Chapter 741. The sun rises, the sun goes down.

「 Jii-chan, how about you start living together with us too? 」

I asked Jii-chan.

「 I knew that you’d make that suggestion from the conversation 」

Minaho-neesan has been monitoring all our conversations.

It wouldn’t be strange that Minaho-neesan already made a report to Jii-chan.

「 No, not to offend you but Minaho-kun has regularly reported all Misuzu and Ruriko’s conversations with you for the past four months 」

Jii-chan said.

「 After all, it’s an old man’s concern. I think of what kind of life Ruriko’s having in your house if she’s not troubled by anything, and such. I want to check on that constantly 」

Jii-chan’s love for his granddaughters is endlessly deep and distorted.

「 Especially in sex 」

Jii-chan speaks with a slightly apologetic face.

「 I’ve been worried that Ruriko would get used to sex and get bored with you. Well, that was needless anxiety. Ruriko seems to enjoy having sex with you. She’s always showing a cheerful smile of a little girl 」


「 You’re watching us have sex regularly? 」

「 No, he’s watching all of the times you had sex with Ruriko-sama. As for Ruriko-sama, he does it periodically 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Well, I’d like to check on Ruriko’s health, like the luster of her skin for example 」

Jii-chan’s first love’s appearance is passed to Ruriko, and so he loves her.

「 I don’t mind. It’s Jii-chan anyway. I mean, knowing that I live in that mansion, I’m already used to people watching us 」

It’s already a norm for us to take photos, videos, and such.

「 However, Ruriko might not like me watching her 」

Hmm, well.

I think she won’t like that you’re spying on her.

「 But, we told her from the start that Jii-chan will be looking at it and Ruriko’s okay with it. She loves filming while having sex after all 」

Ruriko’s hobby is filming our sex.

「 I mean, if you come live with us, you can watch all the time. Ruriko’s first experience was in front of Jii-chan after all. I think that she’d be happy to show off how she does sex to Jii-chan 」

I said. Jii-chan.

「 It still makes me nervous. I feel at ease when watching the video alone 」

「 Didn’t you watch Ruriko’s first time like a child’s first time watching porn? 」

「 That’s a special case. That was Ruriko’s one in a lifetime experience. Yoshiko and I were included in her memory of it. I don’t mind that 」

I don’t get it.

「 I prefer only stealing a glance on a lover’s sexual intercourse. Besides, watching it happen right before my eyes will only make you feel sad 」

Is that so?

「 Either way, I cannot live together with you 」

「 Why? It’s fun living in our house though, Jii-chan. There’s also Mao-chan and Agnes. It’s filled with cheerful and cute girls. I’m sure that they’ll let you join in the bath too 」

「 That looks fun 」

Jii-chan smiles wryly.

「 However, I cannot live together with you 」

「 Why? 」

「 I cannot leave my house after all 」


「 Is that a problem with security? 」

「 That’s one factor. But, you know that if I live in your house, the security will become too strict 」

Oh, that’s how it was yesterday.

Kouzuki SS surrounded our mansion.

「 But if that’s the case, Jii-chan can stay over our mansion and ask Shou-neechan and place guards around 」

It’s temporary, so it will be hard.

Kuromori owns all of the houses around the mansion.

If they want, they could build houses or buildings for guards.

「 No, not that. The problem isn’t with me, but with you guys 」


「 If I settle in your mansion, you will be included as targets. Too many children go to school on your side. Do you mind putting them all in danger? 」

Jii-chan stares at me.

「 If it’s about security then it should be enough., Michi’s with Ruriko and Misuzu. We have Edie on our side. Shou-neechan and Rei-chan are checking on us all the time 」

The Takakura sisters, Mana, and Agnes still have to attend school too.

We have to manage to keep this state.

I have no choice but to ask Jii-chan to transfer the girls to the super-ojou-sama school which Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi attends.

「 Even so, the danger of living together with the head of Kouzuki house is different. Even today, I’ve incurred someone’s enmity 」

Jii-chan said.

「 The old men from earlier said that they’d follow what I told them, but on the inside, they hate me. If I show them an opportunity, they will come attacking behind the shadows. They’re the Yakuza after all. Therefore, I’ve already prepared countermeasures. We will be attacking their work in the surface before they could return to Kansai. Their business won’t be able to go anywhere without my help after this. They will bow their heads to me once again, and that will tighten up the reins. The Yakuza comes biting back at you unless you make them surrender completely 」

Jii-chan doesn’t think that this much threat would be enough.

He never looks down on people.


