Chapter 100

100. Threat and Decision

「…Nfufu! Danna-sama, open your mouth!」

I opened my mouth wide and Misuzu puts a spring roll in my mouth using chopsticks…
Yup…Kastsuko-nee’s spring rolls are delicious.
The spicy sauce works…!

「Danna-samaaa…Is it delicious?」

Misuzu’s face closed up to me.
Misuzu’s smiles in satisfaction…


Maika’s looking at us.

I sit on the sofa and Misuzu’s on top of my legs.
Misuzu carries dim sum on a saucer then to my mouth with chopsticks…
My hands are busy touching Misuzu’s ass since a while ago.

「…Aaaahn! If you touch it that much, it’ll feel good!」

Misuzu’s hot breath reaches my ear…

「Then, should I stop touching you…?」
「Geez, Danna-sama you meanie!…Is Misuzu’s buttocks pleasurable?」

Misuzu’s eyes are melting…

「Yeah…It feels soft and good…!」

Women’s ass are far thicker than men.
That’s why it’s soft and fluffy and yet…It’s temperature is lower than men.
It’s not chilly but…Still, it’s slightly cold.
That feel is pleasurable.

「…Do you like Misuzu?」
「…I do」
「Nfufufu!…Misuzu also loves you!」

I kissed Misuzu…

「…Ahn! Danna-sama’s mouth has the taste of spring roll sauce!」
「Misuzu’s mouth tastes like lemon…!」

Misuzu rubs her cheeks to my face…!

「…What is the taste of Danna-sama’s tongue?」
「…Taste it」

I stick out my tongue


Misuzu slurp my tongue.

…Maika’s watching.
She’s watching us flirt…

「…How is it?」

Misuzu answered with a smile.

「I can’t tell the taste but…My heart’s beating so fast…!」

Misuzu rubs her breasts on my own chest…

「…Misuzu wants it now」

Misuzu wants to be spoiled by me.

「No no…You promised just a while ago don’t you? Maika would be first」

I look at Maika.
Maika lowers her eyes quicklyt.

「Maika’s fine later…I can be postponed for later…」

Misuzu licks my ears.

「Yeah…I promise」
「I’m happy!」
「In exchange…I want Misuzu to help me with my sex with Maika later. I think Maika’s still in pain」
「…Yes. Danna-sama」

Misuzu calls Maika…

「It’s okay, it’s Maika-san’s second time. Your hymen’s torn already so it won’t be as painful as your first!」

Misuzu said brightly, but…
Maika’s face is gloomy.

「…There’s the possibility that it’s still painful on the second time!」

Katsuko-nee comes holding a big plate.

「The torn hymen may be turned up and get stuck with the penis」

As expected of Katsuko-nee, she knows a lot about this.

「If possible, Maika-san’s body shouldn’t have sex for today anymore but…Do you want to do it by all means?」

Katsuko-nee looks down at me.

「…I want to. Or rather, I definitely want to do it!」

Maika shuddered from my determination…


Katsuko bent her waist and closed up to me.
I kissed her lips.

「Geez…Don’t joke around and answer me!」

Katsuko-nee’s face is laughing but…She must be worried about Maika. Her eyes are serious.
That’s why I answered seriously.

「…Maika’s first sex was quite bad. Therefore I want to do it over again」

Maika turned to me in surprise.

「Maika’s first experience must be pitiful if it was rape…I want to embrace her properly on top of a bed…!」

Katsuko-nee’s pleased by my answer.

「Right…If you’re going to do it over again, it won’t have any meaning if it’s not today!」

Misuzu nodded.

「…Certainly! Misuzu thinks it is a very good idea」

Maika’s face shakes in fear.
…She has to experience that horrible experience once again after all.
I ignored Maika’s expressions and said.

「…It’ll be different this time. Maika will be watched over her sisters…and will be embraced by me with their blessings!」

It seems to be a splendid thing…
That the scene of sex will be seen by everyone.

「…Katsuko-nee, can you take photographs as I embrace Maika?」

Maika trembled in response…!

「…Taking photos?」

Maika’s face is frightened…

「Yeah, it’s a commemoration of Maika’s lifetime event…!」

I look at Maika showing a natural face…

「Maika doesn’t want to be photographed… I’ll be troubled」

Misuzu spoke to Maika who has a gloomy face.

