Chapter 937. Night of Flirting / Deflowering the twins Rie’s impressions with the rape

「 Y-You really have done it with Rie-chan!?!!!! 」

Eri’s enraged as she discovers that I raped her beloved sister while she’s unconscious.

I lift the bottle to take a drink without answering her, but…

「 Rie, feed me mouth-to-mouth 」

I ordered Rie.

「 Eh- 」

Rie’s worried about Eri’s gaze.

「 You’re my slave, right? 」

「 R-Right 」

「 Then do as you’re told 」

Rie looks at her bottle.

「 Oh well. I’ve kissed Onii-san so many times already 」

Hearing that, Eri’s startled.

「 R-Rie-chan?! 」

Rie holds the drink in her mouth and smiled at me.

I taste out Rie’s lips.

Then, Rie pours the drink to my mouth.

Gulp. Gulp.

「 Yeah, that’s great. It’s your turn now 」

「 Okay, Onii-san 」

This time, I let Rie drink from my mouth.

「 Is it delicious? 」

「 Yes, it is. Onii-san 」

Eri’s dumbfounded with how I treat Rie.

「 Rie, explain to Eri what I did with you 」

「 Wait, me? 」

「 Yeah. Be sure to explain everything in detail 」

「 Onii-san, you pervert 」

Rie twists her naked body bashfully.

「 But, it can’t be helped. Eri-chan won’t know what happened while she was unconscious unless I talk about it 」

She said and looked at her sister.

「 Rie-chan? What’s wrong? Did they brainwash you or something while I was unconscious?! Why are you naked and sticking with Onii-san?! Shouldn’t you feel disgusted with it? 」

Rie thinks that this is all a nightmare.

Rie’s leaning her naked body on me on a single bed, that means…

For the virgin Eri, it should be intolerable disgust on her guts.

「 Hmm, I hated it at first, but I got used to it 」

Rie answers her sister.

「 You got used to it? 」

「 Yeah. You know, when Eri-chan’s unconscious, Onii-san took my lips. It was my first kiss. Ah, my kisses with Eri-chan don’t count. Eri-chan’s a girl, and we’re siblings 」

Rie begins to speak.

「 Then, he asked me to get naked, oh wait, not that. At first, it was just exposing my breasts. Onii-san asked me to expose just my breasts and teased me a lot 」

「 Teased? 」

「 Yeah. He groped it, licked it, sucked it, Onii-san has a lot of methods. He turned my breasts to his toy 」

Rie smiles.

「 Then, I…Eri-chan, you know fellatio, right? I did that on Onii-san’s penis. It’s hot and twitching, then I licked it, sucked it, and then he came in my mouth, and I drank it 」

「 Drank? 」

「 Onii-san’s semen. Semen’s bitter 」

After saying that far, Rie had a realization and looked at my face.

「 No, it was delicious, Onii-san’s semen is delicious. Right 」

I hold Rie’s shoulders and gently pat her.

「 Then, would you drink it again? 」

「 Yes, I will. No, p-please let me. Please release lots of semen inside Rie’s mouth 」

She speaks with a hint of embarrassment.

That face is so cute that I grabbed Rie’s breasts.

「 Rie-chan, w-what are you talking about? 」

Eri can’t understand the transformation of her twin sister.

Before she became unconscious, she was a girl who lived together with her since birth.

They understood everything about each other.

They were twins who had the same thoughts and experiences, and yet.

Rie now has become incomprehensible for Eri.

Rie’s experienced something Eri doesn’t know.

The relationship between the twins has changed.

Furthermore, Eri’s the one who takes the initiative among the twins.

Rie moves as Eri expects. Sensing that she’s just an extension of herself.

Despite that.

「 Can’t help it. After all, we do not have any paths to choose but to become Onii-san’s lewd slave 」

Rie said.

「 Therefore, you’re doing as that person says?! Licking his dick, drinking his semen? 」

「 Yeah. Can’t help it 」

「 Sure it might be, but, why did you not wait before I wake up? 」


「 If I was awake, I wouldn’t have let this happen to Rie-chan! 」

I see. Eri’s obsessed with Rie.

She thinks that her twin sister is hers.

She speaks unreasonably.

「 That’s impossible 」

Rie said.

「 Eri-chan, you didn’t wake up no matter how many times I called you! I kept on shouting “Eri-chan! Save me! Help me!” But, Eri-chan never opened her eyes, you never came to save me! 」

Eri’s shocked.

「 Yeah, she sure did say “Help me, Eri-chan” again and again 」

Mana speaks as the witness.

