Chapter 605. Sodom

「 Auu, Papa, papaaa!! 」

I’m having sex with Agnes in a sitting position.

「 Auuuu, Papaaa, it feels good, desuno! 」

Agnes is 12, yet she’s having fun, enjoying it.

「 Papa, look at it! Look at this lewd Agnes 」

Agnes moves her waist skillfully without taking a break.

She squeezes my penis deep inside her vagina.

「 Here, it feels good here, Papa 」

Agnes rubs my glans with her walls of meat folds.

Her sweaty face looks like it’s melting from pleasure.

Oh, her sweat is flowing to her cute breasts.

「 Papa, please, please have sex with Agnes forever 」

Agnes’ eyes plead to me while she breathes roughly.

「 Agnes is Papa’s property! Therefore, please don’t abandon Agnes 」

I hug Agnes’ small body.

「 I won’t. Agnes is so cute after all 」

「 But, but, Papa! 」

Agnes has an angelic-like beauty.

If she grows older, she’ll surely become a beauty.

Her personality is also good. She’s a kind and obedient girl.

I’ve never seen Agnes retort poorly or be mean to someone.

She’s not an angel in appearance but also in the heart.

If she goes to the outside world, they will all love Agnes.

This lovely girl is impossible to hate.

「 Agnes is a good girl. On that subject, Agnes never lied to me 」

Yeah, never.

Not even once.

「 That’s because I don’t want Papa to hate me 」

Agnes replies while twisting her small ass.

Oh, it’s stimulating the root of my penis caught in the entrance.

At the same time, my glans kissing Agnes’ uterus is also rubbing on her soft meat folds.

it feels good.

「 I’m the same, I don’t want Agnes to hate me 」

This time, I thrust deeper.

At the same time, I stimulate Agnes’ nipples with my thumb.

「 Hauuu!! Papa! I love you! 」

「 I love you too, Agnes 」

In the end; Nei’s right.

Agnes and I are similar.

Agnes doesn’t want me to hate her, doesn’t want to be abandoned.

She doesn’t lie to me, and she stays as an obedient girl.

I don’t want my family to hate me, to abandon me.

I don’t lie to them.

「 Papa! Papa! Look! Please look at Agnes’ face! 」

Agnes’ eyes look at me as she shouts.

Her face is melting in pleasure, but her eyes show earnestness.

She’s clinging to me wholeheartedly.

Looking at this 12-year old girl is painful.

「 Yeah, I’m watching, Agnes. Agnes is adorable! 」 」

My penis is getting harder deep inside Agnes’ moist and tight vagina.

「 Papa! Agnes is only for Papa! Always, only Papa! 」

Oh, Agnes is looking only at me.

In short. Nei’s right. An inward look.

Agnes’ eyes don’t look at the wide world.

She doesn’t want to take one step outside my range.

「 Papa! I love you, Papa! 」

She’s letting out warm love nectar again.

「 Agnes 」

This can’t go on.

Of course, I’ve made my decision to protect Agnes forever.

However, if this goes on.

It won’t be different from when Agnes was confined in that basement.

I just swapped with Shirasaka Sousuke.

Just like how she looks up at the birds flying in the sky, we only recognize the image of the outside world as another world unrelated to our lives.

「 Papa, I want a kiss! Please give Agnes a kiss! 」

「 Okay 」

I kiss Agnes, entwine our tongue, suck on her lips.

「 Hauuuun~~ 」

Agnes trembles from sexual pleasure.

「 Aaaaah, Agnes is born for Papa’s pleasure!!! 」

Agnes smiles.

「 That’s what I’ve been told since I was small 」

That’s not referring to me.

Shirasaka Sousuke and his nanny who’s taking care of Agnes tell her that.

「 And when Papa finally had sex with me, I feel happy 」

Agnes smiles happily.


That happiness is misled.

Agnes isn’t born for me to have sex with her.

You’re born to be happy!

「 Agnes, I 」

「 Cumming? Auuu, Agnes is about to as well! 」

Gucho, gucho, gucho.

Nuppu, nuppu, nuppu!

Agnes and my body move up and down, making lewd wet sounds.

Sweat and love nectar, I piston intensely while we release moisture and odor like a steam engine.

「 A-Agnes 」

「 Papa 」

Agnes is beautiful like a flower.

I can’t have her look only at me.

She needs to go out to the vast world.

She needs to love more people.

This girl has the charm to have all the people love her.

「 Uuuuu, Papa 」

Agnes knits her eyebrows.

Her small body is wriggling.

「 I-I’m about to cum, a-auu I’m about to cum. Papa, can I cum? Can Agnes cum? Please give me permission!!! 」

Her eyes in sorrow plead to me.

「 Yeah, go on, Agnes, I-I’m about to cum too! I’m cumming! Agnes!! 」

Agnes hugs my back tightly.

