Chapter 989. Noon Sunshine / There’s Hayashi too

「 Onii-sama, please take this seat. Misuzu-oneesama, this way 」

Ruriko’s managing today’s lunch and so everyone sits where Ruriko tells them.

「 You girls are on this table. There will be conversations about the job and so Haiji-san, please take a seat here 」

This spacious room has two big tables and one small table.

Ruriko lets Agnes, Mana, Eri, Rie, Mao-chan, Luna, Koyomi-chan, and Haiji, the young group take one of the big tables.

And the other table has Misuzu, Michi, Edie, Haiji, Torii-san, and me.

Oh, this is…

It’s probably for our conversation with the Kurama sister that I’m going to face this afternoon.

Earlier, Misuzu and Edie seem to have a meeting.

They should be telling me what we’re about to do.

Then, the small table has Ruriko, Yoshiko-san, and Yomi, the girls who were in charge of the meal.

They’ll be waiting to prepare for another helping or drinks.

「 Okay, then… 」

Ruriko puts the Hayashi rice on the plates.

Yoshiko-san and Yomi go around the tables.

「 Here, here, let’s start with the furthest 」

「 Everyone, please help out 」

Mana and Agnes are in the young group’s table so it should be okay.

「 Torii-sama too 」

「 T-Thank you 」

Torii-san feels nervous as Yoshiko-san, the young lady of Kouzuki house, is serving her.

She’s got insecurity towards nobility.

「 Please pass around the salad bowl 」

「 Okay 」

「 Is water good enough for drinks? 」

「 I think so 」

「 Then, pour water on the glasses and bring it to everyone 」

Ruriko, Luna, Yomi, Mana, and Agnes move around.

We’re used to eating together with such a large group of people but…

Torii-san, Haiji, and the twins look confused.

It’s different from the party yesterday.

Everyone’s cooperating and has to be attentive to the meal.

「 Okay, does everyone have everything? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 Ah, Ruriko-sama, there’s another plate of Hayashi rice 」

Torii-san shouts.

「 Huh, I think we’re lacking a bowl of salad?! Did anyone take two bowls? 」

Mana asks loudly.

「 Ah, sorry. I got two here 」

Koyomi-chan replied.

For now, everyone has a meal in front of them.


The extension telephone on the wall rings.

「 Ah, I’ll take it 」

「 No, I’ll take it 」

Yoshiko-san backs off with a smile and Ruriko answered the phone.

「 Hello, it’s Ruriko. Yes. Certainly. We’ll be waiting 」

Ruriko then puts down the phone

「 Everyone, please wait for a little longer 」

Ruriko speaks gently.

「 Huh? But why? Eri-chan and the girls are hungry already 」

「 Nonono, not me 」

「 Yeah, Rie-chan and I are still okay 」

The twins shake their heads.

Ruriko looked at me and said;

「 Onii-sama, Grandfather’s coming this way 」


「 I invited him. “If it’s okay, would you like to come with us for lunch?” 」


Jii-chan’s been busy.

He lets Shiba-san take care of the Kouzuki group but Jii-chan still has more job to do.

「 Today is a reserved day because of the matter from yesterday, and I think that his schedule is free 」

Misuzu tells me.

Yesterday. Misuzu’s party, and the fight with the Kansai Yakuza who came to Tokyo.

We were able to repel them without problems but thinking about rare possibilities, it’s better not to take care of any business today.

Then, the door opens.

「 Hmm, this smells delicious. Allow me to join you with your meals 」

Jii-chan and Rei-chan come in as he speaks.

「 Grandfather, this way 」

Ruriko asks Jii-chan to sit on an empty chair on our table.

「 Wow, it’s Bushimiya Reika! 」

「 R-Right, Eri-chan 」

The twins looked at Rei-chan instead of Jii-chan.

Rei-chan’s appeared on TV several times and so most people know her.

「 Rei-chan is Agnes’ family too! 」

Agnes explained to the twins.

「 You mean? 」

「 That way? 」

The twins immediately asked Mana.

「 There’s no this way or that way. That’s just how it is 」

Mana smiled wryly.

「 Huh, Fujimiya Reika too? 」

「 I-Is that so? 」

She’s my woman and a member of the family

「 No! Rei-chan is our Onee-chan 」

「 Yes, you have to call her Reika-oneesan or Rei-chan 」

Agnes and Mana told the two.

「 Reika-oneesama, this way 」

Shou-neechan’s still checking the situation of the Kansai Yakuza.

Currently, Rei-chan is Jii-chan’s bodyguard.

Therefore, Ruriko recommends the seat on the table where she can move right away.

「 Thank you 」

The tall Rei-chan sits down gallantly.

「 Rei-chan, you okay? You haven’t slept a lot since you switched with Shou-neechan, haven’t you? 」

I asked worriedly.

「 I’ll be okay if it’s just one night. Besides, this mansion is safe 」

Rei-chan smiles.

Yeah, Kouzuki SS has this mansion completely protected.

