Chapter 554. Tokyo Sky High

Chapter 554. Tokyo Sky High

「 Everyone else in the family will continue to stay in the hotel to make an alibi that they are unrelated to the action that will happen later 」

Misuzu said.

Yeah, Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Margo-san, the members of Kuromori are suspected to be related to Kyouko-san.

Also, to have Edie break her connection to miss Cordelia, she needs to stay here and continue to receive the police’s monitoring.

Nagisa, Mao, and Megu need to make an alibi to protect their daily life too.

「 My fiance, Kuromori-sama has already made an alibi from attending this party. If you excuse yourself here and say that you’ll head to Grandfather’s dedicated waiting room, then it’s all okay. Even if someone from the branch family says anything, we can deal with it 」


「 And the high school boy named Yoshida isn’t supposed to visit this hotel 」


「 Danna-sama’s the only one who can move freely 」

Misuzu smiles.

Kuromori is here.

Yoshida isn’t here.

「 You’re worried about Fujimiya-san and Seki-san, aren’t you? 」

Misuzu uses “-san” on their names since Jii-chan’s present.

「 Yazawa-san should be heading over there 」

Ruriko tells me from the side.

「 Huh. chief Yazawa will? 」

「 Yes, this will be the first operation of Kouzuki security service led by Seki-san so he will come to observe. Yazawa-san is also worried 」

Misuzu explained.

「 But 」

Minaho-neesan said that it would take an hour to reach green mountain studio no matter how fast the car drives.

Looking at my wristwatch, 15 minutes have passed since the party started.

Green mountain studio’s action will start in 45 minutes.

We won’t make it in time no matter what.

Even if we go right now.

「 The helicopter’s ready at the roof of the hotel 」


「 Yes, helicopter! 」

Ruriko laughs as if doraem*n took out a secret tool.

Helicopter? It’s that, isn’t it?

The one that rotates a propeller to fly in the sky?

「 Earlier, when Kuromori Minaho-sama had everyone gathered, she purposely mentioned that it would take an hour “by car” 」

Misuzu smiles wryly.

「 That was to make Megumi-san feel at ease 」

I-I see.

Minaho-neesan said that

so they won’t have to worry that I’ll go to a dangerous place.

「 I asked Yazawa-san in the waiting room earlier. It seems that there’s enough room in the helicopter 」

Ruriko said.

Then that means.

「 If it’s a helicopter then you can arrive on the site in about 25 minutes. The studio over there has a helicopter pad too so you’ll be able to land directly 」

We’ll make it on time.

「 But, is that okay? 」

I look at Misuzu and Ruriko. Michi on my side too.

Megu and others don’t want me to go to Green mountain studio because:

Yukino’s over there.

They’re afraid of me making contact with Yukino.

「 I don’t fear her anymore. Isn’t that right? 」

Misuzu looks at Ruriko.

「 Yes. I’m worried about only Fujimiya-san 」

Ruriko also speaks calmly.

「 If Master wants to go then there’s no helping it 」

Michi replied.

Do I want to go to Green mountain studio?

「 But, I won’t be of use even if I go 」

I don’t have the ability to fight together with Rei-chan.

Even if I show up, I might just be a nuisance.

「 But, I want to be as close as possible. Is that selfish of me? 」

I ask. Misuzu;

「 No. There’s nothing as encouraging as Danna-sama coming on site for those two 」

She said laughing.

「 Onii-sama gives us courage after all 」

Ruriko also smiles gracefully.

「 I truly want to accompany, however, 」

Michi tells me.

「 No, stay in public. We have to clearly show that Michi is Misuzu’s bodyguard 」

I can’t take Michi with me, I can only protect myself with myself.

「 Please exit from that door over there. Yazawa-san is waiting for you 」

Misuzu shows me a path for the employees of the hotel.

「 Once the speech is over, various people will rush to here 」

Jii-chan will be surrounded once it’s time for the pleasantries.

Some people would ask this and that about me.

Once I’m surrounded, I won’t be able to escape.

「 Got it, later then, Jii-chan. Sorry but I’m escaping 」

Jii-chan looks at me.

「 It seems that Seki-kun is planning something interesting. I will watch the video later 」

Oh right. Jii-chan’s the lord of Kouzuki security service.

