Chapter 678. Child of the moon.

「 First of all, I think that the arbitration ceremony done by the Takakura shrine maiden is based on Amaterasu and Susanoo having sex for their ceremony, which is a pledge of innocence 」

Misuzu said.

「 If the child born was a “good child” then they have to change their hostile attitude, and the child becomes a testimony of their friendship. The model of Amaterasu from this legend has to be the shrine maiden from the ancient times 」

Having sex with the shrine maiden, giving birth to a child, and they’ll reach peace.

「 The difference is that in the ancient legend, it was a shrine maiden who’s affiliated to Amaterasu’s land, and the boss in Susanoo’s land created a pledge between the two but, in Takakura shrine’s case, the two bosses of Yakuza groups, and the Takakura shrine maiden is the third person who mediates the conflict of the two. Therefore, the rule is that the Takakura shrine maiden must have sex with both bosses 」

「 That’s the proper way in Yakuza. Men who had sex with the same women became “hole brothers”1 They have to get along~! 」

Nei laughs.

「 It’s unknown who’s the father of the child born until the development of DNA identification, so the system did well 」

Once the child grows up, the face and other elements can show who it resembles, however.

No, but there could also be the intuition that it’s their child once they look at it from birth.

「 Well, I get that, but why is the “Tsuki” and “Yomi” daughters alternate as the shrine maiden? 」

I asked.

「 They don’t always alternate, however 」


「 Please imagine this. Right now, there is a pair of priest and shrine maiden in the Takakura shrine 」

Huh? Ah, okay.

「 Then, the child between the shrine maiden and the priest is luckily one boy and one girl 」

There’s one for each gender.

「 Then, the boy will become the next generation priest, and the girl will become the next generation shrine maiden, there’s no problem, is there? 」

「 Hmm, well, yeah 」

Both of them are children of Takakura shrine.

「 Then, what about the next generation? The priest and the shrine maiden are siblings 」


「 Will the siblings give birth to a child? What if the children born are also both male and female, will they continue as the next priest and shrine maiden? Can they? 」


「 If you do that, it would get the blood thicker. Once the generation goes further, the risk of the children having physical and mental problems increases 」


「 Besides, the reality isn’t so convenient that the children born from the priest and shrine maiden are always a pair of genders 」

Just look at the sisters here, only Yomiko, the middle child has the blood of the priest.

There are no males.

「 Can it not be the wife or son-in-law from the outside? 」

I ask Tsukiko.

「 The bride of the priest of Takakura shrine is determined to be the shrine maiden. Then, the shrine maiden’s training must start from an early age. The shrine cannot afford to receive a shrine maiden candidate from another house 」

Tsukiko replied.

「 Therefore, they need the child of arbitration 」

Misuzu smiled.

「 Children born from the arbitration ceremony can be a boy or a girl 」

I see. The child of arbitration is the spare child between what’s missing from the priest and shrine maiden.

「 Besides, each generation of priest and shrine maiden can’t just keep on giving birth to the child of arbitration 」

Yeah, the child is the oath that brought peace on the conflict after all.

Dying right after birth is out of the question.

The child has to grow and mature.

「 The bosses who were involved in the arbitration also had to support the child to let it grow healthy 」

The bosses of both groups who conflicted will now support the child.

It might be their own after all.

「 If they have that support, the priest raises the child of arbitration like his own. That becomes financial and social insurance for the shrine 」

If some trouble happens, the Yakuza bosses will come and help them.

They don’t want to break that connection.

「 In that case, it’s possible for the child of arbitration can be the nest priest or shrine maiden. 」


「 The child of arbitration Its mother is the shrine maiden, and the father’s blood is from the Yakuza boss. If the child becomes the next shrine maiden or priest, then the blood will not be too thick」

Yeah, the Yakuza who comes for arbitration come from different families.

The shrine maiden blood is diluted by various Yakuza blood.

「 However, on the contrary, there’s a fear that the blood becomes too thin. Therefore, in the case where there’s a child between the priest and the shrine maiden, then that child will inherit the title 」

In short;

「 The child of arbitration is “Tsuki” The child of the priest is “Yomi,” isn’t it? 」

Misuzu looks at Yomiko.

