Chapter 86


『I have someone I want to give my virginity to』

…So Maika-chan has someone she likes.

『Eh, who is it? Tell us!』

Nei-san asks…
I also listened to the speakers by the wall too.

『He’s called Shinn Asuka but…Do you know him?』1

…I don’t know.
Or rather, there’s no way I would know.

『He’s the lead guitarist of a band named Destiny…』2


「Maika-chan, you pronounced it wrong…Destiny should be pronounced 『destinē』」

Margo-san mutters.

「There’s a band called『デスティニー』 in Katakana. It’s more like a young idol unit than a rock band…」

Misuzu said with an unpleasant face.
I-It’s an entertainer?!

『Eh, does Maika-chan know him?』

Nei-san asks in surprise.

『Rather than acquaintance…My papa’s in advertising so he works with many people. That’s why I have his signature!」


『Eh…Could it be that Maika-chan never met him?』

Nei-san questions.

『I’ve seen him a lot of times! Maika always goes to their concerts! I can only watch in the daytime because Papa won’t allow me otherwise…』

Margo-san looks dubious.

「What daytime? Rock concerts are only at night?」

Misuzu answers.

「That’s why they’re not a rock band but an idol unit. Since 『Destiny』is popular, they do the same programmed concert three times a day at each venue」
「Three times a day…They’re doing well」

Margo-san’s amazed.
It must be quite strange judging from American standards.

『Actually, I want to see all three of their performances. But I can only watch the first two』

Maika-chan…watch them two times in a row. The same concert.

『Could it be that…the concert runs everyday?』

Nei-san asks timidly…

『No way…I can’t go chasing after people. I only have a little pocket money. My limit would be purchasing a ticket using the money I saved from the New Year’s gift. But, I definitely watch it twice on the same days since it’s exhilarating…!』
『Hmm, so you really like…that』
『It’s Asuka Shin! We call him Shin-chan!』
『Then…Have you met this Shin-chan?』
『Like I said, every time he’s at a concert…!』
『Have you seen him in the dressing room?』
『No way! I would get caught by the guards! Also, those scary fangirls would gang up on me. My face would be shown on the net and I wouldn’t be able to go to his concerts anymore…!』

…Hm, yeah

『Then…Could it be that Maika-chan has never met this Shin-chan alone?』
『Don’t make me say it Nei-san…Isn’t it obvious that it’s impossible!』

Maika-chan laughs…

『But I definitely check it whenever he goes to TV or radio. I can’t buy all of the magazines but when the photo looks cool, I buy it. I take a look at his blog everyday. Ah…Shin-chan has a girlfriend!』
『He wrote it on his blog. It’s a model named Maria-san3 She’s not that cute so she’s not so popular…』

Maika-chan talks about the idol happily even more…

『But, she’s very adult-like. Shin-chan’s 19-years old and Maria-san is around 23 I guess. She’s a bit of an onee-san…it’s cool!』
『Hee… Then, Maika-chan wants to have Shin-chan who has a girlfriend take your virginity?』

…She’s just a fan who never met him
…Women are mystery

『…It’s a dream!』

Maika-chan spoke with a brilliant voice.

『Shin-chan chooses Maika instead of Maria-san…Then we’d spend a romantic night!…That kind of dream!』

…She’s saying it’s a dream.
…It must be a delusion.
Rather than that…
She’s still a kid.
…Maika-chan is.

「Yoshida-kun, do you know the band named 『Destiny?』」

Margo-san asks while setting up her laptop.

「I don’t…I lived in a dorm without television after all. The least I know is that Rusher Kimura has died recently」4

Yeah…I don’t know anything about entertainment for the past three years.

「Who’s Rusher?」

Oops…Rusher Kimura must’ve been hard for Margo-san.

「Ah, please forget it. I will forget about it too…!」


「Well, fine, but…I searched images of 『Destiny Asuka Shin』」

Margo-san made the laptop face us.

「Misuzu-chan…is this him?」
「Yes, that’s him!」

The 『Shin』on the screen is wearing strange wine red clothes
He has an unrefined hairstyle like today’s idols…
His bands are too long…Can he see properly?
He’s laughing 「Ehehehe」while looking at the camera…
…I can’t see him as smart by any angle5
Or rather…He looks like nothing but an idiot?

『Shin-chan’s smile is very cute…It feels like he’s not thinking of anything!』

That’s what Maika-chan says…
But this smile really thinks about nothing…

「Maika-chan…what’s good with this man?」

Margo-san mutters in wonder…

「That’s why middle school girls are scary! That’s the darkest part of a woman’s life!」

Misuzu laughs…

「Eh?…Misuzu-chan was a fan of someone during her middle school days too?」

Margo-san asks Misuzu.

