Chapter 914. Night of Fun / Please die!

「 In the end, that Tokuda’s the weakest of the group 」

Minaho-neesan speaks while looking at the situation in Tendou Sadao’s room.

「 Right. I mean, he’s forced to offer his daughter to the other old men 」

Nei said.

「 Can you see it? They concentrate on the people talking but you can see that there’s a hierarchy among them 」

Minaho-neesan tells me.

「 Hierarchy? 」

「 It means class system among the group 」

Edie teaches me.

「 Look, it’s about half of the people who can curse at Tendou Sadao, right? 」

Nei said.

「 They start by ridiculing Tokuda-san, and the others who are on the corner of the room, their boss, Tendou Sadao-san is sitting on a chair, and yet, they remain standing, look 」

Yeah, Nei’s right.

「 They can’t join in with the conversation, and they only listen to the conversation quietly 」


「 Tendou Sadao and the seniors of the group speaks freely, and there are the subordinates who can’t speak in the conversation. There’s that hierarchy 」

I see.

Tendou Sadao and Iwasaki Hiromi do their foolish talk, and so the people in the room concentrate on them.

「 And among the seniors, they have minor roles too 」

Tendou’s the leader, and Iwasaki Hiromi is the sub-leader.

And the guys who speak their opinion call Tendou Sadao as “Tendou-san,” “Tendou-aniki.” and “Aniki.”

They have their ranks.

「 On the other hand, the underlings have disparity 」

Nei said.

「 Like all the seniors tell that Tokuda guy to die, meaning, he’s the weakest of the group 」

I said.

「 Tendou Sadao-san’s group is what they call sacrificial pawns in the Yakuza organization. They’re never a decent group. They can’t do anything orderly 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Despite that, they all bully Tokuda-san. Nobody’s coming to help him, right? 」

All the other Yakuza in the monitor tell Tokuda to “die already.”

「 Well yeah, it’s these people. Once they think “He’ll never bite back no matter how much we torment him. That’s why it’s okay to do it,” they’ll do it all the time 」

Nei said.

「 It’s not about if they like or hate the person, nor whether the person is a good or bad one. Once they see that it’s okay to bully the person, they will start doing it without thinking 」

「 They’re animals. Not humans 」

Haiji-san mutters.

「 They use a selfish reason that it’s the problem of the bullied. In reality, they’re the people who will come assaulting someone who thinks that they can torment. They look for the opportunities 」

This half-Japanese girl was an orphan in a prostitution den.

Haiji-san probably had her hardships in Europe.

「 If I recall, the Yakuza who came to Tokyo turned Tokuda-san’s daughter and Shigeyo-san as their plaything, right? 」

Minaho-neesan changes the topic.

「 Yeah. That’s right 」

I replied.

「 Perhaps, Tokuda-san’s the weakest, and next to him is Shigeyo’s father 」

The weakest had to offer their daughters to their seniors and endure it.

「 I don’t think it’s coerced from the tormented side 」


「 The other subordinates don’t want their daughter raped, and so they force the weakest men to offer their daughters 」


「 They push the weakest one of the group to make sure that the sparks don’t reach them 」

She speaks after brooding over it.

「 Haiji, get yourself together 」

Edie embraces Haiji-san from behind.

「 We’re not going to do that. After all, we’re strong. If anyone does anything horrible to you, sister Edie will punish them! 」

「 That’s right! Ha-chan has a lot of strong big sisters! It’s okay 」

Nei said.

「 There’s nothing to be afraid of 」

Rei-chan also smiles at Haiji-san.

「 Y-Yes… 」

Behind that brave front of her are her various experiences.

Haiji-san fought by herself all this time.

「 Now then, I think it’s about time for their bullying to end 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Reika-san, Nei, can you come here? 」

That means, going in front of the camera.

「 These people should know Fujimiya Reika-san, right? Also, Nei, you had a conversation with the people in the karaoke box earlier, haven’t you? 」

Tendou Sadao and the guys know Rei-chan and Nei’s face.

「 Kinoshita-san, can you connect the line to Tendou Sadao-san’s room? 」

「 Okay, gladly 」

Kinoshita-san presses some buttons.

「 Okay, it’s ready now 」

◇ ◇ ◇

『 I told you, Tokuda. We’re not asking you something that hard 』

Tendou Sadao talks to Tokuda, the other Yakuza imprisoned with him.

『 It’s easy, just hang your head and die. It’s okay, you can do it. Human, patience. Once you hang yourself, you’ll suffocate, blood will stop flowing, and you will go to heaven. I’m sure that scum like you would die. Now do it! 』

What an unreasonable request.

『 Tokuda-san, you know that you were sent off from Kansai as a sacrificial pawn. Your life is already forfeit, you know? 』

Iwasaki Hiromi also adds.

