Chapter 82

82. The woman called Iwakura Yukiyo (After another)

「Oh right, Yamamine-san…I’ll be visiting your home tonight」

Yuzuki-sensei told Megumi when the girls track and field club finished drinking their cans.
The members became noisy once again.
The spectators had already scattered when the cans were opened together.
The only people left were the track and field club members, Sensei, Iwakura-kaichou and me.

「I don’t have any weird business…Yamamine-san’s an honors student, aren’t you? That’s why I have to get your guardian’s stamp on a few documents directly. I’m the one in charge of the student scholarships」

Sensei told everyone calmly.
It’s actually not like that.

Yuzuki-sensei intends to take in Megumi from the Yamamine house…
Megumi will part with her adoptive parents…and will move to 『Kuromori』residence from now on.

「Eh? Yamamine’s a scholarship student?」
「I didn’t know that」

The first years talk to Megumi.

「Y-Yeah, that’s right」

Megumi fools them for the moment.

「Of course…She’s on academic scholarship. Yamamine-san got first place in this year’s exam」

Sensei laughingly said.

「Is that so?! Megumi-chan’s intelligent!」
「Teach me next time!」

The first years believe Sensei’s words easily since Megumi’s normally gentle and is an honors student.

「You can come with Yoshida-kun too!」

Koujou-san told Megumi


Megumi turned red.

「As expected, you’re going to study together for the exams aren’t you? We won’t be obstructing you two so let me study with you too」
「Eh, Koujou-chi…If you go with them, I think that’s enough of a hindrance…」

The first years laughs.

「I don’t mind! Let’s study together…It’s okay isn’t it, Yoshida-kun?!」

Megumi looks at me brightly.

「Err…You’re going to teach me?」
「Yeah of course!」
「So I’m going to study」
「Of course you will! I would be troubled if my husband is a fool!」

Megumi smiled

「Got it…please teach me」

I bow to Megumi.

「Okay! As long as you’re fine with me!」

The first years shout in joy once again…!

「With that said…I’ll pick you up later. We’ll be going to your house using my car. What time will you finish your exercises today?」
「…4:30, but I think it will take up to 5:00 because the first years will be putting things in order」

Megumi answered Sensei’s question.

「You can go home earlier if you have things to take care of…You guys can do it even without Megumi, right?」

Captain Takeshiba asks the first year members.

「Yes, captain!」

Koujou-san answered representing the first years.

「No way…That bothers me. I’m also a first year so I have to clean up too. Please let me!」

Megumi bowed to everyone

「But…It would be bad to make Sensei wait won’t it?」

Koujou-san looks at Yuzuki-sensei.

「Then, let’s meet up in the clubroom at 5:00…Takeshiba-san, can you give me Yamamine-san by 5:00? It would help me since I’ve got other work」

Sensei makes a compromise.

「Got it…Let’s leave it like that then. You’re okay with that too?」

Sensei turned to me.

「Yoshida-kun, how about you go with us too?」


「You still haven’t greeted Yamamine-san’s parents have you?」

Sensei looks at me.

「…Right. I have to greet them too. Got it, please let me come along」

I took Megumi’s virginity.
Megumi said that she’ll be with me forever.
I have the obligation to talk to Megumi’s parents.


Megumi looks at me anxiously.

「It’s fine, I’ll be talking to Megumi’s father and mother. Don’t worry」

I told Megumi with a smile.

「…Thank you」

Megumi’s half-crying again.
Even though she said that she 「Won’t cry」…

「…You…You said you’re Yoshida?」

Captain Takeshiba asked me.

「Yes, I am」1
「Yamamine said earlier…『I’ll be with him forever』, and 『I’ll give birth to his child』, was she serious?」

Takeshiba-senpai asks me feeling surprised.

「Yes…I’m serious」

Megumi answered before I could…!

「I will never let go. I will bear Yoshida-kun’s child」

Megumi offers me her trembling hands…
I grip those hands.
Megumi grasped my hands tightly in return.

「There’s no way you’re already pregnant, are you?」

Captain Takeshiba, makes me remember what Megumi said yesterday and got startled…
Yesterday…Megumi said that 『I want to get pregnant and give birth at the same time as Yukino』…!

「Uhm…Megumi says that she wants to get pregnant but…this and that are not allowed!」

Was it Yuzuki-sensei and Nagisa-san who objected to it?…!


Takeshiba-senpai’s face distorted!
Shit…Did I say something weird?!!!

「I’ll give birth after graduating high school!2 I’ve already decided! It will be a high school student-like relationship within school!」

Megumi responded in fluster.
『High school-like relationship』she said…
We already had sex and a morning fellatio though…

「Excuse me…can you explain it in a manner a bit easier for me to understand?」

Takeshiba-senpai asks Megumi a bit angrily.

