Chapter 731. The nominated warrior

Kanrai Raijin Houkai’s President Oodori’s four devas, one of the living four.

“Creepy Mami,” or Morisawa Mami, a woman with violet hair and wearing a Japanese dress leads the way.

We’re taken to the inner side of the hotel’s 13th floor.

There’s Yakuza in black clothes watching us from the corridors and other rooms.

They only stare, not speak.

They must fear this Morisawa Mami that much.

Before long, we reached the front of a single room.

「 Open up 」

Morisawa Mami glares at one of the black-clothed Yakuza standing watches for the door.

「 Y-Yes, Nee-san 」

The man in black clothes knocks on the door.

「 What?! 」

A voice comes from the inside.

「 Ah, Nee-san is back! 」

「 I see. Enter 」

Hearing the voice from inside, the guard opens the door.

「 Come in first 」

Morisawa Mami tells Margo-san.

「 Well then, excuse me 」

Margo-san takes the lead and heads inside.

Margo-san, Nei, Kudou Haruka who’s still clinging to me, Edie, and then Kinoshita-san in the back.

The room’s filled with smoke from tobacco.

There are men with good physique lined up near the wall.

The one who opened the door earlier is one of these.

In short, they’re just bodyguards.

「 Oh, ah, ah! What the hell!? Are you looking down on me?!! Chiyaa! 」

Then, in the back of the room are four men playing Mahjong.

And then, the man wearing an all-black sunglasses lays down his mahjong pieces while in a call.

「 Ah, Chiyachi. Hand over 30k from us. No, it’s ours. This got nothing to do with you. Oh, what did that Sugimori said? You mentioned my name?! Huh?! You mentioned my name, and yet he still asked for 30k?! That brat’s looking down on me. Tell him that the upper limit is 20k. Any more than that would be impossible. Yeah, tell him that it’s tight. Sugimori’s friends with the previous generation but he’s not with me. That’s right. Make sure that it’s done in one go. RON!!! Got that 60k now!!! No, not you!! You deal with that 20k! Better if we got “Its” 」

He’s talking with someone on the phone, and yet.

「 Yeah, I’ll leave that to you. Contact me again once there’s progress. Okay? 」

The man wearing sunglasses ends the call, then the man making payment takes out his scoring chips respectfully.

「 Ooh, I’m the dealer next?

「 Yes, that’s right 」

「 We will have to end our match here. I have to give some time for Ren-chan too 」

Men start cleaning up, and the mahjong tiles are pushed down to the middle hole of the fully automatic sorter.


Jiiiiiii, then a tile with a different back is raised.

「 Having it totally automatic made it easier, but it’s dull. They can’t load it after all 」

The man in glasses says laughingly, but the other three remain silent.

Maybe there’s a great difference between them?

「 Takasaki-san, I apologize for intruding your fun, but 」

Morisawa Mami calls out to the man.

Then that means that man wearing black sunglasses is Takasaki Ichiro, one of the living four.

「 What? I’m in the middle of rick relation? Do you not get it? Rick relation. Weren’t there a subject like that in middle school? 」

「 Takasaki-san, I think you meant recreation 」

Morisawa Mami sighs.

「 I see. I seriously thought it was Rick Relation 」

「 That’s wrong. They may sound alike, but recreation doesn’t have the sound of “L” anywhere 」

「 I see! Now I see! 」

Gahahaha! Takasaki laughs, but there’s nobody else laughing.

「 Mamii, it’s troublesome to have you here. They don’t try to retort no matter how much jokes I throw them 」

So he’s trying to make a joke.

「 Takasaki-san’s words are too noble. We never went to school, unlike Takasaki-san 」

「 Spare the flattery. I’ve dropped out in my third-year college in business school 」

「 I think just getting in there is impressive 」

「 I see, there’s that way of thinking too 」


What’s with this conversation.

However, these two are checking us out in secret while having that conversation.

They’re seeing what kind of company we are.

「 And so, what is it Mami, What’s your business? 」

After assuming his importance, Takasaki finally cuts to the chase.

「 It’s not me but these guests, they seem to have business with Takasaki-san 」

「 Oh, I see 」

Takasaki stares at us.

