Chapter 71

71. Bathtime

After I finished ejaculating, I leaned my weakened body on top of Megumi…
Megumi pats my head…

「…Yoshida-kun, you did your best. Thank you. I love you」

We exchanged a kiss once again.

「…Can I continue being on the athletic club?」

Megumi asks me with a serious face.

「…If Yoshida-kun tells me to stop then I will leave.」
「…I won’t say that…but」
「Megumi actually wants to do basketball, don’t you?」

Megumi was in the basketball club when she was in middle school.
Yukino spoke to her father and she was forcibly made to quit the basketball club.

「…But, I’m already in the athletic club. I don’t want to leave it half-finished」

Megumi smiles at me…

「Then you stay…Megumi should do what she wants」
「…Is that okay? Really」

Megumi has lived keeping reserved to others.
She’s always thinking about the other party more than herself.

「I would really be glad if Megumi does what she wants to do」

Megumi kissed me once again…

…Knock knock!

The door was knocked…

「…It’s Katsuko! Can I enter?」

…I see
They’re going to take photos of the aftermath.

「Megumi…you’re okay with it?」
「Un. I want to leave a photo of when Yoshida-kun loved me…」

Megumi laughs

「Go on! Katsuko-nee!」

Katsuko-nee opens the door and enters the room.

「Ah…You can stay like that. I’ll be taking a photo while you’re still connected…!」

Katsuko-nee presses the shutter.
Megumi’s no longer embarrassed…
She’s looking at the lens happily…

「You’re not embarrassed?」

When I asked her…

「A bit…but I feel proud」
「I was able to give my virginity to the man I like…!」

Saying that, Megumi laughs.

「What’s wrong?」
「I never though of Yoshida-kun like this yesterday and yet…! It’s strange. Right now…I can’t think of a life without Yoshida-kun…!」

I showered Megumi’s face with kisses…!

「Geez…It tickles, Yoshida-kun!」

Katsuko-nee also takes photo of that spectacle…!

「It’s a disaster down there…Nagisa’s crying a lot」

Katsuko-nee told us.

「…What happened?」
「Nagisa…we kept silent about it but our first experience was really a trauma. We were forcibly raped by Shirasaka Sousuke. When we watched your sex, we’re so moved that the tears don’t stop!」

Megumi expresses her surprise…!

「I’m moved too…! I’ve only had harsh experience in my time in this mansion but I saw you two having sex happily, I somehow felt I was saved…!」


「Katsuko-san can also have sex with Yoshida-kun a lot…Nagisa-san too」

Megumi said it with a smile…

「…Is that okay, Megumi-chan?」
「Yes! Yoshida-kun is everyone’s Yoshida-kun!~」


「Ah…But I’ll be Yoshida-kun’s only! I would hate it if you don’t cherish me!」

Megumi pats my head…

「Misuzu-san’s Yoshida-kun’s pet isn’t she?…Then what would I be? What could be good? I’ll be anything, be it a sex slave or a toy!」

Megumi’s always being reserved…
She thinks about Katsuko-san, Nagisa-san and Misuzu…She positions herself in the lowest tier.

「…Megumi’s Megumi」

I said.

「Megumi’s my Megumi. Misuzu too. She’s not a pet but My Misuzu」
「…Is that okay?」
「Un…Katsuko-nee is also my Katsuko-nee…!」

When I told Katsuko-nee…

「I’m already your Katsuko…」

I looked up at the camera and shout to Nagisa-san who’s crying while watching over us.

「…Nagisa-san too! You’ll be my Nagisa-san all the time!」

Katsuko-nee cries…

「I’m sure that Nagisa’s wailing in the hall…」
「…Me too, I’m glad! Yoshida-kun!」

Megumi embraces me and rubs on my face…
For Yukino too…
What should I say to her?…
Katsuko-nee spoke to me while I was worried…

「Shouldn’t you get out of Megumi-chan?…I want to take photos of the pussy that accepted semen for the first time…」
「Ah…Yeah Megumi, ready…?」
「I want to be connected forever but…We can’t have that…!」
「We can just do it again」
「Un…Let’s do it next time I’ll always be waiting to have sex with Yoshida-kun…!」
「You won’t be waiting for so long…!」

I pulled out my penis from Megumi’s insides.


