Chapter 548. Sexual number 1

Chapter 548. Sexual number 1

Yukino has no insecurities.

「 Well, That girl grew up carefree, spoiled as much as she wants 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Her father is a director of a major advertising agency. Basically a rich person. On top of that, Shirasaka house who controls newspaper and television companies is a blood relative of hers 」

The former head, Moritsugu was also pampering her.

「 Onii-sama 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

I pull out my penis from Ruriko’s inside.

A large amount of semen overflows from her opening.

「 You’re right. When Yukino-san discovers that Misuzu-chan was from Kouzuki house, a higher social standing than her, she got scared, but she never showed a humble attitude. 」

Katsuko-nee said.

Yeah, she didn’t call Misuzu as “Kouzuki-sama” nor planned to show allegiance.

Instead, whenever they’re on the same place, she ignores her as much as she could.

There’s no insecurity.

「 No matter what happens, whatever circumstances she’s cornered in, her heart will never break because her heart lacks insecurity to others 」

In short, Yukino holds confidence in her existence.

That’s because her father and her great uncle, Shirasaka Moritsugu pampered Yukino.

“Papa praised me. He recognizes my worth” -That thought is the center of Yukino’s ego.

「 People feel ecstasy and joy when they feel that someone praised and recognized them 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 But, no matter how ecstatic it may be, it’ll be knocked away by the knowledge of reality 」

Even if her father continues to say “You’re cute, you have the talent.”

If she goes outside her house and to school, meet people better than herself, more talented then her, she’ll discover her position.

「 But, Yukino’s somewhat beautiful, and she came from a distinguished family, so she wasn’t knocked out of it. Instead, she kicked out reality 」

Katsuko-nee’s right. When Yukino noticed that Megu is more talented than her in the basketball club, she made Megu stop going to the club.

When Megu passed on a high school that shows she’s smarter than Yukino; Yukino forced her to decline and enrolls in the same school as her.

The backing of Shriasaka house and Yamamine house’s adopted daughter, Megu doesn’t raise her head against Shirasaka house.

Megu who’s always made to fall as she wants is one of the factors why Yukino doesn’t have insecurities.

When there’s a clan gathering at New Year’s she wears beautiful clothing and praised by Mr. Moritsugu.

Yet Megu can’t put on a dress and attends on her regular uniform.

That always made Yukino feel that she’s superior.

「 But, won’t that change in the future? Danna-sama chose not Yukino-san but Megu-tan with us 」

Misuzu said.

Will Choosing Megu instead of Yukino become insecurity for her?

「 I wonder? Since it’s her, she’d probably think that she owns him 」

Katsuko-nee said.

I see. Yukino’s usual thought pattern will end up that way.

「 Well, having no insecurities means that she’s happy about herself. But, for us who have insecurities, we only feel disgusted with her 」

Katsuko-nee sighs.

「 That’s true. if it’s her classmates who don’t have much contact with her, her frank personality might be, but she can’t be their best friend 」

Misuzu said.

「 Well, fine, either way, she can’t go back anymore 」


Shou-neechan took Yukino to Green mountain studio.

She’ll be used as a bait to lure the enemy of the new Kouzuki security service as a show-off.

「 Besides, please don’t forget that Megumi-chan has the same inner side as Yukino-san. 」

Katsuko-nee looks at me.

「 Yeah got it. Katsuko-nee 」

Megu also loses sight of her surroundings, only thinking about herself.

Just like Yukino.

「 Normally, those who live in the same environment receive direct influence, for example, parent and child or siblings should have the similar personality. But you see, Yukino-san and Megumi-chan didn’t live together, their environment should be completely different. Strange as it may be but a part of their personality resembles each other too much, it should be a blood relationship case 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 I understand, their blood relationship causes the problem 」

Misuzu said.

「 Looking at the people of Kouzuki house too, there are some similarities in character 」

「 Oh, which part? 」

Katsuko-nee asks.

「 Everyone in my family is talkative. We speak what we think on the spot. Furthermore, we love explaining each and everything assertively to the people around who asks “what’s this, what’s that” 」

Well, Jii-chan and Kouzuki Souji were the same.

The way he talks is different, but Kouzuki Kenshi is analytical, a man who speaks a lot.

Basically, he speaks with an arrogant attitude.

「 That’s true, it must be the influence of the blood 」

Ruriko mutters.

Oh, speaking of which.

Mana’s also the type that sets her heart on what she thinks, she gives up all thinking and acts unpredictably.

