Chapter 704. M-Girls Club 2 Uzumaki Sento

「 Okay, this way, Danna-sama 」

After the peeing show in the backyard.

Misuzu and the girls bring me to the entrance to the garage.

「 I’m opening the shutter now 」

Michi pressed the switch to open the shutter./


「 Since we have such pleasant weather this morning, then let’s do it outside! 」

Misuzu smiles at me.

Looking at it, there’s a seven-seated minivan parked behind the shutter.

The morning sun lights the garage’s inside.

It’s bright inside the car.

Looking at it, the back seat is folded up.

While at it, there’s towels and tissue box in it.

It’s prepared for having car sex in it.

「 We asked Nei-oneesama to prepare this. I thought that having a wider vehicle is better when having car sex 」

Nei’s got a license from the US so she can drive a car.


「 Why car sex? 」

Then, Yomiko speaks bashfully.

「 Uhm, I heard it from Tsukiko-oneesama 」


「 Sensei, yesterday, you actually wanted to violate Yomi inside the car 」


「 Uhm, last night, didn’t we drive through the town while Tsukiko-oneesama and I were naked 」

Yeah, Tsukiko and Yomiko were wearing nothing but bath towels inside Shou-neechan’s car, then we drove around the town.

「 I heard that Sensei actually wanted to have sex with me there, but Sensei held back 」


Well, you two were naked in such a small car that our skins touched.

Of course, I’d want to have sex.


「 Because it’s not a place Yomi should lose their virginity 」

Yomiko and the girls have a problem in their heart.

Besides, the purpose of us driving around was to attract the Yakuza following Tsukiko and the girls and have Kouzuki SS apprehend them.

「 Ufufu. An ordinary man can’t hold back from that. Danna-sama’s impressive for being able to hold back his desires, but that’s also bad. 」


「 You don’t have to hold back now 」

Yomiko lifts her skirt with her trembling hands.

The clear liquid drips from Yomiko’s vagina to the floor of the garage.

「 Danna-sama, we’re thankful that you hold back when you need to. But, if you don’t have to do, then please don’t hesitate 」

「 We’ll do whatever Master wants 」

「 Sensei, please have fun with Yomi’s body 」


「 Okay, come in for now 」

Misuzu opens the car door.

◇ ◇ ◇

Yomiko, Misuzu, and I lie down on the flat seat ad the back.

Michi’s watching us from the passenger seat.

「 I have to look after Yomi-imouto’s situation. 」

「 Michi gets too immersed if she participates in having sex with Danna-sama 」

「 It’s Yomi-imouto’s time right now, so I’ll hold myself back 」

Michi seems to be aware that she’s inferior in her self-control ability compared to Edie.

「 Yeah, next time, Michi 」

「 Thank you, Master 」

Michi’s task is to send her Qi to Yomiko.

If her arousal increases, she might not be able to control it properly.

Seems like the Qi send to Yomiko has to be just right.

「 I must learn how to amass my power and keep it 」

Yomiko said.

Though weak, she could still use the Yomi power before, and until now, she’s releasing it out of her emotions.

In the situation now, she can’t be using the huge power all the time.

「 Can you hold out your power for now? 」

「 Yes, Michi-oneesama and Edie-oneesama taught me how to control it 」

Yomiko smiled at me.

「 Then don’t use it as much as possible until the afternoon. Just keep it inside you 」

I know that they can learn both Miko powers with training, but.

Currently, Yomiko can only use Yomi power, which makes people obey her.

「 Could it be that Danna-sama plans on using the power on Grandfather? 」

Misuzu looks worried, but,

「 I won’t. I think of Jii-chan as a member of the family too 」

I don’t want to use this power to anyone in my family. I really don’t want to.

「 However, I just want it to be held as a trump card 」

「 A trump card? 」

「 Yeah, we still don’t know what will happen ahead of us 」

How will Jii-chan decide the fight against with the Kansai Yakuza?

The Yakuza might still ask to deliver the Takakura sisters until the end.

If that’s the case.

We’ll have to use the Yomi power to protect the sisters.

