Chapter 55

55. Song

「Misuzu-sama…open your mouth wide and make him confirm that the semen is there!」

Katsuko-nee coaches Misuzu.
Misuzu who received semen in her mouth for the first time opened her mouth wide.
There’s liquid on the tip of her pink tongue.
I nodded…

「Then, please swallow it. Dilute it with your saliva and it’ll be easier to drink!」

Misuzu’s mouth went “Kuchukuchu”
Then, she swallowed.

「…Thanks. That was cute」

I instinctively patted Misuzu’s head…!

「Ehehe…Semen is really bitter isn’t it」

Misuzu smiles at me.

「Men have quite the different tastes!」
「Eh, Katsun, is that so?」
「They might be similar but the taste differs from the physical condition…when you’re used to it, you can understand their health condition」
「Then, Misuzu will be drinking Danna-sama’s semen to check him!」

Misuzu says that then Katsuko-nee.

「Eeh! That’s what I thought I should be doing…!」

Misuzu had a 「My my」face

「Then Katsuko-sama will do the health check. But…Misuzu would be glad if you can share the half of what Danna-sama released…!」
「I’m fine even with a third of it…!」

Katsuko-nee’s face loosened from Misuzu who appeals with puppy dog eyes.

「Geez…it can’t be helped! we’ll do it in turns!」
「Okay! Thank you very much!」

Katsuko-nee…that turns means that you’re going to do it alternate everyday?
There’s no way they would do this for everyday continuously…?
No, don’t think about it.
I feel that I’d lose when I think…

「In exchange, I’ll be training you hard in fellatio! I will be teaching Misuzu-sama with all the techniques I know!」
「My best regards!」
「Penis is an organ that women don’t have. Therefore, you have to gather the knowledge and technique on how to make a man feel pleasure! Do you follow!」

Somehow, this master and student relationship is dangerous…!

「Eeh! You two looks like you’re having fun! Katsun, let me join in too! Teach me how to do fellatio!」
「I won’t teach the virgins!」
「…Katsun’s a bully!」
「A virgin who knows how to fellate is heresy!1」

I feel I want Nei-san to experience normal sex.
Or rather…I feel that in Nei-san’s case, once she gets into a heresy of sex once, she won’t be able to leave that…

「Also, uhm, Katsuko-sama」

Misuzu once again talks to Katsuko-nee that’s on the driver’s seat.

「What is it?」
「…Please teach Misuzu techniques in sex」
「That’s no good!」

Katsuko-nee said it clearly.

「Sex is different from fellatio, you can’t prioritize the technique. What’s important is the matter of the two hearts mixing together!」
「…I see」
「Misuzu-sama is an innocent who just lost her virginity., It’s not time to teach you about techniques. It’s just enough to only make your partner feel good…yourself feeling good, feeling the wonders of having sex using your own body. It would be thoughtless to teach you excessive education at the current stage!」
「Rather…it’s important to serve with the mind of『Dedicating one’s fresh body』!」
「I get it! Danna-sama…please paint Misuzu with the color you want! Please turn Misuzu to a woman of your preference! Misuzu will do whatever you wish for me to do!」

Why are you so cute…!

「Its fine. The current Misuzu-sama. Is very lovely!!」
「…But, I don’t have the adult charm like Katsuko-sama…I’m not as beautiful as Nei-san. I want to at least change into something Danna-sama likes!」

Nei-san was surprised from what Misuzu said.
I embraced Misuzu’s body silently.

「I think that the current Misuzu is very charming. I love you」

I smacked Misuzu’s lips.

「Hey hey…what about me?」

Katsuko-nee interrups the two people’s atmosphere.

「Of course I love you too! I like how Katsuko-nee is right now!」

Nei-san sighed alone then spoke to me.

「It’s good and all but…Yo-chan, you should hide your penis soon. Look, the signal’s changing…!」

Shit…My dick’s still out.
By the way…we’ve been talking for very long…
Our car has stopped just on the other side of the road…and yet, the girl named Yamamine-san is an honor student that waits for the signal to change even in the street that there’s not a single car passing through…!
When the signal changed…Yamamine-san walked in the pedestrian lane.
I hid my penis in a hurry and spoke to Nei-san.

