Chapter 899. Night of Fun / Ruirui Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 898. Night of Fun / A long goodbyePure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 900. Night of Fun / Pull the Line

「 Agnes, Luna, Koyomi-chan, come over here 」

I call the small girls who were playing on the other side of the room.

Mana and Mao-chan are also there, but I’m calling the girls of the same age for now.

「 Yes, what is it?! Desuno?! 」

Agnes runs over to me like a small puppy.

The other girls also come over right away.

「 Mizushima Karen-san is officially going to live with us. Get along with her, so Karen-san doesn’t get lonely 」

I said. Agnes.

「 Then she’ll also have sex with Papa? 」

In the end, that’s Agnes’ standards.

She asks stubbornly.

「 Yeah, she will 」

I affirmed.

「 Then, you’re a friend! 」

Agnes smiles.

「 It’s okay! All the girls on our group need to have sex with Papa, except those whose body is still too young 」

Agnes is convinced that Koyomi-chan and Mao-chan will have sex with me someday.

「 Also, you will have to help in pastry making! 」

「 Pastry? 」

Karen-san asks back.

「 But, it’s okay! Agnes already knows a lot about sex and pastries, so there’s no need to worry! There’s nothing complicated about it 」

Agnes puffs her chest with pride.

「 Agnes will also learn from Karen-san in studies 」

I said. Agnes.

「 Gyogyogyo! Desuno! 」

「 I think that Karen-san knows a lot about school stuff 」

「 Auuuu 」

「 Don’t mimic what Mao-chan’s doing. If you’re teaching, then teach her, if she’s teaching, then learn. That’s how you get along 」

「 Okay, desuno 」

Agnes shrinks.

「 Luna, look after her 」

「 Yes, we’ll be with you, so you don’t get lonely 」

Luna tells Karen-san.

「 It must be painful to be away from your mother for now, but you’ll meet her soon 」

Koyomi-chan read Karen-san’s thoughts and said. 」

「 T-Thank you 」

Karen-san nods lightly,

「 Karen-san can still meet up with her mother. But these girls… 」


「 Yes. Koyomi-chan and my mother are already gone 」

「 Agnes never met her mama 」

「 Huh? 」

Karen-san’s confused.

「 But, Agnes still has Papa! I love Papa! 」

Agnes hugs me from behind.

「 Agnes isn’t a greedy girl, she won’t monopolize Papa! 」

「 Yes. And Karen-san, you can have sex with Nii-san if you feel lonely. It warms up your heart 」

Agnes and Luna said.

「 Geez, are you not done yet? 」

Mao-chan calls for Agnes and the girls from there.

「 Give us a few more moments 」

Koyomi-chan replies to Mao-chan with a bright smile.

When she arrived at the mansion, she didn’t have that expression.

She’s always feeling down.

I guess it’s because she’s surrounded by the family that her mind became stable.

I hope Karen-san becomes like that too.

「 What are you girls playing with Mao-chan right now? 」

I asked. Agnes.

「 It’s Shiritori! Ah, Papa! 」

「 What? 」

「 Do you have any word that has “Ru” in it? 」

「 Ru? 」

「 Mao-chan’s cruel, she’s always forcing Agnes to go with “Ru” 」


「 Ruby? 」

「 I used that first 」

「 1Louis the 14th? 」

「 Already done that, all the way from the first to the 18th! 」


「 Uhm, for our rules, we can’t use any further than Louis the 18th 」

Luna said.

「 Huh? I thought that the French revolution ended it on Louis the 16th? 」

If I recall correctly.

「 Louis the 16th’s brother received the throne as the 18th during the restoration of Imperial Rule 」

Edie said.

「 As for the 17th, he’s the child of the 16th. There were no enthronement however 」

「 I see 」

「 Charles the 10th’s child, Louis Antoine, is also regarded as the 19th by the scholars. Also, Louis Alphonse Gonzalve Victor Emmanuel Marc de Bourbon is known as the Louis the 20th 」

「 Who? 」

What the hell is with Louis?

「 He’s a bank employee in Spain. He inherited the blood of Bourbon, and so, he claimed succession to the throne. Born in 1974, so he’s still alive. That’s why, including that guy, there’s only 20 Louis’ 」

I-I see.

「 But, our rules is that we can only use until the 18th if we’re going with historical names 」

Koyomi-chan said.

Oh, so it’s that kind of shiritori. I see.

