Chapter 927. Night of Flirting / Sex education for the twins Learning Arc 1

「 Here, here, here, here. Yo-chan, move the camera to the right 」

「 Here? 」

「 Okay, that’s good! 」

We lay down a futon on a tatami-matted nap room.

Nei deployed four video cameras, surrounding it.

「 And I will hold one. I will be using this when moving 」

「 I will take care of still-shots 」

Ruriko who loves taking photographs during sex says while holding a digicam.

She loves taking photos of herself and the other girls when having sex, thus, her skills grow better.

Her artistry techniques are growing too.

It reached the extent where Edie says “I can sense elegance despite the photo shows a sex scene”

Ruriko might have a talent for photography.

“But the models are Darling and all of us, it’s sad that we can’t exhibit this”

Yeah, it could be as artistic as it gets, but it is too dangerous to show off photos of us having naked interaction.

「 Err, the cameras send all the data on the PC over there. It’s easy to edit 」

Nei says while connecting the cables.

「 Wow, this is becoming grave 」

「 Really 」

The twins, Eri and Rie mutters while drinking the bottle of carbonated drink.

If they can run away, then they would, but…

There’s too many of us.

Edie is training Haiji-san, and so there are no fighters in here, but…

In exchange, Tsukiko and Yomi, users of Miko power, are in here.

They can observe the thoughts of the twins.

If they try to go against us, Tsukiko and Yomi will use their power.

「 But, Onii-san still intends to have sex 」

「 Yeah, and as expected, they’re preparing cameras 」

The twins place the bottles on the floor and faced the cameras.

「 Rie-chan, was it like this? 」

「 Yes, Eri-chan, it’s like that 」

The two cute middle-school sisters wearing a white school swimsuit and collar on their necks face the camera and make poses.

「 Look, Onii-san, do you like this? 」

Eri faced me, spread her legs and sticks out her hips.

「 Or this? 」

Rie gets on all fours and swings her ass towards me.

「 What are you girls doing? 」

I don’t get it.

「 You see, we wear this kind of clothing whenever we film 」

「 That’s right. Father makes us do various pose 」

「 He says that this pose makes a lot of profits 」

「 That’s right. Showing the crotch part while wearing a swimsuit, or making some wrinkles around here 」

Rie pressed the cloth around her crotch and created a wrinkle.

「 Also, stirring up our breasts where the areola’s color is slipping out of the cloth 」

「 Yes, that. Crotch and areola. It’s one of the mixed-used on the sets we sell 」

「 And to keep both, the lolicons have to buy all 48 as a set 」

「 That’s right, the remaining 46 can be any other pictures. It’s filled with cute photos of us 」

「 It doesn’t need to be us wearing a swimsuit or doing anything lewd 」

「 Like, we could put on our uniform, or any other cute clothing to dilute the photo set 」

The twins said.

「 You girls don’t get it. The old men don’t want only the lewd photos. Girls wearing ordinary clothes and slowly turning to a lewd one is what excites them 」

Nei said.

「 But, we’re…right? 」

「 Right. They cut corners when taking photos of us wearing ordinary clothes 」

「 It’s stupid 」

「 Father does nothing but presses the shutter without thinking 」

「 He’s on the mood only after we wear the lewd clothes 」

「 I guess it’s because it sells more 」

「 The photo sets have to arouse the old men or they will no longer buy the next photo and video sets 」

「 That was our life 」

Their parents earn money from using photos and videos of the twins and selling them to the lolicons.

「 How is it Onii-san, are you aroused? 」

「 Do you want us to wear something lewder than this school swimsuit? 」

「 Like, a T-back where our butts are exposed, or string swimsuit 」

「 Fundoshi is okay too 」

「 Oh right, Eri-chan, Father had us wear a Fundoshi 」

「 That sold a lot 」

「 Yes, most of the lolicons were into that clothing 」

「 Also, that one. The photos of us wearing string underwear and playing with dogs 」

「 That was also a hit 」

「 It seems that everyone’s aroused with the idea that we’re playing with dogs while wearing swimsuit 」

「 Although, all we do is mess around 」

「 Whose dog was it again? 」

「 Mother borrowed one from her old friends 」

「 Oh. Most sex industries have people buying dogs after all 」

「 That dog showered us with pee halfway through the photoshoot 」

「 Yes, that. The dog was right next to us 」

「 I heard that the photo of the dog peeing in front of us was the most popular one 」

「 I don’t get it 」

「 Right. We don’t get how the lolicons think 」

「 That dog was a male. The pee came out from the dog’s penis… 」

「 And we looked at it and laughed, and it was a hit for them 」

「 Somehow, there were some disgusting emails from the lolicon 」

「 Yeah, Father’s business phone received those 」

「 I want to show myself peeing in front of Eri-chan and Rie-chan, they said 」

「 Really, they were disgusting 」

「 Yeah. Totally disgusting 」

The twins said and laughed.