「But…I also love Nei-san

Nei-san turns around to me…!

「Since I first met you at the roof at school…I’ve been in love with Nei-san all the time」
「Of course you do…Nei-sama is always gentle!」

Katsuko-san buts in.

「…Yo-chan, do you think of wanting to have sex with me?」
「There’s no man who wouldn’t want to have sex with Nei-san!」
「I don’t care about the other men…What does Yo-chan think?」
「I want to」
「…You want to violate me? You want to thrust it hard? Want to let it out inside? Want to get me pregnant?」
「…That’s not it」
「Then, what?!」
「I want the two of us sleep properly while hugging each other tightly. We did it with Margo-san the other day, didn’t we? I want to embrace and sleep alone with Nei-san」

Nei-san’s backbone jumped…!

「…What should I do Katsun?!」
「What’s wrong?」
「…I got weeeeeet!」
「Like I said, just have sex with him already!」
「That’s right! Nei-san! Do it! Misuzu will be watching!」

While we’re making noises…Yamamine-san on her uniform had arrived.

「…Good morning」

Yamamine-san’s a bit nervous.
Of course…She promised yesterday that 『She’d come to Nei-san’s friend house to learn make up』
She never thought that she’d be picked up with a Benz…

「…Good morning! You’re Yamamine Megumi-sama, aren’t you?! I’m Takanashi Katsuko!」

Katsuko-nee comes out of the driver’s seat and introduces herself refreshingly.

「Ah, yes…I’m Yamamine Megumi」
「My!…You’re really cute just as I’ve heard from Nei-sama and Misuzu-sama!」

Yamamine-san’s embarrassed.
With Katsuko-nee’s preemptive strike, Yamamine-san got even more nervous.
Misuzu whispered to my ears…

「…Danna-sama, please attach the collar to Misuzu」
「Eh, here?」
「Yes…I want you to put it to me in front of Megumi-san」
「……Megumi-san is Misuzu’s rival」

I-I don’t get it…
Anyway, I should just attach it
I took out Misuzu’s red collar.
Then turn it to Misuzu’s neck…!

「Please get on the car…Ojou-sama’s waiting in the mansion…!」

Yamamine-san makes a suspicious face.

「I told you yesterday didn’t I? We’ll be going to my friend’s house!」

Nei-san shows her face from the window and spoke to Yamamine-san.

「Come here」

Katsuko-san on her maid uniform turned to the rear seat door and opened it…!
Inside the car is me attaching a collar on Misuzu’s neck…

「Good morning, Megumi-san! Please get in, there’s nothing to worry about!」
「…Good morning. Misuzu-san, Yoshida-kun」

Yamamine-san’s puzzled by our appearance…

「Please go in!」
「That’s right, hey hey, Megumi-chan, get in!」

Katsuko-nee and Nei-san urged her and she gets in the car unwillingly.
The door closed…
Katsuko-nee returned to the driver’s seat…

「…You had that choker yesterday, am I wrong?」

Yamamine-san asks Misuzu.

「It’s not a choker…It’s a collar!」

Yamamine-san had a questioning face but, Misuzu’s smiling calmly.

「Ah, don’t mind it! Mii-chan’s just getting sticky at Yo-chan when left alone!」
「…Uhm. Misuzu-san’s not going out with Yoshida-kun, are you?」
「Yes, I’m not going out with him!」

Misusu declared clearly to Yamamine-san

「It’s not just Mii-chan who loves being sticky to Yo-chan…Katsun’s also being sticky with him…!」
「Yes…right now I’m holding the steering wheel so it can’t be helped but, I look towards Misuzu-sama from time to time and think『Dammit』and want to but in…!」
「Ah…I’m sorry Katsuko-sama」
「It’s fine it’s fine! I’ll go stick with him a lot later!」

Katsuko-nee steps on the accelerator!
The Benz accelerates fast!
Once again, the car arrived at the mansion…!

「You see, I also cling to Yo-chan hard!…Everyone loves Yo-chan after all!」

Nei-san on the passenger seat says that.