Megumi’s genital is red with blood.
As expected, she was bleeding.
Two shots worth of semen overflows from her slit gently…

「Megumi-chan, open your legs wide and I’ll take photos…!」
「…How is it?」

Katsuko-nee continues taking photos of the nude Megumi who just became a woman…
Megumi who exposes her genital to the camera…is happy.

◇ ◇ ◇

We returned to the hall naked under the bathrobe.
Nagisa-san’s reallly crying…!
The ladies are cheering her up…

「…Uwaaaaan, Yoshida-kuuuun!」

Confirming my appearance, Nagisa-san embraces me and cries.
I embraced her back too…

「Nagisa-san…let’s redo Nagisa-san’s loss of virginity next time」

I told Nagisa-san

「…Eh…Is that okay Yoshida-kun?」
「Yes. Nagisa-san can choose the situation and the place!」
「Yoshida-kun! Thank you!」

Nagisa-san gave me a passionate kiss…

「I would want a hotel where we can see the ocean! I want to embrace you romantically while watching the sun set on the ocean!」

Nagisa-san says her wish immediately.

「Mama…What about Mao?」

Mao-chan looks up at Nagisa-san…!

「Right…Mao should come too! Would you watch Mama being loved by Yoshida-kun?」
「Un…Mao will watch!」

Mao-chan smiled…

「…I-Is that okay, Nagisa-san?」
「It’s fine, it’s bad for mother and daughter to keep secrets from each other!」
「YupYip, It’s bad!」

Mao-chan nodded at her mother’s words…

「When Mao turns 15…No, when she’s 14, she’ll have sex with Yoshida-kun!」
「You saw Yoshida-kun and Megumi onee-chan did earlier along with everyone didn’t you?」
「…Oh, that!」
「Megumi Onee-chan looks very happy!」
「Un…She was really happy!」
「That’s why…When Mao grows up, do it with Yoshida-kun too!」
「…got it!」

M-Mao-chan…do you really understand that?

「It’s my dream for us parent and child to have sex with you. Isn’t that okay?」


「Then, when Mao-chan turns 14 and she says 『Okay』, would you do it…?」
「Err…if she does」

If Mao-chan grows up and still consents…it can’t be helped.

「Then…It’s a promise…!」

Nagisa-san kisses my lip.

「Well…I have to educate Mao everyday so that would happen!」

Is it okay for a mother to do that?

「Mama…Mao wants to do that too!」

Nagisa-san spoke to me.

「Yoshida-kun…do it」

It’s her first kiss isn’t it?

「She’s still a kid so isn’t that just fine?」

Well…speaking of which, it is.

「Do it, do it」

Nagisa-san’s education starts immedately.
I squatted before Mao-chan.
Then…Mao-chan holds me with her small hands and kisses my lip suddenly…!

「…Puha! I kissed you!」

Mao-chan laughed.

「Mao, when you meet Yoshida-kun, you have to kiss him okay?!」
「…Got it!」
「As long as I can make her get used to it now…Ufufufufun!」

It seems that Nagisa-san’s dream of Oyakodon 3P is floating inside her head…

「Nei…Mao-chan would be taking the lead if you get careless you know?」

Margo-san whispered to Nei-san.

「Geez…Maru-chan’s a meanie」

Nei-san’s sulking

「Now then…Should we end the party? We still have another job to do」

Yuzuki-sensei declared…

「Megumi…stay here tonight. I’ll be contacting Yamamine-san」
「I-I want to talk to my foster parents too…」
「We’ll be going to Yamamine house tomorrow and say our greetings. And We’ll pull you to this mansion formally…!

Sensei declared.


Sensei looks at Yukino.

「Shirasaka-san…Your father, Shirasaka Sousuke is making a new prostitution ring right now. And…He intends to make Megumi a prostitute too」

…That’s right.
He intends to make his own daughter a prostitute!

「Yes…Shirasaka-san will be taking me out of Yamamine house when he returns from Austrailia…」

Megumi confessed.

「I won’t let that happen…Kuromori house will be protecting Megumi…!」

Sensei said…

「Un…Megumi-chan’s Keiko-san’s daughter」
「She has to be the happiest among everyone…」
「We’ll be doing everything for Megumi-chan’s sake」

The ladies spoke to Megumi…

「Everyone, please lend me your power to crush Shirasaka Sousuke’s ambition…!」

Yuzuki-sensei bowed to the ladies…

「Stop that Minaho-chi!」
「That’s right…please raise your head」
「We’re Minaho-san’s ally for always…!」
「…Thank you, everyone」

It’s completely a sociable atmosphere inside the room…
There’s only two…
Yukino and Nei-san are looking gloomy.

