Complex Chapter 732. Margo and Nei’s menace attack!

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「 Hmm, very well. So, do you want to meet up with our boss? 」

Morisawa Mami, a woman with violet hair and Japanese clothes, one of president Oodori’s four Devas “Living four,” asks Margo-san.

「 Why? Our goal was to talk with Takasaki-san about the martial arts industry 」

Margo-san said with a smile.

「 Well, surely there were some accidents that happened along the way, but it was them who were rude to Kinoshita-san in the elevator hall, and I just had a match to have Takasaki-san see my skills, right? 」

「 You’re talking about something outrageous, there are more than 50 of our men, and two of the living four on the ground 」

「 I said, it was an unfortunate accident 」

The two glare at each other without breaking their smile.

「 Hey, auntie 」

Suddenly, Nei talks to Morisawa Mami while smiling.

「 Look at us, it’s just three weak school girls and one schoolboy, and to think that the adults from the Yakuza were beaten up by those people, what do you think others would say about that? 」

She’s laughing.

「 Kinoshita-san took down over 50 of your men alone, and we didn’t even do anything, see? O’Sullivan right over there fought Margo-oneechan and was defeated under the “Yakuza rule” that he mentioned. Also, it can’t be helped that there would be some who’d want to get in between the fight since it’s a “Yakuza rule” fight, right? These guys are professionals and yet a high school girl, Edie-chan took them down, look 」

In short, this won’t go well with them.

The first to move was the Yakuza, and our business with Takasaki-san was genuine, and so we’re not trying to provoke them.

「 Stop, Mami, it’s our loss. For now 」

Takasaki tells Morisawa Mami.

「 I understand your case in the entertainment industry. Allow me to say that promoting you in Japan will not be a problem 」

「 Yes, thank you. I’ll guarantee that Takasaki-san will receive profit as well 」

Margo-san replies.

「 Kuh, it’s shocking to have a lass like you led me around by the nose but, I think that it turned out well as I can get along with the American promoters 」

「 Yes, I know. We will help you establish a friendship with Don Orsini. There’s nothing lost on our side. Then that’s a deal? 」

「 Hmm, that’s a deal 」

Takasaki speaks in a loathsome tone.

「 Either way, it’s our side’s fault this time. This is the result of underestimating women and children 」

「 Well that’s inevitable, after all, we’re cute~ 」

Nei jokes around.

「 What about that lady? What’s her job? Round girl? 」

Takasaki asks Margo-san as he looks at Nei’s beauty.

「 Oh, Nei’s my manager 」

「 Manager? 」

「 You said it earlier, I lack in a selling point as someone who just entered the pro martial arts scene. Especially if we enter the American soil 」

「 Therefore, I’ll be her manager! I’ll be with her in the ringside, and anywhere she goes! 」

「 I think that Nei and I will create enough impression 」

I see.

If Nei’s in the ringside as Margo-san fights,

The two do have good teamwork after all,

「 You’ve thought about it a lot 」

「 That’s obvious. We’re serious, and so we will go all out. We’ll win in front of the audience, whether it’s a woman or a man 」

Nei smiles.

「 Hmm, I think that kind of development would be famous to them. Though there are feminists, it’s a male-dominated land. Especially in martial arts, they prefer men 」

「 Can you really say that to me, someone born in the US? 」

Margo-san’s eyes glitter.

「 I get that. That’s why I’m doing it 」

「 That’s right, this is our dream! 」

Takasaki felt something from their smiles.

「 I see. It’s not about money. Your goal is a dream 」

「 If we want money, then we can just continue our work on this side 」

「 You’re right,, after all, you’re Kyouko Messer’s disciple. Is there a reason why someone from this side wants to go to the other side? 」

「 It’s not just us. For example, Edie right here has her origins go back to New Orleans, although I can’t explain that in detail. If that continues, her daily life would be limited 」

Edie’s origin is from an assassination cult in New Orleans.

The new leader of the cult hates Edie due to her blood relatives, and so she’s sold to Miss Cordelia.

「 That’s why we have to change her personal history 」

「 And so you picked martial arts 」

「 Yeah, if she’s famous in the martial arts world, then her former organization has to give up on her. Besides, there won’t be any more organizations from this side scouting her 」

If she becomes a famous martial artist, then she can’t work behind the scenes as everyone can tell who she is.

「 But won’t you be the same? I believe that your agility is much suited for this side’s work than martial arts 」

Takasaki said.