『 That’s right. The first plan is for you to grab the explosives and blow yourself in the mansion of Kouzuki house, right? What’s the difference in dying there than here? 』

『 That’s right! If you’re a man then do it already 』

『 Tendou-Aniki and Iwasaki-neesan are already bowing their heads! If you’ve got a dick then be a man and die already 』

『 Does anyone have something good to hang him? Like a necktie or something? 』

『 Eh? Spare me from hanging Tokuda with that. It’ll get dirty. I don’t know what kind of germs would get if he hangs his head with this 』

『 Why not use Tokuda’s belt? 』

『 That’s right! Use your belt to hang yourself! 』

『 Huh? Is that okay? That’s synthetic leather, right? I think it’ll snap off 』

『 It’s okay. He’s not eating too much so he should be light 』

『 But still, if he’s got no belt then his pants would slip down, right? 』

『 Why not?! It’s Tokuda. He’s going to die anyway, why would it matter if his pants slip down and his white boxers show up? 』

『 Dying disgracefully, that’s very much like you, Tokuda 』

The seniors speak selfishly.

『 Oh well, Tokuda, take off your belt. Then, tie it up on the window’s metal fixture over there then hang yourself with it 』

Tendou Sadao orders Tokuda.

『 T-Tendou-san 』

Tokuda, who’s been quiet all this time, speaks with a hoarse voice.

『 P-Please spare me from that, I-I’m begging you 』

『 No, I can’t. You’ll be the sacrifice so we can escape here alive. We’re going to overcome your death, we’ll be leaving in tears. Hit the sack already as this is the moment you were born for! 』

『 P-Please, let me see that Sonoko’s safe first 』

『 I’m not asking for your circumstances! Now go die already! 』


The monitor on the wall lights up.

「 Okay, enough chit-chat 」

Minaho-neesan shows on the screen and speaks to Tendou Sadao.

「 Sorry but it will only be a mess to clean up if he hangs himself 」

『 Bitch… 』

Tendou Sadao glares at him.

「 What? You saw me in the karaoke bar, didn’t you? It’s Fuji Mineko 」

「 Hey~ You seem lively over there old man 」

Nei waves her hand on the camera.

「 As for me it should be ‘pleased to meet you,’ but do I still need to introduce myself? 」

Rei-chan also smiles at the camera.

『 T-Tendou-Aniki! That’s Fujimiya Reika 』

『 Ain’t that the Ace of Kouzuki SS? 』

As expected. Rei-chan is a celebrity.

「 You see, you’re all deceived! That’s unfortunate~! Lololol! We were coordinating with Kouzuki SS 」

Nei teases them on purpose.

「 With that said, nothing will happen even if that poor old man hangs himself! The people monitoring you are all muscular men from Kouzuki SS personnel 」

Even if they are surprised with Tokuda’s sudden death and opens up the door in that confinement room,

They have enough strength to keep the Yakuza inside from escaping.


『 Kukakakaka! You’re the one dragged into our perfect plan!!! 』

Tendou Sadao laughs loudly.

『 So it’s true. Kouzuki SS is a surface company, and so they’re naive 』

Iwasaki Hiromi smiles.

『 W-What do you mean, Aniki, Nee-san? 』

『 We don’t get it 』

The Yakuza asks.

『 You’re also stupid. Listen, if they want to kill us, then they won’t stop Tokuda from dying! 』

『 If they’re going to kill us all, then one death will only save them the effort 』

Iwasaki Hiromi and Tendou Sadao looked at each other and smiled.

『 I know that they’re watching us, but stopping us at this timing… 』

『 I guess they still have a reason to keep us alive, right? 』

Minaho-neesan’s complexion doesn’t change at all.

『 There are two possibilities, one is they have something to ask us. Or… 』

『 The team that’s monitoring us is in the middle of negotiating with Kouzuki house to save us 』

Oh, they still can’t imagine that we already captured the team that was monitoring them.

They can’t imagine the worst scenario possible.

Just how distorted are their thoughts?

『 I demand Koppepan! 』

Tendou Sadao speaks full of confidence.

『 Tendou-aniki? What is Koppepan? 』

『 You don’t know it? 』

『 No, I know about bread rolls, yes 』

『 But I don’t know, what is it? 』


「 The “Koppe” from “Koppepan” is a French word “coupe” that means “cut off” 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 So, you want it? 」


『 Kuh, you’re beyond saving. Do young people not know what “I demand Koppepan”? If you used your search engine, then you can find it on the third page 』


『 No, it’s not like I want it, but, we’re still hungry! Give us food and drinks as soon as possible! 』

『 Also, bring our daughters here, and that traitor Otome! Bring them all here, right now! 』

Tendou Sadao and Iwasaki Hiromi…

They think that they’re kept alive because they have value.

Therefore, they make some absurd requests.

「 You seem to misunderstand something 」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「 First, we do not have any information to take out from you. After all, do you know any information about the Kansai organizations? 」

Tendou’s startled.

「 That’s right! You’re all just sacrificial pawns! Do you think that the bosses of yours would tell you any vital information? 」

Nei also laughs.

That ridiculing smile adding to Nei’s beautiful smile is harsh.