「 Onii-san, you like that? 」

「 Onii-san, are you going to pee in front of us too? 」

As usual, the two are pretending to make such conversations.

They’re throwing their ill-will towards me.

「 Onii-san, in the end, you wanted to have sex with us, don’t you? 」

「 Yeah. You’re just like the disgusting lolicons 」

「 Yeah, poor us 」

「 Yep. We’re the most pitiful twins in the world 」

「 Like forcing us to have sex here 」

「 It really is cruel. That’s not what a decent man would do 」

「 We’re still young 」

「 Not even our Father let us have sex at this age 」

「 Yeah. It’s more profitable for us to make lewd videos while still inexperienced 」

「 Our photos and videos did sell a lot 」

「 Really, it sold like hotcakes 」

「 Father’s smartphone has the data of the customers he had 」

「 And taking away our first time in here would be a waste 」

「 There’s even cameras and tools around here 」

「 That’s right. They should take lewd videos of us and it will sell

「 It’s a bargain 」


「 Tsukiko, I thought that these girls will obey me? 」

I asked her.

「 Yes. Therefore, they can’t disobey Kou-sama. They’re only giving suggestions 」

I see. it’s a suggestion.

In truth, they don’t want me to violate them.

They’re trying to guide me to change my mind and stop myself from violating the twins.

They can’t face my intent directly.

“You’re free to give us whatever orders you want, and we will follow it, but we’re suggesting that you should do this instead”

That’s their plan.

「 First, stop making that pose 」

I told the twins

「 Eh, but… 」

「 If that’s the case, how about this? 」

「 Yeah. This pose is popular with the lolicons 」

The two take another pose in a hurry.

As expected, it’s another sensual pose for some cheap erotic photographs

「 I order you to stop 」

「 H-Hii 」

「 Y-Yes! 」

The order Tsukiko carved into the hearts of the twins took effect.

The twins sat down on the bed.

「 Don’t do that pose in front of me, no, not in front of every single man, ever again 」

I looked into Eri and Rie’s eyes and gave my order.

「 That pose only spoils your beauty 」

The twins.

「 We? 」

「 Beautiful? 」

They’re dumbfounded

「 Your base is cute and beautiful. That’s why you should stop that foolish drama you’re trying to do 」

When I told them that…

「 I-I… 」

「 W-We’re… 」

「 We’re not doing any drama 」

「 That’s right. This is our true selves 」

「 We’re like this from the start 」

「 You don’t know anything so don’t speak for your convenience 」

The twins get angry.

「 Then, don’t make decisions on yourself either 」

Tsukiko, who’s with us here said.

「 You see, Onii-chan is different from your lolicon fans 」

「 Right. It may be true for your the lolicon old men, but it’s wrong to think that Yo-chan’s the same as them 」

Nei added.

「 It’s obviously the same 」

「 That’s right. All the people who want to have sex with us are the same 」

「 They’re all lolicon and troublesome people 」

「 Onii-san is also no different from the lolicons! 」

The parents of the twins use them as their products for the lolicons.

It’s inevitable for them to have their opinion of men become that distorted.

「 For now, you two should get off the bed 」

I ordered them.

「 Huh? 」

「 Why? 」

The twins look like they don’t understand.

「 You girls aren’t going first 」

I told the two.

「 The biggest problem you two have is that you think that you two are the center of this world 」

They want everything to focus on them, and they act to put themselves at the advantage.

「 But, that’s not the truth 」

I said. Then the two…

「 Haa, what are you talking about? 」

「 That’s right. We’re the lead in our lives 」

「 It’s obvious that we should think what’s best for ourselves 」

They revolted.

「 Yeah. Sure, you’re the leading actor in your life. But, not even the leading actors can do everything as they see fit 」

「 We know that even if Onii-san doesn’t tell us 」

「 We lived our life going through so many hardships! 」

Oh, I finally get it.

These twins.

「 You girls don’t trust anyone other than yourselves 」

They don’t trust their parents nor their friends.

Their parents sell them off to perverts.

The twins never let down their guard on Tendou Otome and the other older Yakuza daughters.

They don’t trust anyone. They can’t.

They only trust themselves.

The twins have been together since they were young, and that’s how it ended up.

「 I won’t deny the lives you’ve experienced so far, but 」

I tell them.

「 But, the world isn’t that much. You girls only saw 13 years of your life 」

Their father raised them in the world where the Yakuza stands out.

I know that they’re forced to live a different life from the ordinary.