「 I’m glad that you think of me as your family. However, my family is not just your group 」

Jii-chan smiles.

「 I’m still the head of Kouzuki house. You should know that Kouzuki house multiple branch families, don’t you? Kouzuki has various companies at hand, and we also have employees. Shiba-kun will be the manager soon, but I’m still the head of the family. I can’t quit being the representative 」

Head of the family.

「 As the head of Kouzuki house, I must live in the house designated for me. Otherwise, the people below would worry. Even if I bought the Kuromori house, I wouldn’t be able to live in there. That mansion has the smell of the brothel remaining in it. The place I’m staying right now was bought during the Meiji era when the noble, Kouzuki house came to Tokyo. Fortunately, it was spared from the war damage, but it was difficult to live in the old mansion built in the Meiji era. I hardly use it now. I’m living in a separate wing built after the war. But either way, it definitely has the history of Kouzuki house ingrained in it. The memories of people who served the Kouzuki house, not just me but my father and my grandfather is engraved in there 」


It’s a house where lots of memories influenced it.

I can’t imagine that.

「 I don’t think I should leave that house as I am the head. Well, that’s just my selfish thought. I don’t intend to force that belief to Misuzu, Ruriko, or Yoshiko. I don’t mind if those girls destroy the house after my death. However, as long as I’m the head of Kouzuki house, I believe that I should live in there 」

Jii-chan shows a gentle smile.

「 Branch families and executives come to give me a courtesy call, politicians and bureaucrats crying. Sometimes, a newspaper reporter chasing after me. They all think that my mansion is the house of the head of Kouzuki clan. There’s still those who dream that they might be able to escape a problematic situation by visiting that mansion and consulting with me. I don’t think Kuromori’s mansion can create a stage where one dreams that they could turn things around 」

Even if it’s a big-shot from an enterprise somewhere.

Even if it’s a key figure in the government.

They come to Jii-chan to ask for his favor.

Yeah, it would be hard for them to come if he’s living in the former brothel, the Kuromori Mansion.

It has to be the mansion from the Meiji era that Kouzuki house owns.

「 Well, since you’re giving me that offer, I’ll visit Kuromori house once in a month. I could stay over for one night at least. However, my house will still be the Kouzuki mansion. I don’t plan on transferring away from there 」

Jii-chan makes it clear.

If that’s the case.

「 Is the bath in Jii-chan’s house big? 」

I asked.

「 You? 」

「 If you’re coming to play in our mansion once a month, we’ll go there instead. We’ll take our girls there. Do you mind? 」

「 T-That’s 」

「 Naturally, Ruriko’s also coming. Anyway, I don’t think that it’s healthy to have only Jii-chan, Yoshiko-san, and the caretakers in that big mansion of yours 」

Yoshiko wishes to live together with Ruriko in the Kuromori house, but

「 I mean, Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san can live in both the Kuromori and Kouzuki mansions. For example, splitting each week. We can discuss that part later. Then, I’ll bring them along with me. This is to make sure that Jii-chan’s not lonely 」

「 No, you mustn’t, Ruriko’s yours 」

Jii-chan’s still bothered by it.

「 Ruriko belongs to herself. She’s not mine, nor Jii-chan’s 」

I said.

「 That’s why I’m saying it now, I’ll have to discuss it with Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san once we go back home, but we’ll think of how to prevent Jii-chan from feeling lonely, get it?

「 U-Umu 」

Jii-chan groans.

「 Kouzuki-sama, Misuzu-sama, Ruriko-sama, and Yoshiko-sama are all your granddaughters. It’s not strange if they live in the Kouzuki mansion. Yoshinobu is Kuromori Kou in public, and she’s Misuzu-sama’s fiance. It won’t be odd if he comes and goes. Our girls are friends of Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama, don’t you think it’s okay for them to stay over the Kouzuki mansion? Naturally, Katsuko, Nagisa, Margo, and I won’t go to Kouzuki mansion. If that’s the case. No, that’s all up to Kouzuki-sama’s decision in the end 」

Minaho-neesan assists me.

As people involved in the brothel, Minaho-neesan can’t really show up going in and out of Kouzuki mansion.

But we’re students, we can fool people about our identities.

「 I understand. I’ll consider it. However, talk it out with Misuzu and the girls first. Especially Ruriko. Maybe she doesn’t like to live in the same house with me 」

「 That’s not true. Ruriko respects her grandfather 」

She doesn’t look at you as a man, though.

She only loves you as a grandfather.

I have to the point that out.