「 Yomiko, have you ever met the big bosses from Yakuza, either Oodori or Satake? 」

「 Oodori-sama used to visit the shrine a lot 」

Oodori is Tsukiko’s father.

「 As for Satake-sama, I’ve never met him 」

Satake’s been recently the head of the organization.

Then he suddenly sent people to kill the shrine maiden and the priest.

He didn’t have a relationship with the Takakura shrine before then.

「 At worst, you have to use your power on those two 」

I said. Yomiko’s startled.

「 Oodori-sama’s very scary 」

Well, he’s a Yakuza boss after all.

He must’ve bathed in the blood of several people to get that high of a position.

He’s not someone who is easily agitated, he’s a man with a strong mind.

「 But, we have to do something about them 」

I looked at Yomiko in the eye and said.

「 Tsukiko and Luna’s Tsuki power is our shield 」

It’s easy if you can read the other side’s plan.

「 However, the sword to defeat the enemy is your power 」

Yomiko stares at me.

「 Danna-sama, with Grandfather and Kouzuki SS, the violent organizations from the Kansai are… 」

Misuzu’s right, Jii-chan has the influence and money to move the whole nation, but.

Kouzuki SS is only an intelligence and army group that destroys the underground society organizations.

「 It feels it’s not enough. In the first place, the Takakura shrine maidens’ power is something too powerful. We have to think of the possibility of something that can’t be fixed with just political influence 」

I feel that way.

「 I understand. I’ll accumulate my power as you said 」

Yomiko nods.

「 Not just that, Yomiko, you should increase the strength of your power 」

Yomiko’s power output increases as the engine of her heart rise.

She should be quick to recharge after releasing her power once.

「 If that’s the case, Master, you must thoroughly enhance Yomi’s arousal and make her fall in love with sex 」

Michi says from the passenger seat.

「 I already am 」


「 Last night, after all the events, when I think about Sensei, my stomach feels itchy. My crotch gets wet 」

I hug Yomiko and kiss her.

「 Ah, Sensei’s kiss makes me dizzy 」

「 Does it smell lemon? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 It does. Why? 」

「 That’s because Yomi’s in love with Danna-sama 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Now, take it off, Danna-sam. Yomi-chan, help him out 」

「 Okay 」

The two undress me in the flat-seat car.

The pleasant sunlight of autumn comes inside the car.

We’re getting naked while in such bright light.

Besides, the window glass of the car is still open.

The soft breeze coming from the backyard carries the scent of the greenery.

「 Danna-sama, strip Yomi-chan naked 」

I take off Yomiko’s bursting T-shirt as Misuzu told me.

Naturally, she’s not wearing any underwear, so her huge breasts are exposed right away.

「 To think that I’m doing this at such a bright place. This is embarrassing 」

Embarrassed Yomiko = Cute.

As for the lower part, she’s wearing nothing but miniskirt so we can just proceed to have sex now.

However, Yomiko’s breasts are shaped nicely.

She’s 14 right now, I wonder how it will be in a few years.

「 See, you’re holding back again 」

Misuzu tells me

「 If you want to touch it then don’t hesitate. We all live to receive Danna-sama’s love and affection 」

「 Yes, go on, Sensei 」

Yomiko presents her breasts to me.

「 Ufu, Sensei’s eyes are glaring. Do you want to touch Yomi’s breasts that much 」


「 Not just touch, I want to lick it 」

「 Then feel free 」

I push down Yomiko and massage, lick, play with her loli big tits.

「 Ufufu, Sensei’s like a child, so cute 」

Meanwhile, Misuzu’s getting naked behind me.

「 That’s right. Danna-sama’s cute, isn’t he? 」

Misuzu presses her soft breasts on my back and licks my ears.

「 Misuzu will serve you 」

She reaches for my penis.

「 Ufu, it’s already rock hard. This is cute too 」

She’s stroking and squeezing my penis in a usual manner.

「 Indeed. Master’s cute. Aaah, I want to serve too 」

Michi looks at us from the passenger seat.

Michi’s already naked too.

「 Yomi-chan, look, Danna-sama’s penis is cute, isn’t it? Look at it getting big and leaking out precum because it wants to go inside Yomi-chan right now 」

「 Yomi’s a bit afraid 」

Yomi looked at my erect penis and said.

