Chapter 620.say Mark2

Chapter 620.say Mark2

In the end, I was naive in my situation.

I’m borrowing the school cafeteria and selling bread I make while studying.

That was the groundwork Minaho-neesan laid out, everything was a first time for me, so she put things on the low level.

If I was selling bread for real, I should’ve studied the students in the school a lot more.

I should’ve increased the production and the types of products I make.

Initially, when I came up with the plan, I intended to earn living expenses for Mana and Agnes.

When I actually started selling bread in school, I dwarfed in bread making and selling.

Before I knew it, my target was just not to hit the red numbers.

No, of course, I didn’t know that it was this hard to do business, it took me a while to feel like I was learning how to work.

But, that’s not enough, it won’t go through.

Even with eagerness and hard work.

If I seriously want to start a bakery, this is not okay.

「 As expected, seeing today, I think that we’ll sell out even if we bake triple the amount instead of twice 」

Katsuko-nee tells me

as we clean up the sales area after selling out everything.

「 I didn’t understand it at all. I never sold bread to the students myself, so I wasn’t able to see what is the demand. That was a mistake on my part 」

「 That’s not true. I was naive. I was thinking that it’s okay for me to be on this level because I’m a beginner 」

「 No, I’m the one in charge of planning and sales. My decisions were naive. It’s my fault 」

「 No, it’s me 」

「 Me 」

Nei gets in between Katsuko-nee and me ever apologizing to each other.

「 Okay, that’s enough! Who cares whose fault this is! Now that you get it, that’s all you need! Hey now, move forward 」

Nei smiles gently to us.

「 From now on, Katsuko-oneechan will also be in the front, selling products 」

「 Yes, I’ll be in the storefront as much as possible 」

「 Then that’s okay! No need to worry. We’ll definitely get famous if we continue our pace 」

That’s right, the bread I make, a first-year high school boy still in “bread making course” won’t always be delicious.

The price is the same as the ordinary bread.

But, if they see that a beautiful adult making delicious bread is guiding and making bread together with me, that’s a different story.

Katsuko-nee’s existence gives credit to the quality of the bread.

「 But, are you sure that it’s just the two of you doubling the amount of bread produced? 」

Megu asks.

「 There’s no problem in that. I’ll continue to bake even during lunch break just as Ya-chan suggested earlier 」

If Katsuko-nee’s also becoming a seller, I can close myself into the bakery and not go to the front.

Then, we can prepare more freshly baked bread in the middle of lunch break.

「 But it must be hard to prepare the dough. Yoshi-kun and Katsuko-oneesan are waking up early just to make them 」

「 We can just speed up and put on some effort to make more 」

「 Should I help out? 」

Megu looks at me.

「 Megu, you have your morning practice, right? 」

「 I’ll talk to Captain so I can excuse myself out of morning practice 」

「 We already talked about that. Megu’s not a student of the “bread-making course” You can help out with selling but, helping out in making the dough and baking won’t do 」

Katsuko-nee and I are the only people involved in making the dough.

「 Then, I’ll enroll to “bread-making course” 」

Megu said

「 No, Megu promised to continue spending an ordinary high school life, right? 」

「 But 」

「 If that’s the case, how about I enter the “bread” course? 」

Nei smiles.

「 I already failed one year, there’s nothing ordinary in that anymore! If that’s the case, nobody minds if I help out in making bread after the second-hour, right? That would increase my time with Yo-chan, it’s all just pros 」

「 I can’t allow that! 」

Megu shouts.

「 What now? It’s not like we’re flirting away from where Megu-chan can see! Stingy 」


「 No, Ya-chan, you can’t change courses, right? You’re gonna be absent a lot later 」

Nei is Margo-san’s manager in her sports competitions. There will be a lot of incoming foreign tournaments.

That said, they won’t stay there for long.

Nei will leave Japan in the middle of the week in which the tournament is held, the competition will commence on weekends, and she’ll be back by next Monday or Tuesday.

「 Those who take a leave once in a while can’t join the bread-making battle 」

「 Oh right 」

Edie must be our guard.

If she helps out while making bread, she won’t be that alert.

「 Well, we can have that for later 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 We have to decide on the new lineup of products, that also takes time in itself. We have ways of increasing work efficiency by using machines. We’ll prepare a plan today 」


It’s a matter of course before Katsuko-nee decides the whole plan.

「 Katsuko, these girls want you to teach them more about bread club 」

Anya who’s having a photoshoot and handshake with the students in cafeteria shouts to here.

「 Ah, yes, coming! 」

Katsuko-nee smiles and goes to Anya.

It’s three girls from first-year who wants to hear about the bread club.

「 Speaking of which, we can also have the girls from the bread club help out 」

Katsuko-nee and I made the bread we sold this lunch break.

The bread club members are only taking a seminar on baking with Katsuko-nee after school.

