsuko-nee jumps down from the van and begins to take off her clothes.
Her huge breasts wrapped in black bra shakes well…

「…I have my maid clothes here and other places in case when an unexpected situation happened!」

I see, she took out a cleaned maid clothes put in a plastic bag from the nearby shelf.
She changed clothes in an amazing speed…

「I’m fine in this clothes! You’re also fine with it aren’t you, Yo-chan?」

Nei-san…in the first place, we don’t have a change of clothes here.

「Then…I’ll be preparing for the Yakuza」

Katsuko-nee reacts to Margo-san’s words.

「Margo-sama,. please leave the Benz!」
「Got it, I’ll borrow Minaho’s green van」

Margo-san opened the box on alongside the wall and took a car key.

「…Then. I’ll be going. We’re scheduled to attack tonight. I’ll talk about the details of the plan later」
「Bye then, Maru-chan!」

Margo-san boards the car and left.

「Thank you for waiting! Let’s go!」

Katsuko-nee seems to have finally ended changing clothes too.
We boarded the Benz.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Misuzu-sama’s supposed to be meeting us at the station…」

Katsuko-nee drives the Benz…!
Right, our school has a bit of distance from the station.
I think that it’s a bit harsh for the students walking from the other school.

「What time is the meetup/」

Five more minutes.

「Well, we have a lot of time」

Katsuko-nee stepped on the accelerator…!

…We arrived in three minutes.

「As expected, a large scale Benz is best! Other cars hold back and make way for you!」

…Is that so?
I think that it’s being quite forceful…
Misuzu’s already at the front of the station.
She’s wearing the same ojou-sama uniform just like yesterday…!

「…Mii-chan, here!」

Nei-san on the passenger seat opened the window and shouted!
Misuzu noticed us.
She ran up to our car just like a puppy…!

「…Good morning!」
「Good morning Misuzu-sama」
「Un, good morning!」
「…Good morning, Misuzu」

It’s somewhat embarrassing.

「Huh, why is Danna-sama and Nei-sama wearing the same clothes?/」
「Ah, this? We helped Nagisa-san earlier and went to the flower market! Look! Look!」

Nei-san showed the logo of Nagisa-san’s shop on her back to Misuzu.

「My, it’s true. Must be nice, I also want to go…!」
「But, we woke up by 5:00 today!」
「Then, when Misuzu called Danna-sama earlier…?」
「Un. We’re already at the market」
「Ah, I’m sorry for calling at such a busy time!」
「It’s fine. If you want to say something then you can call me anytime」

…That’s right
I’d be troubled if her she got sick from enduring the urge to pee.

「Misuzu-sama, please get on sooner…we don’t have much time until the promised time to meet with Yamamine-sama!」

Oh right…we have to meet Yamamine-san at the front gate of the school at 10:00

「Ah, I’m sorry!」

Misuzu gets in the rear seat of the Benz cheerfully.
…She sat down close next to me

「…Lets go!」

The car began to run once again…


Misuzu whispered

「…What’s wrong?」

When I asked, Misuzu blushed…

「Misuzu hasn’t made her morning kiss yet…」

Eh…we’re going to do it here?
Katsuko-nee and Nei-san are here though…!

「Don’t mind us!」
「Yes…Go on Misuzu-sama!」


「I also did my morning kiss earlier…!」


「Eeeh, Katsun you sly fox! I also wanted to do it!」
「…Nei-sama, in the first place, you still haven’t done your first kiss, have you?」
「Un…yeah, but」

Misuzu’s surprised.

「Nei-san, is that true?」
「Un…Actually, I’m still a virgin. I promised Yo-chan that I will give it to him sooner or later…!」
「…Are you still scared?」

Katsuko-nee asked Nei-san.

「I’m used to Yo-chan. Or rather, I trust him. He will never do anything cruel to me. I’m fine being seen too. I’m also fine being touched or clinging to him But, I’m still scared to accept his penis…!」
「…I was also a virgin yesterday but, once you’ve done it, it’s not scary anymore!」
「If you want, can I watch Yo-chan and Mii-chan’s sex closely? I’m used to watching it on the monitor but, I’ve never been in the place where there’s sex」
「That’s very welcome!…Isn’t it, Danna-sama?!」

…Isn’t it, you ask.
…Well, they’re watching anyway.
…We’ve been seen all this time.