「 But, she and I will have to cross a dangerous bridge soon enough. We have our family. Precious little sisters and brother. We don’t want to accept jobs on this side that would put our family at risk 」


「 Me too~ 」

Edie said and smiled.

「 Therefore, it has to be the other side. This isn’t just a dream. This is a minimum requirement for us 」

For our sake.

「 Why would you go that far? 」

「 Didn’t I say it earlier? I want to have a good relationship with Takasaki-san. I’d like to become famous in America first but, I’ll need to have a match in Japan sooner or later 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 You know it. No, forgive us for what we’ve done. I hope we can still wipe the slate clean. Also, there’s something I want to tell you 」

Takasaki stares into Margo-san’s eyes.

「 Does Kouzuki intend to take down Oyaji? 」

Oyaji, the Yakuza’s term for the boss.

In Takasaki’s case, it’s Oodori.

「 I don’t know. I’m not under Kouzuki house’s umbrella. I’m from Kuromori house, a friend of Kouzuki house. I can’t tell what the head of Kouzuki thinks 」

Margo-san replies.

「 But, you are serious about requesting a job for me to promote you in Japan. If Kouzuki takes down our boss today, that won’t happen. You have come to talk to me aware that we’re in that critical moment. Won’t that make me think that Kouzuki won’t crush down our boss, am I right? 」

Takasaki asks Margo-san.

「 You’re overthinking it Takasaki-san

Margo-san laughs.

「 I have met Kouzuki-san several times, but he’s not someone who prefers genocide. What’s the point in killing everyone? That man is born from an honorable origin, but he’s still a merchant. He values profit than honor. I mean, he won’t do anything that wouldn’t make a profit. Isn’t that right, Yoshinobu-kun? 」

Margo-san turns to me.

「 Yes, I think so too 」

I replied.

「 Indeed, your judgment is erred. To begin with, picking a fight with Kouzuki house and sending in your fighters from Kansai to Tokyo failed. Then, Kouzuki SS’ chief, Yazawa, and his team raided your headquarters in Kansai 」

The Kansai Yakuza misread Jii-chan’s strength.

「 Even so, you guys want to have a 50-50. Actually no. You want to get the better deal with Kouzuki house. I think that’s asking for too much 」

「 Yeah, isn’t that why you came here? To attack us? 」

Takasaki replies, bitterly.

「 WHat are you talking about? What can a group of girls and a single boy do? Do we look like a group that would raid you guys? 」

Margo-san looks at us.

Nei, Edie, Kinoshita-san, me.

The high school group wears a school uniform. Kinoshita-san looks cute.

「 But you took down more than 50 of them! Didn’t you just beat up even the elites! 」

Morisawa Mami replies in anger and glares at Margo-san.

「 Look, do you still not get it, Auntie? 」

Nei looks amazed, then she turned to Kinoshita-san.

「 Kinoshita-san, how long have you been in Kouzuki SS? 」

Kinoshita-san counts her fingers.

「 Err, it’s about four months 」

「 That means you’re a new hire, right? 」

「 That’s right! 」

「 By the way, are you in the stronger group, Kinoshita-san? 」

Kinoshita-san shakes her head.

「 Not at all, We’ve got more people stronger than me. I’m not even worthy of being called strong 」

「 Not worthy, she said 」

Nei tells Morisawa Mami while laughing.

「 Seriously, jokes aside, Margo-oneechan wants to talk about martial arts with Takasaki-san, and so we had Kinoshita-san who’s a newcomer take us here. This floor is under Kouzuki SS’ control, and so we can’t just come in without someone from the same company, don’t you think? Then, your boys picked a fight with this girl who says that she’s not even strong enough 」

Morisawa Mami starts to tremble.

「 Think about it. Kouzuki SS is a private army made from Kouzuki-ojiichan’s money and connections. This newcomer is this strong. If he wants to take you all down, then he won’t even bother doing this “deal!” He has enough manpower to destroy the Yakuza in Kansai 」

「 Furthermore, Kouzuki house has a lot of connections. No matter how unlawful their methods can get, Kouzuki house won’t be convicted for it 」

Nei and Margo talk alternately.

These two are always perfect when it comes to intimidation tactics.

「 Then, is that it? Kouzuki has no intention of taking down our boss? 」

Takasaki says.

「 Huh? Why would you think that way? 」

Nei knits her eyebrows.

「 No, look, if he has that much power, then he could’ve crushed us down right away. Besides, weren’t you the ones who said that Kouzuki doesn’t prefer genocide? 」

Takasaki looks at Margo-san.

「 Yes, Kouzuki-san doesn’t like genocide 」

「 Then that’s it! 」

「 But, he can crush down the head and let the body and limbs live 」

She smiled.

