Chapter 730. Different from the boys

「 W-What the hell?! 」

「 What’s going on?! 」

「 What the hell did you do?! 」

Hearing the genocide noises, Kinoshita-san created in the elevator hall;

The Yakuza in black clothes from the rooms comes out.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Kinoshita-san’s flail makes sounds, and her fighting stance isn’t broken.

「 What!? There’s 40, no, 50 people down here! 」

「 Isn’t that one from Kouzuki SS? 」

「 This is definitely going to blow off the deal! 」

「 Oh no! A-A fight! What are we going to do!?!!! 」

Well, yeah.

Jii-chan’s about to have a deal with the two big bosses of Kansai Yakuza, and yet,

Someone from Kouzuki SS took down over 40 of Yakuza underlings.

This will definitely suspend the deal.

「 So noisy!! Will you quiet down bastards!!! 」

A voice from the mass of black-clothed Yakuza echoes.

「 Give way for me! Give way, underlings!!!! 」

The crowd of Yakuza quickly splits to two.

Then, coming from the back…

A middle-aged man wearing a white suit walks in carrying a dense atmosphere.

What’s with him? His suit is white, and his necktie is gold. It’s the color of money.

Behind that man are five men wearing black clothes but with different colored neckties accompanying him.

Each of them wears red, blue, green, black, and another red necktie.

They’re not all different.

There’s two wearing red.

「 Ooh, Tokuda aniki! 」

「 Tokuda Aniki and the rainbow 5 」

「 Oh boy! It’s gonna rain blood in here! 」

Tokuda, the man in a white suit, and his five subordinates lead the Yakuzas.

「 Care to explain what’s going on? 」

Tokuda glares at us.

「 Who are you? 」

Margo-san grins.

「 If you’re showing off by speaking then how about you start by introducing yourself? 」

Tokuda gets sullen.

「 What? You don’t know my name?! 」


「 As you can see, I’m an American, is there a reason for me to know everyone in the Japan Yakuza? 」

「 I’m American too! 」

Edie grins.

「 As for me, I’m just a high school girl, I don’t know anything about Yakuza~ Yo-chan’s the same! 」

Nei smiles at me.

「 Y-Yeah 」

「 Haruka-chi, do you know who that old man is? 」

「 T-There’s no way I would 」

Kudou Haruka’s family works for Kouzuki SS, but,

Haruka herself doesn’t know any information about the Yakuza from Kansai.

「 Ah, could it be that you’re that kind, old man? 」

Nei pours oil to the fire.

「 You thought that you’re too famous, and so you walk around as they all fear you, but actually, you’re still a nobody 」

Tokuda’s cheeks twitched in reaction.

「 Kukukuku, that’s lame! 」

Having a superior beauty like Nei ridicule him makes him not want to lose face as a man.

「 Totally lame! 」

Edie joins Nei and scoffs at him.

「 You two shut up already! 」

Kudou Haruka shouts at Nei.

「 They’re Yakuza! Furthermore, they feel like they can do things while looking bossy, don’t they?! As for me, I’ve never heard, seen, or known him, but, he must be a well-known person in the Yakuza world!! 」

Look, Haruka.

Yours was the worst one that could’ve been said to the person. Look at him.

「 No. Tokuda-san is a really popular guy, you know! 」

Kinoshita-san says while swinging around her flail.

「 Tokuda Toranosuke and the rainbow five is one of the four major powers under Oodori’s leadership, they’re called the “Living 4” 」

Oh, so it’s the four devas they’re talking about.

「 Oh look, you’re the only one studying here! 」

Tokuda regains his self-confidence and smiles.

「 If I recall, Tokuda-san is the weakest among the four devas and is a disgrace among the living four 」

Kinoshita-san talks to us with a nonchalant-serious face.

「 Yooo! She said it. 」

「 She’s definitely dead now 」

「 Shit! This is definitely going downhill! 」

The crowd of Yakuza screams in horror.

「 Lady, you seem to be misunderstanding something here 」

Tokuda talks to Kinoshita-san as his emotions about to burst out.

「 Yes? What’s wrong? 」

Kinoshita-san replies without care.