「 Right. She’s a kind girl 」

Jii-chan speaks in a slightly sad tone.

◇ ◇ ◇

We greeted goodbye to Jii-chan and left the room.

We enter the glass-walled VIP room.

「 Everyone’s waiting on that room over there 」

Rei-chan’s waiting for us with a smile.

「 This room gives too much view 」

Yeah, the lights below are already turned off, but still,

I don’t think it’s mentally pleasant for the sisters to look down on where Takakura Kiyomi died.

「 Minaho-oneesama, Shou-oneesama seems like she wants to talk to you 」

Rei-chan talks to Minaho-neesan.

「 What is it about? 」

「 It’s about checking the reaction of the Kansai Yakuza 」

「 Oh, the bosses who were witnesses to the deal has to announce the results 」

Oodori, Satake, and Jii-chan, the three of them conducted the deal, and so everyone involved were called to Tokyo,

Then, the outcome is Oodori and Satake disposed of in the dark.

That includes all of Oodori and Satake’s subordinates present in the meeting.

This is inevitable to protect the secrecy of the Takakura shrine maiden, but,

Most of the Yakuza won’t agree with it.

「 Worst case scenario, chief Yazawa’s gonna call for the agents he left in Kansai, but it’s better to know the minute details before anything 」

「 Okay, I have some old customers from the Kansai region, I’ll be asking them about the situation 」

Without those guys, Oodori and Satake sent out to Tokyo,

They won’t know that the Takakura sisters escaped to the Kuromori mansion.

Those who came to Tokyo are being defeated, and so,

They won’t think of talking about what happened in Tokyo other than the members of the same organization.

「 Thank you 」

Rei-chan bows her head to Minaho-neesan.

「 Yoshinobu, you tell everyone what Kouzuki-sama said 」


「 This will be the last time I’ll be working behind the scenes. Talk it out yourselves, think about it, and consult each other 」

「 Yeah. I got it 」

I replied.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Ah, you’re back 」

Margo-san smiles wryly after seeing me enter the room.

There are folding desk and chairs lined up here, I think this is where the Kouzuki SS guards stay on standby.

She’s drinking tea on a paper cup.

「 What’s up, Yo-chan? 」

Nei smiles and asks me on behalf of the worried-looking Takakura sisters.

「 No problems. There’s no need to worry now. Tsukiko, Yomiko, and Luna can stay over with us 」

Kyaaa! Yomiko and Luna are happy.


「 I would still like to return to the Takakura shrine as discussed earlier however 」


「 Give me a second, okay? I’ll talk about what happened first. 」

I tell them what we’ve discussed.

About Takakura Kiyomi possessed by Tsukiko’s mother’s dark thoughts.

That’s why Jii-chan didn’t let Tsukiko get close to Kiyomi-san.

It is to hide the fact that Kiyomi-san is no longer the last Miko power user.

That the ancient documents and the research on how to strengthen Kiyomi-san’s power is still intact.

「 Anyway, the Yakuza can’t come close to the Takakura shrine from today onwards, and Jii-chan promised that Takakura shrine will have a fresh start as an ordinary shrine, and those people promised as well 」

The witnesses who came from Kansai has promised Jii-chan.

「 But, a Yakuza’s promise is something you’d take with a grain of salt 」

Nei looks at me.

「 Yeah. That’s why Shou-neechan and everyone’s looking into it. And so, I don’t think you can return to the Takakura shrine right away. You’ll have to stay with us for a while. I mean, 」

I speak to Tsukiko.

「 You promised not to leave until you get pregnant 」

「 Yes, Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko blushed.

「 But, even if they are to stay with us for long, their personal belongings are still left in the shrine, and so they have to take it, right? If you want, I can come along 」

Margo-san said.

「 However, you can’t go anywhere but your personal living space 」

「 Why? 」

Yomiko asks, looking puzzled.

「 From what I heard earlier, your mother, who lives in the main shrine, has amassed her dark thoughts. We can’t let you pulled in by a dead person 」

「 I feel sorry for Aunt 」

Tsukiko mutters.

「 Oh, by the way. Kiyomi-san’s daughter, was it Koyomi? She’ll also stay with us 」

I remembered.

「 Huh, Koyomi-chan’s coming? 」

Luna looks happy.

「 Luna, don’t be too happy, Koyomi-san also lost her parents 」

Kiyomi-san killed her husband, then herself.

「 She’s under Kouzuki SS’ protection by now, She’s coming our way at this moment if I recall 」

I tell them.

「 How old is that girl? 」

Edie asks.