「 Drinking Onii-san’s semen is just the half of it! After that, Onii-san had me strip naked, and then he licked all over my body. My breasts, my belly, and that place too 」

Rie’s heating up, so I…

「 It felt great, Rie… 」

「 Huh? 」

「 You felt great when I licked you, right? 」

I grope Rie’s breasts harder.

「 Y-Yes. I-It felt great 」

Rie looked down and replied.

「 Then, what did I do next? 」

「 I… 」

「 I raped Rie, right? 」

I lick Rie’s nape.

「 R-Rie-chan?! 」

Rie looked up at her sister.

「 That’s right. Onii-san raped me. His penis shoved inside me 」

「 Yeah, she’s a virgin. I tore that apart with this dick 」

I show my penis to Eri.

I ejaculated three times in a row and yet, it’s still half-erect.

「 Y-You, what have you done to my Rie-chan!!!! 」

Eri screams.


「 Eri-chan, don’t scream that much 」

Rie tells her sister.

「 It’s all over! You’re seeing the epilogue of it 」

She touches her abdomen.

「 It really hurts when your virginity’s destroyed. Onii-san’s thick and hot thing shoved all the way inside. It grinded inside me 」

She recalls her deflowering earlier and speaks about it.

「 Then, lastly, he released semen inside me. I can feel it inside my stomach. The hot liquid is spreading. Onii-san didn’t just rape me, he might’ve gotten me pregnant too 」

「 Rie-chan, pregnant? 」

「 He came inside me. I might be pregnant with Onii-san’s child now 」

I touch Rie’s hand that’s holding her abdomen.

「 It’s okay if you do. Since you can give birth to the child 」

「 W-What are you talking about?! R-Rie-chan’s still young! 」

Eri’s speechless.

「 It’s okay. Her body should be able to endure it 」

「 It’s not okay at all. It did hurt, and it was scary 」

Rie tells me.

「 Rie-chan, why are you so calm about it?! T-This is bad! If you get pregnant, then that is seriously bad! 」

Eri screams again.

「 And I’m telling you that it’s too late for that 」

Rie informs her sister.

「 It’s already over, I’m no longer a virgin, I have semen inside me already! Furthermore, it wasn’t just one time. Onii-san violated me twice before Eri-chan woke up! He came inside me twice! 」

Eri couldn’t say anything back out of shock.

「 Yeah, once in your mouth and twice in your womb. Rie’s going to be my sex slave for the rest of her life. She will have sex with me, get pregnant with my child, and give birth. That’s her fate 」

「 That’s right. I’m Onii-san’s lewd slave 」

Rie faced her sister and spread her legs.

「 Look, Eri-chan. This part of me has become exclusive to Onii-san. It’s a hole where Onii-san shoves his penis and ejaculates. 」

「 Not just your pussy. Rie’s whole body belongs to me. Let’s kiss, Rie 」

「 Okay 」

Rie and I kissed in front of her twin.

I groped Rie’s chest and thighs lewdly while kissing.

「 But it’s going to be okay, Eri-chan. It looks like Onii-san looks after his lewd slaves for the rest of his life. And that also applies to the child I’m going to deliver 」

「 Indeed, there’s no need to worry about that 」

Ruriko said with a smile.

「 For as long as you carry out your mission as Onii-sama’s slave 」


「 I-I understand I-I will be Onii-san’s lewd slave for the rest of my life. I will not betray Onii-san 」

Rie yielded her mind and body to me in sex, and as soon as her mind opened up, Tsukiko intruded her mind with her Miko power.

It’s carved in her heart that she has to live as my slave.


「 R-Rie-chan. They’re deceiving you 」

Eri doesn’t know that process.

「 Do you think that you can trust these people?! We can only trust ourselves! That’s what we’ve always done! We never gave our trust to Father and Mother and that’s how we survived so far!!! Don’t trust these people!! 」

That’s a fair argument.

Why would you trust the man who forcibly raped you and is trying to turn you to a sex slave?


「 Eri-chan, you say all that but I’m already Onii-san’s lewd slave! Onii-san did it with me twice and came inside me! There’s no going back! I’m no longer a virgin 」

Actually, it would be weird to hear that someone dedicates their life to a man who raped them and came inside twice.

But for her, she believes that there are no other paths in her life but this. No, she’s forced to believe in this.

「 Eri-chan, everything you’re telling me is too late. After all, I’m…I’m already… 」

「 R-Rie-chan 」

No matter how much reasoning Eri uses.

She can no longer undo the fact that I’ve already violated Rie.