「 Or should I say that they consider that we will capture you and so they’ll give you false information. Therefore, there’s no need to question your people. It’s a waste of time 」

Minaho-neesan makes it clear.

「 As for the second possibility you were talking about, the team that’s monitoring you is Irokuchou Ichirou-san, right? 」

『 Look? I knew that Irokuchou will make contact with them? 』

Tendou Sadao shouts.

「 They didn’t. Even if they start negotiations, you’re nothing but sacrificial pawns, aren’t you? Why would they come and try to save you when your purpose is to become sacrificial pawns? Rather, I should tell you that Irokuchou Ichirou-san already went home. They rode the bullet train 」

『 T-They returned? 』

「 Ain’t that obvious? Your plan on harassing Kouzuki house failed splendidly. Furthermore, we captured your disgraceful selves. What else would the monitoring team think other than “these guys are useless” and return home! 」

Nei said.

Actually, we also have Irokuchou Ichirou’s team captured in the same building.

『 You’re full of shit! They’ll never abandon us! 』

Tendou screams, but…

「 Was it not obvious? You guys are sacrificial pawns 」

「 If you shoot a bullet and it missed, you won’t go out of your way and look for it, would you? 」

Rei-chan said while smiling.

『 H-Hey! W-Wait?! Then why did you try to stop us from killing Tokuda?! 』

Iwasaki Hiromi said.

「 Well, it’s a problem if someone hangs himself over there. That problem is cleaning it up

Minaho-neesan said.

「 We’re borrowing this place. Renting an abandoned building to confine you people. That’s why we want to keep it as clean as possible. We don’t want it to stink trouble 」

「 Our groups don’t like dealing with corpses either 」

Rei-chan nods.

「 We’re bringing you to the mountains. That’s where we will have you all dig out your graves. Once the hole is deep enough for a person, then we’ll shoot you down. Then, we’ll pour gasoline on your dead body, burn it, and cover it up with soil using a bulldozer. That’s the rule for killing on our side. It’s a problem if you die on your own 」

Minaho-neesan says with a smile.

『 Bitch, are you insane?! If that’s a joke then i-it’s not funny! 』

「 You’re not the only people who live in this world. Furthermore, this world is much darker than you think 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 If Kouzuki SS is the surface organization, I’m a specialist on underground 」

『 D-Don’t fuck with us! You’re just a prostitution woman, aren’t you? 』

Iwasaki Hiromi says, but…

「 Seriously, you only know the outside appearances of people. Don’t you? 」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「 This is an incident from before, but do you know about the man named Shirasaka Sosuke? 」

『 S-Shirasaka, huh? 』

『 Aniki, it’s the guy who had his dick, arms, and tongue cut off…and died with a bloodstained body 』

『 Yes, that, they haven’t caught the culprit! 』


「 I’m the culprit 」

Minaho-neesan smiles. Bewitchingly.

「 I killed that man…I’m a woman who can do that 」

Minaho-neesan’s young body can’t bear a child, it’s a thin body.

You can’t say that her body’s not sexy, and there’s not a person who could create that coquettish mood, and yet.

Minaho-neesan’s confession that she killed Shirasaka Sousuke.

It’s incredibly sexy.

『 B-Bitch, a-ah… 』

Tendou Sadao tries to talk back, but…

He lost to Minaho-neesan’s aura, he’s now recoiling.

「 There are people who are much scarier than the sacrificial pawns of Yakuza! Do you get it? 」

Nei breaks the mood with her attempt at humor.

「 I mean, do you get it? Can you see it? 」

『 W-W-W-What?! 』

『 T-That’s right. What?! 』

Nei’s bright voice receives hostility from Tendou Sadao and Iwasaki Hiromi.


「 There are two points to consider here! The first one is that we have Fujimiya-san from Kouzuki SS show up here to face you people, do you know what that means? 」

『 T-That’s because you’re all accomplices! 』

Iwasaki Hiromi shouts.

「 Correct! We’re all accomplices to remove the people who are harassing the young ladies of Kouzuki house. Then, we’re currently showing the truth to you all. Do you get what that means? 」

Nei asks.

『 Meaning? 』

『 Why are you asking me something I don’t understand?! 』

Iwasaki Hiromi and Tendou Sadao’s head is spinning in circles.

「 Next point, currently, this person, aliased “Fuji Mineko-san.” For some reason, she confessed that she killed Shirasaka Sousuke to you people. Didn’t she? Now, what can you deduce from that? 」

Tendou Sadao and the guys are all dumbfounded.

They continue to look at Minaho-neesan and Nei in the monitor, nobody’s moving.

『 Ah, these people 』

Someone speaks up.

It’s Tokuda, the guy they forced to hang himself to death earlier.

『 T-They don’t intend to let us live 』

A sudden realization among the Yakuza.

『 They’ve decided to kill us all here, and so they show themselves to us! They also talk about the crimes they’ve committed without care! 』

The three can talk about anything because these people will die soon.

Dead men tell no tales, they say.

「 Correct!!! You got it!!! 」

Nei tells the Yakuza with a bright smile on her face.
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