「…Yoshida-kun…you’re popular aren’t you」
「Un…I don’t get it but…it seems so」

Actually, I don’t get it…
Why did this happen?

「That’s why, Megumi-san, it’s fine! You can also stick to Danna-sama!」


「…Eh? Danna-sama?」
「Yes…Misuzu’s Danna-sama!」

Misuzu leans on me…

「…You’re really not going out with him?」
「Yes, that’s right」

Yamamine-san’s face has a 「????」storm…

「Mii-chan’s calling Yo-chan 『Danna-sama』 That’s all!」
「…Something like a nickname?」
「Nnnー, something more like a affectionate name?!」

Yamamine-san looks at me and Misuzu…and Misusu returns her usual lovely smile to Yamamine-san

「Well…that has nothing to do with me…」

Yamamine-san says that and turned her eyes away from Misuzu.

「Oh right. Yo-chan, Katsun and me went to help a flower shop friend in the flower market a while ago! Mii-chan’s working part time on that flower shop」
「…Flower shop?」
「The 『Schwarz Wald』in front of the station!」

MIsuzu answered.

「Ah, I know that. It’s a very stylish flower shop…Misuzu-san’s working at such a wonderful shop?」
「After school at Tuesdays and Saturdays…on the other days, Misuzu has her lessons!」

I asked it instinctively.

「Yes, I do my Japanese traditional dance practice on Monday and Friday, flower arrangement on Wednesday, piano lessons on Wednesday…!」
「…You’re studying that much?」
「Nagisa-sama spoke to the flower arrangement teacher」

…Oh right. I remembered.

「Uhm…I heard it from Nagisa-san, you got a presentation of your Japanese traditional dance?」
「Yes! It’s on May 2!…I thought of telling you about it later today」
「Is that so?」
「Danna-sama…could you please come and see Misuzu’s dance?」
「Un, I will. I promised Nagisa-san after all」
「I’ll also go! Megumi-chan, go there too!」

Yamamine-san’s unable to speak…

「Misuzu-sama…where’s the venue?」

Katsuko-nee asks while driving.

「The national theatre!」

National theatre…is that the theatre for the country?2

「Uwaa, Mii-chan’s dancing at such an amazing place!」
「It’s not that amazing! It’s available for the public other than the day scheduled!」

No…It won’t be lent to normal people.
No matter how you think about it…

「Who’s Misuzu-sama’s teacher at Japanese traditional dance??!」

Katsuko-nee asks from the driver’s seat.

「Konpeki Nadeshiko Sensei!」

Katsuko-nee’s astonished!

「That person…could she be the head of Konpeki house?…」
「Yes…the headmaster of the school!」
「Eeeh! Misuzu-sama’s being guided buy the head of the school directly?!」
「Yes, I am…?!」

Misuzu’s making a 「What about it? expression…

「Katsun, do you know that person?
「Konpeki Nadeshiko-sensei’s a living national treasure!」
「…Living national treasure?」
「She’s the treasure of the country even though she’s alive!」
「Yes, Nadeshiko-sensei’s dance is said to be the 『Angel’s advent』」

In case of that person’s presentation…I can understand why’s the venue the national theatre

「But, the one doing the presentation is Sensei’s class. Sensei would dance on the end but, it would basically be the students like me dancing in turns. Children from six years old and first years who just began to take lessons too…it’s a normal presentation」

No…Just putting in that head of the school is already an extraordinary celebrity?
Children from normal houses can’t enter there…

「But I’m glad…Danna-sama’s going to come and watch…! Misuzu’s Grandfather, father and mother would be there too…!」

Ah…I became depressed in an instant.
I’m going to meet Misuzu’s family??
How should I greet them?
『I’m Yoshida, the one who stole Misuzu’s virginity and made her a pet…!』
I could never say that…

「Misuzu…could it be…」
「Yes…Takahiko-san, Misuzu’s fiance would be coming on that day too…!」

…As expected.

「Misuzu-san, you got a fiance?」

Yamamine-san’s surprised.

「Yes…It’s a fiance my grandfather decided, I have one for now…」

Misuzu emphasized the word 「For now」
…In short.
I need to bring and end to that…
On that day…with Misuzu’s fiance.

