Chapter 891. Night of Fun / Ruriko’s slimy sex, 「 It’s okay if we make a child 」

「 Geez, you’re so hopeless Michi-oneesama 」
「 Michi-chan, it stinks! 」
Luna and Agnes draw water and washes away Michi’s pee.
「 Here, Luna-chan 」
「 Thank you, Koyomi-chan 」
As soon as they pour the water, Koyomi-chan comes with the next pail.
「 Isn’t that great that we’re in the bathroom? 」
Ruriko smiles wryly as she pours water on the air mat.
「 I’m also smeared with pee 」
Yomi, who was lying down on the air mat and is exhausted from her climax, took a bath from Michi’s pee.
She’s cleansing herself with a warm shower.
「 Yomi, I’ll wash your head. Reika, Tsukiko 」
Edie looked at the two while going towards Yomi.
「 Yes, it’s okay 」
「 Yes, there’s no problem 」
Tendou Otome is dumbfounded with our consecutive sex and Michi wetting herself.
Rei-chan and Tsukiko are monitoring her mind and body, and so there should be no problem even if Edie goes away.
Edie loves to look after younger girls that she can’t help but want to help out Yomi.
「 Sorry, it looks like she’s at her limit already 」
Misuzu embraces the exhausted Karen-san.
「 Yeah, we’re still in the middle of this so don’t mind it 」
My legs are also wet with pee, so I head to the shower area in the bathroom.
I twist the knob and wait for the water to come out of the showerhead.
「 Hey, Michi, come over here, I’ll rinse you too 」
I talk to Michi, who came while peeing and is now lying down on the air mat.
「 I want to go there, but the shower hose won’t reach it 」
Michi has to come here.
「 Yes, also, we can’t clean the mat if you stay 」
「 Michi-oneesama, please move to Nii-san 」
The two said, and so Michi sluggishly moved her body.
「 Uuuu, I am sorry 」
Oh, she’s depressed.
「 Come here. I have warm water 」
「 Y-Yes, M-Master 」
Yeah, even a martial artist would feel loose in their hips if they reach ecstasy.
She walks slowly towards me.
「 Come here, point your ass towards me 」
「 Okay 」
I put the shower on Michi’s ass.
Warm water rinses her round ass and thin legs.
So that’s what they mean when water flicks on skin.
They say that it’s a sign of illness, but her skin’s quite smooth.
Michi’s body is quite healthy.
「 And the front 」
「 Thank you 」
I start cleansing from her hairless crotch to her thighs.
「 Ah, the pee splashed towards Onee-san too. We’ll wash them away now 」
「 Luna-chan, here 」
Lun and Koyomi-chan go to Adelheid-san, who is lying down on the bathroom tiles and gently pours water on her.
「 T-That’s, you don’t have to mind me. I can do it myself 」
Adelheid-san tries to stand up, though she’s still disoriented.
「 No, let us do it, Onee-san 」
「 Agnes will clean it all up 」
Agnes whisked some body soap on a sponge and then rubbed Adelheid-san’s body.
「 Kyuu, y-you don’t have to 」
「 No, we’re still doing it! 」
Agnes continues to wash Adelheid-san’s body.
「 You don’t have to worry. Agnes-chan doesn’t practice martial arts. 」 You can see it from her build, don’t you? 」

Rei-chan told Adelheid-san.
「 Besides, Agnes-chan is accustomed to washing other people’s bodies. She often washes my back 」
「 Yes, leave it to me, desuno! 」
Agnes rubs Adelheid-san’s legs with a sponge.
「 But, Nii-san would be the best when it comes to body scrubbing 」
Luna looked at me, who’s washing Michi.
I also started washing Michi’s ass and legs with soap.
「 I mean, everyone’s also trying to wash me 」
I wash the bodies of the women who live together with us.
Only Margo-san, Koyomi-chan, and Yoshiko-san don’t ask for it.
By the way, I also did scrubbed Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia’s back.
Kyouko-san asked me to wash their backs. I couldn’t refuse.
Well, it’s just their backs.
As for the other girls, I also washed their front, and ‘that part’ too.
「 Michi’s body feels excellent to touch 」
The soap makes it slippery and squishy.
「 Hauu, please don’t say that. you’re making me leak again 」
Michi said bashfully.
「 That’s right. If we’re talking about peeing, then it should be me. Geez, Michi 」
Misuzu shows dissatisfaction with her beloved little sister.
