Chapter 613. Number of the beas


「 Now then, take a shower right now Megu-chan. You can’t do anything sweating like that 」

Nei said.

「 I’ll go get a spare uniform for a while 」

Then, she looked at Nikita.

「 Nikiniki, you can wear my uniform, right? What’s your size? 」

Nikita’s uniform?

「 Since she’s an “experience enrollee,” then she should wear school uniform 」

「 Right, that’s more interesting 」

Nikita tells Nei the size of her clothes.

「 Okay, I think we’ve got that size in the storehouse! 」

The secret room under the principal’s office, isn’t it?

「 Well then, I’ll be going out for a moment 」

Nei smiles.

「 Until then, have some reconciliation sex! 」

「 Please stay too, Nei-oneesan 」

Megu looks troubled.

Edie and Nikita, these two foreigners are all enthusiastic that she thinks she can’t match them.

「 Nope! Megu-chan has to decide her position! 」

Nei tells Megu with a smile.

「 Up until now, Yo-chan always prepares Megu-chan’s place as next to him most of the time. We respect that, but 」

Nei looks at Nikita.

「 If a somewhat aggressive girl like Nikiniki comes in, that balance breaks down. In the first place, Nikiniki isn’t in our family, she wouldn’t care about the balance of the relationships within the family at all 」

「 Nikita is a friend. She needs favorable treatment more than family 」

Edie also smiles at Megu.

「 Friends don’t always stay together with us 」

Right, Nikita will part from us.

We aren’t always together.

「 I’ll be out by afternoon. Minaho’s coming back, right? I’m not good at dealing with her 」

Nikita came to Japan to have a rematch with Rei-chan.

Miss Cordelia prepared the hideout, she’d be meeting with Barbie-san for their work.

「 Therefore, I want to have sex with Yoshida once more. I won’t be able to do it after a while. I’d receive some love from Cordelia-oneesama when they arrive in Japan but, the feeling of having a man’s semen filling up my womb is impossible with women 」

Nikita said.

「 Besides, doing it with Edie sounds exciting. I wanted to try having sex like that at least once. By the way 」

Nikita looks at Megu.

「 We plan to make a row with our butts and have Yoshida violate us from behind but, Megumi doesn’t want to join in, right? 」

Seeing the provocative smile.

「 I’ll take a quick shower! Wait for me! 」

She then takes off her runner shoes and short pants.

Then, she entered the shower unit.

She closed the door loudly.

「 What an idiot, we won’t wait for you 」

Nikita laughs.

「 Then, I’ll go get the uniform! Yo-chan, take care of the rest 」

Nei left the room.

No, don’t tell me that.

「 Yoshida, don’t you want to compare Edie and me? 」

Nikita, a Russian-American whose skin is whiter than other people said.

The brown-skinned Edie smiles suspiciously.

「 Don’t you want to put it inside us alternately and check the difference in feel? 」

The two of them are beauties, they also have great bodies.

「 Well, I do, but 」

Nikita and Edie hug me.

「 Yoshida’s always so considerate of Megu that your heart is like a prisoner 」


「 If you want to do it then do it, Yoshida has the power to make it possible 」

They press their breasts on me from both sides and lick my ears.

「 But I 」

「 You only eat the food presented on your plate. You mustn’t do that. It’s about time you should take your own food 」

Nikita’s fingers gently poke my crotch.

Edie’s touching my ass.

「 That’s right. Darling is a lion. You’re a hungry beast」

Edie’s licking my lips.

「 You can leave yourself to your desires 」

My desires.

「 That’s right. Yoshida, we’re criminals. We can’t go back to being ordinary people 」

I’m a criminal.

That’s right.

My family, Kuromori,

We’ve committed acts violating the law and ignoring social ethics.

I raped Shirasaka Yukino.

Minaho-neesan took part in vigilantism against Shirasaka Sousuke.

I killed Cesario Viola with my hands.

I smuggled myself out of the country together with Nei and took Kei-san’s family register.

I’m having sex with a lot of women and made them mine.

All of them are not allowed in this country, both legally and ethically.

「 Your relationship with Megu is just a camouflage to deceive the people 」

Edie said.

「 If you don’t carve that to your heart, then it’s a big problem for us 」

That’s right.


I was aiming too high.

Enrolling in the bread-making course and my engagement with Megu is only a camouflage for me to live an ordinary high school life.

It’s only for us to be recognized in our school.

We can’t reveal our true identity, which is Kuromori.

「 You see, I’m glad that I met you, it’s my first time meeting with someone who understands me on the same generation 」

Nikita said.

「 When Cordelia-oneesama recruited me, I became an outlaw 」

Outlaw. Those who break the law.