Furthermore, Jii-chan and his three granddaughters are in here so…

Their bodyguards are also present here.

「 Therefore, I’m only doing my work for the form’s sake. In truth, I came here for the Hayashi rice 」

Rei-chan shows a fresh smile.

「 Here’s your meal 」

Yoshiko-san gives a plate to Jii-chan.

Ruriko-chan gives Rei-chan a Hayashi rice plate too.

Yomi brings in the salad and water.

「 Oh right, Jii-chan. I’ll introduce these girls to you 」

I thought of introducing Eri and Rie, our new family…


「 I think you got the order wrong… 」

Huh, Jii-chan?

「 Shouldn’t you introduce me first to the girls before you introduce them to me? 」



I think that it doesn’t matter who’s first.

Oh well.

If that’s what Jii-chan says.

「 Eri, Rie, I introduce you to the owner of this house, and the grandfather of Ruriko, Misuzu, and Yoshiko-san over there. He’s our Grandfather 」

Is that good enough?

「 H-Hello. I’m Eri 」

「 I-I’m Rie. Pleased to meet you 」

The twins stood up and bowed to Jii-chan in a hurry.

It looks like everyone’s daunted whenever they meet Jii-chan for the first time.

He’s the head of Kouzuki house, he has that kind of aura.

I don’t feel it though.

「 Hmm, good day. I’m Kouzuki. The owner of the house you’re in right now. And the owner of the same building that you stayed in last night 」

Jii-chan says suddenly.

「 I-Is that so? 」

「 I-It’s amazing 」

That said, the twins can’t imagine the influence of Kouzuki house on society.

I didn’t even know about it half a year ago.

The name Kouzuki doesn’t show up on the companies owned by the Kouzuki group at all.

In fact, each time I hear that this and that company or goods are from the Kouzuki group, it surprises me.

「 But, that’s got nothing to do with you girls 」

Jii-chan said with a smile.

「 I want you to understand. I’m the owner of this house, but, not the head of your family. He’s the leader of the family 」

Jii-chan smiled at me.

「 Your family is the one using this room right now. Therefore, he’s the man sitting on the host seat 」

Huh, my seat?

O-Oh, right.

If you look at it, this is the highest seat of honor from its location.

「 No, Jii-chan, it’s not like I’m… 」

Ruriko told me to sit here.

I didn’t take this chair because I want to.

「 It’s okay. By the way, Ruriko asked me to sit down on the guest of honor seat 」

Jii-chan smiles.

「 No, you’re no guest of honor. Jii-chan, you’re also a member of our family 」

I said.

「 Huh? 」

「 Really? 」

Rie and Eri…

「 Hey now, be careful with how you speak. Those girls are confused right now 」

Jii-chan laughs.

「 No, but… 」

「 I’m in your family but I’m only here as an extra. My beloved granddaughters love this man after all 」

Jii-chan looked at Rie and Eri.

「 I may be here because of my relatives, but my place here is just a troublesome relative who slipped in out of self-interest. The only people who truly opened up to me and love me are my three granddaughters 」

Jii-chan looked at Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san.

「 And my Granddaughters are with him. Therefore, I’m allowed in as their Grandfather incidentally 」

He smiled at the twins.

「 Don’t misunderstand, I’m just an extra. Furthermore, an old man. You don’t have to think of living together with me. Ease up. Besides, he won’t allow it 」


「 He never lets go of his women. He’s a man who’ll protect them with his life 」

Oh, right.

If I name him my family, the twins would think that they also need to have sex with Jii-chan.

Jii-chan took the initiative and told them his place.

「 I intend to treat you as my own Granddaughters. Although, your patriarch is this man. I won’t give you any pocket money or anything similar in secret. He’ll get angry. Besides, he’s got a lot of noisy big sisters in his family 」

I look at Jii-chan’s laughing face.

Then, I finally understood.

Yeah, there’s a meaning in finding the order of who to introduce.

If I did introduce Jii-chan to Rie and Eri first…

The twins will see Jii-chan as my boss.

That the owner of the big mansion is in control.

They’ll think that we can’t go against Jii-chan, that we have to listen to Jii-chan’s orders no matter what.

Eri and Rie are daughters of Yakuza.

They look at the world where people are above others, where there are ties within the hierarchy.


But if I introduce Jii-chan to Rie and Eri first…

The meaning changes.

Jii-chan’s an influential man, but we’re not under his control.

Jii-chan’s only joining in our family.

If they understand it that way.

The twins will no longer be afraid of Jii-chan.

「 YEs. I’m one of those noisy big sisters… 」

Misuzu smiled at the twins.

「 Hello. I’m Misuzu. Kouzuki Misuzu. You’re Eri-chan and Rie-chan, am I correct? Danna-sama will be giving you your pocket money every month. That’s how it is with the other girls. So, don’t ask from Grandfather, okay? 」

「 That’s right! You can’t latch on anyone but Papa! Also, don’t follow anyone you don’t know. Don’t talk to them either! 」


Agnes is finally going to school, but…

「 Don’t worry. All you have to do is look at nobody but Onii-chan 」

Mana tells the twins.