「 So, who is it? And what’s the business? 」


「 It’s me 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 Oh, let’s see. As you can see, I’m in the middle of something. Sorry but if you want to talk, talk to someone else. After all, I’m the dealer right now 」

「 Feel free 」

Takasaki resumes playing Mahjong.

He looked at his tiles, then,

「 The hell?! What shitty tiles! 」

He throws in the first tile.

「 Then, who the hell are you anyway? 」

「 Oh, sorry about that. My name is Margo Starkweather Kuromori. As my title says, I’m from Kuromori 」

Margo-san says.

「 Huuh?! Kuromori?! Hey, does anyone here know Kuromori?! Kuromori house? 」

「 No, not at all 」

「 Takeshi, what about you? 」

「 Never heard of it! 」

The guards near the wall shout loudly.

「 Sorry about that, even those from Osaka don’t know about Kuromori house 」

Takasaki laughs loudly.

「 You don’t have to know. I don’t know much about you either 」

Margo-san said.

「 However, there’s an individual person who told me that if I want to talk about martial arts industry, then I should give my greetings to Takasaki Ichiro-san 」

Takasaki looked at Margo-san.

「 Martial arts industry? You? 」

「 Yeah, that’s right. I was thinking of joining in as an athlete 」

Takasaki looks at Margo-san’s whole body once again.

「 You seem trained 」

「 That’s obvious. This is the body that will earn money after all 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 No, let’s stop this 」

Takasaki stops playing Mahjong.

Oh, he’s,

He’s the type that’s passionate about martial arts.

「 With your physique, you’re not going for pro wrestling but mixed martial arts? Women’s mixed martial arts isn’t popular. I’ve tried raising several of them, and they failed 」

Then, Margo-san

「 I wonder? I plan on succeeding though 」

She smiled.

「 Hah! But you see, that strong aura is just an aura. It would be impossible to sell female martial artists. You’ve got to have personality. Nowadays, you have to be a “Crazy Psycho Lesbian1” to be known to some extent 」

Takasaki seems to have a low evaluation of Margo-san as a fighter.

「 Thank you for that advice 」

「 Nevertheless, just one match isn’t enough for the show business. What can you do alone? Do you have other team members? 」

「 Oh, if that’s the case 」

Margo-san points at Edie and Kudou Haruka.

「 I have these two 」


「 For this Japanese girl, Takasaki-san who loves martial arts should know her. She’s Kudou Haruka. She was the champion on girl’s high school karate last year. She must’ve been in the news or other outlets, hasn’t she? She’s quite a beauty after all 」

「 H-Hey! Wait!! 」

Kudou Haruka panics.

「 Oh what is it? I thought I had your word that I can sell your body? 」

Margo-san presses Haruka.

「 T-That’s 」

「 Selling your body or competing, there’s nothing much different from them, which do you prefer though? 」

「 U-Uhm 」

Kudou Haruka fell silent.

She doesn’t know what we’d make her do with the Yakuza if she tries to grumble.

「 And next to Haruka-san is Edie. She’s quite strong and cute as well. Furthermore, she’s also a schoolgirl 」

「 That’s right~ 」

Edie puffs her chest with pride.

Edie’s supple body can be seen even when she’s wearing clothes.

Naturally, her blonde hair, blue eyes, and brown skin show her beauty as well.

「 You can say that my marketability is low, but these girls will surely have enough. 」 After all, the fighters are school girls and beauties 」

Takasaki stares at Haruka and Edie and thinks.

「 I mean, Margo, you’re still in 19. I think that you’ll even get famous as a beauty 」

Edie laughs, but,

「 I’m a warrior, I refrain from being called a beauty 」

Then, Takasaki

「 No, I don’t think it will work I don’t think the three of you will sell well 」

Then, he smiled at Margo-san.

「 Let’s see, how about you? Why don’t you entrust the promotion to me? This Takasaki Ichiro! 」

Takasaki bites.

「 Then, I’ll be looking for your opponents, the venue, and even the sponsors. That is much easier than forcing yourself into the industry, I think that this will go well, After all, when it comes to martial arts, I’ve got a lot of connections 」

It seems that putting Margo-san aside, Edie and Kudou Haruka seems to have worth for Takasaki.