「I’ll show how I have sex with him! Or rather, I’ll teach you! The wonders of sex!」

Uwaa…The specialist participated in the war.

「Rather than that…Misuzu-sama. Your morning kiss」

Misuzu looked at me…

「Danna-sama…is that okay with you?」
「…Un, of course」

Misuzu and my lips piled up…while we’re inside the car.
Misuzu’s face turned red.
She turned her arms around my back and embraced me tightly.
Misuzu’s tongue entered my mouth
Misuzu’s tongue is sweet.
It stimulates my tongue…
I sucked Misuzu’s tongue too…
…Before long.
Misuzu separates her lips.

「…My heart’s throbbing!」

Misuzu’s eyes is melting.

「Danna-sama…Misuzu’s wet…」


「The amount of Misuzu-sama’s nectar is so huge that it’s trouble isn’t it?…There’s a paper diaper on the bag on the back!」

As expected of Katsuko-nee…you’re prepared!

「Then Misuzu…should we change you into diapers?」
「…Yes, Danna-sama」

Misuzu rolled her own skirt from the back of the Benz.
Misuzu’s silky smooth legs…
The white panty ahead of it is already wet.

「…Misuzu’s embarrassed」
「It feels good being embarrassed isn’t it?」

Nei-san looks at us interestingly from the passenger seat…

「Mii-chan, you’re having Yo-chan put on the 『Diaper』to you?」
「Yes…I pee whenever Danna-sama wishes me to…」
「Uwa, that looks fun! I want to try it too!」

Katsuko-nee rebukes Nei-san.

「Nei-sama…please do that kind of play when you’re not a virgin anymore You’d just be a pervert if you do that kind of strange experience when you’re still a virgin!」

This is already perverted.

I took off Misuzu’s panty…
Misuzu floated her waist when it crosses over the mountain of the soft ass.
The panty slid from her thighs to her foot…
Misuzu’s hairless mound of Venus…
The love nectar dripping from her slit.
Misuzu’s genital is cute.

「…Please don’t look that much」

But…I want to look forever

「Misuzu-sama, you said it wrong…You have to say 『Please enjoy the view without reserve』!」

The demon coach’s education enters…

「Okay…Danna-sama, please take look. It’s for Danna-sama. Misuzu’s body is all Danna-sama’s property…!!!」

It’s dripping with love nectar again.
Her skirt would get dirty if this continues.
I spread the diaper under Misuzu’s ass in a hurry…

「…You’re cute, Misuzu」
「…Please cherish me forever」
「Please cherish me forever…please don’t throw Misuzu away」
「I’ll take care of you」

I kissed Misuzu again…!

「Hey wait! Yo-chan, you haven’t told me that!」

Oh…Nei-san starts to rage.

「Nei-sama…those words are words told to people whom you gave your body to!」
「…Even if you say that!」
「I’ve already dedicated myself to him so…you love your onee-san, don’t you!」

Katsuko-nee’s taking advantage.

「…I love you Katsuko-nee」
「You’re going to take care of me too?」
「Un…I will」

Eh??…Misuzu’s face says.
Katsuko-nee spoke to Misuzu while driving.

「Misuzu-sama…I was also embraced by him yesterday」
「My…Is that so?! Congratulations!」
「Think of me as your elder sister from now on…we’re bring loved by the same man after all」
「Misuzu sends her best regards!」
「Let’s get along okay?」

Nei-san’s irritated…

「You guys are cruel! Completely ignoring me!」
「That’s why…just throw it away sooner!」
「…Even if you say that」
「If you’re that scared to have sex by your own will then how about being violated? Should I bind you in a restraint machine in the mansion」

…Ah. The one when I first violated Yukino.

「No. I don’t want to be raped…I want to have normal sex」
「Then it’s no good for Nei-sama who can’t muster up her courage1」
「I get that…but」

I finished putting the diaper on Misuzu while they’re talking.
Misuzu once again embraces me to get spoiled.
She rubs her cheeks against mine…

「…I love you Danna-sama!」

I got erect.
The sharp Katsuko-nee noticed the event immediately.