「I’m an adopted daughter. My Yamamine parents aren’t my real parents」

Megumi…threw it all.

「My adoptive parents are good people. But, we’re holding back from each other so we can never be a real family. That’s why…I want to get married soon and have a true family. I…I want to become the mother of this persons’, Yoshida-kun’s child!」

Megumi spoke clearly in front of everyone.

「Yamamine says that but, what about you?」

Captain Takeshiba asks me this time.
I thought that I should speak honestly since Megumi confessed what she hid.

「I…My parents are divorced and I live alone right now. I understand the loneliness of having no family. That’s why…I thought of wanting to grant Megumi’s wish as much as possible」

…I see
We have a similar environment.

「Hmm…So you’re serious?」

Captain Takeshiba glares at us.

「…Sorry. I surely thought that Yamamine’s just being blinded and fooled by love. There’s those kind of idiots, those saying that『My love is the best in the world』like a broken record」

Senpai bows and apologizes to Megumi.

「Anyway…I understand that your love isn’t just some half-assed feelings. I’m sorry for making light of you even though I didn’t know it」
「…That’s, you don’t have to, Captain. I think that I really am in high spirits」

Megumi answers.

「I…When I became able to be with Yoshida-kun, I became so happy that I can’t help it. I think that I’ve been overexcited. It’s normal to be scolded by Captain…」

Megumi’s really harsh with herself.
Good girl.


Captain takeshiba smiles at Megumi.

「Apply some sunscreen when we’re going to practice from now on. Since you already have a man…You’d be hated if you don’t take care of your skin…!」
「Yes captain! Thank you very much!」

Megumi’s crying again.

「Isn’t that great, Yamamine-san?」
「Yup, It’s great!」
「You did your best!」

The first years gather around Megumi.

「Thank you everyone!」

Megumi smiles towards everyone.
So cute.
Megumi’s smiling face is the cutest.

「Yoshida-kun, do your best!」

Koujou-san told me.

「…Ah, yeah. I’ll do my best」

Though they’re Megumi’s friends, it’s a bit embarrassing since girls I don’t know well don’t usually smile towards me.

「Now then, it’s about time we go, Yoshida-kun?」

Yuzuki-sensei told me.

「Everyone would feel uneasy during their practice if you stayed here」

Certainly…I feel that the start of the girls track and field was set back because of us.

「Okay…Bye Megumi. I’ll pick you up around 5:00」
「Yeah…I’ll be waiting」
「Do your best during practice」
「I will…Yoshida-kun」

Megumi said with a red face.

「…Thank you」

Saying that, she grasps my hand tightly once again.

「Later then!」

Megumi returns to the first years row.

「Oh right, Iwakura-san, It seems that Tanokura-sensei wants to talk with you. I think it’s about the budget of the athletics meet…would you like to come with me to the faculty?」

Sensei told Iwakura-kaichou.


Iwakura-san answers discouraged.

「Then…We’ve been a trouble for Takeshiba-san. Girls, do your best during practice…!」
「No…thank you for various things」

Captain Takeshiba bows to Yuzuki-sensei.

「Let’s go, Yoshida-kun」

The three of us left the grounds.
I looked back at Megumi several times along the way but she didn’t look back at me.
She’s preparing for her exercise and listens to her senpai talking.
Yamamine Megumi is a diligent girl.

◇ ◇ ◇

Yuzuki-sensei didn’t go to the faculty but the principal’s office instead.
Iwakura-kaichou follows as if it’s normal too.
We went to the monitor room through the hidden stairs…
Katsuko-nee’s waiting for us.

「Sit wherever you want」

Sensei said that and sat in a chair.
I sat in the chair on the edge where Katsuko-nee pointed.
Iwakura-san is in front of Sensei.

「What do you want to talk about?」

Iwakura-kaichou asks Sensei.

「My…Aren’t you the one who has something to talk about?」

Yuzuki-sensei coldly smiles at Kaichou.
Iwakura-kaichou breathes in deeply…

「Yes…I’ve got a request」
「Go on」

Yuzuki-sensei answers lightly.
Katsuko-nee distributed coffee to each one of us.

「…Please leave the prostitution section of 『Kuromori』to me」

Iwakura-san said that suddenly.

「My…are you serious?」

Sensei looks at Iwakura-san’s eyes while drinking coffee.

「…I’m serious」

Iwakura-kaichou answered with a serious look.

「Is that so…How far can you propose?」

Sensei asked calmly.

「Akiko-san, Yukari-san and Kiyono-san have the same opinion as me」

Kaichou suddenly exposes her cards.

「Everyone wants to return to being a prostitute?」
「Yes… We don’t have any other interests other than being prostitutes」
「You’re the only one who loves prostitution aren’t you?」

Sensei said coldly

「Yes, I love prostitution acts. There’s nothing more fun than that. I accept that」

…Iwakura-san actually likes prostitution.

