Chapter 606. Glasnos


「 No, but, if I recall, Misuzu went to Kyoto with Jii-chan 」

Jii-chan’s introducing the prostitute candidate for the reopening of Kuromori.

That’s why Minaho-neesan went to Kyoto.

Misuzu and Michi accompanied them for that business trip.

「 Misuzu and Michi went to Kyoto with Jii-chan to escort him, isn’t that the camouflage? 」

Nobody will be doubtful if he visits Kyoto with his granddaughters.

「 Grandfather will be introducing people from the high-class families 」

Ruriko tells me.

Right, Jii-chan presented a plan to Minaho-neesan.

The plan is that Kuromori will accept ladies from high-class families in the crisis of falling as prostitutes.

Jii-chan proposed that plan at the end of May holidays but, there were troubles making adjustments in executing the program and negotiations that it only is starting today.

No, it’s Minaho-neesan who said: “It’s fast that this is dealt with in just a few months.”

The honor and pride of the various houses has to be considered, so the negotiations need to be careful and deliberate, talking about the profit.

Therefore, instead of calling the prostitute candidates from collapsing families to Tokyo, Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan went to meet them in Kyoto.

「 Could be that the candidate will enroll to Ruriko’s school to move to the capital to become Kuromori’s prostitute? Then that means, Agnes’ attendant is 」

「 That’s the outline 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 If Takakura-sama’s daughter were to go to Tokyo, our school is the only option they have 」

Takakura-house’s lady.

「 Is that another high-class family? 」

「 Yes, their lineage is higher than Kouzuki house. Although, there are only two more families in Japan that has a higher standing in Japan 」

Oh, that one?

No, I feel like I’m hearing something outrageous already.


「 Wait a second. A girl from that high-class family will become Kuromori’s prostitute? No, no, she’ll become Agnes’ attendant? Wait? 」

I feel questions are making a stampede in my head.

「 Yes, she’s at the same age 」

「 No way!? 」

They’ll make a 12-year-old girl a prostitute?

「 No, uhm, that’s all I head from Misuzu-chan on the phone, so I don’t know much details but, Takakura-sama’s daughters will head to Tokyo 」


「 And the little sister is at the same age as Agnes-chan 」

Then that means that the elder sister will become the prostitute.

But there’s no need for the little sister to move to the capital.

Somehow, I don’t get what’s going on.

「 Please ask Minaho-oneesama the details tomorrow instead 」

Ruriko said.

Yeah, right.

It’s easier and certain when I ask Minaho-neesan.

「 Minaho-neesan will stay with Jii-chan in Kyoto tonight, right? 」

「 Yes, therefore, they’ll be back with Takakura-sama ladies tomorrow 」

「 Huh? Are they already coming? 」

They were just having interviews with the candidates, yet they’re coming tomorrow already?

「 It’s Takakura-sama after all. They’ve made their resolve 」

I see. They’re ladies from a family with a higher ranking than Kouzuki house, which is already a high-class among high-class.

Even though Minaho-neesan said that she’ll conduct an interview, Kuromori cannot possibly refuse to employ them.

Once the lady has resolved themselves to become a prostitute, that’s already a contract established.

「 They’re from that family, so they definitely have no choice but to enroll into Ruriko’s school 」

「 Yes 」

「 Let me ask since we’re at it, how old is the elder sister 」

You won’t tell me that the elder sister is also in the middle school, right?

「 She’s a first-year high school student it seems 」

Ruriko replied.

I feel a bit relieved.

No, but, it’s definitely not a good thing to have a super-high-class lady become a prostitute at her first year in high school.

Even the elder sister, they can’t just fit in our school by Kuromori’s tradition.

It’s close to this mansion, however.

「 They’ll come by car from here together with me every morning. I’m looking forward to it 」

Right, Ruriko goes to the school at the city center alone, escorted by a car from Kouzuki SS every morning.

If we include Takakura-san sisters and Agnes, it would be fun.

「 Did Misuzu say something else?

I ask Ruriko.