「You haven’t released it since this morning…!」
「…Is that so?」
「Yes…I thought that I should present the first one to Misuzu-sama」
「Thank you very much!」

Misuzu lowered the zipper!

「I’ll be serving you…Danna-sama!」
「No, wait…Misuzu!」
「Uwaa…it’s so big!」
「We don’t have much time」
「Right, we don’t have much time for sex…We only have five minutes till the meetup time…!」

Katsuko-nee says while looking at the clock at the dashboard.

「Please do it by hand…because fellatio when driving is dangerous. You can kiss the penis when there’s a red signal!」
「Okay…I understand!」

Misuzu’s thin fingers caresses my glans.

「Danna-sama…does it feel good?」

I groped Misuzu’s body.

「Aaahh…please touch me more. Do as you please with Misuzu’s body…!」

Misuzu pants…

「Uwaa, they really started doing it!」

Nei-san’s eye rounded as she looks at us.

「You see…Misuzu」

There’s something I really want to ask Misuzu.

「Misuzu…are you okay with me having sex with other girls?
「…I don’t mind
「Danna-sama doesn’t have sex with someone he doesn’t really love?」
「If it’s someone you really want to do with then it can’t be helped…!」

Is that okay?

「My grandfather…」

Misuzu smiles at me.

「Have multiple mistresses. But, he treasures everyone. My grandfather told me…」
「…What is it?」
「『Even the lowest men won’t be able to understand women unless they embrace a hundred』」 I want Danna-sama to become a splendid man. That’s why, please have sex with more girls. I’ll cooperate…!」

Misuzu’s grandfather…!
I don’t get how the rich and powerful people think…!

「Misuzu…are you fine with that/」
「Yes. I’m Danna-sama’s pet! Danna-sama’s happiness is my happiness!」


「You see…I was told by Yuzuki-sensei yesterday」
「…What is it??/」
「When men experienced sex, they’d want to embrace various women…when women get used to sex they’d also want to be embraced by other men…」
「Misuzu might be the same. You might want to have sex with other men than me…6」

That might be normal.
Misuzu…got angry.

「Geez!…Misuzu is only for Danna-sama!」
「Misuzu is Nagisa-sama’s pet, I think you know it but…if you ask, we prefer women than men…!」
「…Eh, but」

Right now, she’s stroking my erect penis…
Even though Misuzu’s angry, her caressing hand is not stopping.
Rather, it became violent…

「Yes, Misuzu’s fine with only Danna-samal. I’ll have sex with only Danna-sama. I want to have sex with only Danna-sama!」
「But in the future…If I felt I want to have sex with someone other than Danna-sama…I will report to Danna-sama immediately」
「Then, Danna-sama can bully Misuzu without reserve. Make a mess out of me. Please fill Misuzu with Danna-sama’s semen so that I can no longer think of other men…!」


「It’s enough for Misuzu to have Danna-sama her only man in her life. That’s what I decided!」

Misuzu strokes my penis with strong power…!
Gradually stimulating the glans…!
Ah…I’m near cumming…!

「I love you…Danna-sama」

Nei-san looks at us quietly with serious eyes on the other side of the mirror.
Katsuko-nee too…
Misuzu kissed my lips…!
Ah…I’m…going to cum!!

「…We’ve arrived!」

Katsuko-nee’s voice.
The car stops…!
When I noticed, we’re at the front gate of the school…!
Ah…Yamamine-san’s here…!

「…Misuzu, I’m about to cum!」
「…Please order Misuzu to drink it」
「…Misuzu, drink…drink it!」

Misuzu responded with an entranced face.


My glans filled Misuzu’s small mouth…!


Katsuko-nee pushed the horn!
Yamamine-san that’s in the front of the gate noticed the car we’re in…!
She’s coming here smiling…!

I’m ejaculating Inside Misuzu’s mouth…
While taking a look at Yamamine-san’s smile!!!

1. Ask the Zeppeli to get courage ↩
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