「That’s okay Maika-san…we won’t show it to other people. No one can see it but Danna-sama and the 『Sister’s club』members」
「You see…Misuzu also had photos. Photos of my first time with Danna-sama…! Of course I was still a virgin there! Misuzu’s first kiss, virginity, all of it were given to Danna-sama!」

Misuzu clings to me.

「…Maika-san’s the same isn’t it?」

Katsuko-nee who’s already not a virgin spoke to Misuzu looking sullen.

「Oh, that’s right! Maika-san and Misuzu-san are the same!」

Misuzu’s happily informing Maika but…Miaka’s expression doesn’t clear up…

「Then, Misuzu will take photo souvenirs too! I’ll show my lost virgin photo to everyone.」

Misuzu smiled.

「…Katsuko-nee can we take a look?」
「Err…We can see it on the laptop but you have to wait because I will bring the data. The personal information are managed in my room」

Katsuko-nee puts the big plate in front of me while saying that.

「…Margo-sama’s share is already partitioned. This is all what’s remaining so eat all of it!

I throw more dim sum in from the plate to my mouth steadily.

「…Amazing, you’re still eating」

Maika’s simply surprised…
As a matter of fact…I’ve already eaten a lot.

「…This one will never leave behind any meal I make. I’ll eat until the last grain!」

Katsuko-nee told Maika proudly.

「…Well, Katsuko-nee’s meal are delicious!」

I answered while munching it all down.

「…He’s really kind」

Katsuko-nee’s words made Maika puzzled.

I who’s been flirting with Misuzu since earlier…
I who declared that I’ll redo Maika’s lose of virginity once again mercilessly in public…
I who’s eating up the remaining lunch with all my effort…

All of them are me.
But…in Maika’s eyes, she can only see it as a split personality.

I who raped Maika in the raining garden…
I who washed Maika’s foot in the bathroom…
I who’s adored by Misuzu and Katsuko-nee…

Maika’s looking at me.
Staring…in worry.

「…Fuu, I’m hungry. Where’s my share?」

Then…Margo-san comes in.
Margo-san’s having a sporty look with Beige leather jacket and brown slacks.

「My…What’s wrong?」

Katsuko-nee asks Margo-san.
Margo-san shook her head.
It seems that the investigation on Cesario Viola didn’t go well.

「…What about Ojou-sama?」
「I reported to her earlier…Where’s Nei?」
「…Nei-san is resting there!」

Misuzu pointed at Nei-san who’s sleeping peacefully in the table.
Nei-san drank quite a lot of wine.
We had a lot on the first…Or rather, I just licked it a bit.
Nei-san drank it all alone…
When I took the bottle to Yuzuki-sensei, the bottle’s already down to half.

「…Seriously, you’re so hopeless Nei」

Margo-san said then hand her jacket to Nei-san.

「Margo-sama…I’ve prepared your meal there. Should I warm it up?」

Margo-san replied…

「That’s okay…I’m really hungry」

Margo-san takes a seat then begins her meal.

「Speaking of which, I heard it from Minaho but…You’re forming something called 『Sister’s club』?」

Margo-san asks.

「Yes, Misuzu, Katsuko-sama, Nei-san and Maika-san have sworn to be 『Sisters』who love Danna-sama!」

Misuzu answered proudly
Maika’s still gloomy.

「Hee…Yoshida-kun, it’ll get harder from now on」

Margo-san looks at me then chuckles…

「…Margo-sama won’t enter?!」

Misuzu invites…Margo-san?

「…Me? Not now…」

Margo-san answered while smiling wryly.

…Not now?

「I don’t have any sexual relationship with Yoshida-kun…I like him but I’m in a slightly different direction from everyone」

…Different direction?

「Anyway…Thank you for your invitation but I decline. You can all enjoy『Sister’s club』…!」

Margo-san’s bright smile shocked Maika.

『…I shouldn’t forced myself to enter』

That’s what Maika’s expression says.