Yomiko’s the child of the priest.

「 The previous shrine maiden was Hazuki-sama. Meaning, it was the child of arbitration 」

The mother of the three is a “Tsuki.”

「 There’s a priest’s child among them. In that case, to keep the concentration of the blood, the next shrine maiden has to be the “Yomi” child 」

As expected, Yomiko’s the default next shrine maiden.

Therefore, the eldest, Tsukiko, has always been humbling herself to Yomiko.

Yomiko herself also acted as the representative of the Takakura family.

Yomiko showed a glimpse of the “Miko power.”

Furthermore, it seems that her parents were tolerating Yomiko using her power.

Could it be that they overlooked most of what Yomiko does because she’ll be the next shrine maiden?

Either way, Yomiko’s given the preferential treatment among the three sisters.

「 If the “Tsuki” shrine maiden has a “Yomi” child, then that child will be the next shrine maiden. On the other hand, if the shrine maiden was “Yomi” then the next shrine maiden has to be “Tsuki” or the blood would be too thick 」

Therefore, Tsuki and Yomi serve as the shrine maiden alternately.

「 But, I no longer have the “Miko power” 」

Yomiko trembles.

Mana embraces her naked body from behind.

「 I can’t become one anymore 」

「 That’s right. Therefore, I must become the next shrine maiden even if the blood becomes thin 」

Tsukiko said.

「 I’m already prepared 」


「 Hmm, wait a second 」

Mana asks Yomiko;

「 Hey, Yomiko-san, it’s about the “Miko power” you’re thinking 」

Yomiko looks back at Mana.

「 It’s the power to force the people to the right direction 」


「 That’s just letting everyone listen to what Yomiko says. 」

It’s a power to make people act according to one’s will.

「 Yes, that’s right 」

Yomiko looks at me.


Yomiko’s power was still weak, but it was a “compelling power.”


「 Is that all? 」

I asked.

「 Is that all? What? 」

Yomiko looks at me with a surprised face.

「 Was there some other power? 」


「 It’s the “satori’s power2” a power to read the other party’s mind through sex, isn’t it? 」

Michi said.

「 Master has experienced “Shingetsu” by having sex with me, so he knows that having sex shows such power 」


I heard the story about the shrine maiden mediating with the Yakuza by having sex.

I was sure that the shrine maiden also had that power.

「 Does the Takakura shrine maiden have no power like that? 」

Was it really just a power to manipulate people at will?

Can they really use only that power and mediate with the Yakuza?

「 I think there is. However, Yomiko-sama doesn’t have it 」

Michi looks at Tsukiko.

「 Tsukiko-sama, you do know about it, don’t you? 」

Tsukiko’s spine suddenly shakes.

「 What do you mean? 」

I asked.

「 It means that Grandfather fooled us 」

Misuzu said.

「 I know that Takakura shrine was one with a long history with it 」

That’s what Misuzu first told me.

「 However, Grandfather endless talked about the story of the wandering maiden who ended up with Takakura Shrine at the beginning of Meiji Era, so there was an impression that the “Takakura shrine maiden’s power” were all coming from the “wandering shrine maidens” 」

「 Yes. Therefore, we didn’t think about the Takakura shrine itself 」

Ruriko also speaks.

「 But, why is Takakura shrine the place to gather for those “wandering maidens who lost their place due to the suppression of the Meiji government?” 」


「 Could it be that Takakura shrine is a place where “Miko power” was famous even before the “wandering shrine maiden” came in? 」

Misuzu looks at Tsukiko.

I see, the shrine maidens there were famous from the start.

The wandering shrine maidens can consider asking for help.

「 I don’t know 」

Tsukiko said

「 I think you already understood from when Nei-chan and I were talking about earlier 」

Earlier? Oh, the story about Amaterasu and Susanoo?

「 There’s a theory that the Sun God, Amaterasu, is based from Amateru, but as for the God of Moon, Tsukuyomi The two faiths were ancient. They were born from the reverence on the Sun and Moon, which is the nature 」

Misuzu said.