「 After all, it’s big 」

「 But, it went inside Yomi last night. You do remember it, don’t you? This pink colored tip knocking down to the entrance of Yomi-chan’s baby chamber 」

Misuzu says while stimulating my glans with her finger.

「 Misuzu-oneesama, I don’t think it’s knocking. It’s squeezing harder all the time 」

Michi said.

「 Well, that’s because Michi’s small. Whenever I thrust, your hole gets filled really tight 」

That’s why whenever I push down to her cervix, it feels like it’s grinding.

「 The sensation of sex differs on each person 」

「 Is that so? 」

Yomiko looks at me with her big eyes and asks.

「 Yeah. Each has its own personality. There’s no good or bad. Everybody is different 」

「 Danna-sama, can you tell who you’re having sex with even if you close your eyes? 」

This time, Misuzu asks.

「 I think I can, but I’d rather not have a competition with me blindfolded. I like looking at everyone’s face and body 」

Their faces of pleasure, the trembling of their body.

It’s not just a sense of touch, the sense of sight is also essential when having sex.

Also, their gasping voice as well.

「 Me too? 」


「 Get yourself together. Didn’t I tell you so many times that I like your body? 」

「 But 」

「 Even if Michi doesn’t like her body, I do. Are you going to complain about my taste?

「 No, not at all!

「 I mean, looking at you from here, Michi’s really a beauty

I look at Michi poking her head out from the passenger seat and said.

「 Y-Yes?

「 Michi, your face is really shaped from a Japanese style

「 Yes. I always want to have Michi wear some long-sleeved kimono, but she doesn’t want to 」

「 Putting Yukata aside, wearing Kimino hinders my job as a bodyguard 」

Michi said.

If she’s wearing a Yukata, she can somehow put something on the hem, but,

If she’s wearing a proper Kimono, it would be hard for her to fight.

「 Then, let’s do it when we visit Grandfather’s house 」

Jii-chan’s house.

「 T-That’s 」

「 Could it be that Michi thinks that Grandfather’s house, which is protected by the top elites of Kouzuki SS, is not safe? 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 However, uhm, Kimono 」

「 Michi, why do you not want to wear a kimono? 」

I ask in curiosity.

「 Back then, when I was seven

「 Seven? Oh, Shichi-Go-San 」

「 Yes, at that time, I was wearing a long-sleeved Kimono, but Father 」

Father what?

「 Could it be that he told you that you look like a “Zashikiwarashi?” And then you felt like you’re being made fun of, so you come to hate wearing Kimono now? 」

That’s likely.

Furthermore, it’s something Kudou-papa would say.

「 No, Father looked like he’s in a good mood that he praised my clothing, but 」


「 He mentioned that I look like an Anmitsu Princess 」


「 Michi. 」

「 Yes? 」

「 What’s Anmitsu Princess? 」

「 I don’t know either 」

「 You don’t know? 」

「 I don’t know, but when I heard Father say it, I felt that there’s a shock that runs through my spine 」

Yeah. It’s her own father. She’d understand it for some reason.

「 That, uhm, it might not be well known, but I have a brother 」

「 I know. Isn’t he also working for Kouzuki SS? 」

If I recall, his name was Shinichi? I’ve never met him though.

「 Yes, right after Father mentioned that I look like “Anmitsu Princess” he looked at Brother and said 」


「 During Shinichi’s Shichi Go San, he looked like a 5-yen croquette 」

Anmitsu Princess and then five-yen croquette.

「 And so the idea that Father might be referring to something good when talking about “Anmitsu Princess” was blown away 」

It’s most likely some gag comic reference.

「 And then, as expected, my sister who was in the room asked father “If that’s the case, what about my day?” 」

Oh, Michi’s sister. Haruka-san, the high-school women’s karate champion.

「 Father replied, “Haruka has nothing to do with Shichi-go-san, you’re always “Asari-chan” for me” 」

Another food.