Children who can’t trust their parents will never trust anyone else.

And it distorts their personality, just like these twins.

They show a forced smile on their face to make sure that their selfish parents don’t snap and hit them.

However, their minds are always cautious, they don’t trust anyone.

They use their cute face and body as their weapon, that’s how the twins fought until now.

「 Onii-san, you two haven’t lived that long, have you? 」

「 Don’t speak like you know better 」

The twins are always fighting.

They will work together to gain the leadership of the place.

「 Yeah, I’m also still young, and sure, it’s wrong to speak like I know better 」

「 If you know then don’t say anything 」

「 That’s right, stop making that face like you know everything about us 」


「 But you see, I have more experience than you girls, and I’ve seen lives of more people 」


「 That’s why I know that what you’re doing isn’t good for you 」

The twins;

「 What is this man who’s trying to rape us telling us? 」

「 That’s right! You won’t fool us! 」

The two are defending the wall to their heart.

「 Eeeh? But you know, it’s great that Onii-chan’s going to deflower you girls 」

Mana speaks up suddenly.

「 You see, my first time was also from rape. Onii-chan did it with me during the Golden Ween this year 」

She says with a bright smile on her face.

「 We were outside, on the lawn, while it’s raining. He pushed me down, and he tore my clothes. Naturally, I was a virgin back then so I was really scared, and it did hurt. But, Onii-chan poured me so much love. He came inside me three times 」

The twins listen to Mana dumbfoundedly.

「 Then, Onii-chan and I went to the bath, and he washed my body stained with blood and mud. Then, he also raped me inside an ordinary room. Then, Onii-chan didn’t let me go home anymore 」

Hearing that again, I’m seriously evil.

「 Then, Onii-chan violated me that night and the next day. I just lost my virginity back then, and yet, he violates me about ten times in a day

「 I’m jealous 」

Ruriko said.

「 When I gave my virginity to Onii-san, it didn’t take ten rounds that day 」

「 Well yeah. It needed a lot of love, and nobody but Yo-chan can do that 」

Nei who knew about that time has said.

「 W-What are you talking about? 」

「 I don’t get these people 」

The twins are shocked by the bright conversation Mana and the girls are having.

「 Look, you see, I was on the brink of death back then 」

Mana smiled.

「 My father had no way out of it. He incurred people’s anger, and, how do I say it? Papa caused a lot of women’s lives to turn crazy and some of them even died 」

Minaho-neesan’s little sister. Megu’s mother.

Furthermore, some of the women Shirasaka Sousuke kidnapped and turned to prostitutes committed suicide as they have a weak heart.

「 Therefore, people who wanted to take revenge on Papa wanted to kill me. They hated all of Papa’s relatives 」

「 She’s not lying. That really happened 」

Nei affirmed.

「 But, it’s your parents, Onee-san has nothing to do with it 」

「 That’s right. It’s weird. It’s absurd 」

「 But you know, you girls are daughters of Yakuza so you should understand that, right? Reasoning doesn’t work in this world 」

「 Well, that’s true 」

Nei said. Mana smiles.

「 But you see, I was an idiot. You see, they kidnapped me, just like you girls, but I closed down my heart desperately. I thought that If I can escape, then I will, and yet, I pretend to be sociable with them. I acted. You girls have it better. There are two of you. As for me, I was along against people who hated my father to death 」

Mana said.

「 Yes, I was just like you two. You see, I had to close my heart and act since I was a child. Ah, by the way, my body was frail when I was small and so I stayed with my relatives. Therefore, I misunderstood that I’m good at acting sociable with other people. I was confident that nobody can see through my thoughts. I was really stupid 」

The twins stared at Mana.

「 Therefore, the kidnappers let my act go through, making me think that I’m not exposed yet. Ahahaha, that was all in vain. They know all about it. Or should I say that they were leading me to act that way? Well, of course. After all, they’re much more mature than me. They obviously saw through my lies 」


I’m the only one fooled by Shirasaka Maika’s act.

「 In the end, I pressed forward with my act and placed myself in more danger. I get it now but back then, they decided to kill me for real. They already made plans for it 」

The person in question, Minaho-neesan, is in the other room.

Of course, she’s listening to Mana’s talk.

「 Back then, Onii-chan, this one…He’s the only one who doesn’t want me to die 」

Mana looked at me.

「 That’s not true. Megu was there too 」

「 But, it’s Onii-chan who tried to stop that person from killing me, Onii-chan protected me 」


「 They allowed me to live but in exchange, I had to become Onii-chan’s sex slave. That’s why I’m alive right now. As Onii-chan’s sex slave 」

「 That’s… 」

「 Messed up… 」

The twins look like they don’t understand.