Yukino’s escape from Ichikawa-san’s house was also unexpected.

They stockpile their emotions inside, and when it explodes, they take bold actions. It’s a common personality among those sisters.

Megu too, she was surprisingly fast to decide on becoming a member of Kuromori.

Then that means. Wait.

Agnes has the same blood.


I see. Agnes actively recognizes me as her Papa because:

Is her bloodline making her think that way actively?

That’s why Agnes doesn’t feel like she’s always in stress.

If her stocked piled emotions explode, she might do something outrageous.

「 I get it. I. Oh, I see now 」

On the other hand, Misuzu and Ruriko are girls whose self-control suppresses themselves.

They look at their mind’s status objectively, and if they need me, they ask me themselves and prepare themselves for that opportunity.

They get all out when having sex with me, they already know how to erase the stagnation in their mind.

They’re girls who think of their distance with me and think of what’s the best way to accompany me as they control themselves.

Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, and Nei are also similar.

Everyone controls their heart since they got over a painful era.

Rather than control, they have good management.

They balance Family, Love, and Lust very well.

They endure when they need to, but when they don’t have to, they let their desire run free. They give in.

Megu, Mana, and Agnes can’t manage like that.

「 Yeah, that’s how it is 」

I understand.

「 What’s wrong, Onii-sama? 」

Ruriko asks me who’s pondering.

「 No, nothing 」

I look at Michi.

Michi’s also the type who’s not good at managing her emotions.

She’s been stable as of late because

she’s acting together with Misuzu.

Misuzu continually checks Michi’s mental state. She manages it to make sure that it’s balanced.

In that case.

I should be able to manage Megu, Mana, and Agnes.

「 Now that I know what to do then there’s no problem 」

I replied.

Now that I know it, then I can deal with it.

Those girls will continue to live with me.

「 Sorry, we’re late! 」

Megu comes back from the bathroom with Nagisa.

She must’ve done a light shower to wash away the sweat and love nectar.

She’s wearing the hotel bathrobe now.

「 Here, a towel 」

She brings in a couple of squeezed hot towels.

「 Megu 」

I look at Megu’s face.

「 Huh? What’s wrong, Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu’s surprised.

Megu’s face is adorable.

Megu’s body is gorgeous.

I like her.

Her slightly troublesome personality seems attractive to me.

「 I really love Megu 」

I speak my honest feelings.

「 W-what’s with this so sudden? 」

「 Don’t mind it, come here 」

「 O-Okay 」

Megu comes to me.

「 Yoshi-kun 」

Megu looks at me anxiously.


That’s right, I should do it here.

「 Megu, please don’t abandon me. Stay by my side for always 」

「 What’s wrong? It’s okay now. I’ll never leave Yoshi-kun 」

She smiled and hugged me.

「 What’s wrong, Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu’s soft breast wraps my face.

「 Megumi-chan’s late so he got worried 」

Katsuko-nee said laughing.

「 Is that so? Geez, don’t be so worried, I’m here 」

Megu tells me gently.

I need to keep telling Megu that I need her always.

If she thinks that I’m okay without her, Megu’s insecurity will show up, and it’ll become a big problem.

Megu can only feel at ease when I first desire her.

Megu’s heart won’t rampage when I seek her myself, giving her a sense that she’s giving me her love.

She wants to be needed, she really us awkward when asked to give.

「 Yeah, I feel sad without Megu 」

「 Thanks, I also love you Yoshi-kun 」

Megu happily smiled.

◇ ◇ ◇

Now then, we have to make preparations in a hurry.

That should be the case, but;

「 Ahn, ahn, aaah, aaaah, aaaah! Danna-sama!! 」

There are three large mirrors lined up in front of the chairs.

Michi’s sitting on the right chair, Katsuko-nee’s fixing her hair.

In the middle is Ruriko, still naked. Nagisa’s finishing her make-up.

On the left chair, I sit down naked. Megu’s doing my hairstyle.

Misuzu’s riding my penis as we face each other.

「 Ahn, it feels good! Danna-sama! It feels so good!! 」

Misuzu bounces on top of me.

「 Okay, Yoshi-kun, hold it, do you like this hairstyle? 」

Megu doesn’t seem to mind that I’m having sex in front of her.

It seems that her wariness with the family around has loosened.

「 There’s an order of things, so those free can have sex with him 」

Katsuko-nee said, but.