Meaning, those who are always opposing the law and social order.

「 Me too. I was delighted when I first met Michi and Darling. I knew that they understand me 」

We met with Edie during the fight in the hotel in Odaiba.

No, Edie came along with us.

She was showing a friendly smile.

「 Yoshida, you mustn’t forget that you belong to our side 」

「 That’s right, Darling. Darling, isn’t an average guy. You’re a Lion who eats people! 」


I see. Even when I graduate from high school and become a baker.

Even if I live in a city like normal, as an ordinary citizen.

The crimes I’ve done will not disappear.

Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, their memories of being a prostitute will continue to torment them.

I must continue to carry my sins.

The police will keep track of me forever as I’m a member of Kuromori.

「 You see, we can’t get ourselves judged by the law for the crimes we’ve committed 」

Edie’s right.

I just can’t turn myself to the police now.

The crime of raping Yukino, watching Shirasaka Sousuke die, killing Cesario Viola, and all the others,

If I confess those crimes to the police, they’ll never clear me out in a trial.

If I do that, what would happen to my family?

Minaho-neesan will be arrested.

Mana will return to Shirasaka house.

Agnes will be taken into an orphanage.

Our family will fall apart.

I can’t allow that to happen.

「 If you’re a villain then act like one, be honest to your desires 」

Nikita said.

「 Yoshida, you think that if you have sex with us, then Megumi will be hurt. You really are kind to Megumi 」

「 But, Darling, don’t you want to do it? Don’t you want to have sex with Nikita and me together? 」

Yes, I.

「 I do. Nikita and Edie are both attractive. I want to have sex with you together 」

「 Then do it 」

Nikita smiles.

「 That’s right. Minaho’s worried too 」


「 Darling, since you thought of becoming a baker, you forgot Kuromori’s method 」

Kuromori’s method.

We must be aware that we’re a criminal organization.

「 If this goes on, Darling will be locked into that daily life that your heart will close down 」

I see. It was Minaho-neesan.

She sent over Nikita to the mansion while she was absent.

Perhaps, she consulted this with Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia in Los Angeles.

「 Got it. I seem to be curling myself in 」

Megu was rampaging because I had this halfhearted behavior.

When our school resumed after summer vacation, I started the bakery business.

I’ve degraded myself to such a small man.

「 That’s right, the bakery isn’t something you have to worry that much 」

Edie said.

「 It doesn’t matter how many years it would take, even if Darling can’t bake the dough correctly, Katsuko can manage it 」

That’s right.

Katsuko-nee makes tasty bread by herself.

If Katsuko-nee’s about to open a bakery, then she’d hire people with sufficient and experience already.

What I’m doing in my high school days is preparing to run the bakery together with Katsuko-nee.

I shouldn’t be hurrying myself to become a professional baker.

And yet, I.

I’ve been absorbed in making bread single-mindedly. Worrying about the fact that the sales aren’t increasing.

「 Katsuko said that she wants Darling to enjoy life more 」

Yeah, I wasn’t having fun.

「 Having sex with us isn’t a duty. You should have fun with it, Darling 」

Edie kisses the tip of my nose.

「 Darling should do what Darling wants. Darling’s pleasure is our pleasure 」


「 Now, let’s hurry up and have sex 」

Nikita smiles.

「 I want to do it with Yoshida. You’re the only man in this world I want to have sex with. Be honored 」

Nikita unzips her jumpsuit.

Oh, I see her black bra, her cute belly button too,

「 Me too. I love Darling! 」

Edie kisses me.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Thank you for waiting 」

Megu comes out of the shower room.

We’re already naked, having fun in the bed.

Nikita’s white skin and Edie’s brown skin is hiding me.

Edie’s sucking on my penis.

Nikita’s making me lick her prided well-shaped breasts.

「 I said wait for me to finish taking a shower! 」

Megu’s angry.

「 We were waiting. There’s no penetration yet 」

Edie says while sucking on my glans.

「 That’s right, nobody has semen poured in their wombs yet 」

Nikita laughs

「 But! 」

Megu tries to object but I

「 Quiet, Megu 」

「 Yoshi-kun! 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 Come here. I want to lick on Megu’s breasts 」

「 O-Okay 」

Megu comes closer timidly.

I take off the bath towel and expose Megu’s cute breasts.

Then, I bite on her nipples without warning.

「 Ahn~ Yoshi-kun! 」

Megu’s nipples get hard in the blink of an eye from my licks.

「 That’s delicious 」

I said, then this time, I suck on Nikita’s breasts.

「 Aaah, nice, Yoshida 」

Nikita’s soft breasts are larger than Megu’s. It’s white as well.