「 There’s nothing. Ah, she seemed to be tired tonight so she’d like to take a rest from her nightly routine with Onii-sama Michi as well 」

That Misuzu is resting off from her nightly peeing?

「 She seems to be truly tired. I think she doesn’t want to show her tired face to Onii-sama. Therefore she called only me 」

「 Is coming back from Kyoto that tiring? 」

Misuzu and Michi took the last bullet train home.

「 No, it’s her meeting with Takakura-sama. Misuzu-chan seemed to be really nervous 」

It’s a noble that made Misuzu exhausted.

「 She’ll do her routine by tomorrow morning. Also, she asked Onii-sama to tell her that you love her. Michi as well 」

Michi has a lot of stamina, so I don’t think she’s as tired as Misuzu, but.

She can’t just ignore her master and give me a call at night by herself.

「 Thanks, Ruriko. I’ll send Misuzu and Michi a mail saying “Good job. Good night. I love you” 」

「 Please do 」

Ruriko smiles at me.

◇ ◇ ◇

Now then, I have to prepare for tomorrow.

Yukino is on TV today, so it’s Friday.

Tomorrow is Saturday.

There’s a half-day class on Saturdays, so I don’t make that many pieces of bread.

Students without club activities leave school and eat outside.

Katsuko-nee’s concerned with the quality than the quantity in the club activities, it doesn’t sell much on the boys in athletic clubs.

Therefore, it’s not so busy for me during Saturdays.

「 Agnes, want to take a bath? 」

Agnes just had sex with me now, so her whole body’s covered in sweat.

My semen is dripping out from her Agnes’ vagina.

「 Okay, desuno! 」

Agnes hugs me.

「 Mana, Ruriko, let’s go 」

「 Yeah, I’ll prepare the change of clothes for everyone 」

Mana runs out of the room.

「 I’ll accompany you, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko comes with us.

◇ ◇ ◇

We go to the living room on our way to the bathroom.

We met with Nikita and Edie who just got out of the bath.

The two of them are wearing a bathrobe and a towel at their head.

They’re eating a vanilla ice cream cup using a wooden spoon.

「 Oh? Taking a bath? 」

Nikita smiles at us.

「 Nei and Megu went in there too 」

Edie also smiles at us.

「 If I recall, you two rampaged that you turned the bathroom over, right? 」

I asked. Nikita:

「 It’s not my fault, Edie did that! 」

「 Nikita was the one who jumped at me happily. That’s why I threw her off to the wall 」

The shelves in the bathroom were all turned over.

「 We apologized to Nei and Megumi already 」

「 I also apologized deeper than the ocean 」

What’s with this duo.

What would happen when Michi joins this group.

「 That spacious Japanese bath was pleasing. It’s the best. Seeing everyone naked and soaking in hot water together 」

I see. It’s something new for a Russian-American like her.

「 Oh shit, I should’ve gone in with Agnes and Mana instead of Edie 」

Nikita’s a lesbian.

She seems to like this mansion filled with cute girls.

「 What about Mao-chan? Wasn’t she with you? 」

I asked.

「 When I was about to enter the bath, Nagisa and Mao were just getting out 」

Oh, they passed by each other.

「 That’s unfortunate. I’ve got a lot of girls I want to take a bath together. Nei even scolded me saying “cleaning up first” 」

Nikita’s still trying to get in between Nei’s legs.

「 Just join in next time 」

Nei said.

「 Let’s play together again, Nikita! 」

Nikita’s eyes turn moist.

「 Yes! I’ll come again! I can, right?! 」


「 Obviously, Nikita’s our friend 」

This girl isn’t our family. She can’t become my family.

She has Miss Cordelia. Her family.

But, she’s our friend.

「 Yes, let’s have sex again 」

Nikita puts the ice cream on the table and hugs me.

「 Yeah, next time 」

I feel the elasticity of Nikita’s soft chest through her bathrobe.

「 This is really a paradise. 」


「 In Cordelia-oneesama’s place, I’m the youngest. Cordelia-oneesama always told me “Nikita find friends at the same age,” But, all those in the same age as me were all weak and incompetent that I thought I could never reach a mutual understanding with them 」

Nikita smiles.