「 It’s the same age as Luna 」

「 Okay, must be hard for Darling 」

「 Huh, what? 」

「 I mean, you’re going to take another young girl’s virginity 」


「 No, Edie, I needed to have sex with these three because we were investigating about the Miko power, but 」

The research is over.

「 I don’t think there’s a need to force to have sex with that girl, Koyomi-chan 」

I don’t think so.

「 Master, she already started her training to become a shrine maiden, hasn’t she? 」

Michi asks.

「 Yeah. Kiyomi-san did say that.


「 If I recall, just a bit? Kiyomi-san said that her husband started training their daughter, but she stopped it 」

Tsukiko sighed.

「 We need to check how far has she gone 」

「 Yeah, even the memory of her training has disappeared, her mind and body might still have traces of it 」

「 Kiyomi-san might not even have erased all of it in that state of hers 」

Tsukiko, Yomiko, and Luna said.

「 So what do we do in that case? 」

I ask them timidly.

「 In my personal experience, if Koyomi-san is in an unstable state, then I think that she needs to have sex with Kou-sama 」

「 Yomi thinks so too 」

「 Me too 」

I knew it,

「 Give it up, Yo-chan! There’s one or two more won’t make a difference now! 」

Nei pats my back.

「 You’re right. Agnes would be happy that her friends’ increases 」

Edie’s laughing.

「 Although, that would also increase Megumi-oneesama’s anger 」


Don’t say that.

Oh right.

「 What’s the time by the way? 」

I asked.

「 05:07 PM 」

Nei looked at her wristwatch and said.

「 We’ve got to pick Megumi-chan up 」

Margo-san smiled.

「 We told her that she can’t leave the school until someone comes and pick her up 」

There’s the likelihood of the Yakuza chasing after her this morning.

We had Megu follow that appointment.

「 Then, let’s go. If we drive off right now, we can reach the school by 6, right? 」

Nei said.

「 But, what about the car? 」

We came here in three cars.

Shou-neechan, Rei-chan, and Margo-san were the drivers.

「 We can leave Minaho to Shou-oneesan for now 」

Margo-san said.

「 They seem to be stuck working in Kouzuki SS for now. She can’t fight, but she’s great at processing information. That’s Minaho’s talent 」

Analyzing the situation with the Kansai Yakuza will take the time it seems.

But even if Margo-san’s driving,

Margo-san, Nei, Michi, Edie, Takakura sisters, and me.

I don’t think we would fit.

Oh, now that I thought about it.

「 What about Kudou Haruka? 」

She went with her brother and carried their mother, but,

Thinking about it now, Haruka left at the best timing.

If she stayed in and heard about the Miko power,

We also have to think of how we deal with Haruka.

「 It looks like she’s transported to a nearby hospital, away from the Yakuza. Also, Master 」

Michi looks down.

「 Yeah, I get it. You want to check on them? 」

Michi took her down after all. I get that she’s worried.

「 Yes, I’m very sorry 」

「 I’m coming with you 」

Nei gently hugs Michi’s shoulders.

「 If she says anything cruel to Mitchan, then I’m going to bonk their heads! 」

She smiled.

It should be okay with these two.

「 Oh, Taki-san’s coming too by the way 」

Nei whispers to me.

Since Haruka’s brother is a senior member in Kouzuki SS, she won’t do anything strange…right?

But, Haruka’s Haruka.

「 Well, we’ll be going to the hospital, and talk about the contract with Haruka-chi 」

「 Huh, what contract, Ya-chan? 」

Nei smiles.

「 You know? The one we discussed with Takasaki Ichiro 」

Takasaki? Oh, one of Oodori’s four devas.

If I recall, he’s an influential man in Japan’s martial arts business.

「 When starting up our business, Margo-oneechan and Edie-chan won’t be enough, see? That’s why we will include her 」

「 Huh? Wait, that was serious? 」

Are we going to bring Haruka to a martial arts ring?

「 Yeah, super serious!! 」

「 Takasaki-san took the bait too hard and so I think it will go well. The high school Karate champion is something people can create stories on 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 She has a lot of facial expressions, I think she’d be popular even if she wins or lose 」

No, but,

All I can imagine is Haruka screaming “I’m so frustrateeedddd!!!” when she loses a match in the stage.

Oh well, I think that would make her famous.

「 That girl is a pure athlete after all. This is much better than her wanting to become a professional in Kouzuki SS 」

「 And that’s why, this cute manager, Nei-chan, will persuade her to join the martial arts industry!!! 」

Nei smiles cheerfully.
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