「 Why did this happen. I’ve been in this room the whole time. Why did I not wake up when Rie-chan was in danger 」

That’s because I didn’t let you wake up

「 Come here, Rie 」

I gently embraced Rie.

「 Look at me. Feel my heat…Hmm, Rie’s body is warm 」

I can feel the warmth in the body I touch.

「 It’s going to be okay. I always keep my cute pets safe. I’ll take care of you. You won’t have to worry about it, Rie 」

Back then, the twins…

They embrace each other’s slender body and endure the hardships.

But now.

The twins have become fragmented. Rie’s the only only one embracing my arms.

「 Yes, I trust Onii-san 」

Rie looked up at me and said.

「 Rie-chan, why? 」

Eri’s shocked.

「 Eri-chan, you’ll understand once Onii-san embraces you. Father never embraced me like this. Father only thinks of us as goods to sell 」

Rie tells Eri.

「 Onii-san is a bit different. He’s strange. Just cuddling together like this makes me feel at ease. I don’t feel scared. It feels strange. After all, I’m embracing a naked man. I should be scared with that, shivering in fear. No, I was like that at first. I’m sure that I was, but I wonder. Now that Onii-san’s touching me, I feel at ease 」

「 Yeah, that’s Yo-chan’s mysterious power 」


「 Yo-chan can make women stop feeling fear. Therefore, you’ll get drawn closer to him before you know it, and you’ll lose all that instinctive resistance 」

「 It certainly does. During the party, Onii-sama’s the only male, and yet, everyone in the courtyard just accepted Onii-sama’s existence 」

Ruriko said.

「 That was because they’re all ignoring me, right? 」

There’s no need to make such trouble just because Misuzu’s partner is present int he party.

「 If they were ignoring you, then they would show displeasure. Ignoring doesn’t mean that that you don’t respond to the other party, it’s to have a negative emotion that rejects the other party 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Well, Yo-chan probably doesn’t get it. You know, Kouzuki-ojiichan, and the charismatic young lady, was it Kaan-san? They’re people with such aura and yet, when they sat on the same table as Yo-chan, they, Kaan-san didn’t think of anything and just accepted that Yo-chan’s over there. It’s quite amazing you know 」

Nei said.

「 Anyway, just understand that Yo-chan’s skill is to not let women feel any physiological displeasure from him and get close to them 」

「 Oh, I see. I get it now 」


「 That’s why I wasn’t that scared of Onii-chan when he first raped me 」

When Mana lost her virginity.

「 You know, Onii-chan just raped me and yet, we were together in the bathroom, right? He washed my body, and then, I thought “Why is this person doing this?” Yeah, I guess. Sure, it was scary when Onii-chan raped me, but I wasn’t feeling any physical disgust towards Onii-chan at all. I mean. I’m more scared of the others 」

「 Me? 」

Nei smiled.

「 Yeah. Nei-oneechan was really scary back then. Well, back then, Mana was an enemy, so it was inevitable, but.. 」

「 Sorry about that, Mana-chan 」

「 No, it’s already over so it’s okay. Still, now I get it. Before I noticed it, I’ve become reliant on the very same man who raped me 」

Back when Mana’s our hostage, Megu and I were her guardians.

「 Therefore, I can understand Rie-chan’s feelings right now. It was like that for me too. Onii-chan raped me, no, it’s because Onii-chan raped me that I can trust him. You can feel in your skin that “this person will always be kind with me, and he’ll never abandon me” 」

Mana tells Rie.

「 I don’t get it, but… 」

Rie embraces me.

「 But, I can feel that this is my fate 」

Is it her judgment, or is it just a delusion?

I don’t know.

However, I have to respond to Rie’s expectations.

I won’t betray her.

「 Rie 」

I kissed Rie.

Rie accepts my tongue.

「 Onii-san, want another round? 」

「 Huh? 」

「 I want Onii-san to violate me while Eri-chan’s watching 」

Rie rubs her chest to mine.

「 I want to show how Onii-san’s penis goes inside me! And I want to show how Onii-san ejaculates inside me 」

Rie looks at Eri.

Eri stares at her twin sister with a confused expression.

「 Then, I’m sure that Eri-chan would want to have sex with Onii-san too 」

「 R-Rie-chan, w-why? 」


「 Eri-chan, come with me. Become Onii-san’s lewd slave. We can be together and serve Onii-san forever as his lewd slaves. Let’s both give birth to Onii-san’s children and raise them together. Right? 」

「 T-That’s…I… 」

「 I’ve already become Onii-san’s lewd slave. Therefore, if Eri-chan doesn’t become one, then I can’t be with you

Rie says with a smile.