「I’m sorry, please ask me anything but that…!」

Then, Misuzu grips my hand tightly!

「Misuzu doesn’t have anyone but Danna-sama! Everyone’s just a past!」

Misuzu…Why are you teary eyed?

「…It’s just merely a fan right?」

Misuzu’s trembling…
Margo-san smiles showing an ‘Oh dear!’ face.

「That’s right. Even I had a hero in my childhood. It’s embarrassing if you think about it now」

Hee, so Margo-san had that kind of person too.

「By the way…who was it?」

Margo-san bashfully answered my question

「…Steven Seagal」

Yeah…It’s certainly complicated.
It might be complicatedly embarrassing…

「I learned martial arts because I watched Steven Seagal movies… It’s funny when I look back at it. It would be understandable if it was Jet Li」

…I don’t get Margo-san’s examples.

「Then…Misuzu-chan’s a fan of whom?」

Margo-san asks Misuzu.

「Since I told you too, shouldn’t Misuzu tell us too?」
「P-Please don’t laugh」
「I won’t…Yoshida-kun wants to know it too right?」
「Yeah, I won’t laugh too」

Misuzu answered in a small voice and red hot face.

「…Anne Shirley」

Film star? A rock singer?
Rather…Isn’t Anne a woman’s name?

「Could that be from『Anne of Green Gables 』?」

I was not able to hear Margo-san’s fast English talk.

「Yes…The Anne Shirley of 『赤毛のアン』6」

『Anne of Green Gables』is that right?
The four sisters waiting for their father during the civil war…
Yup. No doubt.

「Eh…Did that become a movie?」

Misuzu answers my question

「No…You see, I…read the original version, and I was deeply moved…!」


「Eh, could it be that you read the English version?」
「Yes, I was already in middle school at the time!」

Misuzu answers calmly.
As expected, this girl’s not normal…

「I loved it so much that I thought about Anne every night! It was like a fever. When we talk about Anne, it gets me exited. Aha…That’s funny isn’t it?!」

…Margo-san and I didn’t laugh.
…Rather, we pulled back.

Could it be that it’s not a real person?
Furthermore…It’s a woman!
Eh…Can you be a fan of that too?

「Haa…that’s amazing. 」

Anyway…I said those.

「Iyaaan~! It’s an old story!」

Misuzu writhes bashfully.

「I asked mother and she brought me to Prince Edward Island during my summer vacation in my second year of middle school…!」

I-Is that so?
Prince Edward Island is something I don’t know though…

「It was really beautiful and there’s also Anne’s house there! There’s Matthew’s room too…!」

Misuzu’s『Anne of Green Gables』fever is recurring.

「Misuzu-chan, let’s leave Anne’s talk for later. We need to concentrate on gathering information about Maika-chan right now…!」

Margo-san…nice follow up!

「Ah, Sorry. Then, I’ll show a photo next time, Danna-sama. I took around 500 pictures!」
「…Yeah, got it」

I’ll be looking at 500 photos
It’s Misuzu’s travel photos.
…I must prepare for that
Thinking about seeing Misuzu’s look when she’s in her middle school, there’s no problem…Umu

We keep listening to the wiretap flowing on the speakers
The conversation in the car has already moved to another topic…

『Maika-chan, do you masturbate?』

Katsuko-nee asks a plain question suddenly.
She’s asking lightly but it’s not a normal conversation at all.


Maika-chan’s voice sounds embarrassed…

『Do you know masturbation? It’s doing lewd things alone』
『Maika knows that much!』

…So she knows

『I don’t do it much…maybe occasionally』

Maika-chan answered humbly.

『Maika-chan’s about to become an adult so you should be venting out your sexual desires properly』

Katsuko-nee emphasizes the word 『Adult』on purpose.

『Onee-chan’s being noisy when she’s doing lewd things alone…』


『Onee-chan’s room is next to Maika…I can hear an ‘Ahn, ahn’ voice from next door late at night. Onee-chan thinks that no one can hear it but…She’s a bit annoying. I’ll think of knocking on the door tonight』

Yukino pants when she masturbates. To the extent that the other rooms can hear it.

『She did it last night…until this morning. I think she’s not feeling well but still masturbates the whole day』


『She must be unsatisfied since her first time with her boyfriend didn’t go well…!』

Kastsuko-nee laughingly said.

『Katsuko-san, do you masturbate too?』

Katsuko-nee giggled.

『I don’t! I have sex regularly!』

Maika-chan flinches from Katsuko-nee’s words.

