Chapter 72

72. On the road

We came back to the dressing room and changed into our former clothes.
Megumi, Yukino and I are in our high school uniforms.
Misuzu’s wearing her ojou-sama school’s uniform…
Yukino looked at Misuzu’s clothes and muttered…

「…You’re really a Kouzuki」

Yukino also seems to know which school Misuzu’s uniform came from.
It seems that only children of the elite families are able to enter this ojou-sama school.

「Yes…Misuzu won’t lie to Yukino-san」

Misuzu laughingly answered…

「I was accepted at your school during middle school but I was dropped. In the oral examination」
「…Eh? Shirasaka Sousuke really made you take a test?!」

Nagisa-san’s surprised from Yukino’s words!

「…Uhm, what do you mean by that?」

Yukino glares at Nagisa-san

「Well, Yukino-chan’s middle high examination was three years ago?…Shirasaka Sousuke was stretching his legs as the manager here at that time. Our guests are all rich…There’s no way it would not be exposed! That school has an amazing investigation power!」

Haa…The super ojou-sama school checks the reputation and background of the parents…

「Our school only registers the high class families. They won’t let a daughter of a politician or an entertainer come in」
「Even if the politician or entertainer has power now…it’s unknown whether that power would continue for long. They refuse them even if they’re coming from an able Kabuki house」

…Uwaa, that’s thorough.

「Shirasaka…should be able to get in just with the name of the grandfather isn’t it?」
「Well…of course it would come out…!」

Un…If they knew that the parent works as a manager of a high class brothel…
The ojou-sama school can’t let that girl enroll…
It would be troublesome if they started business on the PTA…

「With that said…Yukino-chan, it’s your father’s fault that you weren’t able to get in. You don’t need to mind it!」

Nagisa-san told Yukino.


Yukino’s still not convinced.

「Yukino-chan…You said that there was an oral examination?」

Misuzu asks Yukino.

「Then, there’s no problem on that subject! There’s no problem with Yukino-san herself!」

Misuzu smiled…

「Misuzu is fine!」
「Sorry…Though I didn’t know anything…I’ve been impolite」

Yukino bowed to Misuzu.

「My…Speaking of which, Misuzu is a year older than Yukino-chan…!」

Nagisa-san asks as if she just remembered it…

「Yes, I’m a second year…Yukino-san is at the same year as Danna-sama so you’re a first year aren’t you?」
「I’ve been extremely rude…!」

Yukino’s completely kneeling in front of Misuzu.

「Please don’t mind it! Yukino-san’s going to give birth to a child coming from the same man! Let’s get along as sisters from now on!」

Misuzu clings to me…!
Yukino’s looking at that spectacle in blank surprise.

「It’s the best man I chose! Misuzu will devote herself to this one for her entire life! That’s what I decided…!」

Misuzu’s smile erodes Yukino…
Yukino’s looking at my face.

◇ ◇ ◇

Margo-san is sending for Hidemi-san’s car when we went to the entrance.
Hidemi-san’s car is a white BMW.

「Yukino-chan, I’m sending you off. Get in…!」

Hidemi-san invites Yukino…!

「If you want, should we eat dinner together? I’ll treat you whatever you want…!」
「I think that my house has some meal prepared」
「Is that so?…Then let me treat you next time. Get in anyway」

Yukino’s confused at what to do.

「Shirasaka-san, If you don’t want Hidemi-san, how about I send you off?」

Yuzuki-sensei told Yukino.

「Everyone’s got something to do from now on so…you don’t mind being alone with me?」

Sensei smiled coldly at Yukino…

「Yukino-chan…Would you want to be alone with Minaho-san or me?」

Hidemi-san laughingly said…


It seems that Yukino thinks that Hidemi-san’s better than Sensei…

「Then…With that said. Shirasaka-san, you’re going to watch Endou-kun’s practice game the day after tomorrow, won’t you…?!」

Sensei asks Yukino suddenly.

「My…You don’t intend to watch your own boyfriend’s game?」

Sensei asks a sarcastic question on purpose…

「…I intend to go」

Yukino answered quietly.

