Chapter 898. Night of Fun / A long goodbye

「 Hello, sorry to keep you waiting. It’s Kouzuki Misuzu on the line 」

Misuzu pressed a switch on the extension phone.

『 It’s Mizushima. Karen’s father』

The voice from the call comes out on the speakers.

It looks like this mansion’s phones have that device equipped.

『 Uhm, I would like to speak with Kouzuki Kakka, 』

Karen-san’s father speaks timidly.

「 That’s not possible. Earlier, Mizushima-sama…I mean, the head of Mizushima house talked to Grandfather, and he angered him 」

Misuzu speaks with a calm voice.

『 That’s, uhm, I’m very sorry for that. I would like to apologize to Kouzuki Kakka for events that transpired 』

「 However, Grandfather will not talk to anyone but the head 」

『 But, I also am the representative of Mizushima house 』

「 Yes, correct 」

『 No, but, I will soon succeed Mizushima house as the heir 』

Karen’s father tried to explain desperately, but,

「 Today’s gathering also had Kaan Momoko-sama, and Kanou Sakurako-sama attending in the party 」

Misuzu said.

「 And there were also multiple young ladies of the nobility who attended. Have you thought of the dangers of bringing someone from a crime syndicate into that party? 」

『 No, that’s… to reason that, I didn’t know anything about it. It’s all my father…the head of Mizushima house’s actions, he’s the one involved with the Kansai organization 』

「 It’s irrelevant who knows and who doesn’t. I will reiterate for clarity, I, Kouzuki Misuzu, hosted the party tonight 」

「 Y-Yes?! Is that so? 」

Oh, he doesn’t get it.

「 The scandal Mizushima house caused will also hurt my honor 」

Misuzu called over the young ladies of nobility to her party, and yet.

Tendou Otome, a spy from the Kansai Yakuza, infiltrated, it’s a disgrace for her.

Concerning the result, it was dealt with as a surprise event, and the young ladies had fun and returned home safely, but,

It would’ve been messed up.

Actually, Tendou Otome used the young lady of Takahama products to lower the fame of Misuzu and Kouzuki house.

「 Earlier, the heads of each family had a discussion, and Grandfather already gave his judgment. However, it’s initially a problem for me to resolve. Mizushima house caused damage to me 」

Yeah, Misuzu, who uses “Atashi” most of the time…

She’s now using “Watakushi”1

That means, she’s speaking formally as the young lady of Kouzuki house.

『 I-I’m very sorry for the troubles we’ve caused 』

Karen-san’s father is too late to apologize.

He should’ve done that first.

He was looking down on Misuzu because she’s just a “daughter” of the house.

「 Grandfather told me that I’m the one who received damages in this incident and so I will deal with what’s ahead. Are you aware of what Grandfather said to the head of Mizushima house? 」

Misuzu said.

『 No, well, it’s a bit harsh, or should I say that I was trying to make a call to make it a bit lighter, but, 』

Karen-san’s father thinks that the Mizushima house is a nobility that has a long history, and so Jii-chan will forgive them.

He’s really looking down on Jii-chan.

『 Uhm, that’s…In short, I would like Kouzuki Kakka to understand that we didn’t obey the Kansai organization because we liked it. We had no choice, I mean, they’re a crime syndicate 』

「 And do you think that we can forgive you for letting someone infiltrate my party? 」

『 Even without forgiving us, we had no other options 』

Oh, this guy’s hopeless.

「 Is that so? Then, Mizushima house will have no choice in this case either 」

『 Uhm, what? 』

「 You may have heard from the head already, but all of Mizushima house’s businesses will be divided for the other nobilities 」

Misuzu declared.

『 No, wait, wait a second! I heard that from father, but it’s too harsh! This is tyranny! 』

「 And sending someone related to a crime syndicate on a party where young ladies gather isn’t? 」

『 I mean, despite being a member of a crime syndicate, it’s just one high school girl! 』

He’s beyond hopeless.

「 According to the investigation of Kouzuki SS, currently, the Kansai crime syndicates are surrounding the main mansion of Kouzuki house 」

『 Huh? 』

「 Mizushima-sama talks about one high school girl, but their plan is to use her to create a scandal. Currently, Kouzuki SS’ Seki-san and Fujimiya-san are dealing with them. The guests who came to the party have returned safely but, Mizushima Karen-san’s bodyguard, the one who infiltrated, could deceive the other women and kidnap a young lady from somewhere else. Just the thought of it is making me shiver 」

『 No, but that didn’t happen, did it? 』

Karen’s father said.

『 If everyone’s safe, then there’s no problem, right? 』


What’s with him?