『Human bodies are something that needs to have sex regularly! Haven’t heard of it? Women becomes beautiful when they have sex…or something close to that?』
『…Is that real?』
『That’s right. Women lose their beauty unless they don’t have sex regularly. Sex is very important for women』
『…How many times does Katsuko-san do it in a week?』

It seems that she’s interested in sex.
Maika-chan asks Katsuko-nee such a thing

『…Me? I definitely do it five times a week. If not, the tension of my skin will be completely different. Your body feels activated when you have sex…!』

Katsuko-nee…is setting up the trap for Maika-chan

『…Nei-san too?』
『Me?…I do it a bit less than her…something like that!』


『Katsuko-san and Nei-san has sex that much…』

Maika-chan’s surprised.

『Yeah. Well』

M-Maika-chan, don’t be fooled.
That one’s a virgin!

『When you have your monthly periods, a women’s body is already prepared to have sex, isn’t it? It’s the same as eating food everyday. If you want to be a good woman, you need to have sex as a habit. Maika-chan, your menses has already come, hasn’t it?』

Katsuko-nee…probes it out.
She fans Maika-chan by treating her slightly idiotic.

『Isn’t that obvious?! Maika is not a child anymore. It comes every month since I was in fifth grade!』

Maika-chan who’s fueled just leaks her personal information…

『Then it’s already been three years since your first menstruation? You need to have sex soon or else it won’t be good for your body…!』

Maika-chan’s surprised.

『If you don’t take in male hormones while growing up, your body will become unbalanced. It’s the cause for old Japanese people to have bad figure』

Katsuko-nee says the most groundless thing.

『…Is that so?』
『That’s right. Women from Europe and America have good style right? Those people there have sex regularly while they’re young. If you don’t have sex while in your growth period, you’ll have no waist, short legs, and you won’t grow taller either. Nei-san, isn’t that right?』

Katsuko-nee pass it to Nei-san.

『That’s right…It seems that there’s an article announcing it in an American Medical Journal. It appeared in the newspapers at the station the other day!』

…The hell’s that?

『Maika-chan should throw away her virginity soon』

Katsuko-nee laughs.

『But, Maika doesn’t have a partner. I’m scared of doing lewd things. I would be troubled if I get pregnant too…』
『You don’t need to get worried about getting pregnant…there’s proper contraceptives for that』

Katsuko-nee answered lightly.

『Nei-san and I drink contraceptive pills. You can prevent conception by 100% with pills』
『…Is that so?』
『Yes, you can also destroy the risk when using a condom. Or rather…Japan’s used condoms so much. In the US, adult women all drink pills』
『But…Isn’t birth control medicine bad for your body?』

Katsuko-nee laughs.

『There’s a lot of good medicines developed now. It’s totally okay. Look at me and Nei-san. Do we look like we’re not healthy?』
『In addition…You need to have men ejaculate inside you』
『If you don’t, then the male hormones won’t be absorbed, right? When you absorb a lot of male hormones…women becomes an attractive adult』
『…Ah, yes』
『Maika-chan…Do you know fellatio?』
『…I’ve heard about it. It’s about licking men’s thing, right?』
『It’s not just licking, it’s about placing the ejaculation inside your mouth. Even that is done to take in male hormones through your mouth. It has medical meanings』
『…I-Is that so? Maika never knew that sort of reason』

It’s my first time hearing it too.
Or rather…the whole world knew.


Maika-chan asks bashfully.

『Since both of you are doing lewd things regularly…You do have lovers don’t you?』
『Hmm, rather than lover…I have a sex partner』
『…Sex partner?』
『That’s right, it’s the way of thought of American celebrities…It’s not a tied up relationship like lovers or marriage partners, but just a partner whom you’re connected with purely sex partnership』
『Could it be that Katsuko-san has a lot of sex partners?』
『Geez, don’t be like that. When you talk about partner, it’s only one, right? I don’t have any other partners other than him…!』

Katsuko-nee laughs ufufufu.
Maika-chan breathes out.

『…It makes me feel relieved』
『There’s not many partners who you can have sex with in peace. It would be scary to catch diseases too』
『…That’s right』
『In the end, mutual trust is important. It must be a man whom you can leave your body at ease…also』
『…What is it?』
『As expected…It must be someone who’s good at sex』

Margo-san looks at me.

「This seems to be you, Yoshida-kun」
「…I’m not good at all」

I was just a virgin till the other day…
I’m not good at all

「No, Danna-sama’s skilled!」

Misuzu says with a red face.

「You always satisfy Misuzu…!」

…I-If you say that
…My face gets red too

『Hmm yeah…It should be okay to tell Maika-chan, isn’t it?』

Nei-san said.

『We’re having a special secret!』
『Eh, what? Please tell me!』

Maika-chan’s baited by the word 『Secret』!

『Katsuko-san and I…are sharing one sex partner!』
『Were having sex with the same man!』

Maika-chan’s surprised.