For example, we can have them help out preparing the dough just like how the athletic clubs have morning practice.

Either way, if we open up a bakery for real, we have to hire workers.

I think of it for a moment.


That’s not plausible.

The bread I make are sold to the students.

If we want someone from the bread club to help out, we have to pay them.

But, we haven’t sold enough to make that possible.

They won’t be working responsibly unless they’re paid steadily.

Besides, those in the bread club are still beginners in making bread, just like me.

Katsuko-nee won’t be able to make progress if she teaches a lot of bread club members in the morning.

We won’t be able to make twice as much.

「 Ufufu, Yo-chan seems to be thinking a lot of things 」

Nei whispers to me.

「 That’s good. You should think and worry a lot, and if you have an idea, talk to us! I’m open anytime 」

「 Yeah, thanks. Nei 」

I’m no longer alone.

I have my family I can talk to.

「 Natou-senpai, please take a photo with us! 」

A group of schoolgirls calls out Nei.

「 Don’t say Senpai! We’re in the same class! 」

「 But you’re still a senior! 」

Oh, they’re Nei’s classmates.

「 Natou-san, you seem to be cheerful lately 」

「 You were beautiful before, but it felt a bit scary 」

「 Hey, let’s surround Nikita-san and take a photo! 」

Anya was taking lessons with Nei’s class for the second and third lessons.

Nei’s classmates want to take a commemorative photo.

「 You girls are hopeless, sure, let’s go. I’m heading out for a bit, Yo-chan 」

Nei goes to the selling area.

「 Ah, it’s bright here, let’s go there! 」

「 Nikita-san can we take a photo? 」

「 Sure, go on 」

Nikita gladly accepts their requests.

She’s coming to Japan as a foreign celebrity this time, so it’s okay even if they all take a photo of her.

Well, her fight with Rei-chan has been on TV for long, there’s no problem even if a photo of her face leaks out.

「 Yoshi-kun, let’s clean up 」

Megu stacks the pads.

We have to bring this back to the bakery and wash them up one by one.

Other than that, I also have to wash the tools I used in my work.

Tomorrow is Sunday so there won’t be any work.

「 Ah, I’ll take that 」

I lift the pads Megu piled up.

「 I could’ve brought that. I’m also strong 」

Megu smiles at me.

「 Ah, I’ll open the door 」

Megu opens up the door leading to the bakery.


「! 」

Megu gets sullen.

Looks like her eyes met with Yukino inside the bakery.

「 Why is Yukino here? Seriously 」

Megu mutters in a low voice, looks like she can’t agree with it.

She should’ve heard Megu’s mutter and yet,

Yukino just keeps looking on her phone.

Yukino’s changed.

Yukino before would be provoked by that and scream out loudly.

But now, she’s ignoring Megu’s pressure.

Really, working on that TV show has changed Yukino’s nature.


「 Darling, something feels bad 」

Edie comes to me.

「 I sense an evil Qi 」

Evil Qi?

「 Hey, what’s with that car?! 」

「 A strange looking car is coming here! 」

There’s a fuss at the entrance to the cafeteria.

「 How’s that car allowed inside the school?! 」

「 What’s what? 」

My intuition whispers.

「 Megu, close the door, look after Yukino 」

「 Yoshi-kun 」

「 That’s Endou, I think 」

「 Endou-kun? 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 I think Iwakura-san’s involved. She should come to attack in one way or another 」

Our products were sold out sooner thanks to Katsuko-nee and Anya.

If we had yesterday’s pace, it’s about now when I have the most customers.

In short, it’s the time where Megu and Nei can’t move.

That must be the aim.

「 I’ll stay in the bakery with Megumi-chan 」

Katsuko-nee comes back in a hurry.

Katsuko-nee staying with them is better than leaving the two alone.

「 Thanks. It’s better if Yukino doesn’t show up close to Endou 」

We don’t know what Endou would do to Yukino if he flips.

「 Yes, leave it to me 」

Katsuko-nee pushes Megu’s back to the bakery.

She closed the door.

「 Darling! 」

Edie comes to me.

「 The source of the Qi is from that car! 」

Edie points outside the cafeteria.

Outside the window, a car leaves dust coming in from the back gate.


Isn’t that?

A propaganda truck for elections?

The roof part of the bus remodeled so people can stand up and make a speech there.

Usually, the political party or the candidate’s name is written there, but,

There’s only “Nyapoleon Party” written in huge red gold letters.

「 Seriously, Endou 」

I mean, he’s in the first year so he can’t have a license.

So, someone else must be driving.

The scary part is that “Nyapoleon party” seems to exist.

Kikikiki! Buooon!!

It’s too flashy, or how should I say it, too ominous for a propaganda truck.

It stopped right in front of the cafeteria.

「 What, what? 」

「 What’s that? 」

The curious students gather around the propaganda truck.

This is not going well.