I won’t catch up to them if that happens.

「 Hey, it’s Agnes-chan’s turn, hurry up! 」

Mao-chan calls Agnes.

「 It’s Ru! Get it?! Ru! Ehehehe 」

Ah, Mao-chan’s having fun that Agnes is getting troubled with words that start with “Ru.”

「 Okay! Louis Alphonse Gonzalve Victor Emmanuel Marc de Bourbon 」


「 Who’s that? 」

Mao-chan’s surprised.

「 He’s a bank employee from Spain! 」

Agnes speaks boldly.

「 You’re lying! Try saying that again?! 」

「 Louis Alphonse Gonzalve Victor Emmanuel Marc de Bourbon 」

Agnes grins.

「 Agnes, you learned it from hearing once? 」

「 Yes! Desuno! 」


「 Also, I can still use Louis Antoine 」

Ah, it’s also another name mentioned in our conversation.

「 What about Louis Philippe? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 We already used that. He’s a man from the history books 」

Luna said.

Huh? Which history book did he appear?

「 It’s on 1830’s July Monarchy 」

Tsukiko, don’t read my thoughts at times like this.

「 Oh, excuse me 」

That’s amazing.

I mean, it’s just making me aware that I’m an idiot.

「 Hey! Agnes! I’ve got another “Ru” word for you 」

Nei speaks happily.

「 Yes, what is it? 」

Agnes looks at Nei with an excited face.

「 Roommate, Inoue Ryouko 」


「 What’s that? 」

「 It’s the ancestor of Love Plus 」

Nei laughs.

「 Geez! You’re asking Papa for hints! That’s unfair! 」

Mao-chan’s angry now.

「 Sorry, then, Mao-chan, do you want hints too? 」

Nei shouted back.

「 Well, some “Zu” words then! 」


「 I’ve already used Zushi Marina and Zushi municipal office 」

Zu? I don’t have anything in my mind right now.

「 I’ve got a lot, like Emperor Zur, Director Zuriru, or the sleeping giant Zushin, or disc monster, Zumezume 」2


「 Sorry Nei, but don’t teach them too many weird stuff 」

Minaho-neesan told Nei.

「 Wait?! That’s not weird1 」

「 It’s weird! Nei-oneesama 」

Misuzu also stops Nei.

「 M-Mao-chan, you know Zucchini? 」

Minaho-neesan forced a bitter smile.

「 Zucchini? 」

「 It’s a vegetable, have you seen one? 」

「 Ah, Zucchini! Thanks! 」

Mao-chan smiled.

「 Well, you can go back and play. Bring Karen-san with you 」

「 Okay! Let’s go! 」

Agnes smiled and told Karen-san.

「 Uhm 」

Karen-san looked at Misuzu.

「 Go. Danna-sama already gave his orders 」

Misuzu lets go of Karen-san.

「 Mao-chan! We’ve got one more! 」

「 Eeh?! We’re going from the start? 」

「 Right, what should we do? 」

Agnes and Mao-chan speak to her brightly, and now Luna’s with them.

But they will change soon enough.

Agnes, who always expose her emotions and talks brightly, was someone who has her heart closed back then.

「 Okay, Mao-chan, this is Karen-san 」

Luna introduced Karen-san to Mao-chan.

「 Ah, hello. Pleased to meet you 」

Karen-san bows politely, but.

「 You don’t have to do that 」

Mana, who’s sitting next to Mao-chan, told Karen-san.

「 I’m sure that you’re still nervous, but once you’re used to it, you will reach happiness. Don’t worry 」

「 What? 」

「 Onii-chan’s like that 」

Mana looked at me and smiled.

Mana’s also able to go outside now.

And at that moment, she knows what to do and moves accordingly.

「 Ah, I’ll prepare Karen-san’s drinks. What do you want 」

「 Ah, I’ll help out 」

「 Don’t mind it. You just joined in, take it easy for today 」

Mana stands up.

「 Onii-chan, do you want some drinks over there? 」

Right, it’s Mana who prepares cold drinks when we came to this room.

「 Not now. We’re moving soon 」

Minaho-neesan said.

Ah, we still have to go and suppress Tendou Sadao, who’s hiding in the karaoke box.

「 Misuzu, I don’t mind that you’re doting on Karen-san, but… 」

I speak.