「 However, faith that only embraces nature gradually disappears as the dramatic stories told at the age of heroes begins. The sun god, Amaterasu, is one of those that survived the hero drama legends but, Tsukiyomi, the moon god hasn’t established a dramatic story 」

「 Tsukuyomi hardly appears in Kojiki or Nihon Shoki after all 」


「 Takakura shrine, a shrine dedicated to Tsukuyomi is an ancient one! 」

Edie smiles.

I see. Takakura shrine was established as one that enshrines Tsukuyomi even before the story of Kojiki and Nihon Shoki were formed.

「 What I noticed is the later. The story of Susanoo has eroded the faith of the sun god Amaterasu and moon god Tsukuyomi, and the myths did a patchwork 」

Myths are a collection of old and new stories added, pasted, shaved off, and arranged to a single form.

「 Takakura shrine’s “Miko power” must be one of the patchworks as well 」

Misuzu asks.

「 The wandering shrine maiden’s power was the new one, but there was another power before them 」

The power of the wandering shrine maiden and the power Takakura shrine maidens originally had.

「 With the two powers combined, they have obtained a much higher power 」

Misuzu asks. Tsukiko;

「 I don’t know anything 」

She looked down and said.

「 Indeed. But, I’ve been wondering since earlier 」

Ruriko speaks while brushing Luna’s hair.

「 Earlier, Luna-san said that her father wished that she was a boy instead 」


「 That’s because if Luna-sama were a boy, then she could’ve been the priest. With the state now, the next Shrine maiden must give birth to a boy」

Yeah, if there were no boys among the child of arbitration, then…

「 The currently present on the shrine is Tsukiko-sama’s mother’s sister. “Kiyomi-san” means that it’s the “Yomi” child, that means that she was the daughter of the former generation priest and shrine maiden, am I wrong? 」

Ruriko asks with a gentle smile.

「 Yes, However, those who separated from the Takakura shrine isn’t allowed to return to priesthood again usually. After Kiyomi-sama left the shrine, her shrine maiden training has stopped, and… 」

「 How about Kiyomi-san’s children? 」

Ruriko asks, cutting off Tsukiko’s line.

「 There’s two boys and one girl 」

「 And if her daughters start their training now, can they become shrine maidens? Can the boy become a candidate for a “priest”? 」

「 No, that’s not allowed, even so, those people don’t know anything, so they’re trying to put Kiyomi-san as the shrine maiden 」

The Yakuza who took over Takakura shrine intends to have Kiyomi-san as the substitute shrine maiden?

Err, if I recall, he’s Satake. Unryu Kaizan Mori family’s 7th Generation Patriarch, Satake Nobuo

He’s the big boss.

「 Then, let me ask; Who’s the father of Kiyomi-san’s children? What is his job? 」

「 That’s 」

Ruriko asks. Tsukiko hesitates to speak.

「 He’s Yakuza, isn’t he? 」

Edie said.


So the sister of the late shrine maiden is married to a Yakuza?

「 Edie, why do you think so? 」

I asked.

「 Earlier, Luna said that she’s an offering 」


「 Err, what do you mean by that? 」

It’s somewhat embarrassing to ask Edie, the meaning of a word that I’m native.

But, if I don’t know, then I’ll ask.

「 It means that she’s a food offered to the Gods 」


「 Huh? What does that mean? Luna’s food? 」

Edie smiles.

「 Darling, think about it, there’s three of them but what would happen to those who couldn’t become a shrine maiden? 」

I look at Luna, Yomiko, and Tsukiko.

「 Well, if they didn’t become a shrine maiden then there’s nothing to be done so they could live somewhere else? 」

That’s what I want.

「 No, they become offerings! 」

Edie said. Luna looks down.

「 Wait. Offering them to the gods as a meal. Could it be? 」

I can’t believe that it happens even in the current era, but…

「 Are they killed off as human sacrifices? 」

Edie shows a dumbfounded face.

