Chapter 747. All monster commence attack!

『 W-Wait! 』

Megu panics as Kana-senpai announces her pillage.

『 Hoshizaki-san, W-Why are you doing this to Yoshi-kun and me? 』

Kana-senpai smiled.

『 I see, you call Nobu, “Yoshi-kun” 』


『 But don’t call him that again, he’s my Nobu from now on! Hehehehehehe 』


『 Does that mean that you like Yoshi-kun, Hoshizaki-san? 』

Megu asks timidly.

『 Hmm, I wonder about that? 』

『 What? 』

Kana-senpai thinks for a moment.

『 Well, I don’t really have much experience with actual romance. You know, I’m cuter than the average people. I’m abysmally cute. And that’s why it’s natural for boys to say that they like me or that they want to date me. And so, I thought of finding the better one among them and date him for a while. It started back in fourth grade 』


『 But you know, they’re mostly boring. They don’t interest me. Even those who speak interestingly are mostly narcissists. Some have a good look but are idiots. And so, I replaced each of them without even giving them a kiss. I mean, it’s a lot of trouble if the guys think that I’m a loose woman. Either way, I just had to tell them that I have a boyfriend. That would make the timid boys back off. I mean, those who still come after me even after I say that I have a boyfriend are either just fools or narcissists. Do you get it? Some idiots thought that women with boyfriends are easier to steal. They say that professional skirt-chasers wrote that book. “Women who have boyfriends should be dissatisfied with their partner, if you aim at that opportunity, you’d surely get to bang her” They’re so stupid! That guy who wrote that book should just die. Those who read it and believe it should die as well 』

Kana-senpai rants.

『 And that’s why I think that if it’s the boys trying to court me, I could just reply whatever I can. I could gather presents for all the events on each season. Ah, sometimes, during my birthday, I take gifts from the guy who I’m about to break up and the guy I’m about to date next. If the boys smell that I’m about to break up with them or that I’m about to date them, then they’d buy me whatever I want. One side doesn’t want to break up with me, and the other one wants to start dating me already. Both are getting desperate. Oh well, they’re disgusting anyway. Men who are frantic chasing after women are shit. They’re not cool at all. But, you better learn how to control men. You’re free from now on after all! 』

『 I-I’m not free! 』

Megu seems to have bad compatibility with Kana-senpai.

She’s shouting at Mana earlier, and yet,

Now she’s overwhelmed.

「 A lion at home but a mouse aboard. Megumi 」


You even know that idiom?

She’s not just good at martial arts and good friends with Michi.

The two of them are both geniuses too.

Michi can memorize everything in a textbook after reading it once.

She’s a masochist, though.

『 Really? You’re free now. I’m making you free. Thanks for the hard work until now. I’ll be the one to look after Nobu from now on, you’re now relieved of your post. Bye 』

『 W-What are you talking about?! 』

Kana-senpai smiles.

『 You know, it’s my first time being this excited in my life! That’s why it’s fun 』

『 What is? 』

『 Do you not get it? It’s the ladies of Kouzuki house, and Nei-san. Also, Nobu. They all make me fly~ They’re absurd, you know! They don’t care about common sense at all! They only love Nobu, and that’s why they prepared a sex slave for Nobu coming from the school! And they don’t mind doing all that for him! AS expected, the two of them are as beautiful as me. They love Nobu so much, but they don’t seem to be jealous at all. These people have ascended!

Kana-senpai nods to herself.

『 And, Nobu doesn’t mind it either. I mean, it’s the ruling power Kouzuki ladies! If it’s ordinary men, even when a beauty like me shows up, they’d say “No, thank you. I’d serve Misuzu-sama for the rest of my life! Keroro!” and rub their head on the floor for them, right? But he doesn’t care. He had his way with me like a kid who’s given candy or chocolate and said “Thanks” He doesn’t mind being watched, or should I say that he doesn’t mind showing off, the young ladies and Nei-san were watching back then. They’re all amazing, no, they’ve transcended 』

『 Wait, give me a second. Yoshi-kun did it with Hoshizaki-san? 』

Megu’s surprised.

『 Yeah, I got violated! He took my virginity~ Kufufufu 』

Kana-senpai smiles and looked at Mana at her side.

『 You know what they did right? I think they had something in my drink back then 』

『 Yes, of course, 』

Mana smiles at Kana-senpai.

『 I-I don’t know anything about this?! 』

『 I mean, we didn’t have time to talk to Megu-oneechan. You weren’t there yesterday 』

『 But 』

『 Besides, there was no need for it 』

Mana speaks coldly.

