Chapter 938. Night of Flirting / Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

「 Anyway, we’re leaving you two alone for a while, talk it out 」

I put on my clothes while talking to the twins.

I’m going to check on Tendou Otome and Haiji-san so I shouldn’t stay naked.

「 Err, you can go drink whatever you want in the fridge. You have my permission 」

Rie has a drink right now but Eri should be thirsty as well.

I think it’s okay to give her a drink at least.

「 Onii-san, I… 」

Rie asks me.

「 Do I have to wait here while still naked? 」


This building has the temperature regulated through the air-conditioner.

It won’t feel cold even if she’s naked.

「 Stay like that. If you feel cold, then put on that bath towel 」

I ordered.

「 Yes, I understand 」

Rie smiled.

「 Also, we’re going to lock the room. If anything happened, then just scream, someone will come and take a look

Nei tells the twins.

That means that the bed I used to rape Rie and all the cameras placed in here will stay.

We’re only taking out the videos from the PC and nothing else.

「 Uhm, if I want to pee, what do I do? 」

Eri asks.

Right, this is a nap room, there’s no toilet here.

「 Ah, sorry, forget about that 」

Mana recalled something and head to the closet.

She opened the door.

「 Look, there’s a potty here 」

Mana takes out a traditional swan-shaped potty from the closet.

「 Onii-chan likes to watch girls pee so this was prepared here 」

Mana, it’s Misuzu who has that hobby.

I’m not like that…

「 Well, why not? Peeing play is for later 」

Nei said.

「 If that’s the case, should I do it now? 」

「 No, Ruriko, please don’t 」

Why does everyone think that I want to see women pee?

「 That’s wrong, Kou-sama 」

What, Tsukiko?

「 They all want Kou-sama to watch 」

「 Yeah. Misuzu-oneesama, Ruriko-oneesama, all the other girls, they are aware of their beauty. That’s why they want to show the most shameful and lewd appearance of theirs 」

Yomi said.

Oh, they want to show it to me. To show their shame.

「 Maiden’s mind is complicated you know. Yo-chan~ 」

Nei laughs at my problem.

「 Oh well. Anyway, if you want to pee then use that 」

I point at the swan potty while putting on my shirt.

「 I don’t want that 」


「 I don’t want that. I won’t pee there 」

「 But, we’re not here and you’re alone with Rie, is there anything to be embarrassed about? 」

I asked.

「 But, you’re coming back right away, aren’t you? I don’t want you to look at the potty and smell it when you come back 」

Eri said.

「 I see. Then don’t pee. Hold it 」

I speak to Eri coldly.

「 W-What the hell?! If I have to hold my pee then my bladder will explode! Onii-san, it would be your fault if my bladder bursts 」

If it’s sexual assault, I just raped Rie.

「 What about Rie? 」

The girl who drank my semen and received my semen inside her after deflowering twice asks me.

「 I will use this potty with great care 」

「 Rie-chan? 」

Eri’s surprised with Eri’s response.

「 Ah, but, should I endure it before Onii-san returns? Does Onii-san want to see me pee? 」

She asks me with upturned eyes.

「 Yeah, but Rie’s health is more important. If you need to, then don’t hold back. Okay? 」

「 Yes, Onii-san 」

Rie replies.

「 Well then, wait for us to return 」

「 See you girls later 」

Nei, Tsukiko, Yomi, Mana, and I left he room.

「 Ah, wait a second 」

Ruriko takes a photo of Eri and Rie who remains in the nap room.

「 That’s another one. Good day. Excuse us 」

Ruriko leaves the room and closed the door.

Nei locks it up.

「 Onii-sama 」

Ruriko puts the photo she took on the screen and showed it to me.

Rie who just had sex with me has a slightly calmer face.

Eri’s filled with anxiety.

They have the same face and body.

The two of them have different colored collars, but…

Eri’s wearing her white school swimsuit and Rie’s naked.

Eri’s still a virgin, and Rie’s experienced a man violating her.

The symmetry of the two is breaking.

Eri and Rie are no longer the same.

◇ ◇ ◇

We head to the next room where Minaho-neesan’s staying.

Minaho-neesan’s watching the twins who are shut in the nap room as expected.

「 Come here, you should watch them 」

Minaho-neesan tells me as soon as I enter the room.

The monitor shows…

Oh, Eri and Rie aren’t talking to each other.

After a while, Eri went to the mini-fridge in the room.

She opens the fridge in a bad mood

『 Rie-chan, what do you want? 』

Eri says after peeking inside the fridge.

『 No thanks. I just drank soft drinks with Onii-san 』

Rie replies while looking at the bottle.