「Misuzu-san…at what time should you return to your house?」

Margo-san asks Misuzu.

「Err…I said『I’ll be returning by supper』」

It’s past 6 o’clock right now?…

「Then, please step in the bath immediately! Katsuko will be sending you off!」

Katsuko-nee says.

「You too…wash off your sweat」

Megumi and I were also called out…


Oh right…Yukino’s still wearing her wedding dress.
Her body under that dress is wet with semen, love nectar and sweat.

「Then, let’s enter too…Mao, we’re going for a bath!」

It’s decided that Mao-chan and Nagisa-san will take a bath too.

「Ah, I’ll also go in…I’ll be treating Yukino-chan!」

Hidemi-san too…!

「I’m fine…I have to go home, my daughter’s waiting」
「Ah, me too」

Yuuka-san and Tamayo-san said.

「The babysitter’s on the house today so I’m still okay!」

Hidemi-san laughingly said

「Then…We’ll be going ahead. We’ll be investigate the matter about Shirasaka Sousuke. Looking at how many women from the former mansion he has called out…」
「Well, it’ll be fine. There’s almost no one who would be talking to that idiotic and irresponsible man…!」

Tamayo-san laughs.

◇ ◇ ◇

We entered the large bathroom once again.
The women take off their collars and became naked…

「Misuzu-san, what’s that?」

Megumi notices the ring at Misuzu’s ankle.

「This?…Danna-sama put this on me. It’s made of titanium so it’s light and won’t rust. I can wear this all the time. I always touch this anklet whenever I feel lonely!」
「That looks good…should I get one too?」

The naked Megumi examines it carefully.

「If you have that then it would be hard to run」

I told Megumi.
Megumi’s going to continue her athletics in the future.

「How about a good luck charm?」

Megumi shook her head.

「Good luck charms would break someday」
「I see…that’s right」
「Should I put on a tattoo like Yukino?」


「That looks good…!」

Megumi and Misuzu looks at Yukino.
Yukino is having her body washed by Hidemi-san and Nagisa-san.

「…I can wash myself」
「My my, that’s fine isn’t it?」
「That’s right, it’s skinship!」

Yukino’s abdomen wrapped with body soap has a green『Yoshida』written on it.

「un…that might be good」

Megumi muttered.


Noticing the gaze of the two, Yukino muttered

「Nothing…I’m just a bit envious」

Megumi answered…

「Yes…Misuzu wants that tattoo too!」

Misuzu also spoke.

「Un!~ The character written on Yukino-chan’s stomach is cool!」

Mao-chan stares at the 『Yoshida』tattoo with a smile…

「This isn’t cool at all…」

Yukino averts her face

「Yukino-chan, it looks cool…cool and beautiful!」

Mao-chan told Yukino.

「Un…You look very beautiful in your wedding dress! Mao likes Yukino-chan!」
「…Is that so?」

Yukino’s having a perplexed face…

「Yukino-chan will be Naomi-chan’s Mame, aren’t you?」

Yukino begins to cry from the pure smile of the little girl.

「What’s wrong…Yukino-chan, does your stomach hurt?」
「It’s nothing…It’s nothing…!」

Yukino desperately wipes her tears…!

「I also like Yukino!」

Megumi said.

「I…hate you!」
「Still, I like Yukino!」

Megumi’s inferiority complex has disappeared it seems1
She smiles towards Yukino with a refreshing face.

「Misuzu also likes Yukino-san」

Misuzu said that.
What should I say?
I raped Yukino, and made her pregnant…
On top of that, I had sex with other women happily.

Megumi spoke to Misuzu.

「…Misuzu-san, I got a request」
「Yes, what is it?」

Megumi and Misuzu looks at each other…

「I will tell my friends at school that I’m going out with Yoshida-kun. Is that okay?」

Misuzu thought for a moment then spoke up.

「Okay, go on. Misuzu will also tell her friends that Danna-sama is her lover. You don’t mind?」

The two looked at each other.

「Yes…please do that」

Girls…you’re ignoring my will?
I will be going out with the two of you?