「 I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Hauuuuuuuu!!! Papa, release it!!! Please give Agnes’ inside a lot!!!! 」

A, aguuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

「 It’s so hot!!!! 」

Agnes feels the hot white liquid released from the tip of my glans deep inside her womb.

「 Aaaah, the warm stuff is spreading in my stomach, aaaaah, aaah, aaaaahn~!!! 」

Agnes’ body trembles in ecstasy.

Her insides are shrinking, wriggling.


This 12-year-old womb is swallowing down my sperm.

「 Agnes 」

I seek Agnes’ tongue.

Agnes entwines her tongue with mine roughly.

My tongue and glans, my upper and lower body are sucked in.


「 Haguu 」

My waist pushes itself and thrust forward to Agnes.

The semen remaining in my urethra blows into Agnes womb every time I do that.

「 P-Papa 」

Haa, haa, haa, haa.

I fell on Agnes’ body.

Her flushed naked skin hugs me.

Her body is petite, and so her waist.

And yet, she swallows down my erect penis, accepting my semen.

「 Ufufu, Papa’s heartbeat, it’s beating so hard 」

Agnes presses her ear on my chest and smiles.

Too cute.

「 I want the world to see this cute face of Agnes 」

I said.

「 Agnes wants only Papa to see it 」

「 But I want everyone to praise how cute Agnes is 」

Agnes should go to the outside world.

This girl is charming. She has worth.


「 What’s wrong, Papa? 」

Agnes looks at me worried as she saw me having a strange expression.

「 No, nothing 」

Nei mentioned that Agnes and I are similar.

We’re both only looking inwards, drawing a line with the outside world.


「 Agnes is beautiful 」

「 Thank you, Papa 」

Agnes has a value to be recognized by the people outside.

But, I don’t have anything.

I’m dull. I’m not cool-looking. I don’t have good social standing. I can’t use martial arts.

I don’t have the skills nor the talents.

I’m only somehow alive thanks to everyone’s help in the family.

Minaho-neesan’s supporting me.

Edie and Michi are protecting me.

Even in school, Megu and Nei help me out.

In the house, Katsuko-nee.

I’m still under training in bread-making, my sales aren’t making a profit yet.

There’s a workshop for me to make bread, but it costs quite a bit.

I’m still useless.

A useless man.

If I go to the outside world, nobody will accept me.

After all, it’s me.

I mustn’t misunderstand.

Well, the people in the class are talking to me much more than before.

But, that’s not because of my charm.

It’s because my fiance, Megu is liked by everyone.

It’s thanks to Nei’s beauty who sell bread with us.

It’s because of Edie’s cheerfulness who’s on Megu and my side.

「 Everyone’s like the sun. So bright and shining 」

And I’m not even the moon that reflects their glow.

I’m just useless stardust.

「 Sun? 」

Agnes looks at me with a blank face.

「 I mean, Agnes is as cute as the sun 」

I said. Agnes.

「 Papa’s also cute! 」

She hugs me again.

「 Papa who’s always working so hard is so cute! 」

◇ ◇ ◇

I pull out my penis from Agnes’ inside.

「 Ahn! 」

Agnes trembles.

After pulling out my glans, white semen drips down after a short delay.

「 Onii-chan, I’ll clean it up 」

Mana kneels down and gives me cleanup fellatio.

「 Yo-chan, I just talked to everyone now 」

Nei tells me.

Nei, Megu, Mana, Megu, and Ruriko seem to had an emergency meeting while I was having sex with Agnes.

「 For now, we’ll have Yo-chan the top three beauties in each grade as Yo-chan’s mistress! It’s a bit pitiful for the guys if you get the whole top ten, right? That’s why we’ll only take the top three. Ah, of course, we’ll add the other girls Yo-chan wants to have sex with! 」

They’ve made some outrageous progress while I wasn’t listening.

If three per year, that alone is already nine people.

That’s absurd.

「 Far from feeling pity to the guys, they’d kill me when they find out 」

I replied

The whole school knows that Megu and I live in the same house and we sleep on the same bed.

It’s only allowed because we’re an engaged couple officially recognized by the school.

Everyone knows that we’re having sex as the school recognizes it.

Even so, we receive some harsh criticisms.

Megu’s an honor student, has a lot of friends, she’s doing her best in the track-and-field, and captain Takeshiba’s supporting her so she can manage.

But I have no friends at all.

I’m only allowed to exist in a subtle position, and yet.

If I flirt with the beauties on each year, the school will attack me.

「 It’s okay. The mistresses will all be in the breadmaking club 」

Nei laughs.