「 In my 25 years of Yakuza life, it’s my first time being mocked this much. Bastards, make this lady realize what she’s done! 」

Tokuda orders his five subordinates to move.

「 Hahaa!!! Let’s go!! 」

One of the red-neckties calls out to the remaining four.


「 Hey, wait! Why are you standing before me?! Why are you trying to look like the leader here?! 」

One of the red neckties complains.

「 Isn’t that obvious?! Rainbow 5’s leader is Rainbow red 」

「 I’m not accepting that! I’m red! As for you, go with yellow or pink instead! 」

「 D-Don’t joke with me! Who in their right minds would go for pink? 」

「 Then Yellow! 」

「 Lately, it’s also women wearing yellow! 」

「 I thought you loved curry though!? 」

「 There’s only two curry lovers as yellow in our generation! 」

「 What the hell!!!! 」

Are you guys from elementary school?

No, I guess children from kindergarten still act and play as Sentai1.

「 No, there was a season where there are two reds, right? 」

Kinoshita-san cuts in as she’s unable to watch any longer.

At that moment.

「 CHANCE!!!! 」

「 Behold my secret technique! Human Niagara Waterfalls!!! 」

Ah, that’s dangerous.

All five of them come to attack Kinoshita-san at once.

「 Yes, what about it? 」

Kinoshita-san bursts them out with her flail.






「 What do you mean by chance? 」

Kinoshita-san says that while looking curious.

As she watches the rainbow 5 falls down.

She’s like a demon, no, she’s stronger than them.

The Yakuza guys fell silent.


「 Yooo, she really did it 」

「 That’s the end for her 」

「 Yeah, she was cute and all 」

「 Tokuda Aniki really got her 」

「 She’s got no chance of winning now 」

The Yakuza in black clothes whisper to each other.


Is Tokuda that strong?

Then, Tokuda moves forward and looks down on his subordinates.

Then, he looked like he’s holding back his tears.

「 Red necktie, blue necktie, black necktie, green necktie, and the other red necktie! 」

He clenches his fist.

「 It must’ve hurt. It must’ve been painful!!! This Tokuda will surely win against her!!!! 」

Then, he glares at Kinoshita-san.


「 That’s 50 Million 」


Tokuda opens his hand and gives Kinoshita-san a 5 sign.

「 Their medical treatment costs ten million each. In total, 50 Million. I’ll have you pay it up in full 」


「 You used up violence on my followers who weren’t even resisting. You reap what you sow 」

No, look.

It’s Tokuda’s subordinates who attacked first.

Isn’t that legitimate self-defense for Kinoshita-san?

「 Hey, pay up 50 million now. Rainbow white! Rainbow Violet! Come out! 」

Tokuda looks back, and two small men wearing a white, and violet necktie shows up.

「 Err, Rainbow White. I’m a doctor. Oh my, these five were given a beating. I can tell even without giving them an exam. Yes. The treatment costs of these five will definitely take more than 20 million! 」

「 Rainbow Violet here, I’m a lawyer. I’ve worked as a judge and prosecutor before. I’ve got connections to the public prosecutors’ office. Yes, that’s 30 million. Tokuda-sama’s correct. This doesn’t need to go to trial, you have to settle 30 million yen 」


There’s five down, and two new showed up. Seven colored neckties.

Oh! So that’s the rainbow.

「 As usual, you’re a dirty player, Tokuda Aniki 」

「 But, him using his subordinates’ life as a stepping stool for making money is what made him climb up the ladder 」

「 That’s the story of his success 」

「 Thinking about the five colored neckties who passed away, my tears won’t stop 」

Hearing the Yakuza’s voices from behind, Tokuda speaks to the five;

「 Don’t hate me for this. Red necktie, blue necktie, black necktie, green necktie, and also red necktie! You were born in the wrong era!!!! 」


「 Uhm, I made sure to adjust the strength, so I just knocked their brains, they’re not dead yet 」

Kinoshita-san says in amazement.

「 You fool!! Having a lass like you knock a man out means death!! It’s basically death to us Yakuza!!! 」

「 No, they’re not dead 」

「 Even if they’re not dead, their medical expenses would cost 20 million. I’m a doctor, there’s no mistake here 」

White necktie says.

