Chapter 563. The woman who stole the sun

Chapter 563. The woman who stole the sun

「 Now then, we got derailed for a while over there but, for now, it’s Compal Arts, right? That entertainment production will be out of business tonight. All your talents are dismissed, I’ll rely on you guys on that 」

Kyouko-san said.

『 No, w-wait a second! 』

The bald comedian. Snatch shouts.

「 What? Could it be that you’re from Compal arts too? 」


『 No, I’m from 893 Pro1 』

「 Oh, the one run by the gangs? 」

『 That’s not what I meant! 』

「 Why are you angry? Isn’t it evident that showbiz and gangs are connected? Everyone knows about it 」

『 No, we’re different 』

「 Well, if you insist, but if you don’t belong to Compal arts, then it has nothing to do with you. Shouldn’t you be happy that a rival company’s collapsing? 」

『 That won’t do! They just said it earlier, Compal houses more than ten thousand talents to them! If you include the managers, there’s even more. What about their lives? 』


「 Why would I care? If they don’t close their business tonight, I’ll blow up all the facilities of the companies that have the shares of Compal arts. Then, the companies that use Compal’s talents for advertisements and sponsors for their talent stage program as well 」

She’ll carry out indiscriminate business terrorism?

『 Why would you do that?! 』

Kyouko-san laughs.

「 Because it looks fun 」

『 WHAT?! 』

「 I’m a criminal who does things for fun I’m a criminal wanted in international waters, so I do anything 」

『 Don’t give us that bullshit! You’re killing thousands of people for that reason!? I have a lot of friends and juniors there! I’ll never forgive you 』

Everyone in the studio concentrates to Kyouko-san and Snatch’s heated discussion.

「 In the first place, how many of those ten thousand talents are working correctly? 」

『 Huh? 』

「 I mean, who cares about the TV, radio, stage, or magazines, but is everyone making food from being a talent alone? 」

『 T-That’s 』

「 Among those ten thousand talents you refer to, most of them are working on a different job just to eat, they’re not doing only a job as an entertainer, right? 」

『 That’s true, but we have a dream 』

「 Huh, a dream 」

『 What? Is that bad?! 』

「 It’s not, but it’s just funny 」

『 What? 』

「 Because that dream is just corrupted by the professionals in show business 」


「 Let’s go back to Compal arts. First, they have ten thousand talents, the company won’t have problems as they only hand kickbacks as payment for those working, but the managers of the talents and company stockholders have to be adequately paid. There are all sorts of guarantee 」

『 What about it? 』

「 In short, a company will never hire enough managers to handle ten thousand talents. In short, one manager will manage 10 to 20 talents. But, that manager only has one body so he can just deal with a small fraction of their talents. If it’s a bad manager, then he won’t even do his work 」

Is that possible?

『 No, that’s, if it’s a newcomer, the manager is a senior in the industry, so it’s the job of the young ones to make an effort to appeal to be marketed by the manager! 』

「 If you say it that way then that’s okay but, it’s abnormal to have ten thousand talents in the first place. Don’t you think so? 」

『 That’s 』

「 Usually, those who want to be an entertainer will enter apprenticeship on their respected artist. And before anyone noticed, the training school for the entertainment industry has changed. That’s happening in the past 20 years, aren’t you the same? 」

『 Y-Yeah 』

「 Every year, roughly 100 people enter school, in half a year, some percent of them quits. If they see a talent better than themselves, then they lose confidence to become an entertainer 」

『 Well 』

「 Those who remain to the end, how long do you think they wait to make a contract with the production? 」

『 No, that’s. There’s still 20-30 people remaining. Even if they can’t enter the company after training, some guys are attached to other entertainment professionals 』

「 You don’t belong to the remaining number, right? 」

『 Obviously. Those in here now are all from the top of the training schools at their time! Our skills are recognized, selected, and now we’re professionals! 』

「 -Is what the system want you to think 」

『 What? 』

Snatch is surprised.