「 But, we’ve got to make her happy, no matter what 」

Despite turning her to Misuzu’s pet, pulling her away from her family.

Despite her becoming my sex partner.

She needs to become happy.

「 Yes, Danna-sama, uhm.. 」

「 What? 」

「 I love it when Danna-sama says that 」

Misuzu kisses me in the cheek.

「 Now then, we can leave Karen-san to those girls 」

I looked at Minaho-neesan.

「 We have to clean up before dinner, right? 」

「 Indeed, I wouldn’t want to move a lot right after dinner, I mean, we want to tell them that we’re cutting off their time 」

Oh, right, Tendou Sadao’s told to wait for one hour.

「 Kufufu, this is getting fun 」

Torii-san is in high spirits.

「 No, Torii-san, this is as far as you’ll go 」

I said.

「 Huh. Why?! Just when it’s about to get exciting?! 」

「 Momoko-neechan told you to watch, and so we showed everything so far. But, what’s left are nothing but illegal matters 」

「 We can’t involve the young lady of Torii electronics to anything illegal 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 No, but… 」

Ignoring Torii-san’s discontent, I…

「 Misuzu and Ruriko. You need to step away now. It’s better if you two don’t know anything ahead of this 」

I told them. They nodded.

「 But, do I have your approval as the Kouzuki house’s daughters on Minaho-neesan and my plan? 」

「 Yes, Danna-sama 」

「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

The two speak with a straight face.

「 Then, you only know the gist of it, you do not know anything specific 」

And if in any case, we failed,

When it becomes a police matter, they won’t see it as a conspiracy.

Well, they could doubt Jii-chan and Shou-neechan, but they won’t target these two schoolgirls for their investigation.

But still, just in case.

「 As for me, I’ve been a member of Kuromori from the start! 」

Nei joins the force.

「 Me too, I’m joining in 」

Edie smiled.

「 Yomi, you too 」

「 Y-Yes! Sensei! 」

Yomi’s the vital point of this transaction, so we have to bring her.

I mean, this will be Yomi’s debut in underground business.

Luna’s too young, so she’s out of this for now.

「 I will also go 」

Tsukiko said.

「 No, but. 」

Tsukiko’s the girl who will become the next Takakura shrine maiden.

Therefore, I thought of not letting her go through dangerous jobs like this.

「 Otome has no other place than us to go and so it’s okay if Tsukiko’s not here 」

Edie said.

「 Yes, and if by off chance anything happens, I will be present 」

Yomi, who has the same Miko power, tells her sister.

「 No. I must go 」

Tsukiko said and looked at Tendou Otome’s face.

Did she see something in Tendou Otome’s mind?

「 I will tell the details later, also… 」

Tsukiko looks at Michi.

「 Michi-san, could you come too? 」

「 I do not mind? 」

Michi is Misuzu’s bodyguard.

If they find out that Michi’s participating in the illegal conflict with Tendou Sadao and Kansai Yakuza.

That spark will reach Kouzuki house and Misuzu immediately.

Furthermore, the enemy’s purpose is to find material to cause a scandal in Kouzuki house.

That means if they create a story that a young lady’s bodyguard fought with the Yakuza.

「 Do we need Michi’s Shingetsu by any chance? 」

Edie asks Tsukiko.

Shingetsu is a Qi skill used to deal with multiple enemies coming at once.

「 But, I can also use Shingetsu 」

「 Yes, I know that, but, 」

She still thinks that we need Michi?

「 Okay. Michi, cover your face with a mask 」

「 Roger 」

Michi nods.

With that, we now have the execution team.

Minaho-neesan, Nei, Yomi, Tsukiko, Edie, Michi, and me.

「 Naturally, Tendou-san’s coming too 」

「 Yeah, I know 」

We can’t expect any help from Tendou Otome in war potential, but,

The enemy is Tendou Otome’s father.

「 Please bring me too 」

Saying that is…Adelheid-san?

「 Oh, Haiji. That’s a good idea. If they can’t show me what’s ahead, then I can have Haiji watch over for me instead 」

「 No, Mariko-ojousama, I want to join in not as Ojou-sama’s bodyguard but as combat personnel 」

Adelheid-san’s eyes show that she’s serious.

「 What do you mean? Haiji, we’re already done with the dismissal topic, right? 」

「 I feel like I will open up a new fate if I join in this operation 」

A new fate.

「 Therefore, I’m asking to please let me join in as well 」

Adelheid-san bows her head.