「Then, think about it by that time…」
「…A-About what?」

Yukino’s afraid.

「Your future of course」

Sensei smiled.

「If you decide to become our ally from the bottom of your heart then I can promise you the best delivery environment. I’ll let you give birth in secret so that no one in the school would know. I’ll also make you a second year. I will arrange all of it…

Yukino holds her breath.

「But…If you’re going to resist no matter what, then I will announce your pregnancy to the public. Not just the school but the media too. Well, you can still change schools but…won’t it damage the image of your mother who’s in food research and your father? Their 16 year old daughter getting pregnant…」
「…Please don’t get my mother involved in this.」

Yukino answered with a small voice.

「I wonder what should I do? Bear that all in your mind. You can decide the day after tomorrow…Okay?」
「Oh right…If you ever tried to abort the baby in secret…」

Sensei laughs…

「Should I massacre your whole family?」

Yukino shivered.

「This isn’t a joke. I’m serious… You also can’t consult your father in Australia. By mail or by phone. If you contact your father, I would kill Shirasaka Sousuke…!」
「Shirasaka went to Australia to meet my father…As long as I know the destination, it’s easy to catch him」

Sensei already knows where Shirasaka is in Australia.

「I also know the personal phone of Shirasaka and his mail adress. If you contact him, it would reach me immediately. Then, I would give a green light to the person watching over Shirasaka in Australia right now and…he’s done. That person’s good at shooting. She seemed to have won the sixth place on the Brisbane rifle tournament」

I don’t know how good is a sixth placer on a rifle tournament but…It seems that Sensei’s talk is real
Yukino’s trembling.

「That’s all for me. Would you follow my instruction and give birth in secret?…Would you have your family killed?…Think about it tomorrow!」

Yukino tries to say something but Sensei stops it!

「…I told you that I’m done talking! I’ll hear your decision the day after tomorrow!」

Yukino fell silent from Sensei’s angry look…

「Geez…You don’t need to shout that much. It’s bad for the child」

Hidemi-san touched the trembling back of Yukino…

「Oh right, Yukino-chan!」

Nagisa-san speaks to Yukino…!

「If ever you chose us the day after tomorrow…you’ll feel good again!」
「It feels good already doesn’t it? Sex and being toyed by women…!」
「…T-That’s not true」
「Tomorrow, your body would surely ache for it! Let’s do it again! I’ll tease you a lot! Yoshida-kun would rape you again too 」
「…I don’t want to be raped anymore!」
「That’s a lie! Your body can’t feel it anymore unless Yoshda-kun ravishes you! This guy’s amazing! It’ll become a more stimulating and more lewd sex from now on!」

Yukino glanced at me

「Misuzu also loves being ravished by Yoshida-kun, aren’t you?」

Misuzu answered Nagisa-san.

「Yes! I won’t have sex with anyone but Danna-sama in my life! Danna-sama, please do a lot of lewd things with Misuzu! I want to have sex outside…!」

Misuzu’s fawning over me.

「…Kiss me, Danna-sama!」

I kissed Misuzu in front of Yukino…
Yukino’s looking at Misuzu in dumb surprise.

「We have to go soon. Yukino-san. Get in the backseat」

Hidemi-san opens the door on the back.
Yukino gets in the BMW as if she’s escaping.

「Hidemi-san…I leave her in your care」

Sensei bowed.

「It’s fine, leave her to me…Well then, bye. See you again. Come to my beauty salon. I’ll give treatments to Megumi-chan and Misuzu-chan for free!」

Hidemi-san laughs while getting in the car…

「Yoshida-kun…best regards. These girls are all my little sisters!」
「Yes…got it」

Yukino inside the car…
is looking at us through the mirror while pretending to turn away…

「Yukino-san…It’ll be fine! Please cheer up!」

Misuzu spoke to Yukino while clinging to me.
Yukino nodded at Misuzu.

「Yukino…see you」

Megumi also spoke to Yukino…
Yukino didn’t react.

「Then…Goodbye everyone」
「…Take care」

Katsuko-nee lowered her head to Hidemi-san…
The sky’s completely dim.
Hidemi-san turned on the lights and started the car…
The figure of Yukino who’s looking down has become small.
The white BMW comes out of the mansion…Then Sensei asked Katsuko-nee.