「 Yes. Just Onii-sama. Onii-sama’s the only man I can trust in this world 」

Ruriko said. Jii-chan.

「 Hey now, Ruriko, you don’t trust me? 」

「 My trust for Grandfather is at 80%. But, my trust with Onii-sama is at 120% 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 Right. Grandfather is always making moves from behind sometimes 」

Misuzu also smiled at Jii-chan.

「 Look at no-one but Danna-sama. We all follow Danna-sama with our full strength 」

「 Trust him 」

Misuzu and Edie say with their chest puffed in pride.

「 Let’s do the greetings for the others later. Let’s hurry up and eat, Darling 」

Oh right.

Our food will get cold if this goes for longer.

「 Yeah, let’s eat. Ruriko… 」

I urged Ruriko.

「 Yes, well then, everyone. Let’s eat! 」

「 Thanks for the meal! 」

Our fun lunch started.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Yes, that was delicious. Did Ruriko make this? 」

Jii-chan turned to Ruriko.

「 Yoshiko-oneesama, Yomi-san, and I made it together, also… 」

「 Agnes and the girls helped out too! 」

Agnes shouts from the young group’s table.

「 Well, this has some thick tastes. I often eat Hayashi Rice during my college days in Kyoto. This is delicious 」

Jii-chan speaks in satisfaction and continues to eat.

「 I’m such a lucky man that I can eat my Granddaughter’s cooking. This is also thanks to you 」

Huh, me?

「 Thanks to you, Ruriko and the girls started to learn cooking 」


「 I thank you 」

No, but…

Well, Ruriko and the girls made the decision themselves.

It’s not because of me.

「 Don’t think that way, Sensei 」

Yomi hands over a glass of water as she read my thoughts.

Then, Jii-chan.

「 We have more 」

「 Yes, thank you 」


「 You know, everyone’s becoming better. Right now, it’s become normal that everyone’s helping each other out. Someone’s always out there to support before I notice anything 」

It’s a gathering of women, and yet…

They’re not fighting.

Everyone’s getting along.

「 Actually, there’s also Yukino who doesn’t do anything. But, Yukino doesn’t speak selfishly like before. 」 She never does housework but she plays with Mao-chan 」

Yukino has also become mellow.

She doesn’t speak carelessly that would hurt others like before.

No, I guess that’s also the power of the family.

If you’re with a stable family, you can feel calm, and there’s no need to be unsocial.

Although, she and Megu always confront each other.

Then, Ai is also with us.

Ai’s slow and nonchalant personality neutralizes Yukino and Megu’s fights.


I’ll be coming back home to them tonight.

We have school tomorrow after all.

We also have to prepare the bread we’re about to sell during lunch tomorrow.

No, there’s also…

Ai and Megu will be helping out to some extent.

It started as my bakery at the school store, and yet…

Nowadays, it’s known as “Ai-chan and Katsuko-san’s bakery”.

No, it’s not just within the school.

Even boys from other schools sneak in just to buy our products.

Like when there’s a match with an outside sports club from another school, they casually go and buy bread and eat it.

No, they say that the products are delicious but they even come even when there’s no match just to see Ai.

Before we could deal with it, Ai’s fans in our school spread out to other schools.

There was a guy who prowled after Ai on the school gate but in the end, Edie kicked off the guy.

No, that’s not the topic.

「 Somehow, recently, the girls still function as a family even without me. Everyone’s beautiful, smart, and they all have bright personalities 」

「 Of course they are. You pick those girls after all 」


「 You pick those who you accept in the family and so it only becomes stronger the more people you add, it’s natural that it becomes a functional and lively family 」

「 That’s right. It’s surprising to see Ruriruri do all these housework so smoothly but to think that the introverted Agnes is now looking after the new girls is more 」

Misuzu said.

「 The Takakura sisters are also aware of their position 」

Right. Yomi who was assertive back then is now going around as support.

Luna and Koyomi-chan stand for Agnes.

There’s also Tsukiko, who’s not here right now.

「 It’s all Danna-sama’s power 」

「 No, I didn’t do anything 」

「 Your existence is enough. Danna-sama, you’re our keystone 」

「 It’s more of a stone weight than a keystone 」

Edie said.

「 Without Darling, everyone will jump on different directions 」

Is that so?

I don’t get it.

「 By the way, what happened to you? 」

Jii-chan asks Torii-san.

「 W-What? 」

Torii-san got nervous.

Well of course. Yesterday, after giving him her greetings, Jii-chan complained until she lost heart. Furthermore, he looked at her like she’s an insect.

「 You’re here to watch, right? How is it? 」

Torii-san came with us to the old training building for Kouzuki SS.

I abandoned Tendou Otome.

Decided to turn Tokuda Sonoko-san into a prostitute.

And she also saw me turning Rie and Eri to my family.

「 What do you think about him? 」

Torii-san looks at me.

「 I-I hate him! 」
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