「 If they’re in the breadmaking club then it’s not strange if they’re friendly with YO-chan. And you can also have sex with them in the private room in the bakery, you know? Besides, it would look suspicious if it’s only one who’s close to Yo-chan, but if it’s four or five people, then it won’t be suspected as much 」

Well, yeah.

If some girls have a strange atmosphere, then it would only seem like the club’s trait.


「 No way. They know that I’m engaged to Megu. Well, there might be girls who might try to have sex with a man who has a fiance once as a joke but 」

There may be other girls who have broken morals like Iwakura-san.

I don’t know much about the delinquent girls in the higher grades.

「 But, it’s impossible for three of each year. They’re all beautiful and famous that they must have boyfriends, right? 」

They won’t show interest to me.

「 Just leave that to me! for now, I’ll capture Hoshizaki-san 」

Nei said.

「 First, we’ll make one beauty from school as Yo-chan’s exclusive sex friend! 」


What should I say?

I feel troubled to say.

「 Also, Onii-sama, about Agnes-chan 」

Ruriko said.

「 As expected, I think that Agnes-chan has to go to our school 」

Ruriko’s school.

Isn’t that Japan’s number one Ojou-sama school?!

「 Our school is only filled with children with social standing, so there are some of them who were raised from unusual environment 」

Well, Ruriko.

You’re one of them.

You’re isolated from men, and you weren’t given knowledge about sex.

「 Therefore, they are used to girls who act differently from ordinary. Both the teachers and students 」

Oh, I see.

They’ll deal with Agnes’ unordinary behavior with kindness.

「 In Agnes-chan’s case, she’ll be treated as a returnee child, so her lack of Japanese common sense can mislead them 」

She’s got blonde hair and half-blood after all. You can more or less guess from how she looks.

「 Besides, I think it’s impossible for Agnes-chan to be in a co-ed school for now 」



Letting her be with men on the same age is a bit,

「 That’s right. Ruri-oneechan’s school would be the best. If it’s in my middle school, there are a lot of girls with a bad-personality so they might bully Agnes-chan. In that regard, Ruri-oneechan’s school is mainly filled with daughters from first-class houses, so I think that they’ll accept Agnes-chan 」

Mana said.

「 But, it must be hard to get her in. Will they accept girls, not from a known family? 」

Agnes isn’t registered in the census right now.

「 In case of our school, there’s a quota for the attendant of the ladies of the houses 」

Ruriko smiled.

「 I had Yoshiko-sama and Misuzu-chan had Michi, Michi’s elder sister, Haruka-san is also enrolled under the pretext of our security 」

Oh right, Michi’s elder sister too.

She exists. Right.

「 Then, is she going to enroll as Ruriko’s attendant? 」

I asked. Ruriko.

「 That’s not possible. An attendant must be on the same age or higher. Usually 」

I see. That’s true.

The older look after the younger.

If they’re at the same age, then they can study together.

It would seem strange if Agnes a 12-year-old becomes 15-year-old Ruriko’s attendant.

「 Then, how? 」

「 I’ve decided. I’ll look for a 12-year old in our school who’ll take Agnes-chan as an attendant.

Ruriko said.

「 Agnes-chan herself isn’t used to going to school, so I think it’s better to have someone in the same school year as hers 」

I think that’s right, but.

「 We can also make Agnes-chan a daughter of a family with social standing, but that school uses security company to investigate the family where the child is coming from. If we throw some careless lies, they’d be suspicious and will be alert with their eyes and ears 」

Yeah. The world of high-class families is small.

Agnes stands out so it shouldn’t be unknown which family she comes from.

「 In that regard, even if she’s an attendant with a suspicious origin, if the employer guarantees then they promise not to make investigations 」

Just like Michi’s kudou style ancient martial arts, no ordinary people know what it is.

「 Then, do you have someone in mind to have Agnes as their attendant? 」

I asked. Ruriko:

「 No, I’ll look for one just now 」

I see. Ruriko, the daughter of Kouzuki house doesn’t have friends treated with special care in school.

「 It needs to be someone at age 12 who would like to receive Onii-sama’s embrace 」


「 We will report to school that Agnes-chan is her attendant, but in reality, that girl will have to be Agnes-chan’s attendant. Naturally, she needs to have a sexual relationship with Onii-sama 」

「 Ruriko, what are you talking about? 」

Are you telling me that

I need to have sex with another 12-year old girl from a high-class standing?

「 Onii-sama, do you think Agnes can trust someone who didn’t have sex with you? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 Can Agnes trust those who didn’t have sex Onii-sama right now? 」


「 Yes. Having sex with Onii-sama is a necessity. If possible, it would be best to make her a sex slave but, I won’t ask that far because we have a relationship with Kouzuki house 」


Only special ladies from high-class families are allowed to have an attendant.

Naturally, it would be with Kouzuki house and high-class families of the same kind.

If we make that girl a sex slave, then they’d declare war on Kouzuki house at worst.