「 Don’t say that. Misuzu does it for the show, but Michi just leaked it out today 」
Misuzu loves to show herself peeing to me, but Michi leaked her pee without that intention.
「 Yes. We still have a second run, and so I won’t do it now, but I will show it to Danna-sama next time. Together with Karen-san 」
「 W-What? 」
Karen-san, who is in Misuzu’s arms, is surprised that her name is mentioned.
「 It will be your daily routine, I will explain the details later 」
Now it’s not just Misuzu but also Karen-san doing the peeing show every day.
「 Okay, the mat is clean now 」
Ruriko, who cleaned off the mat, said.
「 Yeah, thanks. Ruriko 」
What’s left is to wash the soap from Michi’s body.
「 U-Uhm, everyone, w-what are you doing? 」
Torii-san asks us.
「 Why are you all so unified and in good terms? 」
「 Also, w-why is Ruriko-sama helping out in cleaning? 」
Is it weird to see the young lady of Kouzuki house wash off some pee?
Well, I guess that’s what Torii-san’s common sense says.
It’s the servants who clean, and the young lady will only watch and not help out.
「 Yes? It’s my house, and Michi is my precious little sister. I think it’s natural for us to clean up 」
Ruriko asks wonderingly.
「 I regularly clean, cook, and do laundry in the house. Moving my body for my precious Onii-sama and this family is my joy 」
Ruriko is currently one of the housewives in the mansion, along with Katsuko-nee and Mana.
「 No, but, uhm, Ruriko-sama, you are…Kouzuki-sama’s descendant 」
「 And I believe I already mentioned that it is all irrelevant to Onii-sama 」
Ruriko smiled and looked at me.
「 I am only one of the women who serve Onii-sama. I’m equal to Mitchi and everyone. That’s our relationship 」
Torii-san is shocked.
She sees it through Ruriko’s actions, not her words.
「 Then, it’s true that you entrust everything to Kuromori-sama? 」
「 It’s not about that. It’s our future to be with Onii-sama 」
Ruriko said.
「 Indeed. I wouldn’t be able to escape the underground society if I didn’t meet Darling 」
Edie’s sold off from the assassination cult in New Orleans to Miss Cordelia, but,
She has poor compatibility with Miss Cordelia, who is a lesbian.
If not for our family, she would’ve parted from Miss Cordelia, claimed by another underground organization, and become an assassin.
「 If Papa didn’t come for Agnes, then Agnes would still be in that dark room 」
「 Therefore, I want to be with Papa forever 」
Agnes understands why she was locked in that basement little by little.
Soon enough, I have to talk about Shirasaka Sousuke, Agnes’ real father.
「 Yomi too! 」
Yomi looked at Tendou Otome.
「 Our future with the Kansai Yakuza bosses were sealed. And I think that one over there knows about it 」
「 Yes, we met Nii-san, and saved us from the cursed fate we had 」
Luna said.
Tendou Otome stared back at the two. Tsukiko;
「 Therefore, you can also escape that fate. If you wish for it 」
Tendou Otome is also tied up from the fate her father and the Yakuza bosses gave her.
「 I-I… 」
Tendou Otome looked down and think.
「 You too 」
Edie told Adelheid-san.
「 It must’ve been hard living alone, but, you don’t need to be alone anymore 」
Adelheid-san looked up at Edie.
「 It’s only if you wish for it, we never force people here 」
「 Yes, we also made a choice ourselves 」
「 Indeed. Yomi too 」
Edie, Luna, and Yomi, the three bodyguards, talk to Adelheid-san, who is a bodyguard.
「 You too, Karen 」
Misuzu said while embracing Karen-san.
「 I’ve been talking selfishly since earlier, but, Danna-sama never made a move on you, has he? 」
「 Danna-sama is waiting for you to make the decision yourself. That’s how he is 」
「 B-But, I’m still 12, deciding my future isn’t… 」
Karen-san says with a trembling voice.
「 I decided for myself! Agnes-chan is of the same age, and she also did it herself! 」
Luna said.
「 Therefore, you can do it too. I’m sure of it 」
She smiled gently.
「 That’s right! Desuno! 」
Agnes too.
「 I also have to do my best 」
Koyomi-chan mutters less energetically.
「 You don’t have to work that hard! Just take it on your own pace, Koyomi-chan. Karen too. Everyone’s different, and so just move forward at your own pace 」
Koyomi-chan, Karen-san, and Torii-san & Adelheid-san looked at me.