「 Yoshi-kun, don’t compare them 」

Megu says while covering her breasts with her hand.

「 Megu, I’m having sex with a lot of women. I can’t help but compare you know? 」

I tell Megu.

「 But 」

「 No buts. You always overthink with yourself as the base. Nikita’s breasts are larger than Megu’s, so I say that, but should I say the same with Agnes? 」

Agnes who’s 12-years old has her breasts smaller than Megu.

Mana’s still growing, but Agnes shows the promising future.

「 But, Agnes-chan is 」

「 No buts 」

Edie stops fellating me and tells Megu.

「 Megumi asks from Darling too much. How about you try to polish yourself before asking from Darling? 」

「 Polishing myself? 」

「 If you don’t become more beautiful then Darling will start to dislike you 」

Edie smiles.

「 You see, I started taking lessons about fashion from Katsuko and Nei. I’ll become cuter to become a girl Darling would like. If not, Darling’s love will be no more 」

She goes back to licking my glans.

「 If I don’t make an effort then Darling won’t come to live a fighter like me 」

「 No, that’s not true, Edie, I 」

Nikita’s huge breasts clog my mouth trying to refute.

「 If that’s what Edie says then why not let her? It’s cute. She’s saying that she’s doing her best for Yoshida 」

She’s right.

「 So, what is Megumi working hard for? Are you even putting some effort? 」

Nikita asks.

「 I-I, I’m working to become Yoshi-kun’s wife 」

「 So what are you working on? 」

「 Cooking 」

「 Ruriko and Mana are also learning to housekeep. Even I also join in the duties. Also, Ruriko’s meals are delicious. She’s getting better at it 」

Edie, don’t be so frank.

「 I 」

「 No, Megu’s helping me out a lot to help my school life get better 」

To be honest, Megu’s got a lot of friends as she’s earnest and kind to everyone.

I, her fiance, isn’t accepted well in the class.

「 I’ve thought of this before but, Darling, why are you still going to school? 」

Edie asks.

「 If you want to practice baking bread then you can do it in the mansion. If you’re going to practice selling products, then you can just borrow a real shop 」

There’s no need for me to go to this high-school bread-making course or sell bread in the school.

「 It’s because Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Nagisa don’t want me to quit high school because they weren’t able to enjoy their high school life 」

Actually, they’re not fussy about me deciding to work on a bakery compared to getting my high school diploma on stage.

「 If that’s the case, why don’t you transfer to another school? 」


「 Mana’s looking for a new school, right? 」

「 Yeah, in her case, she needs to change her name and go to a new school 」

She can’t enroll as Shirasaka Maika, Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter.

「 In that case, why can’t Darling do the same? 」


「 You even went to America and got another name. You can go to a different school with that name and build a new relationship with people again 」


「 I feel like I’m running away from my life, I don’t want to do that 」

I said.

「 I wonder? Maybe that’s not all? 」


「 Darling, you want to protect Megumi’s life. You think that Megumi’s current school life is going well, right? 」


「 To be honest, Darling has no fixation in this current school 」

I don’t have friends at this school.

My classmates, even captain Takeshiba, their relationship with Megu is stronger than mine.

I thought of that when I started baking bread.

If I sell it myself saying “I made it,” it doesn’t sell at all.

Then, when Megu and Nie started selling it, the sales are growing.

My classmates buy from Megu. Not me.

I’m just a nobody in this school.

「 In short, Yoshida’s in this school because of Megumi 」

Nikita looked at Megu and smiled.

「 You’re loved, I’m jealous, Megumi 」

Megu’s sullen.

「 Darling should be known by the people in this school. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bad reputation or good 」

Edie said.

「 Therefore, the fuss this morning was necessary 」

No way. Edie made that fuss from Megu’s match with Nikita for that?

「 Yeah. Right. 」 It was a good promotion. Showing that not only Yoshida is engaged to Megumi but also Edie, Nei, and I all like Yoshida was an excellent appeal 」

「 Huh? But, didn’t they misunderstand it? 」

Captain Takeshiba understood it, for now.

「 Yoshida, ordinary people don’t try to understand things with logic. Megumi’s boss was smart so she could push it aside with logic. But the ordinary people only look at the atmosphere 」

Then that means.

「 That means that they’d tell others that we’re head-over-heels for Darling 」

But that’s.

「 I don’t want to boast about it, but I’m beautiful. Of course, Nei looks lovely as well. Edie’s also an exceptional beauty. As for Megumi. Well, a fair amount of charm, yes 」

Nikita said.