If this goes badly, the students might be at risk.

「 Edie? 」

I look at Edie by my side.

Should I have Edie go in front and extend the distance between the students and the car?

「 No, as long as I can sense that evil Qi I won’t leave Darling’s side 」

Edie replied.

「 Anya’s guarding Nei 」

I see. She’s standing in front of Nei.

「 In that case, let’s go out of school 」

Endou’s target should be me.

If I show up to where Endou can see, the other students won’t be involved.

「 Don’t go anywhere, it’s better to stay hidden with the other students 」

Edie said.

「 I can’t do that 」

I ready myself, put my coat and hat to the desk of the bread club.

Then, I head out of the cafeteria.

「 Can’t do anything about that 」

Edie comes with me.

Ah, Nei responds to my move and goes outside the cafeteria.

I go away from the swarm of the students and face the propaganda truck.




Suddenly, a rough sound of an electric guitar can be heard from the propaganda truck.

「 Noisy! 」

「 Stop that noise!! 」

Both men and women around the propaganda truck close their ears.



Coming from the roof.

He appeared.

「 What’s that? 」

「 Who’s that? 」

Ah, it’s Endou.

I can tell.

Still, Endou today isn’t wearing school uniform.

Endou today is wearing jeans.

He cuts the sleeve of the jeans and shows off his shoulder.

He’s wearing jeans on top of his skin.

HIs forehead has a bandanna with a strange pattern covering him.

Also, he’s wearing a strange looking sunglasses just as Sakai mentioned.

On top of that, Endou’s holding a blue electric guitar for some reason.

It’s not a standard guitar.

For some reason, he’s holding the guitar in his armpit like how the guards in Buckingham Palace carry their rifle.

Also, he’s striking a still pose like a stone statue.

「 Isn’t that Hammershaw cosplay? 」

One of the students in the crowd says.

「 Hammershaw? Isn’t that a dead politician? 」

「 You don’t know Hammershaw? 」

I don’t get what they’re arguing about.


Suddenly, Endou moves.

Facing the microphone above the propaganda truck.


『 SENO♪! 』1

You’re singing?!????



Endou’s holding a guitar but he’s not using it.

For some reason, happy music is coming out from the car’s speaker.


Endou starts dancing on top of the vehicle.

Swinging around the electric guitar.

What the hell’s this?

Ah, he’s singing again.


Now I noticed it.

Endou’s singing is just a lip-sync.

But the voice is definitely from Endou.

That means, he took the time to record this.

And now, you’re playing it so loud from the propaganda truck.

What kind of performance is this?


Still, what’s this song?


Everyone’s stunned by Endou’s malicious performance.


Then, Endou’s disgusting song and dance number end.

『 Phew! 』

Endou takes a deep breath, puts the electric guitar on the side stand.

Then, he holds the microphone with both hands and looks down on the dumbfounded students.

『 I’m back! Kept you waiting huh? 』3

Then, Endou tries to blow a whistle, but there’s no sound coming out.

Endou’s breath just hits the microphone, making strange sounds.

「 Wait, you’re Endou!? 」

A voice comes from the students.

Oh, that’s a guy from our class.

『 Endou? Hehehe, stop that. The man once called Endou Kenji is long dead 』

Endou speaks narcissistic.

『 Right now, I am Endou Kenji but no longer Endou Kenji. Yes, that’s what you call Endou Kenji Mark2! 』


『 Furthermore, that’s not just Mark2. It’s Mark2 SR. Endou Kenji Mark 2 (SR) 』

Endou’s going crazy.

「 I-It’s that guy! 」

「 Huh? 」

「 You know? The one during the Golden Week 」

「 The rapist 」

「 Wait, that one? 」

「 Yes! That one! 」

「 The guy from the baseball club? 」

「 First-year. Endou, was it? 」

The students come to remember Endou one after another.

『 I told you guys! I’m no longer Endou Kenji! I’m now Endou Kenji Mark2 SR 』

Nobody gets that, Endou.

『 I mean! I got screwed over! 』


「 No, you’re the one who screwed over! 」

「 Yeah, the whole school saw what you did! 」

「 You raped Shirasaka Yukino-chan! 」

「 Rapist! 」

The boys mock him.

『 I told you guys! I got screwed over! I didn’t do anything wrong♪♪!! I’m innocent♪♪!! 』

Why are you singing?

Is this a musical?

『 The culprit is someone else♪♪! That’s right! That’s the truth!! 』

Endou looks for me.

『 Hihihi!! I see you over there! Yoshidaaaaaaaaa! 』

This is bad.

『 He’s the bad guy♪♪!! Yes! That’s right! Yes, that’s right! His name is Yoshidaaaaaaa♪♪♪♪ 』

Endou sings loudly.

2. Please ignore the lyrics from now on, I’m just inputting the lyrics from the song above
3. Kept you waiting, huh?
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