「…What do you think?」
「I think that it went well…She’s feeling the worst fear towards Ojou-sama and begins to depend on several people!」

Katsuko-nee answered…

「…Nagisa, how was it?」

Nagisa-san smiled.

「She’s a dumb child as expected. As expected of Shirasaka’s daughter. She’s quite shaken with Hidemi-san from the bathroom but…I think that the conversation with Misuzu in the dressing room was effective…!」

C-Could it be that the talk with Yukino?

「When she discovered that Misuzu’s a Kouzuki the color in her eyes changed…」
「I saw it in the hidden camera…She’s really a simple child」
「Yes…Her eyes towards Yoshida-kun has changed…!」

Err…What does this mean?
Nagisa-san explained to me who’s making a wondering face.

「It went that well when Yukino-chan discovered that Misuzu was a Kouzuki!」
「Seeing Misuzu-san being so madly in love with Yoshida-kun…With that, Yoshida-kun’s value to Yukino-chan has increased!」

Why did Misuzu liking me…
Change my value for Yukino…?

「…For that girl, a man who’s liked by someone from a good family like Misuzu has enough value!」


「She’s really an idiot!」

Nei-san criticized Yukino…

「Her boyfriend…was it Endou-kun?」
「Yes, that’s right.」
「He said that his parent is a president of a company, it’s not a big of a company isn’t it? He said that his uncle is a city councilor, and he can smooth it out…In the end, he’s just a king of the mountain of a small town. They’re petty. But, since he’s an idiot『My father’s a president. And my Uncle’s a councilor. I’m great』He goes around and say that. He’s a child misunderstanding his power」
「Being confessed to with a dumb guy with a loud voice, Yukino’s a child who wants power. She’s the type that would fall in love with the leader of a motorcycle gang or a Hoodlum. She doesn’t look at the essence of her partner as long as they have a proud attitude or has some followers, she’ll get attracted to that…She’s really an idiot」

I can somewhat understand and don’t understand Nei-san’s explanation.

「If that girl knows that Mii-chan was from a family with a good social standing, the value of that guy whom she fell in love to, Yoshida-kun’s value would rise. Won’t you be on a higher place than Endou-kun on her list?…She’s a helpless girl!」

…I-I see
I don’t get it though.

「Anyway, she’s certainly a foolish girl. She even believed that she’d definitely get pregnant when you drink 『Fertility drug』…」

Margo-san laughs at Yukino.

「She can’t be certain as long as she can’t confirm her next menstruation. At this stage, even the gynecologists won’t know if she’s pregnant./ There’s also the possibility that Yukino-sama’s infertile…」

Katsuko-nee’s amazed too.

「The period where Shirasaka-san can be fertilized will continue for a while…Yoshida-kun, ejaculate inside her vagina as much as posiblle」

Sensei told lme.

Eh…We’re still going to continue?
This is not the end?

「Ah…Danna-sama’s in joy on the thoughts that he can continue doing Yukino-san again?!」

Misuzu presses me for an answer!

「That’s…It’s not like I’m happy!」
「Misuzu wants to be done with the same number as Yukino-san! Okay?!」

…Yare yare. I’m troubled.


Megumi talks to Sensei.

「Uhm…I’ve got something to talk about」
「Megumi…wants to get pregnant along with Shirasaka-san as much as possible…am I right?!」


「Yes…I want to get pregnant along with Yukino and give birth together. Is that no good?」
「…No good」

Sensei denied it flatly.

「…We’d like for Megumi-chan to spend her normal high school life that we didn’t experience」

Nagisa-san told Megumi-san

「Megumi-sana’s our hope」


「But…I feel sorry for Yukino being alone」

Nagisa-san comforts the sorrowed Megumi.

「That’s why I’ll get pregnant with Yukino. It’s just in time. I want to give birth to my second child. I think that someone with an experience would be better for Yukino-chan too…Isn’t that right?」

Nagisa-san embraces Megumi.