「 Ah, when you want to ejaculate then call Ruriko-chan. 」 All the semen needs to go inside Ruriko’s womb or in her mouth 」

Katsuko-nee intends to prepare Ruriko as the ultimate-sexy-girl.

「 I feel sorry to have them all myself however 」

Ruriko said.

「 It’s okay. You can soak in Danna-sama’s semen tonight and meet Yoshiko-sama and Grandfather tonight 」

Misuzu said and laughed.

「 You need to have Grandfather understand that you’re now independent of him and now a complete sex slave of Danna-sama at a glance 」

Misuzu is swinging her waist furiously on top of me.

「 Aaaaah, aaaaah Danna-sama! I! I! 」

She’s looking at me with charmed eyes.

「 Are you cumming, Misuzu? 」

「 Yes! Aaahn! Yes, that’s right, ahaa! Auuu! I 」

「 Yoshi-kun, you can’t cum inside Misuzu-chan 」

Megu whispers to my ears.

「 Aaah, aaah, aaaah, aaah, cumming! I’m cumming!!!! 」

Misuzu’s blown by the ecstasy.

Her vagina clamps my penis tight.

「 Aaaaaa, Danna-samaaaaaa! 」

I massage Misuzu’s breasts as I look at her face drowning in pleasure.

Yeah, her 17-year-old breasts are much riper than Ruriko’s.

It’s not too hard, yet there’s enough elasticity.

There’s a little bit of hardness in the core. Al dente.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Misuzu repeats her hard breaths.

「 Okay. Yoshi-kun, wipe off Misuzu-chan’s body 」

Megu hands me a wet towel.

「 Thanks, Megu 」

I wipe Misuzu’s glossy skin gently while we’re still connected.

「 Yes, your skin gets glossy when you’re satisfied with sex. Misuzu-chan, you’re very sexy now 」

Nagisa said laughing.

「 Uuuuh! I want to be sexy too! 」

Michi said.

Michi whose underwear is too wet is now wearing only a piece of underwear so the stain won’t get in her dress while she sits and gets her make-up done.

「 Mictchi can receive a lot of love later 」

Ruriko comforts Michi.

「 Michi-chan’s really easy to get wet, I should’ve bought a diaper from the mansion 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 I brought in a replacement panty so, Master, please put it on me before I wear the dress! 」

「 Sure, I’ll change yours 」

I just need to make it fun to take care of these troublesome girls.

No, it’s actually fun though.

I love doing something for my women above anything.

I want to live for my family’s sake.

「 Okay, Ruriko-chan’s make up is done for now 」

Nagisa said.

「 Her hair should remain free-flowing. Ruriko-chan will show up in her natural look, Misuzu-chan will have her hair done. Okay, you can switch now 」

「 Misuzu, switch 」

I tell Misuzu who’s exhausted.

「 Y-Yes. Danna-sama 」

Misuzu stands up staggering.

My erect penis comes off her.

「 Okay, come here, Misuzu-chan 」

Ruriko leads Misuzu to the chair she was sitting on.

「 My, what a beautiful face you’re making. Then, I’ll make you cute 」

Nagisa reaches for Misuzu’s hair.

「 Onii-sama. Ufufufu 」

Ruriko caresses my penis.

「 Which do you prefer to fill? My mouth or my womb? 」

The 15-year-old high-class lady shows me a naughty smile.

Her face has Nagisa’s make-up.

I see, since she is a beauty, indeed, just combing her black hair beautifully makes her face with make-up stand out.

It’s not a flashy makeup. It’s a natural makeup for a middle school girl, but her lip is shining brightly with red lipstick.

Her puffed up red lips is very sexy.

「 What does Ruriko want? 」

I asked. Ruriko.

「 I had it inside me earlier, so I’ll drink it this time 」

She squats on my crotch and rubs her nipple on my glans.

.「 Then, I’ll suck on it 」

Ruriko’s small mouth grabs my swelling penis.


There’s red lipstick on my glans.

「 Ruriko, you just had make-up. 」

I said. Nagisa;

「 It’s okay, we can just fix the lipstick any number of times. More importantly, enjoy having sex with a girl wearing a make-up 」

「 Onii-sama!! 」

Ruriko kisses my glans.

A trace of red lip is in my glans.

「 Onii-sama, Ruriko loves licking Onii-sama, and the cute face you make when I do 」

Ruriko licks my glans with her tongue.

The pleasure is transmitted to my body, and Ruriko’s figure in my sight is too lewd.

「 Megumi-chan, look, Onii-sama’s so cute! 」

Ruriko also judged that Megu shouldn’t just be a bystander, that she should get involved.