『 What do I drink? Oh well 』

Eri takes out an orange juice bottle and then kicked the door to close it.

She uncaps the bottle on the place and tosses it on the floor.

Then, she drinks from the bottle while making loud gulps.

「 Haaaaa, I feel alive now. Kepu 」

Eri burped after drinking in a hurry.

Then, she sits down on the floor.

Then, facing her twin sister.

『 Rie-chan, what the hell was that? 』

She asks with a serious face.

『 There’s nothing to confess about. It is as you can see 』

Rie replied.

『 I’ve become that Onii-san’s lewd slave. Can’t help it. He raped me already, and Onii-san’s child might be already in my stomach 』

『 You can’t make children that easy If I recall; if you wash it immediately, you won’t get pregnant. What did Mother call it again? Right, intravaginal cleansing. You should hurry up and we can manage somehow 』

Eri said.

『 We don’t even know how to do it 』

『 Err, if I recall. Mother said that you use bottles of carbonated drinks, and the sparkles of the drink will blow it all away? You shove it inside your pussy and wash it away with the momentum of the carbonated drink. That’s how I remember it. Carbonated drinks are acidic, and so it kills the sperm inside 』

Saying that; Eri goes to the fridge again.

『 Oh, we have some bottles here. Rie-chan, shove this bottle inside and clean it up 』

Rie’s displeased.

『 No way, I won’t stick that on my crotch. No thanks. Eri-chan, you do it 』

『 Why would I do it? 』

『 You said it, so you do it 』

『 He hasn’t done it with me yet though? Why would I clean up my insides when there’s no semen? Furthermore, that would mean that this bottle would break my virginity 』

『 Who cares. I won’t do that anyway 』

The mood of the twins is reaching a critical point.

『 But, seeing that you don’t want to clean it up, do you really want to get pregnant with that disgusting Onii-san’s child? 』

Eri said. Rie;

『 I don’t mind. Onii-san told me that I should 』

『 What the hell 』

Eri’s dumbfounded.

『 I already am Onii-san’s lewd slave. If he wishes for it, I’ll do anything, no matter how lewd it is, and I will get pregnant with his child. Then, I will serve Onii-san for the rest of my life. It’s already decided 』

『 Don’t be stupid. Rie-chan, you’re still young. You’re at the same age as me 』

『 But, my body can have sex. It accepted Onii-san’s penis to the root. Besides, no matter how you think about it, we’re no match against Onii-san. If he wants to do it, he will rape me. My feelings don’t matter. I can say no, reject it, but he will still shove his penis and cum inside. That’s why I had no choice but to give up 』


『 Why are you giving up?! I still haven’t 』

Eri tells her twin.

『 Right, as Onii-san mentioned earlier, I will have sex with him too. It’s inevitable. He’s already done it with Rie-chan, but anyway, Onii-san will do the same amount as me. I’ll endure it. Rie-chan, if it’s to become similar to you, I’ll endure it. It can’t be helped 』

Eri prepares herself to the fact that I will rape her only to reach the same situation as Rie?

『 I mean, I think that after he forced it with me, and he takes Rie-chan and my first time, I’m sure that he’ll show us an opportunity. He should loosen up, thinking that we won’t run away. We’re going to use that and escape from here. Right, Rie-chan? 』

Eri seems to be making an escape plan.

『 Mother mentioned this, men think that once they cum inside the woman at least once, they think that the woman belongs to them and so they become naive. Mother had problems since she was young, and so she lets men she knows cum inside her. She wasn’t selling her body, she’s only having sex with her acquaintances, and when they let out their semen, she says “Hey, can you lend me some money?” and they give in to her right away. Furthermore, she avoids paying back, but nobody calls her out to pay for the money she borrowed 』

Ain’t that just prostitution?

『 That’s why, when Onii-san comes back, we’ll fawn over him, together. I will endure if he touches my butt or something, and I’ll let him rape me. I’m ready for that. I’ll let Onii-san get rough with me with the same amount as Rie-chan. I promise you that. I’ll never let Rie-chan be the only one who felt the pain. That’s why, please, Rie-chan 』

Eri said.

『 We’re going to entertain Onii-san until he gets withered. Then, we’ll be sure to have a chance to run away. There should be one. The chance will definitely show up. That’s what I think 』

She desperately gives Rie her suggestion.

『 Then, if we manage to escape, we’ll buy soft drinks from the convenience store. Then, Rie-chan and I will clean up our insides together. I’ll shove the bottle on Rie-chan’s pussy, and you’ll do the same to me. Parks should have some public toilets and so we have to do it there. Anyway, we’re going to escape, and clean up our insides to prevent getting pregnant!