「 Think about it, why do you think there were 100 people enrolled from the start? 」

『 That’s to call in a wide variety of talented people 』

「 Idiot. You need an entrance fee and tuition to enroll. That’s just business for the professionals in entertainment 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 At first, those who will quit in half a year only think of the customers who pay money. And those who remain will make a contract with a promising one, but. In reality, they’re just going to be small chicks that will challenge the professionals, yet they misunderstand themselves as the chosen ones and the recognized. Isn’t that the primary cause of why you’re so proud of yourself? 」

『 But the managers and the P television recognized us, that’s why we’re here! 』

「 I mean, is that so great? 」

『 We worked desperately that’s why we’re in this position now! We finally came to the Golden show! 』

「 Yes, I appreciate your efforts, amazing, sure. But I don’t think of it as great 」

『 What the hell did you say?! 』

Kyouko-san sighs.

「 Look, isn’t it over when the comedian thinks that he’s greater than others? 」

『 Why?! We want to be respected by the juniors who want to become entertainers just as much as we respect our seniors! 』

「 The reason why I didn’t laugh at your skit must because of difference in the sense of humor 」

『 That’s right! You’re just the strange one here! You finally understand! 』

Snatch shouts.


『 Look 』

One of the reporters sitting on the audience seats raised his hand.

「 Hm, what? 」

Kyouko-san replied. The reporter:

『 I’m Takachi from Shinanomachi news. Uhm, why do you keep on talking to us since a while ago? 』

It seems that he has a question on why Kyouko-san is arguing with Snatch.

「 Well, of course, I want you to know just what kind of enemy I am 」

Kyouko-san replied.

『 Enemy? 』

「 Isn’t that right? I’m currently an international criminal, a terrorist who set up a lot of bombs and threaten the Japanese society. I have a Japanese descent, but I’m not Japanese. By the way, I’m no longer a Brazilian either 」

『 Eh, then what’s your nationality? 』

「 I wonder, no matter where you ask, there will be no country that would accept my registry. Even this time, I smuggled a counterfeit passport in Japan 」

『 Is that so? 』

「 Yes, it’s easy. My acquaintances are always smuggling people in countries. The departure’s free too 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Oh, I’m not saying that Japan’s security is easy though. It’s all the same wherever you go in the planet. Japan’s still harsh in it, but no matter how advanced your country is, there’s no perfect security 」


「 And now, a non-Japanese, stateless me will attack Japan from now on. Furthermore, I’m studying all my best to learn about Japanese social system and culture. I can attack your weaknesses. I’m going all my way to talk to you just so you could understand! 」

The studio fell silent.

「 Also, hey! That staff who’s trying to run away, I can see you, just so you know? Do you want to blow-up this studio? 」

『 Hiiiiiiiiii!!! 』

The staff who’s trying to escape through the studio’s exit door fell on the floor.

「 You Japanese people closed down your society so suddenly and, stay on your the small kind of the castle and say “We know, you people don’t get it,” looking down on people and not realizing that you’re falling on the same rotten group. That’s why I’m making these attacks. I’m Kyouko Messer after all 」

I see Kyouko-san smiling.

「 I’m your enemy. First, to begin with, I’m ordering Compal Arts professional to close down. You have until 12 o’clock tonight 」

『 Do you really think they would do it? 』

Takachi shouts.

「 Who knows, that’s what’s fun about it. I’m looking forward to it, will they protect the lives and wealth of the people in this country for exchange of the wealth of a single production company or not? 」

『 W-We will not yield to terrorists! 』

「 Well, that’s what the press would say 」

『 The Japanese government thinks the same! 』

「 Japanese government? Are you an idiot? 」


「 I’m threatening a company. Compal Arts, the major television station shareholders, the advertising agencies, and a lot of other enterprises as well. Also, I’m talking about blowing up the establishments who do business with Compal Arts. Of course, there will be casualties to employees on each company, but that doesn’t matter. But if a citizen unrelated to the company, or a foreign tourist dies or is wounded from the explosion, who will take responsibility? 」

『 T-That’s 』

Takachi fell silent.