「 If he can change the head to another one that would follow him, then the body and the limbs would belong to him, doesn’t it? 」

「 You mean?! 」

Does Jii-chan plan to take down only Oodori?

「 I guess. I think that Kouzuki-ojiichan’s purpose is the whole Kansai Yakuza! And so, he won’t kill everyone. That would mean the organization dies. If he takes out the head only… 」

「 After all, it’s only one head he has to take out 」

Nei and Margo’s combination burst out.

「 Are you telling me to betray my own boss?! 」

Takasaki says.

「 Huh? What? Were we talking about that, Margo-oneechan? 」

「 No, I don’t remember saying such a thing. We’re from a different organization than Kouzuki house, and all we’re doing is explaining the current affairs 」

Margo-san and Nei looked at each other.

「 But, have you ever thought of this, Margo-oneechan? 」

「 Hmm, I wonder 」

「 Nobody else knows what happens in this room, right? 」

「 Oh, you’re right. Hmmm 」

「 Besides, Margo-oneechan fought O’Sullivan, and now he’s lying down on the floor 」

「 Edie did take out some of the guards too 」

「 Then, will it look strange if after we left the room, Takasaki-san and everyone says that their stomach hurts, and so they don’t show up in the deal? 」

「 Oh! You’re right! More than 50 people are laying on the floor already. Besides, half of the living four are sleeping together with them, if Takasaki retreats here, nobody would think of it as strange 」

「 Nobody. Nobody. I mean, if it’s just Takasaki-san and everyone in this room still awake after we left, don’t you think that the boss would be suspicious of that? 」

「 You’re right. Maybe he would think that there’s some sort of deal that happened. Well, there really was a promise of him introducing me to the business 」

Nei laughs.

「 Takasaki-san, you thought because you promised Margo-oneechan to promote her in the martial arts industry, Kouzuki house won’t try to take you down, right? 」

He’s thinking that since he made a promise with Margo-san to promote her in the martial arts industry in the future, he won’t be involved in the carnage.

That’s why, Takasaki-san.

「 But, how do you think Oodori would see that? 」

Nei said. Takasaki realized.

「 Maybe, Oodori-san sees Takasaki-san promising to work together with us as a betrayal against him as there would be a confrontation later? 」

「 Are you screwing with me?! 」

Takasaki shouts, but,

「 Don’t point fingers too fast. All I did was ask Takasaki-san for a job. Don Orsini trusts Takasaki-san after all 」

Margo-san laughs.

「 That’s right, we’re not screwing anyone here. All we have is a separate case, we’re not threatening you at all~ Takasaki-saaan 」

Nei shows a smile on her face.

「 Kukukuku, hahahahahahaha, ahahahaha!!! 」

Suddenly, Morisawa Mami laughs out loudly.

「 It’s our loss. Our loss. Takasaki-san, we lost to them 」

Then, she sighed.

「 They’re right, we should take out leave. My story would be that I fainted after seeing that O’Sullivan knocked out 」

Morisawa Mami glares at me.

「 What are you looking at!? Are you thinking that I’m such a fat woman to faint from that?! 」

「 No, I don’t think so 」

I say while in panic.

「 No, Darling. That’s how she does her stuff 」

Edie stands before me.

「 Auntie, if you want I can make you faint for real, want it? 」

Edie starts shadow boxing.

「 Stupid. Stop that. That was just a little joke. Something to ease things up 」

Morisawa Mami sighs.

「 So, Takasaki-san? If you ar hurt, then Oodori-san won’t think that you’re betraying him. Isn’t this a problem within the Yakuza industry? Well, it may look lame to have a woman knock you out, but you’re not a fighter compared to O’Sullivan. Even Oodori-san’s bodyguards were knocked out, it would be inevitable to have you, a thinker, be knocked out 」

Margo-san says.

「 Okay. But, can I get a guarantee from Kouzuki if I leave here? 」

He’s making a profit to himself to the last moment.

This is what a Yakuza is.

「 Isn’t staying alive enough as a profit? 」

Margo-san said with a nonchalant face.

「 Is boss already out? 」

Takasaki glares at Margo-san.

「 Well, I think. It’s about 9/10 probability 」

「 I see 」

Takasaki drops his shoulders.

「 Okay, I’ll have to ask you to beat me too. That would be my way to leave. You guys too 」

Takasaki tells the Yakuza near the wall.