Maika’s face is dyed in despair and regret…
Maika was convinced by the flow and atmosphere of the place that she has to enter the 『Sister’s club』
She never had the resolution to become my sex partner or to not have sex with other men.
No…In the first place, Maika didn’t imagine losing her virginity today…
A 14 year old middle school girl.
She’s forced to go through horrible experience for these past few hours.
Right now…Margo-san in front of Maika refused to enter 『Sister’s Club』
The thought『I should’ve refused』…Is plunging in Maika darkly…

「Then…what happened? Maika-chan already had sex with Yoshida-kun…?」

Margo-san asked as if it’s natural…
It has the same feel as『It seems that the neighbor’s cat gave birth already』…

Margo-san’s doing it on purpose.

Margo-san met Yuzuki-sensei before coming to the dining room and finished her report…
In short…She knows everything that happened.
Knowing that…She’s cornering Maika.

「If you ask, it’s already done! But, they’ll re-do once again!」

Misuzu answered Margo-san.

「…Re-do? Why?」

Margo-san asks calmly.

「Uhm…Maika-san’s lost virgin is…quite. It became a forced rape.1 It’s pitiful as her first experience…that’s why they’re going to do it again with everyone watching over. Danna-sama suggested it…!」

Misuzu explains.

「Hmm…Everyone’s so kind to Misuzu-chan」

Margo-san munches the spring roll…

「…Uhm…Does Maika really need to have sex again immediately?」

Maika who’s unable to stay silent any longer asked us…

「Uhm…That place still hurts…」

Margo-san puts down the chopsticks quietly.

「…Maika-chan, aren’t you misunderstanding something?」

Her tone was gentle but Margo-san’s eyes were scary.

「I think that you should understand the position you are in now…」

Margo-san’s strong glance made Maika tremble.

「Yoshida-kun’s too gentle with you so it’s becoming a misunderstanding! Katsuko-san too! Being gentle is different from spoiling isn’t it?!」

Margo-san scolded me and Katsuko-nee strongly…!


Let’s apologize for the time being.
I don’t know why she’s angry though.

「…I’m extremely sorry」

Katsuko-nee lowered her head to Margo-san.


Margo-san looks at Maika once again…


Maika is trembling.

「You already heard that your father has done horrible things to Yuzuki-sensei don’t you? Minaho was raped when she was 12 years old and had been a prostitute all this time. All of them aren’t normal sex. She’s made to play abnormally pervert old men like your father…and it was a cruel act every time

Maika responded in a low voice.

「Did you also hear that she experienced that hell for four years…got pregnant when she was 16 years old…and her body has become unable to bear a child anymore, do you?」
「…Yes, I’ve heard it. I saw her wound in the bathroom」

Maika’s trembling.

「Did you know that that your father handed Minaho to a madman who wants to wreck pregnant women?」
「…I did not know that」
「Minaho tried to protect her child with all her life. And yet, your father brought a guest that beaten up Minaho’s body. She miscarried then Minaho’s body has become like that…!」

Margo-san casts eyes of hatred on Maika…!

「Minaho helped me so I’m living right now. Minaho’s revenge is my revenge…!」

Margo-san who was raped in an Indian settlement in the past…Shirasaka Sousuke is a person she cannot forgive.

「…We’ll corner your father. We’ll show him hell on earth. That’s what we have decided on」

Margo-san, Katsuko-nee and nei-san are participating Yuzuki-sensei since beginning…
As Sensei’s 『Toy』

「By the way…Shirasaka family. Do you know what are our plans with you, your mother and sister?」

Margo-san asks Maika with cold eyes…


Maika’s frightened.
She’s trembling…and her whole body is having goosebumps…

「First…Your mother had an affair with the manager right? We already took photos of it. It’s not some scandal picture in front of hotel. It’s a photo of your mother and the manager naked, having sex on top of the bed. We have a video too. We took peeping photos. The face can be seen clearly…If you want to see then I’ll show it to you…!」
「I-I don’t want to see that」

Maika refused in reflex.

「We’re ready to announce it to the mass media anytime. We’re prepared to make it flow in the internet too. Maika-san’s mother is a famous cooking adviser but…Shirasaka house is much renowned. A blood relative of the founder of a first class newspaper…I think that the mass media would take a bite on it. Your mother would be ashamed that she’ll never show her face anymore…!」

Margo-san laughed.

「…Please don’t do that. I beg you」

Ignoring Maika’s plead, Margo-san continued talking…

「Then…Your sister. Did you know that Maika-chan’s actual first partner isn’t Yoshida-kun but an old man form the neighborhood?」
「…I heard it from Yuzuki-sensei」

Maika said while looking down.