『 You’ve done it with Nobu too, right? 』

『 Yes. Mana is Onii-chan’s sex slave. Ah, I think I’m the first among the sex slave now that I mentioned it 』

Mana replies to Kana-senpai.

『 Well, I guess you’re cute too 』

『 Onii-chan had his way on me outside while it was raining. My first experience was rape. That’s why I love doing it outside 』

『 As expected of Nobu, he doesn’t discriminate 』

『 That’s wrong. Onii-chan never have sex with girls that aren’t cute for him 』

『 Oh, I guess you’re right about that 』

Kana-senpai and Mana laughed.

These two are strangely compatible with each other.

『 Oh, I see. That’s why you’re already discarded 』

Kana-senpai stares at Megu.

『 Why? 』

Megu glares back.

『 I mean, you’re no longer cute. You don’t deserve to be Nobu’s fiance at all 』

Kana-senpai’s words pierce through Megu’s heart.

『 No, I know. Nobu being surrounded by the Kouzuki house ladies, Nei-san, and yeah, or should I call it a secret beauty group? That’s amazing of him. He doesn’t get dominated by the scary people, but instead, he rules over his women equally. And that’s why your role is just to keep Nobu out of sight of the strange girls in the school, just a camouflage, right?

Kana-senpai smiled.

『 But, that’s amazing too. To think that the two of you would call for engagement. As expected, the lady of Kouzuki house and Nei-san’s scale are different. They worry that the other girls might take Nobu away if they don’t go that far 』

Kana-senpai seems to think that way.

『 But I don’t think you’re suited for it anymore. You’re not worthy of being Nobu’s fiance. I feel sorry that Nobu has to be with a stinky woman like you. People would laugh at Nobu. That’s the reason 』

Kana-senpai’s cold look makes Megu shiver.

『 Nei-san and the Kouzuki ladies decided that I’m better as Nobu’s fiance 』

『 That’s! 』

Megu looks at Mana.

『 Naturally, Minaho-oneesan and Katsuko-oneechan knows about it and gave their permission. Nei indeed drafted this plan. I guess it’s just Megu-oneechan and Agnes-chan who doesn’t know about it 』

『 What the hell? 』

Megu’s astonished.

『 It can’t be helped. This is all a counterplan for Megu-oneechan 』

Mana said.

『 I just remembered after hearing Kana-san’s story just now, but; do you understand it Megu-oneechan? All the women around Onii-chan have become even more beautiful, except Megu-oneechan 』


『 Even Edie-chan and Michi-chan who didn’t care about appearances, tries to be fashionable lately, don’t they? Do you know why? 』

Megu doesn’t reply.

『 That’s because everyone’s competing. They want to be as beautiful as possible as Onii-chan’s woman. That’s because if they don’t, their chances of getting Onii-chan’s love would be less, get it? 』

Is that so?

『 The cuter you become then, the more Onii-chan would look at you, and the more he would love you. It’s not just us. Nei-oneechan, the superior beauty from the start is becoming even more beautiful than before. That’s why she stands out. Compared to that, only Megu-oneechan’s becoming worse than before 』

I-Is that so?

I don’t get it.

『 Megu-oneechan, you’ve gotten arrogant since you’ve got that ‘fiance’ title with Onii-chan. That’s why you’re not even putting effort into making yourself beautiful. You’re satisfied with your position, and you stopped caring 』

『 That’s not true. I-I’m also working hard to have the people recognize me that I’m Yoshi-kun’s fiance in school 』

『 Yeah. You did your best making a grim face 』

『 That’s why I’m saying that you’re a stinky woman 』

Kana-senpai said.

『 You seem to love to look at yourself saying “I’m doing all my best! I’m persevering,” but that’s ugly. Or should I say shameful? Anyway, the Kouzuki ladies and Nei-san seems to think that it’s inappropriate of you to show off that you are Nobu’s partner 』

『 That’s, no 』

『 That’s why this beautiful me will be taking over that position of yours! That’s all! Get it? 』


『 But, Hoshizaki-san, you don’t love Yoshi-kun! 』

『 Oh? I quite like him though. I mean, if he wants to marry me I’d say yes. It looks fun to have a new home with Nobu and have the Kouzuki ladies visit us

『 That’s not it! Do you like Yoshi-kun, Hoshizaki-san, what do you feel about him? 』


『 What will you do with my answer? 』

『 Huh? 』

『 Do you really even like Nobu? 』

『 I do, isn’t that obvious? I love Yoshi-kun 』

Megu replies.