Shou-neechan’s plan was all accepted.

「 Grandfather, there are other videos I would like you to watch too 」

Ruriko smiles to her grandfather.

「 It’s the video of me last night 」

Last night, we recorded what we did in Misuzu’s apartment.

Those unthinkable shameless sex videos.

「 I’ll watch that too 」

Jii-chan said in a small voice.

「 It’s okay for me to watch my Granddaughter’s growth, right/ 」

He asked me.

Misuzu and Ruriko are already mine.

He needs my permission to watch these girl’s silliness in a video.

「 Yeah, I don’t mind. We recorded it with the intention of Jii-chan watching 」

「 Yes, if you wish for it then we’ll deliver periodically. As long as Onii-sama allows it 」

Ruriko looks at me and smiled.

I don’t have any objections.

It’s too late to forbid Jii-chan to watch.

「 However, we won’t record according to Grandfather’s tastes. It’s not fun for us 」

Misuzu gives him a warning with a smile.

The videos we will show from now on won’t be recorded in situations to please Jii-chan.

We’re not adult video actors.

This is just a gift from us in the end.

To our beloved Jii-chan.

「 Umu, you’re right. I have to be grateful that I’m allowed to watch 」

Jii-chan also persuades himself.

Jii-chan is a powerful man so he embraced women as he wants until now. He did everything as he wanted.

But, we’re a family.

We have free will. It’s strange to be ordered when having sex.

Misuzu and Ruriko won’t be ordered by Jii-chan when it comes to sex.

「 But still, I will surely live for long, I can watch you look so happy with my eyes forever 」

Jii-chan says while smiling.

「 Yes, Ruriko’s happy right now. Thank you Grandfather 」

Ruriko thanks her grandfather once again.

「 Ruriko’s glad that I am born Grandfather’s granddaughter. I thank God from the bottom of my heart 」

「 Those words reward me 」

Jii-chan sheds tears in his eyes.

「 I’m also happy that I have a granddaughter like you. Ruriko 」

「 Yes, Grandfather 」

「 Misuzu 」

「 Yes, Grandfather 」

「 Yoshiko 」

「 Yes, Kakka. No, Grandfather 」

Yoshiko-san isn’t used to it, nothing can be done about that.

Jii-chan laughs.

「 I’m here, my sons are here, and now, you’re here. A lot has happened but now, you and I are now here, alive, looking at each other and laughing. Oh what happiness. I’m also glad to be born. Thank you all. Ruriko, Misuzu, Yoshiko, thank you for being born as my grandchildren 」

At that moment, Jii-chan’s illicit love is over.

What’s left is just a family love for his granddaughters.

I’m sure of it.

◇ ◇ ◇

I don’t know who it is but another big-shot’s speech continues.

I part with Jii-chan and Misuzu and head to the employee door.

I left the party quietly.

「 You’re late 」

Chief Yazawa’s waiting on the pathway.

「 Sorry 」

「 Don’t mind it, it’s three minutes loss from schedule. We can take that back when heading to the heliport 」

Chief Yazawa walks in half-jog.

I follow after him.

「 This way 」

「 Ah, okay 」

We took a lot of turns in the employees area.

Opening the door.

A red carpet is laid heading to a beautiful passageway.

「 This is a VIP path. The prime minister just went by so nobody’s using it now. 」 A lot of government related events are held it this hotel so it’s convenient in a lot of ways 」

We go further the pathway.

There’s an elevator.

Chief Yazawa inserts a card to the elevator machine.

『 Beep! Authenticated 』

After a machine voice comes from the speaker, the elevator opens.

We get in hurriedly.

Chief Yazawa pushed the button to the roof.

「 It won’t stop halfway until the people inside get off. That’s how it’s structured 」

Oh, to make sure that they don’t encounter other VIPs

The elevator rises.


「 It’s a high speed elevator. If your ears ring then swallow your spit 」

Chief Yazawa laughs.

「 I don’t know why Misuzu-sama told to take you, but well, it’s troublesome if you don’t know Kouzuki security service that much 」

Chief Yazawa doesn’t know that Shou-neechan and Rei-chan are already in the family.

「 You’ll be responsible in a role in Kouzuki group in the future either way 」

To the end, It’s just that Misuzu likes me and I became her lover.