「Don’t cry anymore. She’ll understand it soon. That Megumi-chan’s a good girl…」
「Megumi…Let’s go to the doctor. They have to see whether your vagina is damaged from your loss of virginity and have you prescribed with a contraceptive」」

Yuzuki-sensei told Megumi.

「…We’re going to Ikeda-sensei’s office?」

Megumi who’s raised in the 『Kuromori Tower』seems to know the doctor.
Misuzu went to that clinic yesterday.

「Uhm…Should I go too?」

I asked Sensei.

「What’s wrong?…Worried about Megumi?」

I’m the one who broke her hymen.
It bled quite a lot.

「You can’t enter the examination room. It’s hard being the only guy in the waiting room of a gynecology clinic…won’t you feel embarrassed?」

Sensei told me.

「It’s not embarrassing…They’re looking after my Megumi」

Megumi looks at me.

「Would you come to me to the hospital when I get pregnant?」

Nagisa-san asks me.

「Isnt’ that obvious」
「Kyaa~ I’m so happy~」1

Nagisa-san embraces me…!

「Danna-sama…You didn’t come with Misuzu yesterday!」

Ah…Misuzu’s angry.


Katsuko-nee enters between Misuzu and I.

「My my, Misuzu-sama…Don’t get so angry. He won’t be going to the clinic with Megumi-sama after all」


「Our next schedule is approaching…」

Ah…the Yakuza extermination?

「I will be sending Misuzu-sama off so…get in too.」

Katsuko-nee told me laughingly.

「You and I will be going to our next schedule after sending Misuzu-sama to her house. Is that okay, Misuzu-sama?」
「If Danna-sama sends me off…Misuzu won’t be complaining anymore!」

My my…She was angry a while ago and now she’s red from embarrassment this time.
Misuzu’s expressions really change a lot.
She’s cute like a puppy.

「Then, Minaho would be sending Megumi-san to the clinic. She’ll just join later. Nagisa-san would be moving with Nei and Me. Katsuko-san and Yoshida-kun would be sending off Misuzu-san and join with us on the appointed time」

Margo-san instructed us all.

「…What about Mao?」

Mao-chan looks up at Margo-san.

「Mao-chan would be staying with Morimoto-san here…!」
「Don’t make a fuss. Mao needs to sleep at 8:00, shouldn’t you?」

Nagisa-san lifts her beloved daughter…

「Morimoto-san…I’m sorry but thank you in advance」

The old butler consented laughingly…

「Then…Let’s start」

Sensei ordered everyone…!

◇ ◇ ◇

「Then, see you later Yo-chan!」

Margo-san and Nei-san are in the white van.
Nagisa-san gets in the white Benz.
The two seems to be going to the destination in two different rides.
The letters on the van today are 『Maruko Transport』…

「Yoshida-kun…Let’s go」

Sensei and Megumi took out a red Honda fit…it’s my first time seeing it.
Megumi looks out from the car.

「Un…take care」

Megumi closes her eyes…
I kissed her lips.

The three cars took off.
Katsuko-nee’s driving Sensei’s green minivan.

「…Get in!」

Opening the rear door…Huh?
The seats are knocked down…they’re even.

「Ufufu, it’s a flat seat!」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

Eh…we can’t sit here
…What does this mean?

「Misuzu-sama…You pushed him for Megumi-sama’s sake didn’t you?」

Katsuko-nee spoke to Misuzu from the drive’s seat…

「Misuzu…thought that it’s better that way」

Misuzu answered

「You even took mind of Yukino-sama in a lot of ways…that’s why Katsuko has one surprise for Misuzu-sama!」

Katsuko-nee’s eyes shine suspiciously…!

「…Car sex. You’re interested in it aren’t you?!」

…C-Could it be?

「…Is that okay?」

Misuzu’s face is suddenly pleased…!

「Yes, please enjoy it to the fullest until we arrive at your house…!」

My will is being disregarded as ever…

「Wow! Danna-sama…Hurry up!」

Misuzu lied down on the flat seat and tempts me…
Eeii…Let’s just enjoy it!
I got into the rear seat too…!