「 It’s life, so we have some inevitable things. It might be an unalterable fate, or you might be in a painful situation. But in the end, it’s you. You decide it yourself. Would you follow or defy? If you have a firm will then fight against it. You might win against your fate, or lose. However, if you know that you made that decision yourself, you won’t feel regret 」
That’s what I believe.
「 On the other hand, if you just let fate come to you, follow what others tell you, what’s left for you to do is regret. Regret that you didn’t make a decision 」
If one obtained a little success, they would still think that “If I made this choice, the result could’ve been better.”
It’s not the future they chose, after all.
「 Meeting Onii-sama helped me realize that I didn’t choose the fate to be born in Kouzuki house 」
Ruriko said.
「 But, currently, it’s my choice to protect Kouzuki house. After all, if we want to keep Onii-sama and this family safe, we will need the power of Kouzuki house 」
「 Indeed. It’s a power we would prefer to hold. I believe in that too 」
Misuzu said.
「 The purpose of one’s power isn’t just to continuously become more powerful. You need a purpose for power. And I have that vision. After all, I have my beloved Danna-sama and this family. We will use the control of Kouzuki house to make our family happy. With that ideology, our worries and hardships will be gone. After all, if I work hard, there will be my family who will smile gently on me 」
「 We also do the same. We have this cursed and ominous power inherited from ancient times. However, now, We want to use it for Kou-sama, and the family 」
Tsukiko said.
「 Having a family that smiles together with you changes everyone 」
Rei-chan said.
「 Back then, I was a lone wolf, but, it’s much more fun to be in a family 」
She tells Adelheid-san.
Back then, Rei-chan was talented, and yet, nobody teams up with her, she was left out in Kouzuki SS.
Now, she’s our reliable Onee-san.
「 And out of all that, Onii-sama is the one who endures the most 」
Huh? Ruriko?
「 Now, please come back to the mat 」
She called me.
「 No, why? 」
「 Onii-sama, you’re still in the middle of it, you still aren’t refreshed, aren’t you? 」
「 Mitchi leaked before Onii-sama could ejaculate 」
「 I-I’m very sorry 」
Michi bows her head.
「 Torii-san, Karen, Adelheid-san, and Tendou Otome-san 」
Misuzu speaks to the girls.
「 Dana-sama always prioritizes us over himself, as you can see. There’s nobody as wonderful as him 」
No, I…
「 If it’s an ordinary man, he would prioritize easing up his lust. Don’t you think so? 」
Misuzu looked at Tendou Otome.
「 And this kind of man exist in this world too. A man different from the other men you’ve seen so far 」
The Yakuza who raped Tendou Otome’s mother.
And her father, who gave approval and watched it together with his daughter.
「 Indeed, to think that he would wash the bodyguard who wet herself with his own hands 」
Torii-san muttered.
「 Furthermore, it was gentle. I can feel that it’s filled with affection 」
「 It’s not only while washing. During sex too 」
Luna said.
「 He makes sure to check Agnes-chan, Yomi-oneesama, and my physical condition, and looks after us 」
「 That’s right. You can feel that you are loved 」
Misuzu said.
「 Papa’s always making us feel good 」
「 And he answers my desires and goes intense with me 」
Agnes and Michi said.
「 Therefore, we also love Onii-sama 」
Ruriko sits on the air mat.
She faces me with her naked body and bows with her three fingers on the floor.
「 Onii-sama, please feel pleasure with Ruriko’s body. I will do my best to serve you. And so, uhm 」
She speaks with her cheeks blushing.
「 I don’t mind making a child, so please, let out a lot inside Ruriko 」
「 I’m cleaned up now 」
「 We’re also done cleaning up the bathroom 」
Michi and Luna said.
「 Reika, Tsukiko, and I are still on duty, don’t mind us, Michi’s also back 」
Edie continues to monitor Tendou Otome.
「 As for us, we already had enough. Danna-sama, what’s left is to have fun with Ruriruri 」
Misuzu, Agnes, Luna, Yomi, and Michi. I already had sex with them.
Ruriko’s the last one for the watch party.
「 Yeah, right. I’m going to ejaculate a lot 」
The last one in this bathroom today
「 Yes. Please use Ruriko 」
Hot blood rushes down on my penis.
◇ ◇ ◇
「 Onii-sama, excuse me 」
Ruriko had me lie down on the mat, then,
She pours body soap on her body.
「 Let’s wash your body! 」
She rubs her slimy body on me.
Oh, she learned this from Katsuko-nee.
Soapland techniques.