「Un…Got it」

Oh…I feel overwhelmed.


Misuzu grips my hand…
I also grasped it.

「Uwaa, I don’t get it but it looks interesting! I’ll definitely go on that day!
「Katsuko feels that it’s somewhat hard so I’ll definitely go!」

The two onee-sama are heating up!!!

「Megumi-chan too! Go there definitely!」

Nei-san made Yamamine-san promise forcibly with her amazing power…

The Benz we’re on arrived at the mansion.

◇ ◇ ◇

…Why did it come to this

In the karaoke room right now, Misuzu’s singing enthusiastically『Tsugaru channel winder scene』under the light of the mirror ball…

When we arrived at the mansion…Katsuko-nee led us to the karaoke room for some reason.
Why do we have a karaoke room in the mansion? I don’t know…
Anyway, it’s a wide party room where it seems 15 people can enjoy it.

「…We’ll be making preparations so please relax in here」

Katsuko-nee told us while offering cold drinks.
Of course, Yamamine-san’s at loss.
Well of course.
Suddenly brought to a mansion then a karaoke after.
It’s normal to start worrying.
Even I was scared when I came here for the first time.
Misuzu’s also feeling a bit nervous…
Misuzu must’ve heard it from Nagisa-san and Yuzuki-sensei but…her heart must be throbbing knowing that this is the base.
Nei-san’s the only one smiling…

Not minding our state, Katsuko-nee does her lecture on how to use the karaoke machine.
Then…she stands on the platform…!

「Then…Katsuko will sing the ball game!」

The introduction flows jingling.
It must be some amazing equipment, the bass coming from the speaker is banging!

「…Please listen to…『My way』!!!!」3

Katsuko-nee began to sing loudly some English song I don’t know.
She’s amazingly good!
It’s good but…
What’s with this strange air…!

「…Katsun got a lot of old men as partners, she can’t sing anything but old songs…but she’s good」

Nei-san commented.
No…I don’t get it well.
Anwyay, Katsukon-nee finished the 『My way』song with amazing power…!

「Uwaa, Katsuko-sama, you’re so skilled!」

Misuzu claps her hand in pleasure.
Neiu-san’s clapping too…
Yamamine-san is…

「…You’re good at pronouncing English」

You’re going to praise that one?

「Ehehe…Thank you very much. Then, I will be preparing the lunch so I’ll be leaving. …Nei-sama, it’s your turn!」

With Katsuko-nee’s nomination, Nei-san stood up!

「…It can’t be helped! Katsun’s English still has ways to go. Hear my home trained English song!」

…Then, the tune starts.
I know this song.
『Stand by me』…!
Nei-san begins to sing.
She’s good at singing but…her pronunciation of English is amazing!
She’s really an American person…
She said that it’s 『Home-trained』…
Nei-san’s 『Stand by me』is…
It pierces the heart for some reason…
It feels very painful…
Misuzu’s crying…

…The song ends.
We gave Nei-san an applause…
Yamamine-san’s no longer nervous.

「It was really good!」

She told Nei-san.

「Then…Next would be Misuzu-chan!」

Then, the song Misuzu chose…
『Tsugaru Channel Winter Scene』…4

Err…To be clear
…It was perfect.
It’s outrageously good…
I think she can debut as a singer of Japanese traditional ballads…

The song ended…
Everyone listened to the song wholeheartedly.
Misuzu bowed deeply…then we applaud to her presentation from the bottom of our hearts.

「…Thank you very much. It’s been a while so I’m nervous」
「You’re good! Mii-chan, do you like this song?」
「My mother likes it. And me too…」
「Hee, so that’s why!」
「Last year, we really went to go and watch the tsugaru channel! I wanted to see the scenery on the song!」
「With your mother…??」
「No, mother, me, Gondou-san the secretary, and the driver Yasuhara-san, and the body guard Shimatsuka-san, it’s the five of us!」

Let’s stop asking about Misuzu’s house.
It’s getting even scarier…

「Well then…Megumi-san, please!」

Misuzu tries to hand the mic to Yamamine-san…!!

「I…about singing…!」

1. They should be burned at the stake! ↩
2. You don’t say? ↩
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