「 I don’t want us to be apart, but… 」

Eri looked at me.

Her face shows her fear towards sex, her anxiety towards the future.

「 Therefore, watch me. Watch as Onii-san violates me. If I can do it, then Eri-chan can do it too. We both have the same face, height, and body. We’re twin sisters 」

Rie said.

「 Onii-san, please 」


「 No, not now 」

I make it clear with her.

「 Why? Didn’t you promise me earlier? That you’ll make Eri-chan your lewd slave too after me? 」

「 I did, but not right now 」

My intuition says that.

I have to do it gradually…Letting Eri become my slave because she went with the flow will not benefit me.,

「 But, Onii-san 」

「 Rie, what are you again? 」

「 I-I’m Onii-san’s lewd slave 」

「 Then, I’m ordering you, my slave 」

Yeah, I’m glad that I heard Mana’s reminiscence.

It was the same with Mana, but…

If that fear from sex is gone, she gets spoiled right away.

She will want me to move as she expects.

Mana’s done that, it should be a tendency with the other girls too.

Therefore, I have to tighten it up.

「 I’m the one who decides on what to do with you girls. I allow you to give suggestions, but don’t order me. Didn’t I tell you that I’ll throw you away if you’re not cute at all? 」

「 I-I’m sorry! O-Onii-san 」

Rie trembles in my arms.

「 You won’t do it anymore? 」

「 I-I won’t. I won’t do it anymore. Please don’t throw Rie away 」

She clings to me while trembling.

「 Good 」

I look at Eri.

Eri can’t understand why Rie’s calm with me.

「 There’s a reason why I violated Rie while Eri was asleep 」

I said.

「 It’s because you twins know everything about each other so far. All the experiences you’ve been through is the same 」

They were raised from the same house ever since they were born.

「 That’s the reason why you two had such perfect combination that as if you two are one 」

And the two closed themselves to their world.

「 However, the two of you have become different for the first time. Rie now knows what a man is. I taught her to stop helping each other out as twins but to rely on me. She’s different from what she was before 」

Among the twins, Eri’s the one who takes the lead and Rie was weak at making her own approach, but.

But now, she moves as I tell her.

「 I think you girls need time to know what’s the difference between your personality to see that Eri and Rie are two different persons 」

If I act right now.

Rie and Eri will both become my sex slaves…

If the two go in the same environment again, they will try to escape into their own world again.

「 Eri will become my slave soon. I promise you that. I mean, if she doesn’t, she has no other choice but to be chased out like a crazy woman or to die. That’s how it is 」

I tell Eri.

「 I don’t want to kill Eri if possible. Therefore, if you don’t want to die, or become crazy; prepare yourself 」

「 I’ll convince Eri-chan 」

Rie said.

「 Yeah. I’ll leave that to you. For now, I’ll give you some time to talk alone. Okay? 」

「 Yes, Onii-san 」

Rie agreed.

「 Also, Rie-chan, we want you to know as Yo-chan’s slave… 」

Nei said.

「 The amount of semen in his tank has decreased because Yo-chan came inside Rie-chan thrice. Well, Yo-chan’s tough so he can ejaculate 10, even 20 times 」

Uhm, am I a dam or something?

「 But, you would want a virgin to receive a fresh batch of semen, right? That’s why Yo-chan needs some time to refill his tank 」

「 Ah, yes 」

「 We’ll teach you about the details in Onii-sama’s body later 」

Ruriko said.

「 Eh, ah, no way. Is that so?! 」

Huh, Yomi?

What’s wrong?

「 Ruriko-oneesama, when you’re having sex with Sensei, you always check everything? 」


「 Eh, then? Yo-chan suddenly gets horny and banged Ruri-chan because… 」

「 It’s because she approaches Kou-sama using the data from her investigation 」

Tsukiko read Ruriko’s thoughts.

「 Oh my, I desperately hid it deep in my thoughts so Tsukiko-oneesama and Yomi-chan doesn’t see it, and yet… 」

Ruriko speaks bashfully.

Then that means…

Ruriko enters my vision when I get horny…

Furthermore, I’m the one who comes after her…

Pretending to dry the laundry, swinging her ass towards me.

「 But when Onii-sama found a new cute slave, it unintentionally came to surface 」


I knew it, you’re the scariest. Ruriko.

「 Err, Ruri-chan, you should write a report with all that data you got 」

Nei said.

「 Ah, yes 」

Ruriko hangs her head.
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