「 Will the country be able to endure these threats of mine? I’m also looking forward to it 」

Kyouko-san hands over a memo to Shou-neechan as she says that.

Shou-neechan looks at the notes and shows it to chief Yazawa.

Chief Yazawa nods.

Shou-neechan heads over to the communication device.

「 With that said, I’m ordering Compal Arts to close down. Everything else depends on you. In case you don’t carry out my order by 12 o’clock tonight, I’ll detonate all the bombs at once. I don’t care whoever dies from it 」

『 D-Don’t give us that bullshit you bastard!!! 』

Snatch shouts.

「 If Compal Arts is gone, then those entertainers who are genuinely worthwhile will be taken care of other offices, right? 」

『 That’s not the problem! 』

「 That’s the problem! You’re just trash and a fool, you think of yourself as the best, but you were more honest than anyone in here. I had fun talking with you 」

『 I’m not having fun! 』

「 I mean, don’t get me angrier than this. You see, I don’t want to order 893 Productions to close their business after Compal Arts 」

『 Bitch! 』

Snatch looks up in the sky in anger.

『 That’s enough, you worked hard enough. Shut up already Snatch 』

Ogu stops Snatch.

『 But! Ogu! 』

『 I have a wife and a child! I’d be in trouble if 893 Pro is gone! 』

『 Do you really want comedians to lose to that bitch?! 』

『 We can make a comedy because we’re alive! 』

『 But, the comedy spirit! 』

『 We have no choice! Our office is really with Yakuza so if 893 pro is taken down! They’d kill us you know!!! 』

『 Ogu! 』

『 I don’t care about me but not my child! She’s just 3! I can’t let her die! 』

Heavy atmosphere wraps around the studio.

Among them, only one,

Yukino’s the only one sitting calmly.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Now then, I made you wait a lot. Shirasaka Yukino-chan 」

Kyouko-san’s voice gathers the gazes in the studio to Yukino.

『 What? 』

Yukino replied, lacking in expression.

「 The client of mine wants to change their request 」

『 I see 』

「 They told me not to kill Yukino-chan 」

『 Hmm 』

「 Oh what? You’re not happy, Yukino-chan? 」


『 Look, during these past few days, I was kidnapped and raped. I was a virgin. I was dating a man, I was happy. Yet, I was raped, again and again, I was abused so much that I lost consciousness. You even used pregnancy inducing agents just to make sure that I get pregnant. That’s why perhaps I’m already pregnant with the child of the man who raped me 』

Her gloomy voice is relayed to the studio, no throughout the whole country.

「 Oh, is that so? Ain’t that great? Making a child no matter what reason it may be is a good thing, isn’t it? It’s something to celebrate on 」

Kyouko-san’s words soak to Yukino’s heart.


『 I guess. This child has no sin. I think I must give birth to it. Life is dwelling in here 』

Then, she gently pats her crotch.

Yukino no longer cries out her emotions.

Yukino now has something to protect.

「 Oh, you’re quite calm 」

『 Well, I’ve made my resolve already. You showed me how you hurt Papa. Cutting off Papa’s wrists, tongue, even his penis, all of it. You all are genuine demons so I know that you could’ve killed me a long time ago if you wanted to. In the most brutal way possible too 』

The weight of Yukino’s words spread all over the country.

Yes, this is not a fabrication, a play, or a drama.

This is real, this is the reality.

「 Instead of killing you, you’ll be receiving one punishment 」

『 And what should I do? 』


「 You’ll be in a regular TV show every Friday 」

『 TV? 』

As expected, even Yukino’s surprised.

「 The content can be anything Do what you want, Yukino-chan. Yukino-chan can just sit down and show up on the screen from 8 to 9pm Looking like that 」

Yukino is only wearing a tiny see-through bikini.