「 All of these beauties are crazy about Yoshida, we didn’t mention about having sex but that noise would definitely close-up to Yoshida 」

「 Furthermore, we skipped classes after that! 」


「 Could it be that I’m in danger? 」

If it’s exposed that I have all of these beauties all by myself.

The whole school will pay attention to me.

「 That’s okay. Yoshida’s a lady-killer, be proud of it 」

「 Yes, right, Darling is lovely and beautiful, they should all notice Darling’s charm 」

This is bad, I shouldn’t be having sex here while there’s a lesson taking place.

If I go to class with Megu right now.

「 Don’t escape, Darling 」

Edie holds my penis in her mouth.

「 Yes, it’s too late. Yoshida’s school life has already changed! 」


「 Megumi, get yourself ready too! 」

Megu’s trembling.

「 Nfufu! Darling’s thing is already so big, you want to put it inside now, right?」


Ooh, I.

I prepare myself.

「 All three of you. Face that mirror, hold your hands to the wall and stick out your asses 」

In that case.

I’ll compare these three.

「 Kufufu, you’re finally into it! I’m happy! 」

「 Hurry up, Darling! 」

Nikita and Edie place their hands in the mirror and sticks their ass towards me.

It’s the doggy style position.

「 OH what? Megumi, are you not joining with us? 」

Edie asks Megu.

「 I 」

「 Hurry up, Megu! 」

I tell Megu

「 Megu, aren’t you my woman as well? 」

「 Me? “As well?” 」

Megu looks at me.

「 Yeah, I won’t give Megu special treatment anymore. That’s my decision 」

「 I see 」

「 If you don’t like it then you can quit from being my woman. Megu 」


I steeled my heart and said.

Oh, I feel like everyone’s actions from yesterday now connect together.

They were all against my special treatment to Megu.

「 I can’t just live for Megu 」

「 I’m also enduring that! 」

Megu said.

「 If you’re enduring it then you better stop. You’re only causing trouble to everyone 」

I replied.

「 Really, Yoshida’s a good man. I’m liking you more and more 」

Nikita smiled and swayed her ass towards me.

「 Darling, everyone in the family belongs to Darling! What about you, Megumi? 」


She’s in tears.

「 I get it! Okay, I’ll be the same as everyone, together with everyone 」


「 Megum, get in between us. Middle. Come 」

They give space for Megu in an instant.

「 Megu, thank them 」

「 Yes. Thank you 」

Megu gets in between the two.

She puts her hands on the wall and sticks out her ass just like the two.

「 Start with Megumi 」

Edie smiled.

「 Yeah 」

I touch Megu’s opening with my glans.

Ooh, Megu’s pussy isn’t wet yet.

「 Edie, Nikita, I’m borrowing from you girls 」

I place my hand on Edie and Nikita’s vagina.

The two of them are quite wet already.

I scoop some love nectar from them,

Then I rub it on my penis.

All the way to the root,

「 I’m putting it in, Megu 」

I grab Megu’s waist and push inside to her still stiff slit.

「 Hauuuu 」

Megu’s genital is still stiff.

「 Y-Yoshi-kun wait! 」

「 I won’t. I want to be one with Megu right now 」

「 Yoshi-kun! 」

「 Please, become mine 」

My glans can’t even fit inside Megu.

「 I already belong to Yoshi-kun 」

「 No, Megu, you always belonged to yourself 」

I said.

「 But I don’t want that anymore. I want your mind and body to be mine 」

「 What should I do then? I don’t know! Yoshi-kun! 」


「 Megu will become mine, but I don’t belong to you. You should understand that 」

「 That’s 」

「 Megu will be a part of me. Let meat you whole 」

Megu’s shocked.

「 I love Megu to the extent I want everything 」


「 But, Megu can’t have all of me 」

「 Why? 」

「 I’m that kind of man. I want to have Megu but also Edie and Nikita. I’m a self-centered man 」

「 Yoshi-kun 」

「 Therefore, I won’t wait for Megu’s reply from now on. I want to eat Megu up. I want to devour your mind and body and pour my semen inside you. I want Megu to become a part of me. I want to do it so I will. I’m that kind of man. I’m not an ordinary person, I’m a beast 」

That despicable creature is my true nature.

「 Do you really want to take me that much? 」

「 I do, Megu! 」

「 Got it 」

Megu’s insides loosen up at that moment.

She’s accepting me.

「 Haaaaa, aaauuun!! 」

Megu gasps, bending her back considerably.

Oh, now the love nectar’s overflowing.

「 I’m okay with that. Please mess me up! Do me as you like, Yoshi-kun! 」

You don’t have to say that!!

Zuppu! Zuppu! Zuppu!

I move my waist violently as if I’m gouging Megu’s womb.
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