『 Oh, are you sure about that? 』

『 I’m sure! Isn’t that obvious?! 』

『 Really? Most people make misunderstandings. You just met by chance, and yet you think that it’s destiny 』

Kana-senpai laughs.

『 All my friends are like that. They’re just pushed by the momentum of the moment and rush in thinking that it’s pure love, but they don’t last long. They all noticed that they were wrong halfway 』


『 I look at those friends of mine coldly all the time. That’s why I swore to myself to never be a fool like them 』

『 I’m not like them. I’m different 』

Megu rejects.

『 Yeah, sure. In your case, you look like a tough class president girl falling in love compared to my friends. That kind of girl won’t stop even if she thinks that she made a mistake. She won’t accept her faults. That’s why they can’t break up halfway, they don’t turn back. Even though her feeling of love is over, she keeps on fooling herself, saying, “I should love him.” That kind of thought goes downwards straight to hell 』

Kana-senpai said, smiling.

『 There was one like that among my batch, she got pregnant and stopped going to school. In the end, she’s the type that’s overly-serious like you. She lost the brakes because of her love, got dragged by the boy and they dropped out of school, but in the end, I heard that they broke up. Now she’s raising a child alone like a tragic heroine. That’s the worst kind of woman. Boys call that booby trap or something? 』

『 I’m not like that! 』

Megu said.

『 I wonder? That knitting of your eyebrows making an angry face looks like her. That girl still made the same face before leaving school and told us this; “We’re different from what you imagine!!” It was a furious look. If it really is love and they made a child as a result, therefore they have to school, “out of love,” then she doesn’t need to make that face. Usually, you’d make a smiling face and tell everyone that you’re sorry for quitting school or something? 』

Kana-senpai laughs.

『 Right now, I’m thinking of Nobu, and I’m making a smile. It really is fun after all. The future that’s about to come is nothing but fun. With that said, I’m sure that I love Nobu. Unlike you 』

『 I!!! 』

『 Like I said earlier, people who talk about love while making that kind of face has no credibility at all 』

Up until now, Edie’s only watching the bakery from here.


『 I guess it’s about time she reaches her limit? 』

She takes the phone on the console.

『 Pururururu 』

The extension phone on the staff room rings.

Megu and everyone’s surprised.

『 Ah, Mana will get it 』

Mana takes the receiver.

『 Hello? 』

「 Hello, this is Edie 」

『 Ah, Onii-chan! 』

Mana acts.

『 I’m going over there now. Give me five minutes, we’ll be back by then 』

「 Okay, we’ll be waiting. Hurry~ 」

Mana hangs up the phone before Megu could say something.

『 Onii-chan’s coming up 』

『 Nobu? 』

『 Yeah. He’ll be coming through the school gate soon 』

Mana, you really are a liar.

『 Well then, let’s end this up before Nobu comes over 』

Kana-senpai said.

『 It’s better if Nobu gives the final rites. I mean, you won’t listen, no matter how much I talk it out with you, right? 』

Megu glares at Kana-senpai.

『 That’s right. If Yoshi-kun’s here, he’ll make it clear. He’ll tell me that Hoshizaki-san’s thoughts are delusional 』


I can see sparks between their eyes.

「 Okay, let’s go now 」

Edie turns off the monitor.

We’re going there now?


「 Err, uhm 」

Luna shows a troubled face.

「 What should I do? 」

She’s overwhelmed with the stormy atmosphere of the older girls.

「 Luna’s also coming, you can cling to Darling for the whole duration though. Luna, you’re the proof that Darling’s famous 」

Edie said.

「 If Luna’s not there, Megumi and Kana would be having a one-on-one showdown. But, if Luna’s there, it won’t happen! Kufufu 」

I don’t get why though.

「 Don’t just idle there, we’re going! We’re gonna be on Standby outside 」

Edie urged us, and so we left the room.

◇ ◇ ◇

This time, we head from the principal’s office to the school building, and outside.

This is closer to the cafeteria where the bakery is, compared to returning the parking lot.

It’s past 6 o’clock, there are hardly any students left in here.

The lights in the corridors are turned off, it’s dark.

「 Is it okay for me to stay with these clothes? 」

It’s actually a problem to have the 12-year-old Luna with me in school,

Furthermore, she’s wearing shrine maiden clothing.

「 Don’t mind it, I’m also wearing a different school uniform right now 」

Edie went to the hotel with the same uniform as Michi.

She’s not wearing the uniform in our school.

「 It’s okay as long as the teachers don’t see us 」

Edie laughs.


「 Hey, what’s with those clothes? 」

Someone already found us.


It’s the guidance counselor, Tsukioka.