「 Then, mother got furious and told father “talking a lot of shit for someone who looks like detective Kageman.” Then Father got angry and argued “I’m wearing glasses and have a bob hair” then mother replied, “That’s wrong, you’re too tall that you could be mistaken as Kageman’s shadow man” 」

What’s with that couple.

「 Then father replied “And so, what do you think you look like? “Good morning Princess?” Or “Jumping out Princess?”” Then Mother replied, “When I started reading, it’s already about in Rumor princess” 」


I don’t get it anymore.

「 Then, Mother snapped and said “Ah, I give up. I can’t go on. I hate you,” then she spoke to me. “Michi, don’t worry, he might say that you look like “Anmitsu princess,” but it’s not the post-war version, Shousuke Kurakane but instead, it’s Izumi Takemoto, the teacher version. Either way, they’re better than Norakurokun!!” 」

「 Ufufufufu 」

Yomiko laughs below me.

「 Your family seems fun 」


「 Our parents look close as well but when inside the house, they never have such conversations 」

The Takakura sisters’ mother is a shrine maiden and was mentally ill.

Therefore, she doesn’t come out of the main shrine, nor live together with the sisters.

Their father, the priest, may have loved their mother, the shrine maiden, but.

They never had a happy conversation as a couple.

「 I’m jealous of you, Michi-oneesama 」


「 My parents divorced 」

Yesterday, in front of the mansion’s main gate.

Michi’s mother signed the official divorce papers.

「 S-Sorry 」

Yomiko’s confused.

「 It’s okay. Yomi-imouto didn’t know 」

Michi speaks sadly.

Yeah, during the “fusion” last night,

I saw through the hearts of everyone in that place, but.

Yomiko who doesn’t have the Tsuki power couldn’t see through the hearts of the women in there.


The shock from knowing the truth about the death of her parents which Tsukiko hid was greater.

「 Michi 」

I get up and pat Michi’s hair.

「 It’s okay. I’m here, everyone’s here for you. You’re not alone, Michi 」

「 Yes, master 」

Michi holds my hand and kisses my palm.

「 I will not let go even if I die. Master, Misuzu-oneesama, and everyone in the family 」

Then she looked at Yomiko.

「 Yomi-imouto that includes you. I’ll protect you for my whole life 」

Michi’s eyes show seriousness.

「 They were such a close couple yet they break up. But, our relationship will never break 」

「 Indeed. I think so too, Michi 」

I tell Michi.

「 If that’s the case, then show yourself wearing a long-sleeved Kimono to Danna-sama 」

Misuzu said laughingly.

「 Misuzu-sama? 」

「 We think of you as our cute family member. Usually, your role is a bodyguard but Michi, you should also let Danna-sama enjoy your charms 」

「 My charms? 」

「 Doesn’t it seem fun to have Danna-sama violate you while wearing long-sleeved Kimono? 」


「 I’ll take photos and videos 」

「 Y-Yes, that’s indeed fun 」

It ended up there either way.

「 Take photos of Michi wearing a Kimono before having sex, okay? 」

I said.

「 If not, it’ll be a problem in the future

「 Master? 」

Michi’s startled.

「 We want to show a photo of Michi while she’s young to the child, right? 」

「 !!! 」

Misuzu laughs.

「 That’s right. Michi’s life isn’t hers anymore. Michi, do you not want your children to think “Mama was so beautiful when she was young” do you? 」

「 It’s a problem if all her photos are her swinging an iron ball or a red whip, right? 」

I mean, most of Michi’s photos are…

It’s all POV sex photos with me.

This is Ruriko’s hobby, and it’s increasing.

「 Think of the future, and make it a happy one 」

I said.

「 Yomi too. You’ll bear my child and become happy as well 」

「 Yomi, happy? 」

I pat Yomiko’s soft stomach gently.

「 That’s right. You’ll give birth to my child and raise it happily. If you want to make someone happy, you become happy as well 」

Her 14-year-old waist is thin.

I’m going to pour my semen in here now.

It’s impossible right now, but I’ll impregnate her soon.

「 Yeah. Okay, I understand 」

Yomiko looks up at me.

「 Sensei turned me to a pregnant slave because you want Yomi to become happy 」
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