If that’s the case, he ‘s trying to affiliate himself with them as soon as possible.

「 I can bring along professionals like Yamaguchi Hideko or the Judo silver medalist Yokotani Madoka as your opponents. They have their names and skills well known but, they’re not that pretty. I think the world should know you girls better, for now, using your face will do. “Wild beast VS beautiful warrior!!!” will surely sell. It will be the talk of all the news outlets at the end of the year!! Sabu, what do you think, will it work? 」

「 Yes, I think it will work! 」

「 Tatsu, what about you? 」

「 Aniki’s right!! 」

「 What about Shigeharu?! 」

「 It’s the best plan!! Crazy Psycho Lesbians is perfect!!! 」

「 Yes, yes, naturally 」

Takasaki’s in a good mood.

「 I see. Indeed, there were former idol/wrestlers who are popular because they look good. And there’s merit on trying to use beauties as materials again. Even if you lose, the viewers will cheer. The face of a woman in pain is sexy after all 」

「 That’s right! 」

Takasaki’s getting excited.

「 Hey, Takasaki-san, it doesn’t look like these ladies want you to take care of them though? 」

Morisawa Mami looks at Margo-san’s expression and laughs.

「 Oh, sorry but I already have someone that’ll promote me 」

Margo-san turns down Margo-san’s offer.

「 W-W-W-W-W-W-What!? Who’s that!? Hey! Is it Temi? Mochizuki? Namba? Yoshihara?! I’m sure that I’m better than them!!!! 」

He glares at Margo-san with anger.

「 If it’s in Japan, Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyuushuu, Okinawa, or wherever it is, there’s no one who can go against me when it comes to martial arts! I’m definitely going to take them down! They’re dead meat!!! 」

「 Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! 」

Kudou Haruka trembles and clings to me tighter.

「 I know. That’s why we’re going to have a match in America 」

Margo-san speaks calmly, hearing that, Takasaki’s complexion changed.

「 A-America? 」

「 Yeah, the location would be in Las Vegas, in UGM hotel, it’s already booked 」

「 Y-You, what are you talking about? 」

「 I thank you for telling me that you don’t think that the women’s martial arts division has no appeal. I thought of the same thing. You’re right, if I just go in that route, I won’t be famous as a fighter. That’s why I decided to fight men instead 」

「 M-Men? 」

Takasaki’s surprised.

「 In my match in Las Vegas, my opponent there would be Piotr Gelgrenco! 」

「 Isn’t that the top in mixed martial arts for men? 」

「 I don’t think it will be famous unless we put it on that level, see? 」

Margo-san is going to have a match with a male mixed martial artist?

「 Well, I do plan on winning some fights in the women’s division first. It wouldn’t be balanced if I don’t have a title and yet I’m going to fight the king of martial arts from last year, don’t you think? It’s all for publicity. If I don’t show that I have unbounded strength even if I’m a woman, then the viewers won’t bite that, will they? 」

「 So are you saying that you can win against women without problems? 」

Margo-san grins.

She doesn’t respond.

「 Then, You’re just joking about Las Vegas and Gelgrenco 」

「 Not at all, I already talked to his manager 」

「 I can’t see you doing that!! 」

Takasaki threatens Margo-san.

「 Gelgrenco’s manager is someone from the underground society of Los Angeles! I couldn’t even get a match set up with him! 」

「 Oh, Mr. Barbathua? I met him last month when I went to the US 」

Margo-san parted ways with us during summer vacation.

「 You’ve met him? 」

「 My teacher is Kyouko Messer. And so, Malandro of Brazil is in charge of solving my problems. While at it, I used my connection with Kyouko-san to talk with the organizations in Los Angeles. And thus, it went from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. It’s troublesome, but I’ve got my friends to rely on to clean up everything 」

Miss Cordelia.

She’s an authority when it comes to the crime syndicates in Los Angeles.

「 The match would be broadcasted worldwide, and we also have specialists promoters. Takasaki-san, do you know Don Orsini? 」

「 I know him 」

「 That guy told me that if I could find a connection for broadcasting rights in Japan, then I should give my greetings to Takasaki-san. After all, Takasaki-san’s an influential man in Japan’s martial arts industry 」

Takasaki-san shows a bitter expression.