「 So you’re trying to say that Mizushima house has no sin? 」

『 T-That’s not what I meant, but, I think that the punishment is too harsh for us 』

「 Oh? I think that this is still light for you 」

Misuzu said.

『 A-Anyway, I can’t make progress talking to Misuzu-sama. Uhm, can I speak to Kouzuki Kakka 』

「 Grandfather mentioned he will not talk to you 」

『 No, but, even if I talk to Misuzu-sama… 』

This is a waste of time.

「 Misuzu, give it to me 」

Minaho-neesan extends her hand.

「 Thank you 」

Misuzu hands over the receiver to Minaho-neesan.


「 You don’t have to worry now, okay? 」

She embraces Karen-san, who listens to the conversation nervously.

「 Kya! M-Misuzu-sama? 」

Karen-san’s surprised.

「 I’ll make you my hug pillow, for now, I need to cool off. I’m touching your breasts too 」

Misuzu embraces Karen-san.

「 Hauuu 」

Karen-san blushed.

「 Kuromori Minaho is now on the line 」

『 Kuromori? 』

Karen’s father asks.

「 Indeed, Mizushima-sama’s father is a regular customer of ours. It’s that “Kuromori”

I see. Karen-san’s grandfather has also come to the mansion during it’s “Kuromori Tower” age.

When Karen-san’s father reached adulthood, Shirasaka Sousuke’s the one in control of that mansion.

He hasn’t been a guest of Kuromori.

『 Then, what does a Kuromori person need from me? 』

Karen-san’s father speaks in displeasure.

「 Oh? Just so you know, I work in the information analysis of Kouzuki SS. That means I’m in charge of the underground dealings of Kouzuki house 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Currently, I’m the one in charge with the involvement of the Kansai Crime syndicates 」

『 I don’t care. Look, give back the phone to Misuzu-sama. No, I guess you could connect it back to Kouzuki Kakka? 』

Karen’s father speaks with a high-handed attitude.

Just like how nobility talks to their servants.

「 Oh, you still don’t get it, do you? 」

『 What? 』

「 You see, I’ve been dealing with businesses with nobility since your father’s generation 」

『 I don’t care about that! I’m Mizushima! The heir of Mizushima house! 』


「 What about it? 」

『 Hey! I thought you understand what nobility is?! Isn’t that your business? 』

Kuromori has been a high-class brothel that only has the nobility from the political and business circles as customers.

「 Yes, I very well understand. The families called nobility and the difference of status of each family 」

『 What did you say? 』

「 Misuzu-sama, the young lady of Kouzuki house, doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. Naturally, Kakka thinks the same 」

『 Hey! Wait! I’m Mizushima! Mizushima house belongs to nobility! 』

It’s a family that can bring bodyguards in the school Misuzu attends.

That means, their status as a family is higher.

「 However, your family has a lower rank than Kouzuki-sama’s house, isn’t that correct? 」

『 T-That’s true, but, Argh! That’s not for you to reason me with! 』

Karen-san’s father is losing his temper.

「 Furthermore, currently, you’re treated as an enemy 」

『 E-Enemy?! Why? 』

He’s surprised by what Minaho-neesan said.

「 You’ve acted hostile against Kouzuki-sama’s family, it’s inevitable 」

『 No, hostile act? 』

「 We can’t help but accept that scandal you’ve caused as such 」

『 That’s why I’m making the call to make an apology. To make them understand that we’re not an enemy! 』

Karen’s father desperately tries to speak, but.

「 I think it’s impossible. It may seem impolite to say but, Mizushima-sama’s remarks don’t towards Misuzu-sama doesn’t sound like an apology 」

『 I’ve made a proper apology! 』


He thinks that if he says sorry, then the police won’t arrest him anymore.

「 And that behavior of yours, Mizushima-sama, has caused significant discomfort from Misuzu-sama 」

『 What did you say? 』

He’s not looking at the people around him.

「 By the way, as for your daughter, Karen-sama 」

Minaho-neesan changes the topic.

『 Oh, right! I also have to talk about that 』


Jii-chan already told Karen-san’s grandfather that Kouzuki house will adopt her.

Naturally, the father should know about it as well.

『 What you’re doing is kidnapping. Therefore, you should return Karen to our house right away 』

He speaks with a composed tone.

He’s not even asking if Karen-san is safe or if she’s lonely.

Well, of course.

He sent her to Misuzu’s party together with Tendou Otome.

「 Unfortunately, Kakka already decided. She will not return home 」

Minaho-neesan said.

『 T-Then, I have a plan! I-I’ll call the police! I’ll talk to the lawyers too! 』

Karen-san’s father shouts emotionally.

「 If that’s the case, that will become a severe scandal for Mizushima house as well, don’t you think? 」

Minaho-neesan ridicules him.