「 Little by little, Yukino-chan’s stomach will grow bigger until giving birth. We’ll show it on TV. That’s an order from my client 」


『 I see, well, sure. I’ll do whatever 』

「 Also, you can’t have sex with another guy until you give birth. 」 Not even kissing. You’re not allowed to touch or be touched by men either. It would soil the child in your stomach, right? 」

『 Might be 』

「 Yes. Okay, everyone in Japan, listen to me. Any man who tries to touch Shirasaka Yukino-chan from now on until she gives birth will be beaten up by yours truly. I’ll destroy you both physically and socially. Remember that okay?! Request them too, Yukino-chan! 」

Yukino remains cold.

『 Uhm, it would dirty my child so men, please don’t touch me, thanks 』

She speaks to the camera.

「 You’re quite meek now. That’s cute, Yukino-chan 」

『 I’m becoming a mother soon after all 』

Tears gather in Yukino’s eyes.

『 Even if I got pregnant from rape, this child has no sin. I want to give birth, not kill it 』


『 And, I don’t want to show the child born that this world is full of despair. I want to tell the child that is born is a beautiful thing, that hope is shining brightly in this world, I 』

As she looks at the camera straightforwardly, her eyes opened wide spills large drops of tears.

『 I will make this child happy! 』

Yukino touches her thin stomach with both hands.

It’s as if she’s embracing the new life in there.

Everyone in the country watches this half-naked 16-year-old girl.

「 Hey, Snatch 」

Kyouko-san calls Snatch.

『 W-What?! 』

Snatch is surprised.

「 You’ll help out in Yukino-chan’s show 」

『 M-Me? 』

「 Yes, it’s Yukino-chan’s first time on a telecast after all 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Also, don’t let boys get close to Yukino-chan 」

『 Huh? 』

「 Of course, I’ll be watching too so I’ll kill all those who touch her, but. You don’t want your friends in the industry to die, do you? 」

『 T-That’s 』

「 You know, I’m strong. You were watching me fight outside the studio earlier, didn’t you? My men and I don’t choose the means. Pistols, rifles, if it gets problematic, anti-tank missile, we accomplish our tasks at hand 」

『 O-Oh 』

「 Also, do you feel like leaving alone this poor Yukino-chan? Do you not want to help her? 」

Snatch looks at Yukino.

『 I get it, I’ll look after her 』

Snatch said.

「 Thanks, here’s my gratitude for you: The bomb in the studio is inside the desk where Okada’s sitting 」


『 Awawawawa! 』

Okada stands up from his seat in panic.

『 Don’t move! 』

At that moment!

Rei-chan wearing her uniform and hat jumps into the studio with two men from Kouzuki security service.

『 Stay where you are! Don’t panic! 』

『 Captain Fujiyama! 』

One of the men finds the bomb.

『 Uwaaaaaa!! 』

Everyone in the studio is startled, but.

『 Cherioooooooooooooo!!!! 』2

Rei-chan breaks the case of the bomb with her cane.

『 Dodhieeeee!!!! 』

The people around trembles.

『 It’s okay now! I’ve destroyed only the receiver of the detonation! 』

Rei-chan tells everyone with a smile.

The two armed men cut off a few cords from the crushed case.

『 Done, power disconnected. Disposal complete. It’s okay now 』

『 Iyaa, with this kind of explosive, it could blow away a radius of a hundred meters. That was too dangerous 』

Hearing that, everyone in the studio fell weak.

「 As one would expect from Reika-chan. You even appeared before the police 」

Kyouko-san said. Rei-chan.

『 The police doesn’t seem to know how to enter this studio 』

Oh, Shou-neechan sends instructions on what’s written on Kyouko-san’s note from earlier.

Rei-chan’s busting in at this stage, I see.

「 Well, fine. I’m done with my work in that studio already 」

Kyouko-san speaks in a bright tone.

『 Our eagle troops are already investigating whether there is a bomb set up in Compal arts or not 』

Rei-chan speaks to the camera, showing a dignified attitude.

「 Oh, You don’t have to. I’ll give you about ten of them 」


「 You all want to know how serious I am, right? I put a note under that desk just now 」

Rei-chan’s subordinate checks out the desk where the bomb was found.