「 You’re right. Yoshi-kun looks like he’s feeling goof 」

「 Megu, kiss 」

「 Okay 」

Megu kisses me and entwines our tongue.

Even though Ruriko’s fellating me on my crotch.

「 Onii-sama, please let out a lot 」

I endured so I won’t ejaculate inside Misuzu.

It’s coming right away.

「 R-Ruiko. I-I’m cumming! 」

I ejaculate inside Ruriko’s mouth.


Doku, doku, doku!

「 Hauuu 」

Ruriko accepts my semen inside her mouth with a smile.

`She stimulates my tongue that’s ejaculating.

Ruriko makes her throat sound gulp, gulp.

Ruriko’s swallowing.

「 Nn, nnnn!!! 」

She sucks on the semen that remains in my urethra.

「 I-It’s bitter 」

She said and smiled.

「 S-Sorry 」

I apologized unconsciously.

「 But, it’s Onii-sama’s taste, so I’ve come to like it 」

Oh, Ruriko’s lewd blood is rising up.

She’s still in third-year middle school.

After a few years, she’ll grow up as a formidable sex slave.

「 Onii-sama, I’ll get better at sucking 」

I’m the only one who can savor on Ruriko’s taste.

Ruriko will have sex with only me. That’s absolute.

「 Megumi-chan, here’s your share 」

Ruriko sticks her tongue to Megu.

「 My, Thank you Ruriko-chan 」

Megu licks the sperm that remained on Ruriko’s tongue.

「 Yes, it tastes like Yoshi-kun 」

「 Ruriruri, I want my share too! 」

Michi said in a crying voice.

「 Please wait 」

Ruriko sucks on my penis again then give Michi a kiss.

「 Aah, it tastes like Master 」

Michi said.

「 Okay, Michi-chan’s done! 」

Katsuko-nee announces.

Michi’s hair is now upswept, and her face has some make-up on.

「 Megumi-chan, I’ll finish his hair so you can go one more time 」

Huh, Katsuko-nee?

「 It’s okay Dear, you’re peerless 」

Even if you tell me that.

「 Yoshi-kun!! 」

Megu goes to me smiling.

In the end, I’m facing Megu again.

I lead Megu to ecstasy.

Then Ruriko switched with Megu, and I ejaculated inside her to my heart’s content.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 My panties please 」

I take off Ruriko’s drenched panty.

Love nectar drips down like spring water.

I wipe it off with a towel gently.

「 Hold it in for now. I’ll pour you a lot of love later 」

「 I’m looking forward to it 」

Michi smiled.

「 Okay, Michi switch to work mode! 」

「 Yes! 」

Michi gets stiff.

As expected, the flow of love nectar stops.

「 Yes, that’s great. As expected of my Michi 」

「 Yes, I’m Master’s Michi! 」

I put on her new underwear.

「 Onii-sama, Ruriko’s next 」

Ruriko’s sexy, instead, she went beyond hot now.

I ejaculated on her mouth once, and inside her vagina twice.

Her 15-year-old womb is full of my fresh semen.

This beauty satisfied with sex emits a goddess-like aura.

I wipe off her glossy skin’s sweat with a wet towel.

Her whole body has the smell of sex.

「 Ah, before you put in the underwear, wait 」

Katsuko-nee takes out a perfume bottle.

「 Dear spread this on her 」

「 Huh, where? 」

I don’t know about perfumes.

「 Neck, wrist, her armpits,, and on the base of her legs. The parts where you can feel the pulse


「 If you put it in there, whenever her heart beats, it radiates the scent of the perfume 」

Is that so?

「 Onii-sama, please 」

I take the perfume and spray it on Ruriko.


Wrist, and armpit.

Then, the base of her leg.

Oh, the scent of sex and perfume mixes, it has a strange smell.

The pure and obscene scent combines and creates a mysterious fragrance.

「 Shige-chan will surely be unable to stand in surprise 」

Jii-chan’s loved Granddaughter.

She now changed to a woman that’s too bewitching.

「 I’ve seen so many girls who drowned in too much pleasure in sex as a prostitute, but 」

Nagisa said.

「 But, these girls are completely different. Satisfied with sex, and on top of that, satisfied in love too. Ruriko-chan’s the best “good woman” right now 」

Ruriko became a woman in just a couple of days.

「 Yes, I am Onii-sama’s sex slave after all 」

That smile alone makes me shiver. It’s sexy.
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