「 Yes, the settlement fee would cost 30 million even if they’re not dead. I’m a lawyer, so there’s no mistake. 」

「 That’s 50 million in total! Now, pay up! Now! Now! Now! 」

Tokuda stirs up the Yakuza in the back.

「 Now! 」

「 Now! 」


「 Now! Now! Now! 」

Kinoshita-san looks puzzled.

「 Although, someone like you can’t pay us up 50 million right away, right? 」

Tokuda grins.

「 And this is where Rainbow gold comes in, Tokuda Toranosuke from Naiwa 」


「 My core business is money lending. That’s right, I’ll let my cute lady borrow 50 million yen from me 」


「 There it is!! Tokuda Aniki’s killer technique!!! 」

「 It’s known as the “Three year’s death plan!” 」

「 She’ll definitely get worked to the bone!!! 」

Tokuda takes out a thin sheet from his pocket.

In there, the paper says, “Acknowledgement of debt. 50000000___________________________Yen”

「 If you sign here, your problems will all go away, and we’ll keep quiet about what happened today. To think that I’m giving you the compromise, surely you can resolve this in a year time, right? White necktie? 」

「 I’m a doctor, and so let me tell you this, you should sign it. You’re in luck! If you sign in here, all your problems will go away! 」

「 No, look, there’s nothing concrete written on this paper at all! Besides, there’s too much blank space after the numbers, I can see you adding as many numbers as you like there! 」

Kinoshita-san said.

Yeah, they can edit the amount, or even the time frame for repayment later.

「 Err, I’m a lawyer, so I don’t see any problems there. Trust me 」

「 I don’t! 」

「 But I’m a lawyer though. I’ve worked as a judge and prosecutor before. I’ve got connections in the public prosecutors’ office 」

「 Now, sign in here!! Else, you can give it your thumbprint instead!!! Although, you’re not a big-tiddy type girl. Lol. 2 Kukukukuku!! 」

Tokuda’s vulgar laugh echoes in the elevator.

Then, Kinoshita-san;

「 My breasts have nothing to do with this! 」

She unscrews the top of the flail and takes off the massive lump of mass attached to it.

「 Err, I’m a lawyer, but what are you doing?! 」

Kinoshita-san ignores the guy with violet necktie’s words and takes out a metal lump from her back.

It’s some thorny golden spike or something, looks massive and painful.

You’ll definitely die if you get hit.

「 The leader of my previous team told me. My flail’s destructive power is too strong, and so take off the spear on the tip 」

And that’s what she’s done so far.

「 Err, you’ll keep quiet about this, right? 」

Kinoshita-san looks at us.

「 Yeah, of course, Yo-chan, Edie, and Haruka-chi won’t say a thing, right? 」

Nei says in panic after sensing the atmosphere.

「 Of course, I’ll stay quiet about this. I won’t remember what’s going to happen 」

Margo-san replies with a smile.

「 Thanks 」

Kinoshita-san looks at the Yakuza once again.

「 Then, what’s left is to slaughter all of the Yakuza in here, and there’s no problem 」


Her flail makes an ominous sound.

「 There’s a saying “Dead men tell no tales.” I don’t have to think about paying for the medical fee and settlement if they’re dead, right? Then, all I have to do is erase all witnesses!! 」

Kinoshita-san looks cute but,

She’s still trained by Barbie-san and Ruby-san.

If you think that she’s an average person, then you’re making a big mistake.

「 H-Hey! Wait!! 」

Tokuda looks confused.

「 I’m not that smart, sure, but. I don’t like the way you all look down on me!! 」

Kinoshita-san grabbed her flail and said.

「 Besides, once I undress, I look amazing!! 」


「 fungiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! 」

Tokuda flew out with great momentum and hit the wall.

It looked like a human home run.

「 Uhm, I’m a doctor though 」

「 I’m a lawyer, I’ve connections with the public prosecutors’ office 」

「 No more arguments!!!! 」

Doka!! Byuwaaaa!!

「 Kabanchooon!! 」

「 Fudanbaaaaa!! 」

Ah, white and violet necktie flies away while bleeding in their nose.

Oh, they fainted.

「 Now, are you all ready? 」

Kinoshita-san swings around her flail.

The golden spike makes a rhythmic sound.