「Apart from me, the thought of Akiko-san wanting to be sent back as a prostitute is the truth. …Just like Nagisa-sama and the others, please understand that we’re people that only have talents for prostitution and there’s no other job for our living」

Iwakura-san insisted strongly…

「Then, Shirasaka Sousuke seems to have found a new prostitution organization」

Sensei expresses a nasty smile.

「Everyone knows that it won’t be formed…」

Iwakura-san told Sensei eyes of certainty.

「Yuzuki-sensei will never permit that happening…Isn’t Shirasaka Sousuke already a target for elimination?」
「…Where did you hear that from?」

Sensei investigates.

「I don’t need to hear it from somewhere else. Yuzuki-sensei has a thicker grip in the industry than Shirasaka. Shirasaka’s actions are a betrayal to『Kuromori』 It’s normal to think that he’ll be erased…」

Iwakura-san…doesn’t want to cooperate with Shirasaka Sousuke.

「Is that so? You came to me because you know that Shirasaka can’t make an organization rise?」
「I…Iwakura Yukiyo is Sensei’s 『Toy』 Since the start」

Iwakura-san informs Sensei

「A 『Toy』unsuitable for my 『Will』… You and agnes」
「That kind of 『Toy』is interesting…Sensei’s the one who said that」

The two witches continue to probe each other out…

「Then…You want to become the admin of the prostitution section?」
「…Can you do it?」

Honestly, Iwakura-kaichou doesn’t seem to be confident.

「I don’t think you, Akiko, Yukari and Kiyono will be making great income though」

Sensei laughs.

「Do you get it?…You won’t be able to earn even a twentieth of Katsuko’s. Iwakura-san’s customers are mostly perverts. Perverts are troublesome you see…They demand everything but pay badly. It’s difficult to make adjustments at once…!」
「…Certainly, I don’t have decent customers」

Iwakura-kaichou admitted it immediately.


Katsuko-nee interrupts Iwakura-san.

「I don’t intend to enter under Iwakura-sama’s management. If Iwakura-sama wishes to run a prostitution section, Katsuko will ask to not be included!」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「Iwakura-sama…Katsuko is Ojou-sama’s 『First toy』 There’s no way I can be under the command of the 『Fourth toy』, right?」

Iwakura-san looks downright mortified.

「That said, please don’t misunderstand…Nagisa and I aren’t that easy that we would return to prostitution if you killed Yoshida-kun」

Katsuko-nee adds lightly…
…That means?
The one who hired those men who attacked us yesterday was…Iwakura-san?

「We’ve already investigated the three men from last night…we know which syndicate they’re from. Iwakura-san, one of the executives of that gang was your guest…!」

Sensei looks at Iwakura-kaichou with cold eyes.

「Answer me…Iwakura Yukiyo!」

When Sensei called her by her full name…Iwakura-san’s spine was shocked stiff!
Iwakura-san’s under Yuzuki-sensei’s mental control.
She can no longer lie when she’s called by her name.

「Y-Yes! Iwakura Yukiyo…I-I requested them!」

…As expected
She did
Iwakura-san wants me to die.

「…Is there any other purpose other than killing Yoshida-kun?」

Sensei questions Iwakura-san further


Iwakura-san’s shivering


Iwakura-san opened her mouth as ordered by Sensei.

「S-Shirasaka Yukino…I aimed at her」


「I want to make Shirasaka Yukino a prostitute of 『Kuromori』…!」

Yukino?…A prostitute?

「You want to kill Yoshida-kun and train Shirasaka-san by yourself?」
「T-That’s right…!」

Iwakura-san was being gentle to Yukino…because she intends to make her a subordinate prostitute?


Yuzuki-sensei laughs out loud.

「You’re really no good…Iwakura-san, it’s impossible for you to manage a brothel. You don’t have the sense…!」

Sensei declares.

「Shirasaka Yukino isn’t suitable as a prostitute of 『Kuromori』 That girl is lacking the warm attention and gentleness necessary for a high class prostitute…」
「…I’ll make her an SM special」

Iwakura-san persists.

「You see…Even if it’s a M slave or an S queen, they need careful consideration more than a normal prostitute. Don’t you get it? This isn’t a game. 『Kuromori』offers the highest class of prostitutes. Shirasaka-san’s value is only at an『active high school girl』 She won’t be marketable in our mansion…」
「But…She’s Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter. There’s a lot of people who have a grudge against Shiraska. If I offer her to those people!」

Yuzuki-sensei snorted.