「Ah…it would be boring if you just do it half-naked so please get naked with all your might! The sense of freedom is entirely different!」

Misuzu smiled at Katsuko-nee’s advice.

「Okaaay~! Danna-sama, let’s compete on who can get naked faster!」

Geez, let’s just do this!
I took off my clothes competing with Misuzu…!
Misuzu laughed.
Taking off our socks and our shoes…we became naked.
Misuzu’s delicate body shines from the light of the car.

「Ufu…My Danna-sama…I love you!」

Misuzu kisses me.

「Misuzu releases a lot of juice so please place a bath towel below. It’s prepared there…!」

Misuzu laid down the bath towel under her ass.

「If it’s cold then please use a blanket…Then, let’s go!」

We embraced each other naked…and the engine vibrates as the car starts.
We’re on the road from outside the mansion…!
Misuzu clings to me every time we cross over a step and drive down a slope.
Then, she laughs happily…!
Embracing my head and pushing it on her breasts.

「…Aaah…Misuzu’s aroused!」

The short and quick vibration of the engine…!
Our shaking bodies…!
We’re naked inside the car that’s running in the dark town…
I lick Misuzu’s cute nipples…

「Aaahn…Danna-sama, do you love Misuzu’s breasts?」
「…I do It’s really cute…it’s hard and sharp already
「…It feels good…please tease it more!」

Misuzu’s hand is touching my penis

「Danna-sama’s already this hard.」 Do you want to ravish Misuzu…?」
「I want to…I want to ravish you Misuzu…?」

I touch Misuzu’s genital with my finger.
Misuzu’s pussy is compoletely wet…

「Misuzu is dripping wet. I want it…!」
「…What do you want?」
「Ahn…you meanie…!」
「I won’t give it if you don’t say it」
「…D-Danna-sama’s penis…I want to be ravished by your penis!」
「…Please come. Please come inside Misuzu! Please ravish Misuzu!」

I entered Misuzu.
Her pussy’s hot and wet…!
The glans went to the deepest part instantly!

「Aaahn…I’m pierced again! I love this! Danna-sama’s coming inside me! Aaahn! Love! I love this」

I embraced MIsuzu’s delicate body while pushing my penis in…!
Misuzu’s naked body is soft and slippery…
She’s like a dakimakura… it feels good.

「Guys…we’re going to the downtown so please don’t raise your heads. There’s a filter in the window but it’s completely transparent at night…the cars we pass through can see you two having sex」

Katsuko-nee says from the driver’s seat.
Certainly, the light outside the window is different.
The neon signs and show window lights are flowing one after another…
Misuzu’s delicate body creates multiple shadows…

「Misuzu’s fine being seen! Rather, I want to show it to the world how Danna-sama loves me!」

Misuzu is intensely aroused…!

「Aah…Ravish me…violate Misuzu at the middle of the street!」

Oh right. We’re in the middle of the downtown right now.
We’re having sex in a place where there’s a lot of pedestrians.
We’re having sex, naked.

「Misuzu is Danna-sama’s pet…I’m a cute bitch…ravish me outside…Please impregnate Misuzu… aaaah!」

I started the piston greedily!

「I’m being ravished…I’m being violated…It feels good…sex feels good…!」

Misuzu’s eyes are melting.

「Guys…we’re going on a highway so please put on the blanket」

She’s going through the highway on purpose?

「…Aaaahn! Move! Please pierce me…Break Misuzu!」

We covered ourselves in a blanket while I continue my rhythm…

「Ufufu…I’m alone with Danna-sama. It feels good being naked under the blanket!」

Misuzu whispered to my ear…

「We’re arriving at the tollgate so please do it quietly for a while!」

Hearing Katsuko-nee, I embraced Misuzu tightly…!
A slope rising to the toll gate and a curve.
Becoming a single mass, Misuzu and my body take G’s…
…At the toll gate.
Katsuko-nee opens the window and deal with the person at the tollgate.
Misuzu and I are tense whether we would be found out or not.
Misuzu’s vagina has love nectar dripping thickly again…
The car departs suddenly…!
I pierced deep inside Misuzu from the shock…!


Misuzu raised her voice out loud.