If I recall, he’s the advisor of the volleyball club.

I guess he found us while returning to the staff room as the practice ended.

「 Stay like that, don’t look back 」

Edie whispers to us.

Luna clings to me.

「 Who are you?! State your year and name 」

It’s dark, and so he can’t see us.

「 Third year, Giroro! 」

Edie replied loudly.

「 What Giroro?! Third-year? Are you from third year? 」

「 Huh? Is there no surname like that in Japan? 」


「 Wait! Stay right there! 」

Tsukioka’s presence is coming near.

「 What? Is this practice for the club festival or are you from the theater club?! Wait, why is your hair dyed?! 」

Tsukioka misunderstands Edie’s blonde hair.

「 Hey, face this way! 」

「 Okay~ 」

Edie turns around with tremendous momentum.

No, this is.

She’s doing a roundhouse kick.

Edie’s sharp roundhouse kick hits Tsukioka’s head, and he’s taken down in a single blow.

「 Mugyuuuuu!!! 」

Then, Tsukioka fell down on the floor.

Edie checks on his state.

「 Unconscious. I kicked him with Qi. There’s not much damage, we can leave him here 」

Then, she rolls down Tsukioka’s body at the end of the corridor.

「 Let’s go 」

Wait, we’re just leaving him there?

「 Don’t worry, Darling 」

Edie looks at my face.

She opens the window on the corridor.

「 Kyaaaa!! Someone’s collapsed in here!!! 」

She shouts in a feminine voice.

「 What was that? 」

「 Wait was that in our school!? 」

I hear voices from the outside.

「 And there’s no problem now, let’s escape! 」

Edie grabs Luna and my hand.

Then, we dashed out of the school.

「 Kufufufu! This is fun, isn’t it, Darling? 」


「 Hey, let’s go now 」

Edie’s hand grasps mine tighter.

◇ ◇ ◇

Haa, haa, haa

We ran frantically and reached the bakery.

「 Haa, haa, you two are too fast 」

Luna’s breathing roughly, gasping.

「 But, we’re finally here 」

Edie, on the other hand, isn’t sweating at all.

She then opens the door to the bakery.

「 Coming in! 」

You sound like the guys from the theater.

「 Huh, Edie-chan? Where’s Onii-chan 」

Mana shows up.

「 Together with Luna, gasping 」

「 Huh? Had sex? 」

We didn’t.

We didn’t.

「 No. A teacher found us along the way, so we ran 」

「 Oh. Mana thought of joining if it was sex 」

Mana pls.

「 Get in already if you don’t want to be found. Mana will prepare tea 」

「 Thanks. Mana 」

It can’t be helped.

I ready myself and head inside to face the two women fighting each other.

Luna’s clinging to me.

It’s an unknown location with an unknown person.

She’s scared.

We enter the bakery from the entrance and head to the staff room.

「 Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu looked happy for a moment she saw me, but,

When she saw Luna clinging to my side, her face turned stiff.

「 Oh? That’s another cute girl 」

Kana-senpai looked at Luna.

「 Whose little sister is this?! Don’t tell me Nobu, you made this small girl your woman? 」


「 No, that’s the case 」

Luna replied with her tiny voice.

「 I’m also Nii-san’s sex slave 」

Hearing that, Megu’s face turned stiff.

「 No way? How old are you? 」

「 12 」

「 12? I thought girls aren’t ready to have sex at that age? 」

Kana-senpai’s surprised.

「 I can. I mean, I already did. I had sex with Nii-san multiple times already. Although it still hurts, everyone tells me that it’ll feel good soon 」

I didn’t expect Luna to remember that.

「 Huh? Then was it inside? 」

「 Inside? 」

「 I’m asking whether Nobu came inside you or not 」


「 Isn’t that the norm in sex? 」

「 We don’t know anything other than creampie sex 」

Edie comes in gallantly.

「 Really? To think that you have sex with even a child 」

Kana-senpai stares at me.

「 I guess, Nobu’s indiscriminate 」


「 No. Onii-chan only does it with charming girls 」

Mana comes in with teacup and pots.

「 Oh, I see. I guess it can’t be helped if it’s this much of a beauty 」

Kana-senpai looked at Luna’s face and said.

Luna clings to me, embarrassed.

「 So, is her shrine maiden clothing Nobu’s fetish? 」

「 No. My family works at a shrine 」

Luna replied.

「 Oh, I see 」

Kana-senpai smiles.

「 What now, self-proclaimed fiance? Your rivals have increased without us even knowing about it 」

Megu looks down in displeasure.


What to do?
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