「 That’s berserker 」

At the moment one of the Yakuza mutters that line.

「 Let’s leave it to that 」

A voice of a woman is heard.

「 Ah, Nee-san!? 」

A middle-aged woman in Japanese clothes shows from the back.

She must’ve been beautiful back in her age. Her eyes are big, and the shape of her face is gorgeous.

However, she’s quite chubby now.

Her hair is dyed red like the ladies in Shitamachi.

「 I’d like to ask for forgiveness for Tokuda’s disrespect 」

She bows to Kinoshita-san.

「 We’ve been watching what happened until now over there, it’s all these guys’ fault. It’s our side who made the first move. You were just protecting yourself. We’re sorry for the inconvenience! 」

Then, she speaks to the Yakuza in black around.

「 You all have seen it? This lady hasn’t done anything wrong. 」 It’s our side who was wrong, am I right?!! 」

The woman in Japanese clothes appealed, the Yakuza;

「 Y-Yes, Nee-san. You’re right! 」

「 She didn’t do anything wrong 」

「 It’s our side who was wrong! 」

「 Looking at it again, she doesn’t have a bad shape 」

「 I mean, she’s quite voluptuous! 」


「 And that’s what my guys say. Could you forgive us for respect’s sake? Please 」

She bows her head.

「 Seems like the plan worked 」

Margo-san whispered.

「 If we chip off more men, Oodori’s guards would be gone 」

Kinoshita-san already took down 50 men.

「 Besides, the message from Kouzuki SS saying that they don’t intend to behave modestly with the Yakuza is conveyed. If they don’t tone this down, all of the members who came to Tokyo would be annihilated 」

「 You can assume that as soon as Kinoshita-san comes here 」

Nei said.

Oh, this is a message from jii-chan saying that he doesn’t intend to have a simple deal.

That he’s not afraid of Yakuza.

That if they look down on him, they’re all dead.

「 If this goes on and Oodori’s force decrease further, it’s possible that a unit from Satake could come and assassinate them 」

I see.

The people who came with Oodori are in this place.

The decline of his guards creates risk in his life.

「 Please raise your head. If you’re going that far, then I’ll forget all that happened 」

Kinoshita-san said.

「 Oh my, we’re going to sweep the slate clean? Thank you. You all say your thanks as well! 」

「 Thank you 」

「 We’re sorry, voluptuous lad\y 」

「 It’s our fault, voluptuous lady 」


「 N-No, I’m not that voluptuous~ 」

Kinoshita-san’s cheeks blushed red.

Seeing her like that, she’s definitely a cute girl, but still,

「 Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself 」

Then, the violet-haired chubby lady looked at us.

「 I am Morisawa Mami from Kansai Raijin Houkai 」

「 Oh, one of the living 4, Creepy Mami-san, is it? 」

Margo-san smiles.

She’s also one of Oodori’s four devas.

「 Indeed, I am called that as well 」

Morisawa Mami replied calmly.

「 And so, what does a worker from Kouzuki SS need? I’m sorry, but our boss doesn’t intend to meet anyone currently 」

「 No, we didn’t come here to meet up with Oodori-san 」

Margo-san replies

「 I am Margo Starkweather Kuromori. As my name says, I’m from Kuromori. And it is you who need something from us 」

Morisawa Mami’s expression changed.

「 Kinoshita-san from Kouzuki SS is just a clerk at the information desk who guided us here. 」 Yet, you tried to pick a fight with her and so this happened 」

「 My, is that so? 」

The violet-haired woman forces a laugh.

「 Indeed, these men are too impatient. I’m nothing like them. How is it? How about we start talking woman to woman 」

Oh, she knows that Kuromori is a women’s only group.

Perhaps, she knows that Margo-san is Minaho-neesan’s right hand.

「 No, sorry but I don’t want to meet you but instead Takasaki Ichiro-san of the Living four. There’s a separate matter I’d like to discuss 」

「 Is that so? That’s unfortunate 」

Morisawa Mami’s smiling but her eyes aren’t.

「 But, I also have something to talk about with Takasaki-san anyway. Anyway, I’m in standby together with the three 」


「 Yes. The last member of Living four. Gilbert O’Sullivan is in the room as well! 」
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