『 I-I don’t care! Kouzuki house is bigger, they will receive more damage! 』

That’s his call.


『 H-Hey! Wait! I’m currently talking! Huh?! Ah! I-I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Father! 』


We’re hearing the father apologize over the phone.


『 It’s Mizushima. Who am I speaking with? 』

That voice is Karen-san’s Grandfather.

He’s the head of the Mizushima house.

「 Kuromori Minaho. I’m currently working with Kouzuki SS. Misuzu-sama asked me to talk on her behalf 」

『 A Kuromori speaks on behalf of Misuzu-sama? 』

「 Yes, your son has been terribly impolite with Misuzu-sama, and so I apologize, but I took the phone halfway 」

『 Is that so, then I apologize for the discourtesy. Could you convey to Misuzu-sama that Mizushima apologizes for what has transpired 』

Then, Misuzu;

「 I’ll answer 」

She’s asking for the receiver.

「 Please give us a moment. Misuzu-sama would like to talk 」

『 Ooh, I’m thankful 』

Misuzu answers the call.

「 It’s Kouzuki Misuzu 」

『 We have caused a lot of trouble for today. I apologize. Also, my son has been incredibly discourteous to you, I sincerely apologize 』

The grandfather apologized to Misuzu.

『 After my conversation with Kakka, I’ve cooled down my thoughts. We will accept everything that Kakka has instructed us 』

「 That means you are okay with the terms? 」

『 Indeed, if Mizushima house survives, then that is good enough 』

The old man said.

『 To be honest, I’ve received various calls from the heads of nobilities after that. They were all angry at me. It’s natural, their daughters are their treasure 』

Oh, it looks like there was a flood of protests on Mizushima house after they found out that their daughter was placed in danger.

『 Several of them broke off our business relationship. And among those, some were major clients of our business. Mizushima holdings will soon collapse. I was shallow. I have never thought of this happening 』

Karen-san’s grandfather didn’t think that Tendou Otome’s infiltration will cause this many problems.

『 We will liquidate our accounts, and we will offer our businesses to the nobilities. We will abandon our nobility status and confine ourselves in our house 』

「 You have to discuss that with Grandfather as it’s his instructions. I do not know any of those 」

Misuzu speaks coldly.

「 By the way, as for Karen-san 」

Karen-san, who is in Misuzu’s arms, trembled.

『 As for Karen, I have discussed with our relatives that are also heads of nobility. They all told me that if Kouzuki-sama is taking custody of Karen, then she’s necessary for the revival of Mizushima house in the future 』

「 Indeed, we’ve talked earlier, but it seems that the father isn’t suited as the next head either 」

Misuzu speaks in a slightly annoyed tone.

If Karen-san received her father’s education, she would also become a troublesome person who thinks that it’s natural for people to treat her as special because she’s from the nobility.

『 Instead, they persuaded me that it’s Kouzuki Kakka’s goodwill as it will create a connection to Kouzuki house through Karen 』

After various people getting angry at them and scolding them, that’s when he finally looked at the situation objectively.

「 Then, I, Kouzuki Misuzu, will take responsibility and look after Karen-san 」

Misuzu said.

「 I will look after her as my precious little sister. In exchange 」

『 Y-Yes? 』

「 I, no, Kouzuki house will decide for Karen’s future, do you mind? 」

Karen-san’s eyes opened wide.

「 That means, I will decide on whose child Karen-san will bear for the future 」

Karen-san’s grandfather paused for a moment.

『 T-That means, a relative of Kouzuki house? 』

「 Naturally 」

Misuzu answered lightly.

『 I-Is that so? No, I see. Indeed, if she’s a child raised by Kouzuki house, then…

「 Indeed, that means there will be discussions between various nobilities 」

Right, even when Jii-chan made public about Yoshiko-san, his granddaughter…

There were various engagement proposals to create a relationship to get close to Ruriko.

If Karen-san were to live with Kouzuki house from now on, then,

Furthermore, if she’s treated as Misuzu’s little sister.

There will be those who want Karen-san, not as a daughter of Mizushima house, but as a close daughter of Kouzuki house.

「 I can understand that Mizushima-sama has ties with various families, but leave that to me 」

Mizushima house also wants to tie Karen-san to another nobility house, but,

「 I guarantee Karen-san’s happiness 」

Misuzu said.

『 I understand. With the downfall of the Mizushima house, there will be no better proposals for Karen. Compared to that, if she’s under the care of Kouzuki house, I’m sure that many will want her 』

Karen-san’s grandfather accepted Misuzu’s suggestion.

「 Karen-san is with me right now. Karen-san… 」

Misuzu hands the receiver to Karen-san.