「You truly are trash. I don’t hate that part of you though. But, we don’t do that kind of business. There would be guests coming in with that plan but they’ll be only a one time guest. Once they did that, it’s clear that they’d force and have some sort of absurd sex with Shirasaka-san. Then someone would visit the police sometime later, as they wouldn’t be able to stand their conscience…!」

Sensei analyzes calmly.

「On top of that, once the guest has tasted her, they’d say 『Next time, bring this person’s daughter』…and the reputation of 『Kuromori』would drop down. There’s too many risks and too low profit, the reputation would drop…It’s a model of bad management」

Iwakura-san drops her shoulder.

「It’ll reproduce the same scenario when father and Shirasaka took over the administration of 『Kuromori』…How many years did it take for me and Morimoto to get back the old guest’s trust? Do you know how much of a hindrance Shirasaka’s『Perverted tastes』has been?」

Sensei spits it out.

「Certainly…I heard that since Yuzuki-sensei joined in the management, the two bridge Yuzuki-sensei and Morimoto-san’s traditional 『Political and business guests』patron field and Shirasaka Sousuke’s 『Perverted expert field』has made it stable」

Sensei smiles wryly.

「You heard that from Shirasaka didn’t you? Actually, the 『Perverted section』has been a deficit because they don’t have respectable management. Shirasaka’s incompetent and always moves to taste the girl first. He can’t make a profit. The profits of 『Kuromori』has come from Morimoto and Me.」

I see. When Shirasaka Sousuke and Yuzuki-sensei’s father managed 『Kuromori』, it became a mess and the prostitutes suffered…Yuuka-san and the others requested their old guests from the political and business circles and they reorganized for Yuzuki-sensei and Morimoto-san to manage it…

「Yuzuki-sensei became the operator and I heard that the achievements were increased 20-fold」
「It’s 200 times…Shirasaka and father had dropped both the trust and the sales of 『Kuromori』drastically…!」

Sensei told Iwakura-san in a voice full of hatred.

「Iwakura-san…If you try to unify the prostitution section of 『Kuromori』, you’d be the second Shirasaka. You’re a woman who prefers sexual orientation than management, aren’t you?」
「…That might be」
「『Kuromori』needs a prostitute like Nagisa., That girl has all of the qualities of a high class prostitute. Bright, modest nerve, never makes the guest feel uncomfortable…she’s the best prostitute. Her actual work period was just two years but what she earned in two years is much more than anyone else’s profit」
「I know…She even has a lot of guests as acquaintances」

…Is that so?
It should be. Nagisa-san’s that beautiful. Bright. Gentle.
I get why she has a lot of fans…

「Envying Nagisa’s popularity…Shirasaka forced a hard game on Nagisa」

…That means?

「He told Nagisa and Katsuko…『I’ll release the first prostitute who gets pregnant』 and sold the two to perverted guests…!」


「Yes…That was a difficult experience. I was made to play with perverts for days…violated multiple times without taking any contraceptive」

Katsuko-nee spoke sadly.

「You didn’t know it but Shiraska had made Katsuko drink pills in secret. Making Nagisa pregnant for sure…and banished her out of the mansion penniless…!」

Sensei tells the truth.

「But, since that happened…The rule 『Pregnancy-retirement』happened, and Ojou-sama was able to negotiate the funds for their living after their retirement from prostitution」

Katsuko-nee said.

「That’s obvious! There’s no way I can just leave all of my cherished girls naked alone…!」

Sensei muttered.

「Nagisa was able to open a flower shop because of Ojou-sama’s feelings. Yuuka-san was able to open a hair salon with her customer’s help…Hidemi-sama and Tamayo-sama’s independence would be impossible without Ojou-sama’s assistance…!」

Katsuko-nee said.
…So that’s how it is.

「In the end…There were a lot of customers who protested against Shiraska about Nagisa. 『Why have you banished her after tormenting her!』 I used those people’s power. Nagisa’s loved by lots of guests」

That has become a chance…
It’s just recently that the retired prostitutes are able to start a business.

「But…Yuzuki-sensei. All of the prostitutes didn’t begin a different work after retirement. There are women like me and Akiko-san who can’t do anything but prostitution…」

Iwakura-san…told sensei.

「Right…Last year, father committed a blunder and 『Kuromori』was closed, money has been handed over to most of the prostitutes who became independent but…Akiko, Yukari and Kiyono still haven’t started anything yet」

Sensei said painfully.

「I’m the same…I’d rather be a prostitute. I don’t have any other road besides a prostitute!」

Iwakura-san looks at Sensei seriously…

「When 『Kuromori』suddenly closed down…We were puzzled. Akiko-san and others even tried to get into Shirasaka’s plan. We can’t quit being a prostitute now…If it’s impossible for me to be a manager of a prostitution section…!」

Iwakura-san said…

「…Yuzuki-sensei, please reopen 『Kuromori』prostitution section!」

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