「 Sorry, but Oodori-san could drag you along as his guards 」

Margo-san said. Then the Yakuza near the wall;

「 O-Okay 」

They bow their heads, unable to do anything.

「 No, don’t pretend, you need to be knocked out for real 」

Takasaki said.

「 That way, we can defend ourselves. Jou-chan, give me a hit to knock me out. Get yourselves punched too. 」


「 It’s okay. These guys won’t leave any after-effects from their hits. Give Mami a hit as well 」

「 Indeed. That’s more reliable 」

As expected of Yakuza, if it’s for their self-protection, they won’t mind getting knocked out.

「 Don’t ask for medical treatment fees later, okay? 」

Margo-san said.

「 I know. I prefer to live than to make money 」

「 If it’s money, you can earn a lot in martial arts. Nufufufun~ 」

Nei laughs.

「 Then, do it quick 」

「 I’m ready 」

Takasaki and Morisawa closed their eyes.

「 Wait, wait, Margo, I can do that without pain you know? 」

Edie moves forward.

Takasaki and everyone else opened their eyes and show a “Huh?” expression, then Edie;

「 Don’t mind it., It’s my skill. hawooooo!!!! 」

Edie releases her Qi, then.

「 Awawawawa 」

「 Nupupupupu! 」

Takasaki and Morisawa faint on the spot.

「 Okay, you guys are next! 」

Edie knocks out the frightened Yakuza one after another.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 That was amazing is that what they call “QI?” 」

Kinoshita-san claps her hand.

「 Indeed. I used Qi on them 」

Edie replied brightly.

「 Now then, that’s one of Shou-neechan’s business taken care of 」

Margo-san said.

「 Huh, what? 」

Come to think of it, Margo-san, Shou-neechan, and Minaho-neesan have been making plans since noon.

「 You do remember the participants in the deal today, don’t you? 」

Margo-san turned to me.

「 Yes. Jii-chan, and the two Kansai Yakuza groups. Oodori and Satake. Then, some big names in yakuza as witnesses, right?

In the first place,

Takakura shrine has a long relationship with the Kansai Yakuza.

Oodori has been visiting the Takakura shrine a lot. He is Tsukiko’s true father.

However, Satake, the new head of another Kansai Yakuza killed off Tsukiko’s parents, then took over the Takakura shrine. That caused the chain of events.

Then Oodori’s side had a dispute with Satake.

Then, the Takakura sisters sought Jii-chan’s help.

Kouzuki house intervened with pure strength and suppressed the two Yakuza groups in dispute.

「 The deal for today isn’t just about Kouzuki-san and the Yakuza, but also a deal between Oodori and Satake. 」


「 And since this is a deal between two Yakuza groups, there have to be other Yakuza groups as a witness. Kouzuki-san isn’t in Yakuza, and so he couldn’t participate in a deal between them 」

Margo-san said.

「 So, Yo-chan. The Yakuza’s arbitration would be conducted by the other big-names in Yakuza, but which do you think they’ll favor? 」

Huh, Nei?

「 Maybe Oodori? 」

「 Why? 」

「 Well, aren’t most of the leaders old? I think that’s how the bosses of Yakuza should be. If that’s the case, then they’d side with Oodori who is older compared to the new leader, Satake, he should have a long relationship with them, right? 」

I think.

「 And that’s why Satake-san’s tense at this development. It was Satake’s group who interfered with us in the parking lot, remember? 」

Oh! I see.

If the deal goes on, Satake would be at a disadvantage.

That’s why he’s going for make or break plans.

「 You get it now after coming here, right? Oodori faction’s floor feels easygoing 」

Nei’s right.

These guys have composure.

「 That’s why we have to balance the scales a bit 」

Margo-san said.

「 Is that why Kinoshita-san took down 50 of them in the elevator hall? 」

To scrape off Oodori’s personnel.

「 Huh? I wasn’t thinking of that though? 」

Kinoshita-san smiles wryly.

「 If we’re going that route, we also had 16 knocked out from Satake’s group in the underground parking lot 」

Oh, right.

Satake’s group also has casualties.

「 That’s not the purpose. You see, Yakuza has this “Honor” stuff 」

Nei says.

「 Oodori-san made sure to bring his four devas. This is a display of his status that he has reliable followers in his side 」


「 That’s the reason he brought the four here! And despite all that, the four of them won’t be showing up because they’re hurt 」

Nei laughs.

「 For a big boss in Yakuza, there’s nothing as shameful as this. You came to a meeting with the Yakuza’s big-names with your followers, and not a single one of them appeared when you need them. In addition to that, they’re knocked out in the hotel!!!
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