「Yup. That’s right. We prepared four men for you to lose your virginity to…!」

Maika’s eyes opened wide…!

「We prepared four disgusting old men to rape Maika-chan in turn. That’s not all…You’ll be confined in this mansion and will be raped until Golden Week ends. It’s not just four old men. We prepared dozens to play with you…!」

Margo-san continues her threat.

「It can’t be helped you know? The number your father sold Minaho to isn’t just that. She’s been raped continuously every day and every night by abnormal old men from 12 to 16 years old. On top of that, Minaho’s body can no longer love a man anymore…!」

Margo-san’s anger and hatred are genuine…!
That’s why…
The lie『Maika’s planned rape』feels true.
Maika’s believing Margo-san’s story…

「Why do you think it has been changed on the last minute? Yoshida-kun asked Minaho in tears, didn’t he?」

Margo-san looks at me.

「…Yoshida-kun, just what’s good with a woman like Maika-chan?」

I answered.

「She’s beautiful and cute…I thought I want to make her my 『Woman』」

Maika looks at me in surprise.

「Shouldn’t you just confine her and make her your sex slave?…You want her to be your 『Woman』?」

Margo-san emphasized her words.

「Yes. Maika’s already my 『Woman』…!」
「…Yoshida-kun, you’re going to take responsibility for her?」

Maika looks at me.

「Yes, I promised Sensei. I love Maika…!」

Margo-san sighed.

「…Yoshida-kun, you’re liked by Minaho. If it isn’t because of you, Maika-chan won’t be saved…」

Margo-san returned her eyes to Maika.

「Aren’t you glad, Maika-chan? Yoshida-kun liked you. Furthermore, he loves you as one of his 『Woman』instead of a slave. That’s why…Minaho decided to overlook your mother…!」

Maika raised her voice in surprise.

「You’re Yoshida-kun’s loved 『Woman』so she decided to spare your mother. …If you were Yoshida-kun’s slave, she won’t be spared. That’s obvious」

Margo-san declared.

「Well, it’s not Yoshida-kun who liked Maika-chan…Katsuko-san and Nei who turned you from a target of revenge to a『sister』is great I think. Do you get it Maika-san? You were put into 『Sister’s club』because of affection」

She was entered with affection?

「…Entering the 『Sister’s club』will let you off as a target of revenge. I will never make a move on Katsuko-san and Nei’s 『Sister』…Katsuko-san and Nei’s existence is more than a sister to me…」

Margo-san looks at Maika with strong eyes.

「But, don’t forget this…I think that we should do our revenge according to our original plan. We prepared for a long time for that sake. Maika-chan’s overlooked because she’s Yoshida-kun’s 『woman』 and Katsuko-san’s 『sister』 I don’t have the thought of wanting to save Maika-chan from the bottom of my heart…!」

Margo-san told Maika.

「Right now, the reason why I’m not entering the 『Sister’s club』is because Maika-chan’s there. I want to draw a line with Maika-chan until the revenge with Shriasaka Sousuke is over. That’s my thought. I’m a core of the combat corps of the revenge…!」

Margo-san plays the hated role in purpose.
Because Maika needs a human protecting her…Katsuko-nee and Nei-san created the bindings called 『Sister’s club』
On the other hand…Margo-san became the antagonist so that Maika will always look straight at reality.
To show the current situation to Maika.

「Yoshida-kun, I want you to promise me one thing…!」

Margo-san looked at me.

「…What is it?」

I replied.
Maika’s staring at me.

「If you ever hated Maika-chan, just tell me. If Maika-chan isn’t being affectionate to Yoshida-kun or if she’s being selfish, just tell me. Or if you looked at her properly then saw her as not cute, just say it…!」

Margo-san’s cornering Maika slowly.

「Then, I will resume the frozen program immediately. Maika-chan’s mother would be first. If you get tired having sex with Maika-chan and don’t need her anymore, I’ll resume the gangbang plan again…!」

Maika’s trembling.
Her frightened face looks like Yukino, I thought.
However…Yukino cries immediately.
Yukino will cry immediately…then stop thinking and just throw her feelings.
Maika’s not crying, she’s enduring it desperately…
She’s enduring and facing the situation upfront.
Could it be that Maika’s experience of being away from her parents and living her childhood in Shizuoka giving Maika’s strength?
Or could it be that she’s just smarter than Yukino?
I don’t know…

「…She’ll never be not needed. I’ll never throw my own 『Woman』」

I answered.