「 I’m happy that I lost to Edie, and to you. Earlier, Nei and Megumi scolded me for turning over the shelves in the bathroom. It was my first time receiving a scolding from someone other than Onee-sama 」

First time?

「 An ordinary person would never scold me no matter how rude I work 」

Miss Cordelia’s a big name in the underground society.

Nobody would dare to scold Miss Cordelia’s pet.

「 I’m glad. I can tell that Nei and Megumi also think of me as a friend. 」

Nikita’s also lonely.

「 Yeah, Nikita’s our dear friend 」

「 Yes, I’ll bear your child as proof of our friendship. I promise that! 」

Well, look.

「 I love you all! 」

Nikita hugs me tightly.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 I’ve talked to her earlier but look, the Soviet Union collapsed, right? 」

Nei talks to us naked, submerged in bath water.

「 Nikita’s mother stayed in Russia before immigrating to America, she got dragged to it 」

Agnes is sitting on my knees.

Megu and Mana are on my side.

Ruriko’s next to Nei.

Everyone’s in the hot bath.

Naked, of course.

「 You see, the Soviet Union was a socialist country so, the state decides the work of the people. Those who are young, talented, and received higher education and those selected for sports are different. Most people pursue industry in the area of birth. Agriculture, mining, etc. 」

「 Does that mean that they have no freedom of choice in their career\ 」

Ruriko asks.

「 They have no freedom of choice in their career, of course. They can’t even move out of the land they were born in because they have no freedom of movement. No freedom of expression, no freedom of association, that’s what the country was 」

「 That’s unimaginable 」

Mana mutters from Nei’s explanation.

「 But you see, not all people who found what they really want to do in this world, so there are quite a lot of people who’ll do their best when the country decides and say “this is your job.” They live not for themselves but for everyone. Especially those who have it deeply ingrained, they try their best at work ordered by the country, working hard in a small life like a state farm or a state enterprise. If you become the leader of the area, you’ll receive allowance 」

Maybe, if I were born in that world, I would be the same.

Ordered by people, working hard, that world will accept me.

Even when one feels that society is distorted, it doesn’t change.

I’d work my best to adapt to that distorted society.

「 But, Soviet Federative Socialist Republic collapsed. State Farm, state enterprise, they’re all broken. It changes the country’s system 」

Nei said.

「 They suddenly went from socialist economy to capitalist. To be honest, the Russian economy after the collapse of the Soviet Union was attacked by the West like vultures. When they noticed, all the state enterprise with petroleum, which is the most valuable resource were taken by the Jews 」


That’s amazing, a country on the verge of being hijacked.

「 The current Russian president managed to exclude that foreign influence somehow. 」 That guy’s famous for being a bit harsh but, if he doesn’t do absurd things then Russia would’ve succumbed to the Economic domination from foreign countries, well, that’s another story 」

Nei returns to the topic.

「 Let’s return to the Soviet Union collapse. Most of the people who were instructed by the country to work at a state farm or enterprise lost their jobs. The country can’t do various things already, and the capitalist enterprise is coming fast. The young people were able to tolerate the sudden social change but, for the elderly. They were doing jobs instructed by their country since they were born, so it’s hard for them to learn a new job. Also, people who were working at the state farms and recognized, honored, and appointed as chief of the work site still have their pride in their work 」

With all their years of work, they’ll be experienced and confident.

Yet, because the state farm closed down, they were chased out of their work.

Even if you tell them to find jobs themselves from scratch,

「 It’s as if their whole life has been denied, right? That’s why most of those who lost jobs fell in despair and committed suicide. Well, their values as a socialist state they believed in since childhood were all denied due to the collapse of Soviet Union 」

So that happened.

「 Nikita’s grandfather also committed suicide. It seems that he was a big-shot on a state-farm. He lost both his work and pride 」

Her grandfather committed suicide.

「 Then, Nikita’s mother who just lost her father became a prostitute. There were a lot of them during the era of economic turmoil after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They’re girls who have no choice but to sell themselves. Then, Nikita’s born from an unknown man 」

Nei said.