「 Ufufu, Onii-sama. This is fun, Ruriko’s so slimy 」
She rubs her cute breasts on my chest and stomach.
That hard feeling of her nipples is excellent.
「 In truth, Onii-sama enjoys Katsuko-oneesama, Nagisa-oneesama, or Nei-oneesama’s voluptuous bodies, but, 」
Yeah, the voluptuous ladies feel great when they wash my body with theirs, but,
「 That’s not true. Ruriko has her charms too 」
This elastic and puffy breasts and her soft body, they both feel great.
「 Besides, if you’re talking about body washing, Minaho-neesan’s the best at it 」
「 My, is that so? 」
「 Yeah. Minaho-neesan’s thin, isn’t she? But, she created a technique using that fits her body 」
Back during her age as a prostitute.
Minaho-neesan became a prostitute, and her body became unable to bear a child.
Her body’s too thin. There’s no meat at all.
Despite that, she knows how to stimulate me sexually.
「 In the end, it’s about seeking on how to make your partner feel pleasure using your own body 」
「 Indeed. It’s meaningless to compare one’s body to another 」
Ruriko answers while rubbing her breasts on me.
「 Yeah, and I love Ruriko’s mind and body 」
「 Onii-sama 」
Ruriko smiles happily.
「 I also love Onii-sama’s body and the heart inside it 」
「 Agnes too! 」
「 Me too 」[Luna]
「 Yomi too 」
「 Me too! 」[Edie]
「 Tsukiko too 」
「 Michi too 」
「 Me too 」[Reika]
「 Misuzu too 」
「 M-Me too, I love it 」
「 I also love Kuromori-san 」
She said bashfully.
「 Thanks 」
「 Onii-sama, it’s Ruriko right now 」
Ruriko strokes my penis with her hands slimy from soap.
She rubs her nipples on my glans.
「 Aaah! Ruriko?! 」
「 Ufufu, did that feel good? Onii-sama? 」
「 Should we go slimy? 」
Sex while we’re filled with soap.
「 Onii-sama, where do you prefer? Top or bottom? 」
「 What about Ruriko? 」
「 Whichever Onii-sama likes 」
「 No, but 」
Ruriko smiled.
「 I understand. Then, Ruriko prefers to be on the receiving side 」
She says, being considerate of me.
「 Then shall we go with ‘rape’? Ruriko loves it when Onii-sama does that. It’s a lot of fun. Therefore, please go for it anytime, anywhere, when you feel like it. Ruriko wants that too 」
What a gentle smile.
Ruriko knows my fetish.
The trauma from my first experience, where I raped Yukino.
「 Agnes also likes it 」
「 As for me, I prefer it 」
Agnes, Michi.
「 It’s okay to do it. We also wish for the same thing 」
Tsukiko, who can read everyone’s thoughts, said out of everyone’s behalf.
「 Thanks, everyone 」
「 Yes, let’s switch places, Onii-sama 」
Ruriko lies down on the air mat and spreads her legs.
I’ve already gone inside Ruriko’s slit since I deflowered her, and yet.
It’s still closed tight, retaining its beautiful shape.
It makes you think that she’s a virgin when you look at her.
「 Come, Onii-sama! 」
Ruriko shows an innocent smile and opens up her slit.
And it seems moist enough inside.
Naturally, there’s no hymen.
I already tore that off.
「 Please come in 」
Her love nectar drips down.
Her red clitoris is sparkling.
Foreplay’s not needed.
「 Yeah 」
I wash away the foam on my penis.
I bend over on top of Ruriko with my cleaned up penis.
「 Come 」
「 Yeah 」
The tip goes inside Ruriko.
「 Aaaaah 」
Oh, it’s as if my penis is dipping in hot springs.
That’s how hot Ruriko’s insides are.
「 O-Onii-sama, more! 」
「 Aaah! Onii-sama’s inside! 」
Deep inside Ruriko.
Aaah, so tight, it’s clamping me!
Her vagina meat is pushing me back, and so I shove it in using brute force.
「 Aaa! Onii-sama’s violating Ruriko! Aaaaaah! This is fun! 」
Ruriko changes ‘pleasure’ to ‘fun.’
「 R-Ruriko! 」
I begin my piston.
Ruriko’s body is slippery because of the soap.
I unintentionally thrust stronger.
I can slow down my movements, but there are no brakes.
「 Uuuu, aaaaah! Aaaaaahn! Onii-sama!!! 」
I-I can’t hold it anymore.
I am looking at Ruriko’s eager face.
I can no longer stop this urge to violate this cute girl anymore.