He thinks that Jii-chan lost to our enthusiasm and accepted our relationship.

「 Well, I was also watching you with Cesario Viola’s case. I know that you’re reliable and have the guts. Do your best 」

「 Y-Yes, thank you 」

I bow my head.

「 Have you ever rode a helicopter before? 」

「 Never 」

「 I see, then prepare yourself. The pilot for today is known for making rough maneuvers 」

「 Is that so? 」


The elevator arrived to the rooftop in no time.

The door opens and what comes in front of me is the helicopter pad.


The helicopter’s motor is already spinning.

「 Chief, we’re on stanndby 」

The man in black clothes yell at chief Yazawa so his voice won’t be drowned by the motor.

「 Well done! Let’s go! 」

Chief Yazawa and I head to the helicopter.

The sky is a perfect starry sky.

Under the heliport is the beautiful night scenery of Tokyo.

「 Keep your posture as low as possible when close to a helicopter! Never raise your hands! Else, you’ll look like Alessandro Nannini 」

「 Who’s Alessandro? 」

「 You don’t even know him!? 」

We shout at each other in the middle of the roaring sound.

The helicopter’s side has three men and women standing.

One man and two women.

The women’s wearing a black suit. The man’s wearing a boiler suit and a hat.

One of the women was Misuzu’s escort earlier. Taki-san.

「 Chief, the two will go as supporting members! 」

The man in boiler suit said.

This person is the pilot?

「 Is that so!? 」

Chief Yazawa takes off his suit as he says that.

「 Take this, let them take care of it! 」

I entrust my suit to Taki-san!

「 Get in! 」

I sit in the rear of the helicopter sandwiched by two women.

Chief Yazawa enters the cockpit.


The guy in boiler suit goes to the passenger seat.

Taki-san fixes my belt, not showing surprise.

The door closes.

「 We’re going! 」


The motor rotates faster and noisier.

The vibration and noise fill inside the helicopter.

Chief Yazawa speaks something to the man in a boiler suit who has headphones, but I can’t hear anything anymore.

They seem to be talking to someone on the radio.

Are they asking for permission to take off?


The helicopter floats in the air.

Then, it dashes through the Tokyo sky immediately.


What the hell’s this!

◇ ◇ ◇

To be honest, I thought that chief Yazawa would be asking me questions while in the helicopter.

I thought that it would go wrong if I replied badly.

But, actually, the 25 minutes we took to travel using the helicopter…

I was doing all my best clinging to Taki-san next to me.

I never knew helicopters are this scary.

It’s noisy, they have strong vibrations, it sways a lot.

I’m glad that there were people on my sides, but.

If I were sitting on the side where you could see the outside, I would be too scared that I might’ve pissed myself.

Chief Yazawa’s maneuvering is actually good.

It was only scary when we took off from the heliport.

When we were moving in the sky, we kept almost the same height as we fly.

But still, it sways a lot, and it suddenly sinks.

Helicopters are dangerous for the heart.

In the end, time passed yet I can’t think of anything.

I didn’t even have time to look at Tokyo’s night view.


But still, as soon as you leave the city center, the tall buildings are gone.

Only lights of the private house are turned on.

Green mountain studio is in the outskirts of tokyo, in the bedtown.


Ah, the aircraft starts descending.

We’ll be arriving soon.


There’s a spacious area where light can’t be seen ahead of the helicopter.

That’s Green mountain studio.

It’s said to be an outdoor recording studio.


The helicopter slowly descends on that area.

It’s soon.



A small feel.

Chief Yazawa skillfully landed the helicopter.


The rotation of the motor slows.

「 We’re here! Get down 」

Chief Yazawa turns around and shouts at us.

Taki-san takes off my seat belt.

The door opens.

The wind outside blows in.

「 Please be careful when getting off! Please lower your waist! 」

Taki-san yells at me in the middle of the noise.

Oh right, I was told the same earlier.

Taki-san leads me outside while hugging me.

Wow, it’s the ground.

I feel saved now that my feet don’t feel vibrating.

I mean, I might not be good at dealing with helicopters.

「 Hey! This way! 」

Chief Yazawa yells.

Looking at it, the pickup car is already here.