「 Darling, it’s the 21st century, you know? What age are you living in? 」

「 But 」


「 After the foods offered to the gods were held up then who will eat it? It’s not gods but humans 」

Ruriko tells me

「 Eating something dedicated to God brings us closer to them and gives us protection. Did you know about the ritual “Naorai”? 」3

That’s my first time hearing it.

「 I didn’t have the “Miko power,” and Yomiko-oneesama’s the one to become the next shrine maiden, I’m not a boy so I can’t become a priest either. Therefore, I was decided to become an offering 」

Luna said.

「 It’s okay now, Luna-sama will not be an offering to the Gods anymore 」

Tsukiko tells her younger sister.

「 Huh? Why? 」

I don’t get it.

I at least get the meaning of “offering to the gods” but still…

How did Luna escape that fate?

「 That’s because Onii-chan ate her first before she’s offered to the Gods 」

Mana said.



「 Those who didn’t become shrine maiden and didn’t have the power had that fate awaiting them 」


「 After they’re offered to the Gods, they are paid to the Yakuza, and they become their toys. 」


「 If my father were alive then he’d take her. As he’s dead and the status is given to the next generation, he’s lost the authority 」

Tsukiko said.

「 In that case, the boss which is a relative will want to take custody of her by all means 」

Take custody? But they’re not going to take care of her.

They’ll probably make her a sex slave or a lover.

Back then, Yakuza does rape their daughters.

It gives them a sense of superiority and pleasure.

「 But, Luna-sama is okay now. Luna-sama is in Kuromori-sama’s hands through Kouzuki-sama. She won’t be sold off to someone else. I trust that Kuromori-sama will take care of LUna-sama 」

「 What about me? 」

Yomiko speaks up.

「 I’ll talk to Jii-chan about Yomiko tomorrow 」

「 There’s no problem. Ruriko and I will also talk to Grandfather 」

Misuzu said.

「 Yes, if anything happens, we’ll protect Yomiko-san even if we have to threaten Grandfather. There is nothing to worry about 」

Ruriko said.

「 Thank you. Kuromori-sama. Misuzu-sama. Ruriko-sama 」

Tsukiko bows her head.

「 Putting all that aside, Tsukiko-san, you’re the worry 」

Misuzu said.

「 If we’re to follow the proper way, then the next shrine maiden has to be the “Yomi” child. The “Tsuki” child, meaning, you shouldn’t be the next shrine maiden 」

「 Yes 」

「 But, you’ve always been trying to make Yomiko-san give up so you could be the shrine maiden 」

「 That’s right 」


「 Uhm, I don’t get it but, Why are you worrying about that, Tsukiko? 」

I feel like she’s hiding something inside.

「 Also, the other “Miko power,” what was it Michi? “Satori?” Does Tsukiko have it? 」

「 Danna-sama, what do you mean? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 No, it’s just another possibility I’m thinking, could it be that “Tsuki” and “Yomi” have different “Miko power?” 」


「 After all, Tsukiko and Yomiko are different after talking like this. They feel different 」

Yeah, somehow, I feel like I’m being sucked into the dark sea at night.

「 Yomiko’s power is to make people follow what she says. 」 In short, Yomiko sends but doesn’t receive. It’s a “plus” power going outside 」

That’s what I feel.

「 So could it be that Tsukiko has the opposite? Tsukiko absorbs our minds into her, and she doesn’t release anything. She’s never released anything so I didn’t notice it until now but, could it be that she’s already using her power? 」

Tsukiko looks up at me.

「 Could it be that the power to make people obey which Yomiko uses was the one the “Takakura shrine maiden’s” originally had and the power the “wandering maidens” use was the power to read through people’s minds, I thought 」

「 Maybe 」

Edie said.

「 Those who adopted the “ritual of arbitration” through sex were the wandering shrine maidens. They could see through the other party’s mind by having sex 」

Then, the descendant of the “wandering shrine maiden” is the “Tsuki” child, that is Tsukiko.


「 Please have sex with me 」


「 If you do, everything will be clear!! 」

1. just like rod sisters
2. A yokai who can read minds ↩
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