『It’s not something surprising. There’s not many people who’re good at sex and you can trust sincerely. He’s a very precious existence』
『Katsuko-san and I love that person very much!』
『…We can’t have sex with other people anymore already. It’s fine to have him for the rest of my life』
『Me too, me too…!』

Maika-chan’s surprised from the heating up Katsuko-nee and Nei-san.

『…Is that person really that good?』
『Yeah…He’s the best for me! It makes me feel happy when I have sex with him…!』
『…Ah, me too』

…Like I said Nei-san.
You’re still a 『Virgin』!!!

『Amazing! A man charming both Katsuko-san and Nei-san…!』
『Rather than a man…It’s a boy』
『Yes, he’s younger than us』
『…How old is he?』
『He’s in his first year in high school!』
『…He’s that young?』
『Maika-chan, age doesn’t matter when it comes to love!』
『You see…He’s a special one』

Margo-san laughs.

「Yoshida-kun’s being praised a lot…」
「Somehow…It feels really embarrassing」
「There’s nothing to be embarrassed about! Danna-sama’s really a special person!」

…Misuzu-says that however.
To be honest, I’m troubled.
I’ll be meeting Maika-chan later.
Is this Pompadour really okay?

「By the way…Danna-sama?」
「Katsuko-sama and Nei-san seem to be okay just being sex partners…」
「Please marry Misuzu…」

The 『Trap』Katsuko-nee and Nei-san are setting up for Maika-chan…
In the first place, they’re not my sex partners.
Or rather, I’m not that good at sex.
I’m not special at all.
…Aah, geez!

『Oh right…How about you try having sex with him?』

Katsuko-nee speaks as if it just comes to her…

『Oh yeah, that might be good!』

Nei-san too…!


Maika-chan is at loss.
Well of course.
She’s a virgin…and she’s still in middle school.

『I heard Maika-chan’s talk about her Onee-san but…if the man you have your first experience is a terrible one, you will regret it for the rest of your life』
『That’s right! It’s better if you give your virginity to an experienced person』

The two cooperates and attack Maika-chan.

『…But, I』

Maika-chan’s at a loss.

『…Didn’t we tell you that it’s about time for you to lose your virginity already?…』
『Well…I understand that but』
『Ah, could it be you’re scared?』
『A bit』

Maika-chan answered with a small voice.

『But…You won’t become an adult if you don’t lose your virginity you know?』

Katsuko-nee uses the 『Adult』keyword, and shakes up Maika-chan’s heart.

『Is that true?』
『Of course…Women’s first transformation to adulthood is from coming to enjoy sex』
『You know that it hurts at first don’t you?』
『But, it would gradually become pleasant after doing it multiple times. It feels really good. Ah, I’m a human. I’m a woman. You would feel that from the bottom of your heart. You won’t become a charming adult woman if you don’t experience that I think』
『I-Is that so?!』

Maika-chan holds her breath.

『That’s right!…If you’d prefer, Maika-chan have sex with our partner! Then we’d become sisters!』

Nei-san suggests.

『…Become sisters?』
『That’s right…we’re loving the same man…it’s excellent sisterhood!』

Katsuko-nee invites brightly…

『Does Maika-chan no want to be our sister?』
『That’s not true…however』
『When you become my sister, Onee-chan will do anything! I’ll teach Maika-chan a lot of things, and I will lead you in various ways』

Nei-san strongly pushes…!


Maika-chan’s lightly refusing it while being at a loss…
As expected, she’s still a second year in middle school.
It’s still too early for her to have a sex partner or lose her virginity.

Katsuko-nee who sensed that state…

『Well, we won’t force you. We just want to help Maika-chan become an adult. If you have someone you really love and become his lover, then it might be good to give your virginity to him…』
『But…You might be already an old woman by that time!』

Nei-san makes fun on purpose.

『Well…For us, we think that it would be better to lose your virginity sooner. Maika-chan would become a charming adult that way…!』
『I understand it, but…』

You shouldn’t understand that.
…That’s all lies.

『Let’s end the talk here…By the way, Maika-chan』

Then, Katsuko-nee changes the topic to a fashion brand with a good reputation…

「Yeah…We should go with Plan B」

Margo-san concluded after listening to the talk until now.

「…What does that mean?」
「We prepared some plans that depend on Maika-chan’s reaction. They will arrive in the mansion in five minutes. Then, Misuzu-chan will be dispatched next」

Misuzu looks puzzled…

「Yeah. Misuzu-chan’s the next trump card!」

Margo-san grins.

1. 飛鳥シン ↩
2. ↩
3. 麻里愛 ↩
4. Rusher Kimura is a Japanese professional wrestler who died at May 24, 2010 ↩
5. Oh poor guy, he’s told that he’s an idiot by Yoshida ↩
6. It’s the same as what Margo said, just the JP localization ↩
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