「 I see. Kuh 」

He throws off the mahjong tile in his hand to the table.

「 Sorry. I lost the mood to play Mahjong 」

Then, he talked to the guards near the wall.

「 Bring in seats for these people!! If I let them stay standing, it would anger Orsini 」

「 Ah! Yes! 」

「 Hey! Chairs! Bring in chairs! 」

The followers panic.


「 Wait Aniki 」

One of the men sitting in front of Takasaki speaks up.

He’s erased his presence so far, but,

This man,

「 Don’t you think it’s a bit too much? 」

A slender face, short haircut, and black clothing.

He seems to be training in Karate or Judo, either way, he’s got a good physique.

His back is stretched long, and his standing looks clean.

At a glance, he employs Anachronism.

He looks like someone from an old Japanese movie.

「 I wonder, O’Sullivan」


Could this guy be the last one of Oodori’s four devas,

Gilbert O’Sullivan.

「 Indeed, I do know that this lady has connections to Kyouko Messer. Kyouko Messer’s gone through Los Angeles, and it wouldn’t be strange if she made connections there 」

Morisawa Mami speaks up.

「 Even so, I don’t think that it’s appropriate for us to bow our heads to this lass 」

O’Sullivan says.

「 Oh, you’re Gilbert O’Sullivan? 」

Margo-san smiled and said.

「 People do call me Gilbert O’Sullivan, yes 」

O’Sullivan replies in displeasure.

「 True name, Shirono Uchi Tetsuya. If I recall, you’ve committed a blunder, and so President Oori changed your name 」

「 He asked me if I prefer “Gilbert O’Sullivan” or “Shiromati” 」

So that’s why he picked “Giber O’Sullivan.”

「 “Shiromati” is a great insult!! 」


「 Well, putting the names aside, if I recall, you are the leader of President Oodori’s elite guards, aren’t you? 」

Margo-san laughs.

「 What about it?! 」

「 Then, I guess you’re strong 」

Hearing that, it seems that it made him snap.

「 Bitch! Are you looking down on meeee?! 」

「 Not exactly, but I want to know. I want to see how strong is the leader of President Oodori’s bodyguards 」

「 What the hell did you say!??? 」

O’Sullivan stands up from the mahjong table.

「 Hey, stop it! O’Sullivan! 」

Takasaki tries to stop him but,

「 Oh? Why not? We also want to see how much strength does Kyouko Messer’s disciple have 」

Morisawa Mami said.

「 That’s right, both sides want to know each other’s strength 」

Margo-san takes a stance.

「 Takasaki-san, you can’t stop me now!! My anger is about to erupt!!! 」

「 Edie, if you’d please 」

「 Okay~ 」

Margo-san said. Edie nods.

「 Now then, O’Sullivan, if we want to test our strength, how about we make rules? 」

Margo-san moves to the area with more space in the room.

「 Rules, you say? 」

Margo-san is leading O’Sullivan.

「 Well, aren’t there rules in mixed martial arts? Or maybe you want “anything goes” 」

Then, O’Sullivan;

「 I am a Yakuza!!! It’s obviously Yakuza rules!!! 」

「 Then, let’s go with that 」


Margo-san’s body kicks the ground like a bird.



In an instant.

Margo-san’s body spins at high speed like a tornado,

Margo-san’s roundhouse kick lands on O’Sullivan’s neck

「 Muguuuuu!!! 」

His huge body fell down without being able to do anything.

「 Oh, w-what have you done to O’Sullivan Aniki!!! 」

The guards near the wall moved reflexively.

Edie then knocked them down with her fist.

「 Magiiii!! 」

「 Migiiii!! 」

「 Pugeraa!!!! 」

Edie didn’t attack the guards that didn’t move.

「 He said Yakuza rules 」

Edie smiles.

「 Thanks, now I understand Takasaki-san, Morisawa-san 」

Margo-san says after crushing O’Sullivan.

「 For now, Mr. Orsini wants to meet Takasaki-san, and so it’s best to capitalize on it. But in exchange, I’m expecting promotions for my fight in Japan 」

Takasaki’s trembling

「 Oh? What about me? 」

Morisawa Mami asks Margo-san.

「 Who knows, that depends on Morisawa-san 」
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