「 As there are no other options, we will have this instead. I’ll talk to Misuzu-chan and provide a list this week 」

Ruriko said.

「 Ufufu, I feel like this will be fun 」

Nei laughs.

Megu behind her is making a gloomy face.


Seriously, she doesn’t like me cheating on her.


『 Ruriko-chan, Misuzu-chan’s calling 』

Margo-san’s voice comes from the speaker.

『 Radio waves don’t pass through that room over there so come to this room 』

「 I understand, thank you 」

Ruriko looks at me.

「 I’m heading out 」

「 Sure 」

Misuzu went with Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan to meet the new prostitute candidates for Kuromori.

If I recall, Jii-chan’s introducing the girls.

Ruriko’s still naked, so she grabbed some bathrobe and left the room.

『 Misuzu-chan and Michi-chan have school tomorrow, so they’ll come back with the last bullet train 』

Margo-san said.

Then that means that Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan will stay in Kyoto.

What about Rei-chan?

Will she come with Misuzu?

Well, Jii-chan has the two of his strongest bodyguards.

『 Also, Nei and Megumi-chan. Nagisa-san’s calling, could you go to the bathroom?

「 Huh? What’s up, Margo-oneechan? 」

Nei asks.

『 Well, Edie and Nikita-san went to the bath after training, but both of them seem to be too excited that they boxed in the bathroom, turning the boxes upside down 』

「 What the hell? 」

『 Nobody else knows which box is which other than Nei and Megumi-chan so hurry up and go there 』

Margo-san’s voice sounds like a strained laugh.

「 Haa, those girls. They must be rampaging! Let’s go Megu-chan! 」

「 Ah, okay 」

Megu looks at my face.

「 Megu, you’re the housewife in this mansion, right? Go. I’ll wait here 」

「 Okay 」

Nei puts on her bathrobe and goes out of the room with Megu.

Now then, it’s just Agnes, Mana, and me.


「 So, what do you need, Katsuko-nee? 」

I talk to the speaker in the ceiling.

『 Oh, how do you know? 』

Katsuko-nee’s voice comes out.

「 Yeah, Nei and Ruriko were starting to get extreme with their plans again, so I thought it was about time to stop them 」

I said. Katsuko-nee.

『 Making plans is nice but, people can’t enjoy life without a goal 』

「 But 」

『 Stupid. I’m not saying that plans had to be executed faithfully 』


『 Nei and Ruriko-chan’s plan can be realized by half 』

「 No, but, Nei and Ruriko are both girls who are ready to make their plans real. They’re smart, and they have the charm to make people move for them 」

『 True, so, why not let them do exactly as they want? 』


『 They come up with ideas, and they want to try it out. Once they carry out their plan, I think that they’ll discover the various problems with it 』

I see.

For now, I should just tell them to do their best and try out anything.

『 Besides, no matter how great the plan is, it always needs refinement 』

Katsuko-nee said.

『 Have you read “120 days of Sodom”? 』

「 No 」

I haven’t, of course.

『 I’ve only read the edited version, so it’s different from the real one, however, 』

Katsuko-nee’s laugh leaks from the speaker.

『 Well, you see, it is a list of cruel delusions of a man saying “I want to have sex like this,” or “I want to do this cruel thing” It’s a plan to kill 42 young men and women over 120 days. Written “I want to do this,” “I want to do that” “This play, that play, there’s a lot,” “They will all come true.” Well, it’s only written half-way so once he was done with the delusions, so is his work 』

I see.

『 But you see, this is what I thought. What if the sadist delusions, plans became real, what would happen? 」

The delusion becomes real.

『 Even if the plan takes 120 days, perhaps he’ll get tired after the first week? That’s what I thought 』

Getting bored when realizing the plan.

『 You see, you make the most fun when you are planning. When you’re making the plan real, there are various difficulties to some extent that will come along the way and carrying out the plan becomes troublesome 』

Katsuko-nee said.

『 You see, there’s a game where you’re a warrior in the Sengoku period, and you have to unify the whole country. Right? Isn’t that boring in the end? Once you dominate 80% of Japan, it’s already so troublesome attacking all the other remaining areas one by one 』

I see.

『 Therefore, Nei-chan and Ruriko-chan’s plan won’t go all as planned. They’d work their best on the first one, Hoshizaki-san, but they won’t do all the top three on each year. Don’t worry 』

Katsuko-nee said.

『 Ah, this is bad, Ruriko-chan’s coming back 』

Then, the door opens, and Ruriko enters.

「 Onii-sama! I’ve decided!! 」

Huh? Ruriko?

Why are you so excited?

「 I’ve picked the house who will be Agnes-chan’s attendant!! 」

I look at Agnes.

Agnes who’s still naked clings to me anxiously.

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