「 Nikita’s mother can’t raise her. She doesn’t have money. Therefore, Nikita’s sent to America for adoption 」


「The United States is the world’s largest adopted child import country. People who want a child accepts a baby from a foreign country, I mean, some make it a business. There are cases where they only trade children. Especially Nikita, there’s a lot of people who want to adopt a blonde and white person. They’re cute after all 」


「 Seriously, there were people having conversations like “That one’s cuter than this, I’ll adopt that one,” like they were buying pets 」

Nei frowns.

「 Then, Nikita was brought to the US. However, the American parents that adopted Nikita didn’t go well, in the end, when she was in elementary school, her parents divorced but they both told that neither of them would take Nikita. Then, she was sent over to an orphanage, and Miss Cordelia took her 」


「 That’s all, I heard this from Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia in Los Angeles. They told me not to mention it until the time comes 」

「 Y-Ya-chan, what time? 」

Nei looks at me.

「 Kyouko-san told me to not talk about it until Yo-chan recognizes Nikita as a friend, not a family 」

「 Why? 」

「 Well, Yo-chan, if you heard that story earlier, you’d sympathize with Nikita and do anything to make her family, right? 」

Well, maybe.

「 But, Nikita is already Miss Cordelia’s family! She’s happy enough right now. I don’t know much about the details, but it seems that Miss Cordelia’s place has girls other than Eenie and Meenie 」

Miss Cordelia’s twin confidants, Eenie and Meenie.

Those two alone can’t satisfy Miss Cordelia.

「 What Nikita need is friends. Therefore, you can’t step further than that 」

Nei said.

「 Sex friend is also a friend! 」

I don’t get why but if Nei says that then let’s just agree.

「 I might’ve been a bit too angry about Nikita-san. 」

Megu’s reflecting.

「 That’s not true, Nikita mentioned that she’s happy how you treat her from an equal position 」

I tell Megu.

「 Well, she’s got that much power at her age, and she’s also Miss Cordelia’s pet, no ordinary same-age person would talk to her like that 」

Nei said.

「 Seems like we’re the first to speak to her without holding back, so she liked us since we met in Los Angeles 」

Is that also from Kyouko-san?

「 I get it. I get it. That’s enough. I accept Nikita-san 」

Megu looks down and said.

「 I’ll accept her coming to play and having sex with Yoshi-kun. She’s a friend 」

Megu’s stubborn heart opened up a bit.

「 But, Yoshi-kun, please don’t do it where I can see 」

She sends me a glance.

「 No, I’d rather have Megu join in 」

I tell Megu.

Megu only joins group sex with Mana and other girls that she likes.

She hates it when with girls she’s not good at dealing with.

「 That’s 」

「 You can’t deal with Nikita, Megu? 」

「 I can’t, she’s much more beautiful than me, her breasts are big, she’s also white 」

Well, she’s a white person.

「 Megumi-oneesama has reached the state where that’s all she says 」

Ruriko tells Megu.

「 Earlier, Misuzu-chan called. Minaho-oneesama will bring over the candidates to the mansion tomorrow 」

Megu’s shocked.

「 I-It’s already decided? 」

「 Yes, it is 」

Megu’s face turns darker from Ruriko’s reply.

「 Right. Minaho-oneechan said this before, Yo-chan’s in charge when it comes to sex education for the new prostitutes 」


She’d feel depressed whoever comes.

To think that it’s a lady from a house in a higher state than Kouzuki family.

「 It can’t be helped, Onii-chan will be the next head of Kuromori family 」

Mana said.

「 Besides, there’s one more thing that worries me from the story earlier 」

「 Hm, what is it, Mana-chan? 」

Nei asks.

「 You had seven boys who confessed to you since May, right? 」

Oh, that.

「 What about it? 」

Megu asks with a wondering face.

「 And yet, you were hiding it from Onii-chan? Isn’t that unfair? 」


「 Emergency motion!! 」

Mana suddenly raises her hands.

「 Onii-chan needs to punish Megu-oneechan seven times!!!!! 」

Punish Megu, what?!?????
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