「That said, you must not spoil her. It would trouble everyone if you just show her sympathy. You know that don’t you?」
「Your 『woman』isn’t just Maika-san…If Maika-san becomes a burden then be prepared to cast her away anytime…」


「It’s important to say it clearly. Break of off with Maika-san clearly…」

That’s right…Margo-san devotes herself to the role of being hated…
I have to show a strong stance in Maika.


I spoke to Maika.

「I like you. I like Maika’s face. I like your body. I like your voice. I like your cute character. I want to have sex with Maika」

Maika looks at me.
She’s looking at me with enduring eyes.

「Let me like Maika all the time. Become a woman who’s continuously loved by me. It’s an order…Okay?!」

Maika’s troubled.


She’s hesitating on what to answer.
She still doesn’t love me as a man.
She doesn’t love me.
In the first place, a 14 year old girl…doesn’t know what’s love and what’s admiration.


I corner her with cruel words.

「You don’t need to like me right now…You just need to not hate me. Cling to me with your life on the line. Flatter me with all your body. Satisfy me with sex…That’s what makes my 『Woman』」

Maika holds her breath.

「…Isn’t that right, Misuzu?」

I turned to Misuzu.

「Yes! Misuzu will avoid to be hated by Danna-sama! I’ll cling to Danna-sama and have sex until he’s satisfied!」

Misuzu clings to me like a puppy.


Katsuko-nee who’s just listening all this time answered me.

「I…I’d rather die than be hated by you. I’ll do anything to be loved by you. If you wish, I can get naked anywhere and be embraced anytime. I will just have sex with only you until I die…」

Katsuko-nee declared.

「…Maika, all of my 『women』thinks like that. Maika…Become like that」


「…I don’t need to force myself to like Onii-san?」

I touched Maika’s shoulder.
Maika twitched.

「Yeah…You don’t need to like me forcibly…You just need to not be hated by me. Pay attention to me all the time. Have sex with me anytime I want it. Satisfy me with your body…!」

I hugged Maika.
I don’t care about Maika’s will…I kissed her without permission.

「…Maika’s already no good. Onii-san caught me…!」

Maika said sadly.

「…Maika-chan. That’s what’s called 『Happiness』」

Margo-san muttered


Maika looks up.

「…It’s great that there’s someone who would catch you before you fall in the bottom. Try to imagine the worst possible situation today…」

Margo-san’s word made me imagine it.

Betrayed by Katsuko-nee and Nei-san whom she trusted…then Maika raped by me.
Then imprison her…
Yuzuki-sensei might really have sold her off to a foreign brothel.

「…You’re really lucky…!」

Margo-san’s word made Maika shiver.

「Give up already, Maika…You’re already my 『Woman』 That’s what I decided on. Therefore, I embraced you. I’ll also do that from now on. I’ll have sex with you and after that, it’s just about Maika accepting me or not…!」

I push Maika with cold words.

「Maika…accept Onii-san?」

Maika looks up at me.

「Yeah…reality won’t change. If Maika accepts me, then we’ll be able to become happy… But, if you don’t accept me…Everyone will be unhappy」

The word everyone includes Maika’s mother too.

「…What would you do, Maika?」

Maika finally steeled herself.

「…Got it」

She muttered.

「What did you understand?」

I let Maika speak accurately.

「…Maika was wrong. Maika depended too much on Onii-san and everyone’s kindness」

Maika clings to me.

「Maika needs to make an effort so she has to be liked by Onii-san, right?」

I gently hugged Maika…

「…I want to have sex with Maika」

Maika answered me courageously even while trembling.


I embraced the trembling small body.

「…I won’t stop until I get satisfied」

…This twitching small body.
It entered both my arms.

「Yes…Maika will endure it」

I told Maika.

「Don’t endure it…Answer 『I’ll enjoy sex』」


「Yes…Maika will enjoy having sex with Onii-san…!」

1. Because there’s consensual rape. Hey, who the fuck put this note?! ↩
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