『 There’s one! 』

『 This? 』

A piece of paper comes out.

「 Yes, that. Check that and see if there’s a bomb in the places written. And you’ll see how serious Kyouko Messer is in attacking Japan 」

『 Once we do? 』

Kyouko-san laughs.

「 Present the closing of Compal Arts by 12 o’clock tonight. Don’t make it a scheduled one. Show that they’ll stop their business by today 」

She states her demand once again.

「 Also, have Shirasaka Yukino-chan show up in a live show every Friday at 8PM. You have to do this too 」

『 That’s not something I’m allowed to agree with 』


「 Obviously, I’m making orders to the people in Japan. I’ll play with you next time, Reika-chan 」

『 I will take you down next time 』

「 I wonder about that, it’s 10, 20 years too early for you. You first have to take down my subordinates! 」


「 Well then, that was fun everyone. Remember what I said. I don’t want to push the detonator by 12 o’clock if possible 」

『 Wait! Kyouko Messer! 』

「 I know that Reika-chan’s subordinates are approaching my hideout so I’ll be moving on my next one! Let’s see each other next week again~! Janken-Pon~! 」

Rei-chan brings out scissors unconsciously.

「 Kukukuu, Mine’s a rock! It’s my win! 」

『 Wait! Kyouko Messer! I can’t see your hand you know 』

「 That’s why I won! Gahahahaha!! 」

Kyouko-san ends the transmission.

『 Captain Fujimiya! 』

One of the armed men hands the memo to Rei-chan.


『 Then, this is an emergency, so I will read out the places where Kyouko Messer set up the bombs 』

Are you going to show it on a national broadcast?

『 Kyouko Messer said that she has set up bombs on 52 places, there’s ten written in here. First, Compal Arts, Tokyo Head Office, 3rd Floor Hot Water Supply Chamber, near the power distribution board. Next 』

Five out of the ten places were facilities of companies that are connected to Compal Arts.

The remaining:

『 Tokyo Station Underground Passage Toilet, Ueno Park Daibutsuyama 』

The public facilities and landmarks in tokyo.

『 Those who are close in the area, please evacuate 』

Rei-chan said.

『 Do you really think that there’s a bomb set up in there? 』

One of the reporter asks.

『 Kyouko Messer hasn’t lied to us until now. I think that the possibilities of explosives on the location I mentioned is very high!

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Yes, well done, Rei-chan. You’re too honest to yourself so your remarks have the credibility 」

Kyouko-san said as she looks at the monitor.

The police force comes in the studio finally.

『 Stop the broadcast! Stop it! 』

Rei-chan hands over the note to the cop who’s shouting.

The screen is interrupted.

It’s now a blue screen with a “Please wait for a while” written in it.

「 Are there really bombs in there? 」

I ask Kyouko-san.

「 Obviously. Only those ten however. The part where I said that there’s 52 remaining is a lie 」

I guess.

「 Letting the public police find the five in public facilities. While the other five are related to entertainment professionals 」

「 It’s okay, our people will find those in the advertising agencies and TV stations and it will be a big fuss 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 We also asked Kudou-san instead of the regular crew. Neko-san too 」

「 Oh,I know her, she can do things well 」

I know Neko-san too.

She looks like a middle school girl but she’s actually a mother.

「 The police could just hide it even if they discover it, I want to make the news that there was really a bomb 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 But, you went all out again 」

Chief Yazawa’s amazed.

「 This is the plans old man Kouzuki likes, right? 」

「 But still, aren’t you overdoing this? 」

「 That’s just to show Yazawa and everyone’s skills later 」

Kyouko-san smiles.

「 Me? 」

「 The two demands from earlier, make sure it happens using your power 」

「 Hey now 」

「 Listen, I need the fact that big companies in Japan succumbed to this terrorist me 」

Kyouko-san’s eyes show seriousness.

「 From there, Japan will change 」

1. By the way, the numbers are also read as Yakuza
2. If you haven’t watched Katanagatari, watch it
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