「Misuzu-sama…this is heaven!」

At the moment Katsuko-nee said that…!
The car is crossing over the bumps at the highway!
Every time that happens, my body raises up…
And pierce deeply inside Misuzu’s body!
…Every change keeps on piercing!

「Hii…Aaah!…Ah!…Aah!…This is intense!…Good!…My waist goes weak!…It’s coming…It’s amazing…!Aaaah!!」

Misuzu’s body is trembling…!
The orange lights on the highway flow and Misuzu’s body is shining…!

「After experiencing this…Misuzu can no longer return to a normal girl…!」
「…You don’t need to go back…Misuzu will always be mine…!」
「Aaah…Ravish me Danna-sama! Please make a mess out of Misuzu!!!!」

Misuzu’s already half frenzy…!

「…Lovelovelove! I love you! Please love Misuzu more! Please do as you want withy Misuzu’s body…! I want to become Danna-sama’s slave! Ravish me! Break me!」

Misuzu’s sweating profusely…
Her vagina’s dripping wet…
It’s clamping my penis hard…

「…Misuzu, I’m about to cum…!」
「Cum, let it out, let it ouuuut! Please give it inside Misuzu! Pour it in Danna-sama! Please pour it inside Misuzu! I love you! I love you! I love youuuuu…!!!」

Misuzu’s insides tighten!!!

「Aaah…I’m cumming! Misuzu’s cumming!…Please say that you love me! Please say that you love Misuzu!」
「…I love you, Misuzu!」
「Me too! Danna-sama! My Danna-sama!…Aaaah…I’m going to heaven! Cumming…Cumiiiiiing!!!!」

Gaku! Gaku! Gakugakugaku! Misuzu’s convulsing intensely!

「I’m cumming too!」

My white heat gushes inside Misuzu!

Byurururu…Byrururu, byurururururu!

「Ah…I’m being loved! Misuzu’s being loved! I’m so happy! It’s warm…Danna-sama’s hot stuff…is spreading inside Misuzu…~」

Misuzu’s being fertilized by my body fluid…!
Her delicate body is playing it’s role as a woman.
Her womb is drinking my semen…!

「…Misuzu is happy.」 I’m fine if other women like Megumi-san exists. Misuzu doesn’t need to be Danna-sama’s first. Misuzu will be Danna-sama’s for her entire life…I love you Danna-sama…!!」

Misuzu says while shedding tears…

「Misuzu…are you sad?」

The crying Misuzu smiled.

「It feels good…I feel happy. I’m so happy that the tears come out…!」

Misuzu asks for a kiss…

◇ ◇ ◇

After that, I flirted with Misuzu while wrapped in the blanket for a while.
My penis is still inside Misuzu.
I kiss and play with her breasts…
Misuzu combs my hair gently…
Katsuko-nee on the driver seat watches over us all this time…

「We’re about to arrive!」

Before long…the car stops
Misuzu’s mansion is a high quality condominium.
Katsuko-nee pulls the car on the shoulder of of the condominum.

「My father and mother live here. Grandfather is usually staying in Hayama’s house」

Misuzu explained.

「The parking lot in the underground has some camera so please wear clothes here. Or else they would capture the two of you naked!
「Oh, please wait」

Misuzu licks my penis!

「Misuzu will be cleaning this up for a moment…」

Misuzu continues her fellatio while naked.

「Misuzu-sama…did you like the car sex?」
「Yes…Katsuko-sama, thank you very much!」
「Then…I’ll be making an opportunity soon!」
「Is that true?…Misuzu’s glad!」

Misuzu smiles while grasping my penis.
She’s really a cute girl.

「What’s wrong…Danna-sama?」
「N…I just thought that Misuzu’s cute」
「…Thanks to Danna-sama」
「Danna-sama’s loving Misuzu a lot!」

Saying that, Misuzu kisses my glans again…!

「Reaally…Misuzu-sama’s a cute pervert!」

Katsuko-nee tell Misuzu

「Yes…Misuzu is a treasured pet only for Danna-sama!」

1. Imagine a young milf shouting Kyaa~ ↩
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