「 But, I’m happy now! Really happy! I have a hundred times more happiness than when I was an ordinary girl. After all, I’m loved, and I give love. You see, when Onii-chan first raped me, he was gentle. He’s treating me gently. If it wasn’t the case, I won’t be able to endure ten rounds for my first time. If it’s just a weird man, then he would’ve assaulted me following his sexual desires. If it’s an ordinary man, he would give up after three rounds. Onii-chan loves Mana from the bottom of his heart, and that’s why he’s gone that far 」

That’s wrong.

I’m not that kind of man.

「 Why does it have to go that far? 」

「 Yeah. I don’t get it 」

The twins ask.

「 The people who wanted revenge on Papa don’t want to let me live without feeling the same pain as death 」

Mana said.

「 I can no longer find any place to live other than as Onii-chan’s sex slave. In the end, their revenge killed off Papa and socially murdered him as well. Also, this happened back then, but Mama and Ojii-chan abandoned me too 」

Hearing that Mana’s father died, the twins shivered.

「 Onii-chan accepted me, who has no family to return to. But, I have nothing to give back to Onii-chan, see? You can’t receive everything someone who’s not blood-related to you without giving any compensation. Therefore, I have to become Onii-chan’s sex slave as he accepted me in his family. After all, Onii-chan has no reason to accept me 」

Mana said.

「 Thus now, with my pride as a person, as a human, I will serve Onii-chan forever. After all, we’re family for the rest of our lives. We will stay as a family forever. I’ll do anything, and I’ll never betray Onii-chan no matter what. I will not have sex with anyone but Onii-chan and I will bear Onii-chan’s child. After all, Mana belongs only to Onii-chan 」


「 I also have everyone in the family, and they’re all precious, but, the center of that family, and the most precious for Mana, is Onii-chan. Onii-chan is there, and that’s why the family accepts Mana 」


「 You think Mana-chan’s crazy? Insane? You think that she’s out of her mind? 」

Nei asks the twins.

「 But you see, we’re all similar in a sense. Yo-chan’s the only one for me. We’re not blood-related, but, he’s my most precious little brother. Therefore, we have sex. And it will be Yo-chan only. I want to make Yo-chan feel good and I want to feel pleasure from Yo-chan. When Yo-chan pours his semen inside me, I shiver in happiness. I will bear Yo-chan’s child. If Yo-chan dies, then I will also die. That’s how much I love him! 」

「 Me too 」


「 I’ve witnessed the death of my father 」

Ruriko’s father is the source of the chaos inside Kouzui house, and so Miss Cordelia killed him.

「 Back then, my head was in chaos. I was shocked, scared, sad. Just like you girls right now 」


「 You girls are afraid, aren’t you? You think about your father and Tendou Otome-san, and you feel scared, right? 」

I see.

The twins are strangely eccentric…

So that’s the cause.

「 I was like that. My heart is in a mess and yet, I try to act that I’m okay, pretending to be tough in front of Grandfather and Onii-sama 」

Ruriko after her father’s death was like that.

「 Therefore, Grandfather sold me off to Onii-sama. As a sex slave 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 Onii-sama had sex with me, his slave…Of course, I was a virgin. Then, I finally let out all the emotions I’ve been piling up inside and cried. I cried in Onii-sama’s arms. I became able to depend on Onii-sama with all my heart. I let out my whimpers. After all, I am Onii-sama’s slave. He dotes on me for the rest of my life, and so I will serve him with my whole mind and body 」

The twins are surprised by the words of this young lady overflowing with elegance.

「 You’re not the only ones who endured a painful experience 」


「 Yomi and I had our parents murdered. Likewise, Kou-sama accepted us in his family and saved us 」

「 That’s right. Therefore, Yomi is Sensei’s slave. I serve him 」

Yomi said.

「 Kou-sama, it looks like the twins misunderstand what sex means 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Yeah. These girls only see sex as a dirty act 」

Yomi reads the minds of the twins.

「 That’s why they don’t know how much we treasure sex. On how we feel our bonds by having sex with Kou-sama 」

The twins.

「 Sex is dirty! 」

「 It’s disgusting 」

「 Father brings women and we’ve seen it all 」

「 Mother also brings men for herself 」

「 Then, there’s also the old men who look at us lewdly 」

「 Disgusting 」

「 Father shows it off 」

「 Videos where girls of our age are forced to have sex 」

「 You girls will do this soon enough, so you should study, he said. 」

「 No way, I don’t want to have sex 」

「 Yes, never 」

「 I mean, I hate it 」

「 I hate it all! 」

Eri and Rie.


「 Never mind that, just get off from the futon 」

I told the two.

「 I’m going to show you what real sex is 」
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