「 Grandfather 」

『 Ooh, Karen, are you okay? 』

「 Y-Yes. M-Misuzu-sama’s looking after me 」

No, you got naked and went to the bathroom.

Watched live sex.

I think you’re in bad shape.

『 I think it will be hard for you, but please persevere for our family, okay? 』

「 Y-Yes, grandfather 」

Karen-san replied.

「 W-Where’s Mother? 」

『 Oh, after hearing about your situation, she’s staying in her bead 』

「 O-Oh 」

Karen-san’s surprised.


「 I will give her a chance to call her mother later 」

She says while patting Karen-san’s head.

「 Misuzu-sama said that she will let me call mother later 」

『 I see. Then I’ll tell her that 』


「 Grandfather, I’ll do my best. I won’t lose…so please, Grandfather, mother, father, please don’t be discouraged and endure all this 」

『 Umu, yes, I understand, Karen 』

She speaks to cheer up her grandfather, who is in low spirits.

Even though she’s scared of her future.

Karen-san’s a good girl.

「 It’s about time, Karen 」

「 Ah, yes, Grandfather, I’m giving back the receiver to Misuzu-sama 」

『 U-Umu 』

Misuzu takes back the receiver from Karen-san while still embracing her.

「 I would like a memorandum that says Kouzuki house is taking custody of Karen-san 」

『 Memorandum? 』

「 It would be a problem if someone tries to spread rumors that we’ve kidnapped her against her will 」

『 Oh, my son mentioned that? I understand. I will create papers with my signature and seal. I will write that Karen is living in Kouzuki-sama’s house to learn manners 』

「 Thank you. Also, could you send Karen-san’s personal belongings and her school necessities to our mansion? 」

『 Why not send Karen-san home and let her prepare it all? 』

「 It will be painful for Karen-san. It’s not like she will leave her home for the rest of her life. Please bring only the necessities. I think that soon enough, Karen-san will be ready to return to her home 」

『 I understand, then I’ll do that 』

Karen-san’s grandfather said.

「 Since her home is on the way to the school, I’ll allow her mother to meet her several times per week. Of course, you can come as well, Mizushima-sama. However, we will bring Kouzuki SS bodyguards with us 」

『 I’m thankful for that, but why bring Kouzuki SS? 』


「 The crime syndicates from Kansai are still monitoring Mizushima-sama 」

『 Oh, it’s a lapse in my memory, forgive me 』

And for now, Karen-san will live with Misuzu, but,

Her mother and grandfather can see her.

Perhaps, even make calls.

「 Karen-san, is there anything else you’d like to tell your grandfather? 」

Misuzu asks Karen-san.

「 Tell Grandfather to take care and good night 」

『 Yes, I’m sorry that you have to go through that Karen 』

「 No, I’ll do my best. I’ll call Mother later 」

『 Yes, okay 』

Misuzu takes back the receiver from Karen-san.

「 Then, I will end the call, Mizushima-sama 」

『 Misuzu-sama, please look after Karen 』

「 Indeed, she’s my precious little sister 」

『 Thank you, goodbye 』

Then, Mizushima house’s call ended.

「 Thanks to you, one of the nobility fall into ruins. And one girl became a sacrifice, do keep that in mind 」

Edie told Tendou Otome.

「 I-I… 」

「 What? You think it’s the adult’s fault, and you have no reason to receive any blame? 」

Nei speaks.

「 Sure, you can think that way, but this girl was unrelated to this. Her fate changed because Tendou-san came 」

Tendou Otome looks at Karen-san.

「 Don’t think that you’re the only victim of fate 」

Edie said.

「 You’re also the cause of someone’s change of fate 」


「 After all, Karen-san’s existence here is the clear proof 」

Misuzu said.

「 The head of the Mizushima house is sending her to Kouzuki house to learn manners, and he will send documents to prove that. Nobody’s going to complain now 」

Misuzu happily embraced Karen-san.

「 And then, you heard it, right? Karen. I’m the one to decide whose child you will bear 」

Karen-san trembles.

「 Y-Yes, Misuzu-sama 」

She replied in a small voice.

「 Karen-san will bear Danna-sama’s child. Right, since Karen-san is still 12, the first child will be five years later 」

「 O-Okay 」

「 Then, you will start training to create children from now on 」

「 P-Please take care of me 」

Looking at Karen-san, who is afraid, Misuzu;

「 Seriously, Karen’s so cute. But, that line’s not for me but Danna-sama, you know? Go ahead, ask Danna-sama to “teach Karen how to make babies” 」

Karen-san, a cute young lady looks at me on the verge of tears.

「 P-Please teach Karen, h-how to make babies 」

「 And well done, it this okay, Danna-sama? 」

Misuzu’s in high spirits, but,

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