「 What do you think, Yo-chan? 」

Nei looks at me.

「 Margo-oneechan’s not present, I mean, she already said that she won’t participate in underground activities. Also, it’s better if we have more people 」

「 But, with her actions so far, I think that she will move selfishly on the battlefield. That part of her resembles her master.

「 What did you say? 」

I ignore Torii-san, who is offended.

「 I-I will not move selfishly, I’ll follow instructions 」

Adelheid-san said, but…

「 Haa, I’ll look after her 」

Edie sighed.

「 You’re okay with that, Darling? 」

「 Is that okay? 」

I look at Edie and Adelheid-san.

「 Well, I think that a lot will happen, let’s bring her 」

Edie smiled.

「 You should also become a masked woman 」

Right, Adelheid-san stands out because of her half-race.

She needs a mask.

「 If that’s the case, let’s all wear masks 」

Nei suggested.

「 Oh, should we do that? Do we have masks? 」

「 I think Kouzuki SS has some! I’ll ask Shou-oneechan 」

Nei goes to the phone.


「 Well then, Misuzu, Ruriko, we’re going now 」

「 Take care, Danna-sama 」

「 I pray for your success and safe return 」

「 Look after the girls 」

I look at the girls playing on the other side of the room.

「 Piero della Francesca 」

「 Kaspar Hauser 」

「 Salzburg! 」

「 Kurou Hougan Yoshitsune 」3

「 Nezumi Kozō Jirokichi! 」

「 Chamberlain Appeasement policy(ちぇんばれんのゆうわせいさくっ) 」

They’re still playing Shiritori.

However, what kind of shiritori is that?

Well, it’s great that it increases Agnes and Mao-chan’s vocabulary.

「 Kurokasu! 」

「 Suzu! 」

Ah, I know those.

「 Eeh? Another Zu? 」

Mao-chan puffs her cheeks.


「 Huh? Papa, where are you going? 」

Oh, they noticed that we’re departing.

「 Yeah, we’ve got something to deal with before dinner 」

「 Okay, we’ll be good girls and wait 」

Mao-chan and replied with a smile.

Agnes also smiles.

Mana also smiles to not scare the girls.

Luna and Koyomi-chan know that we’re going to a fight, so they’re making a gloomy face.


「 It’s okay. I will get along with everyone 」

She told me.

◇ ◇ ◇

The sortie members move into another room.

It’s a conference room with a size of 6 tatami mats.

Anyway, we need a strategy meeting before moving.


「 Shou-neechan, make sure that Misuzu can’t hear the conversation here 」

As soon as I enter the room, I talk to the ceiling.

I know that Shou-neechan’s listening.

「 They can watch the video but don’t let them hear a thing 」

This is the mansion of Kouzuki house.

Knowing their personality, Misuzu would try to eavesdrop with our plans.

『 Okay, I’ve cut the audio channels. Can I listen? 』

Shou-neechan’s voice comes from the speakers.

「 Yeah. You can listen Shou-neechan, we want you to know what we will do 」

If in case we failed,

Kouzuki SS might have to save us.

『 Okay. Also, I’ll send in a support member 』

A support member?


A knock on the door.

「 Come in 」

Minaho-neesan replied.

「 Excuse me 」

It’s Kinoshita-san in her civilian clothes.

She’s a former Banbarubie 3 member, but now a Kouzuki SS member.

「 I heard that there were some movement under the table and they told me to come as support 」

Kinoshita-san’s not wearing a maid uniform or the suit uniform from Kouzuki SS.

Hmmm, if she’s wearing civilian clothing, she looks like someone on her third year in high school, I guess.

I guess that’s why Dai Grepher calls her a legal loli.

However, she’s still carrying the usual flail.

「 Also… 」

「 Excuse us 」

「 Excuse us 」

It’s the Anjou sisters?

They were the bodyguards of the Kurama sisters.

『 Use those girls too, they say that they’ll work hard, no matter what job they’re asked to do 』

「 We’ll do anything 」

「 Anything! 」


「 If it’s to repay the debts of our masters, then we 」

「 We will work hard to the bone! 」


Margo-san’s not with us, so I thought that we lack in power, but,

Michi, Edie, Adelheid-san, Kinoshita-san, and the Ajou sisters.

It helps that we have a lot of combat personnel, but,

Is this group going to be okay?
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