However. Rie…

『 Escape? Escape where? 』

She answers Eri coldly.

『 We have no place to escape to 』

『 That’s true, but… 』

Eri’s at a loss of words.

『 B-But, if we stay here… 』

『 I trust Onii-san 』

Rie gives Eri an imposing look.

『 Why? That man is the enemy of Father. He forced Rie-chan to have sex! 』

Eri’s logical.

『 Why would you trust him!? You just met him you don’t know anything about him! 』


『 But, we had sex. He let out a lot of hot semen inside me 』

She touches her abdomen with both hands.

『 He forced you, he raped you, right? 』

『 Yeah, but it’s different! 』

Rie said.

『 You’ll understand once you do it. Onii-san is a scary man. But, he’ll be sure to keep me safe. He’ll take good care of me, I know it 』

『 Why do you think that way?! I don’t get it! 』

Eri can’t understand what Rie’s talking about

『 Eri-chan, you’ll understand once you do it with Onii-san. I mean, you won’t understand it unless you have sex. I felt it when Onii-san came inside me for the second time 』

『 What? 』

『 You see, I felt that it’s my destiny when Onii-san embraced me tightly. That I may have been born for this 』

『 That’s not true! Rie-chan, you really think that you’re born to become that Onii-san’s lewd slave?! What’s with that kind of life?! Rie-chan’s not born for that! I can say that since we’ve been together since birth! 』

Eri can’t accept it.

Her twin, Rie has changed this much in such a short time.


『 Eri-chan, you’re Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 』

Eri said with a smile.

『 When I had sex with Onii-san, he used some magic on me. And that magic can’t be undone 』

『 Rie-chan, why? 』

『 Do you remember “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”? You know, it’s the thing we saw before 』

『 What thing? 』

Eri makes a dumbfounded face.

『 Eeh, Eri-chan, you already forgot “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” 』

『 H-Hmm, sorry. I don’t remember it at all 』

Eri’s response had Rie sighing.

『 Oh what. I thought that we both understand everything about each other. I thought that we both learned it but it doesn’t seem like it 』

『 No wait, I remember it now. 』 It’s that super something-something 』

Eri panics as she’s forgotten memory of the twins.

『 It’s okay. I get it, it was at the right time. Onii-san gave me the chance 』

『 R-Rie-chan, what do you mean? 』


『 We can’t stay the same all the time. Eri-chan and I… 』

『 W-Why are you saying that?!!! 』

Eri and Rie have been together since birth…

They supported each other in the world where it’s just the two of them.

The twins share the same memory, share the same views, share the same thoughts.

They were hallucinating that they were a single life-form.

But the truth is…

No matter how much time they share together.

Rie will have some precious memories and Eri will not remember it. She will have a lot of things she forgets.

They have the same face and body, but…

Their minds will never be the same…

『 Well, anyway, Eri-chan will understand once you have sex with Onii-san. You’ll surely understand what I’m talking about 』

Rie ends the talk.

Knock, knock.

Suddenly, someone knocks on the door of our monitoring room.

「 It’s Edie. Haiji’s done with her special training 」

「 Come in 」

Minaho-neesan said. Edie and Haiji-san come in.

The two of them look tired.

「 What’s up? 」

I asked Edie.

「 That’s three-tenths increase. That’s how far Haiji’s combat skills go for now 」

That’s the limit of the hasty training.

「 But, she can win against Otome now 」

Edie smiles.

「 What do you think, Haiji-san? 」

I asked.

「 I don’t know. I think that she’s quite skilled too 」

She speaks with a straight face.

「 Haiji-san, you’ve changed 」

I said. Haiji-san looked confused.

「 Back then, even when you don’t know if you’ll win or not, you’ll only say “I’ll definitely win” 」

Back then, when Haiji-san was Torii-san’s bodyguard.

She was bluffing on everything.

「 I thought that I have to be honest and modest with Kuromori-sama 」

Haiji-san blushed and said.

「 Oh right, Haiji-san, do you know “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” 」

I asked casually.

Michi trained me in Kudou arts to remember the word from hearing it once.

It’s a lesson to train my concentration during combat.

Therefore, I can repeat what Rie said.

Somehow, it’s a word coming from Europe.

So, I thought that Haiji-san might now about it since she came there.

Edie should know it anyway, so I will ask Hiaji-san here.


「 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! 」

Haiji-san smiled.

「 I will win. I’ll definitely win, Kuromori-sama 」


「 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a spell that can grant any wish 」

Edie said with a smile.

「 Yes. Kuromori-sama cast the spell on me! And so I’ll never lose! 」
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