「Danna-sama that will just be on paper…Misuzu will always be Danna-sama’s pet」
「That’s right…We don’t need to be your real lover. I’m fine as long as Yoshida-kun’s with me…!」


「…Danna-sama, would that be all right?」
「…It’s fine isn’t it, Yoshida-kun?」

I readied myself.

「…Got it. As long as you two are satisfied」

The two naked ladies smiled…!

「…I love you, Danna-sama!」
「…I love you! Yoshida-kun!」

Misuzu stretches out her hand towards Megumi…

「Please be Misuzu’s best friend forever」

Megumi holds Misuzu’s hand…

「Yes, if you’re fine with me…」

Misuzu smiled lonely…

「Megumi-san will be wearing the wedding dress…I don’t intend to get Danna-sama involved with Kouzuki house after all」
「That’s no good…Don’t say that now. Let’s fight fairly on who’s going to marry him!」
「…Megumi-san, I love you!」
「Me too…Let’s stay together」

Nagisa-san called out to the two girls getting exited…!

「Hey, don’t decide it by yourselves! Yoshida-kun just talked to everyone earlier, didn’t he?」
「I’m sorry…Nagisa-sama」

The two beauties apologize to the young Mama…

「If you’re going with that…I will also tell my customers at the shop that Yoshida-kun’s my husband!」

Nagisa-san said brightly.

「…That’s no good!」
「…I won’t accept that even if it’s Nagisa-sama!」

The two girls rejected Nagisa-san’s demand!

「Eeeeeeh! Whyy!」
「…Well, right…Misuzu-san」
「Anyway 『Husband』is no good!」
「Danna-sama’s just 16 years old!」

The two of them are completely overwhelming that powerful Nagisa-san!


Mao-chan asks me with a dumbfounded face…

「Yoshida-kun is Mao’s papa, isn’t he?」


「If it’s Mao-chan, it can’t be helped」
「Yes…we allow it!」

Both of them told Mao-chan.

「Yoshida-kun will become Mao-chan’s papa…!」
「But you have to wait for a bit. If Mao-chan behaves herself, and Danna-sama becomes a bit older then he’ll surely be your Papa…!」

Mao-chan looks at my face.

「Yup…I promise!」

I answered…!


Mao-chan smiled like an angel.

「Yoshida-kun will be the Papa…Ufufufufu!」
「Hey, Mao it’s dangerous to run in the bath!」

The two beauties come to me…

「But…It’s us for now」
「Yes, Megumi-san, Misuzu and Danna-sama!」

The two of them kissed my cheeks!

「Wait…let me in too!」

Nagisa-san shouted angrily at the two…!
…It can’t be helped.
I stood up and went to Nagisa-san.
Then I kissed Nagisa-san’s lips…

「Ufu…I knew you would come!」

Nagisa-san told me with moistened eyes.

「…You’re all crazy.」

Yukino muttered.

「Right…we might be…I won’t deny that. But we’re happy」

Nagisa-san told Yukino laughingly.

「What’s good with that man?」

Nagisa-san answered Yukino’s question immediately.

「Well…isn’t he cute?」

Yukino’s surprised by that answer.

「Un…Yoshida-kun’s cute. He’s always looking straight at me.」

Megumi answered.

「Yes. He’s very gentle. He’s treating Misuzu carefully」
「That’s why we also want to be gentle with him」
「Misuzu…will reveal anything in front of Danna-sama. I can tell him anything」
「As for me…Yoshida-kun never tells a lie. He’s always talking with his honest feelings」
「Right, he’s very easy that he doesn’t think about things He’s always showing his real face」

In addition to Misuzu and Megumi, Nagisa-san praises me…
It makes me embarrassed somehow.
I’m just a normal…No, I’m inferior to a normal man.

「He’s doing all his best for his partner above all. Yoshida-kun had sex with Yukino-chan 33 times in just three days didn’t he?」

Hidemi-san asks me…

「35 times in four days. I just did it twice a while ago…」

I’m really a brute…

「Normal men can never do that. No matter how much they like their partner. Even if they hate them. Even if they detest them. Even if it’s work…」


「Everyone thinks about their own body first…they won’t do the impossible. They’ll retire when they think it’s enough. But Yoshida-kun goes all out seriously on whoever it is and doesn’t care how much burden it gives to his body. He’s doing his best…」

I…is that so?