「 R-Ruriko! 」
I stir up Ruriko’s insides with an intense momentum.
「 Aaaahn~ Onii-sama, this is fun! So much fun!!! Aaaaah! 」
I shake Ruriko roughly.
Her body sways around lewdly.
Her cute breasts are dancing around, making a circular pattern.
「 Geez, Sensei, Yomi also wanted you to be this rough 」
「 Nii-san is worried about Yomi-oneesama’s body 」
Luna told her sister.
「 We’re still young 」
「 Sure, Luna and the girls are still young, but Yomi’s bigger. My breasts and butt are this developed! It’s all for Sensei to enjoy! 」
「 Then, next time, ask him to get more intense. Just like how Ruriko did it 」
「 Right 」
Yomi, no, all of the girls in the bathroom.
They concentrate on Ruriko and me, who are having sex.
My intense thrusts, and Ruriko’s loud moans,
「 Aaaahn~ So much fun!!! Sex is so much fun!!! 」
Ruriko shouts with her eyes, melting in pleasure.
「 Ruriruri, you seem to be having fun 」
Misuzu mutters with a smile.
「 Just watching someone enjoy sex makes you also happy 」
「 Ruriko-sama 」
Karen-san looked at Ruriko.
「 Ufufu, this is fun! Onii-sama! How is Ruriko’s body? Are you enjoying it? 」
「 Yeah, it feels good. Ruriko 」
「 Yes, please! Enjoy it a lot! Aah, aaah, Ruriko…Ruriko also enjoys Onii-sama’s penis! Aaaaaah! 」
Yeah, just looking at Ruriko’s face makes me want to ejaculate now.
「 R-Ruriko! I-I.. 」
「 Ahn~ Onii-sama! Wait! Ruriko’s also! Ruriko’s also about to cum! 」
I grab Ruriko’s breasts.
I knead it.
Her cute breasts are also slimy from soap; it feels good.
「 Aaaah! Onii-sama! That! I like that! 」
「 Aaah! Aaaah! O-Onii-sama. R-Ruriko’s…Ruriko’s about to!!! 」
Ruriko’s about to reach climax too.
She’s rising there.
「 Aaaah, Ruriko!! 」
I tightened up my ass, making sure that I don’t discharge it at the wrong time.
I place my hands on the air mat and head for the last spurt.
「 Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!! Yes! I love that! 」
I gouge Ruriko’s entrance to her womb with my glans, intensely, bit by bit.
「 R-Ruriko, O-Onii-sama’s violating Ruriko! Aaaah! More! More! Do it, Onii-sama! Ruriko loves this! Ruriko loves it when Onii-sama violates her!!! 」
Oooh, I can feel the hot stuff rising from the inside.
「 I love it! I love it when Onii-sama rapes me!!!! Onii-sama!!!! Release your hot stuff! Inside Ruriko!! Do it inside, Ruriko! Onii-sama’s hot semen, pour it inside me!! 」
Uwaaaaa. Ugugugu!!
「 Aaaahn! So cute! Onii-sama’s face when raping Ruriko, it’s so cute! I love it! I love that! Aaaaah! What do I do?! What do we do? ! Ruriko, Ruriko’s also feeling pleasure from Onii-sama!! Ruriko’s feeling of joy as Onii-sama violates me! 」
Ruriko’s eyes are spilling tears of joy.
Her whole body is flushed, turning bright red.
The lewd smell of her sweat and love nectar and the scent of soap creates this impure mood.
Aaaah, I’m about to…
My penis feels Ruriko’s insides.
I can feel Ruriko’s skin.
And Ruriko’s smile overcome with emotion.
「 Aaaaah! Onii-sama! Onii-sama! My Onii-sama! Ruriko’s about to fly! Therefore! Onii-sama! Let it out! Pour it all inside Ruriko! Give me all of your hot semen! Aaaaaaahn! 」
Ruriko bursts out.
「 R-Ruriko!!!!!!!! 」
I also ejaculated.
「 Aaaaah! It’s so hot!!! Onii-sama!!!!! 」
My hot semen pours into Ruriko’s young womb.
「 Aaaaaahn! It’s coming in! Aaaaaah! Ruriko’s making a child!!! 」
My cloudy liquid continues to pour inside Ruriko’s womb.
「 This is so much fun! I don’t mind making a child!!! Aaaah! Ruriko!!! Aaaahn! Ruriko wants Onii-sama’s child!!! 」
Ruriko drowns in the waves of ecstasy.
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