We leave the helicopter to the man in a boiler suit.

That guy’s in charge of the helicopter. If Yazawa-san can’t fly, then he will instead.

I’m sure that he’s the guy who flew the helicopter to the hotel.

As soon as my foot reached the ground my head worked, I found out a lot of things.

The ground is so amazing.

「 How long are you going to cling to Taki? 」

Chief Yazawa said as he looks at me.

「 Aaaah! S-Sorry! 」

I let go of Taki-san in a hurry.

Unable to balance myself, I fell to the ground.

「 Ouch! 」

「 Are you okay? 」

Taki-san and the other woman look at me laughing.

「 I-I’m okay! 」

I stand up while rubbing my ass.

「 It must be your first time riding a helicopter. It can’t be helped 」

Taki-san speaks to me politely.

I was with Misuzu and Ruriko, so they think of me as someone from a distinguished house.

「 Get off already. The helicopter bought us four minutes you know 」

「 O-Okay! 」

I get in the car in a hurry.

It’s a big car, rugged on some parts.

If I recall, is this what they call hammer?

It seems that the person who turned the car into the heliport will be driving.

This time, Taki-san takes the passenger seat.

Yazawa-san, the other woman and I take the rear seat.

「 Chief, where are we heading? 」

The man in the driver’s seat asks chief Yazawa.

「 Where is Seki-kun right now? 」

「 She’s on the seventh studio’s operation room 」

「 Then head over there 」

「 Roger 」

The car starts driving.

「 Once we’re done inspecting the place, we’ll return to the hotel 」

Chief Yazawa tells me.

「 You won’t be able to escape unless we have this situation. Above all, Kakka will stay in the hotel for several hours as he will have meetings at the party. Kakka’s personal bodyguards, Ootoku and Choumoto are with him, the hotel’s interior is completely protected by Japan and Russia’s SP, and bodyguards of each house. Our bodyguards are also stationed 」

Even if chief Yazawa excuses himself temporarily, there will be no difficulties in protecting Jii-chan.

「 We’re going with the intention of returning to get in time with Kakka’s schedule 」

Then that means, we’re going back using the helicopter too.

「 What’s with tat face? If you’re scared of helicopters, then you can hug Taki again. Taki, do you mind? 」

Eh, that’s

「 If if that”s an order 」

Taki-san’s face on the rear mirror looks red.

Ah, she sat on the passenger seat instead of the rear because she’s embarrassed to sit next to me?

「 Sorry for a lot of things 」

Anyway, I bow my head.

「 No, it’s okay. It’s my job 」

I feel sorry to let you do that kind of job.

「 Hmm, it’s that? 」

Chief Yazawa looks outside the window of the car.


That’s a lot of floodlights.

The large concrete building is illuminated.

「 That’s the main stage for today 」


「 It’s a set for variety shows that was build during the bubble economy during the last century. Back then, broadcasting stations had money, so they used reinforced concrete to make it sturdy. Then, they didn’t demolish it after the program ended. It costs to break it after all. It was left alone as is and it has been around for almost thirty years. 」

The height is about 20 meters.

The mass of concrete looks like a castle.

「 At any rate, the shooting studio is spacious so even in that ruin, you can’t see if they’re changing the location of the recording. That’s why it stayed like that for 30 years. 」

Oh, there are cameras and lights around the concrete castle.

I can see some staff working above the castle as well.

「 That is why there’s nothing around the ruins. This is far from the private houses too. No matter how much noise you make, it won’t affect outside 」

Yeah, this might be the best place for armed groups to get crazy.

「 But still, I never thought that Seki-kun would know this place. At her age, Seki-kun doesn’t know that this ruin was used for the variety shows before, could she?


「 Seki-san said that she watched it when she was abroad. She mentioned that the program seems to be broadcasted quite a lot in the foreign countries 」

The other woman said. Not Taki-san.

「 Oh, I heard that there are variety shows in Japan that are surprisingly broadcasted to other countries 」

Chief Yazawa was convinced with the explanation.

Perhaps, that country is Brazil.

This is Kyouko-san’s plan after all.

「 Then, are the preparations done? 」

「 Yes, the final check is done, there are no problems 」

The driver replies to chief Yazawa.

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