「That’s amazing you know. But he would go down if somebody doesn’t control him. Well, there’s Minaho-san and Katsuko-chan for that so we can catch it but…You girls must not give him too impossible demands」
「…I understand」

Misuzu and Megumi answers Hidemi-san.

「…You too, Nagisa-chan!」
「Okaay! Onee-sama!」
「…Mao will take care!」

The bathroom was filled with laughter from Mao-chan’s words
Only Yukino and me are the ones not laughing.

「I don’t want this. I’m a Shirasaka. I’m different from you…!」

Yukino said.

「Yukino-chan…I’m Kouzuki Misuzu. My grandfather’s name is Kouzuki Shigetaka.」
「Yukino-san knows it…I’m a daughter of Kouzuki house」

Yukino looks at Misuzu with a surprised eye.

「…House or blood doesn’t matter」

Misuzu smiled at Yukino…

「Shirasaka house became a noble family after the war didn’t they?…That newspaper publishing company was just small before the war」

Hidemi-san said.

「They’re a newspaper company selling in Tokyo in the old days but they joined the nationwide major newspaper publishing company when the economy boom hit. They’re not a traditional noble family」
「Kouzuki house is originally a noble…No…You can trace back the nobility to Kyoto」
「They’re on the top ten most prestigious family in Japan…」
Hidemi-san and Nagisa-san taught so.

「My grandfather is the actual head of the family, my father’s not the eldest son however. Misuzu is on the lowest seat at Kouzuki house」

Misuzu said embarrassingly.

「Even if you say that, Yukino-chan’s the same, aren’t you? Shirasaka Sousuke’s the second son. That’s why he entered the advertising agency instead of the newspaper」

When Hidemi-san says that…Yukino can’t answer back.

「…Yukino-chan, lie down here. I’ll be giving you an oil massage」

Yukino laid down the mat when told by Hidemi-san.
Hidemi-san applies oil on Yukino’s body and began her massage.

「It’s about time you notice it…Yukino-chan」

Hidemi-san said.


Yukino asks while being massaged on the back.

「You’re not a special human…women here are as beautiful as you. No, they’re more beautiful than you. There’s intelligent people here too. There’s Margo-chan who’s versatile at sports, there’s a daughter with a better social standing than you, like Misuzu-san」
「…Yes, that’s right」

Yukino answered weakly.

「Give it up…you have already fallen. You’re the same as us. It might be hard to give birth within a year but…Minaho-san who was made to sell herself when she was 12 was much more cruel. Think about that…」

Yukino shed tears quietly…

「…Yukino, I’ll also give birth to Yoshida-kun’s child」

Megumi suddenly said that.

「That’s why…don’t worry…it’s not just you」
「Misuzu will give birth too…It’s impossible right now but I will when I turn 20. Danna-sama, is that okay?」

Misuzu smiles at me.


I can do nothing but nod at that cute smile…

「I can get pregnant immediately so I can give birth at the same time as Yukino!」

Nagisa-san answered happily.

「I always wanted two children. This time, I know who’s the father. Furthermore, I’m really looking forward to getting pregnant since the start. Oh right…I should ask if Sensei still has some 『Fertility drug』…」

Nagisa-san looks at me with a smile…!

「Isn’t that okay?」
「I’ll be drinking the medicine next time so get me pregnant!」


「Mao asks too! Yoshida-kun, please make a baby with Mama!」
「Yes! I ask you, Yoshida-kun!」

…I get it.
I’ll just take it all in.

「…Got it. Please bear my child」

Nagisa-san and Mao-chan’s delighted!

「…We did it, Mao!」
「…Banzai! Mama!」

Misuzu looks at those two.

「…Lucky them, Misuzu wants to be pregnant sooner too」
「I won’t hurry」

Megumi said

「I’ll definitely bear Yoshida-kun’s child. That’s already decided」

Misuzu smiles at those words.

「Right…Misuzu’s already decided. That’s why I won’t hurry…!」

Yukino’s having a complex face.

「Yukino-chan. That’s how it is so I think we’ll give birth at almost the same time. I’m okay with either Hawaii or Australia, I’ll give birth in the same hospital as you. Let’s do our best!」

Nagisa-san smiles at Yukino who’s having a complex face…
Yukino just keeps on crying…!

1. Oh god no. ↩
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