Chapter 13 - Failed Zhuangbility(1)

Chapter 13 - Failed Zhuangbility(1)

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As Shi Lei walked out of the self-service bank, his head became clearer.

About ten yuan……

Shi Lei suddenly remembered the day which he treated his friends dinner. Possibly because that the owner saw that he went to his restaurant for a few days in a row, he offered to give him a discount of a few yuan. But how could Shi Lei agree? He was never someone who liked to take advantages of others…… Fine, the truth was that he wanted to spend as much money as possible, so he fought hard against the restaurant’s owner’s offer……

No way! Even this counted?

What the hell!

That meal was of that price; how could it be counted like that if the owner was willing to get paid less?!

But fortunately, only the hair was gone. If it only had half, or was missing a ball, what could Shi Lei do?

He must be careful with every single action from now on! He felt like there were traps everywhere when spending the quota. Shi Lei dragged himself back to the dorm heavily and could not sleep steadily. When the sun rose, his eyes were bloodshot.

‘40,000! Too much money was troublesome, you poor people won’t be able to understand my pain!’

Luckily, Shi Lei had already thought of how to spend the money previously. Except that before he was expecting 30,000 yuan, and now he had 10,000 more, he needed to enhance his plan.

First, a laptop……

No, this can wait till the afternoon.

Shi Lei quickly denied his plan.

He decided to go to the hospital first.

His body was still hurting. The bruises he got from the traffic lights did not heal at all in the past three days. His whole body was aching right now. He would ask for an x-ray, then buy some expensive imported medicine, that would cost a few thousand yuan, right? Knowing that doctors nowadays would give you medicine worth about a thousand yuan just for a cold.

Shi Lei rolled off his bed, and dashed outside without bothering to wash his face. He bought two steamed buns and rushed towards the hospital in a taxi.

In fact, the best hospital of the city was not far from the school’s back gate. But Shi Lei was rich now, and one of those that needed to spend all his money, he did not have a reason to not go around in a circle by car first.

Sitting in the car, he watched as the taximeter stayed the same as the starting balance, he suddenly felt that he should download an online taxi app. He heard that they had luxurious models, such as ‘four circles’(2) and ‘don’t touch me’(3), that way he could spend the quota a little faster.

As Shi Lei left the hospital holding a big bag of medicine, even though the pain hasn't decreased as he hadn't taken the medicine yet, he still felt rather light

The hospital was a great place. He had a few x-rays, purchased some medicine, told the doctor that he was not scared to spend money and wanted the best medicine, it cost him more than 6,000 yuan.

He felt smart after downloading the app for online taxi and called for a luxurious model with a starting rate of more than 20 yuan.

Sitting in a five series BMW, Shi Lei thought, life should be like this. A car worth more than 600,000 yuan was really different from those ordinary taxis!

Shi Lei went straight to the most luxurious mall of the city. He remembered that there was an exclusive shop for Alienware computers.

It was almost afternoon and the road was filled with traffic jams. From the car’s windscreen, he could see the mall which was located in the center of the city that was only two or three hundred meters away.

The driver turned around and said with good intentions: “Sir, the traffic jam is really bad and we won’t be able to move for a while. Your destination, De Ji Plaza isn’t far, why don’t you get off here?”

Of course, the driver had good intentions, because the online ordered taxis had double taximeters. Except for the distance, time also costed money. Getting stuck in a traffic jam like this was clearly wasting the customer’s money.

But Shi Lei waved his hand and said: “It’s ok. I don’t want to walk today because I’m really tired. Don’t worry about the traffic jam, just drop me off at the front gate.”

Obviously, the driver did not mind him saying this, but he said silently in his mind: ‘what a simpleton, as expected, rich people are self-willed! He was not even willing to walk a few steps.’

Shi Lei waited leisurely for about ten minutes before the car moved again, stopping at the front of the De Ji Plaza.

He paid and got off the car, and first went to the underground supermarket and bought the most expensive bottled water, which was imported from France, and was worth over ten yuan. Then, he took out the medicine given by the doctors, took everything according to the dosage. Actually, he did not really want to eat it, but he was scared that the Scepter would judge that it was a waste of him to buy the medicine but not take them. If something else disappears from his body, it would be big trouble.

Shi Lei took the elevator to the third floor, and walked into the Alienware exclusive shop where he was too embarrassed to go in before. A shop employee walked towards him and before he could greet him, Shi Lei said airily: “Give me your most expensive laptop!”

The employee was taken aback for a second, but immediately beamed, grinning from ear to ear. “Sure, sir, we are having an event right now. The most expensive laptop just happened to be within the event range, we can give you a discount of 20%. I’ll introduce the configurations for you. It has a 16GB RAM, 3TB SSD, everything is of SLC disk particles, the quality is definitely great……”

Shi Lei waved his hand and said with zhuangbility: “Don’t talk to me about these, I don’t really care. Just tell me how much it is and give me one.” The employee smiled even more broadly, and spoke with more hospitality: “This model’s original price is 88,800 yuan, after discount……” Shi Lei jumped at the price. ‘What? 80,000? Are you sure you are not kidding me? Wasn’t Alienware laptops all around 20,000 before?’

Initially, Shi Lei was discontented with the shop’s discount event. But now, don’t mention 20% off, even if they gave more discount, he could still not afford it. “Uh…… 80,000? Really? Aren’t your laptops all around 20,000 yuan?”

The employee’s expressions froze. He tried to calm himself down, and said: “Sir, you are talking about our hot selling model, right? We don’t have a sample model here in the shop for our most expensive model. Its price is quite high, you understand that, this……”

Shi Lei waved his hands hurriedly: “I was talking about the ordinary best-selling model, the ones on showcase on those tables. Pick the most expensive one for me.”

The employee was speechless This guy, as soon as he came in he looked like he was up in the sky. But as soon as he told him the price, he was suddenly put off by it. Even so, the employee would not look down upon Shi Lei as he was buying a laptop worth more than 20,000 yuan. It was still a rather good deal.

In no time, a brand-new laptop had been brought over. Pure black body, heavy model, it was definitely the most eye-catching product out of gaming laptops.

As Shi Lei failed pretending to be cool when he came into the shop, he felt embarrassed. He quickly paid for the laptop, randomly bought two gamepads, he did not even install the games which the shop could have installed for him, and left De Ji plaza rather gloomily.

Shi Lei was finally relieved as he stood outside under the sun: “80,000 yuan laptops, who do you think you are! But, if I knew that there were such expensive laptops, I should not have brought this one in a hurry. Wouldn’t it better if I buy it after the quota has exceeded 100,000?”

A 20,000 yuan laptop with gamepads costing 2,000, Shi Lei would not have dared to think about before. But now, he felt slightly dissatisfied at the presence of the laptop.

Nope! Just nope! A fuerdai like me, should be using a laptop with top configurations!

(1)Zhuangbility: means the ability to show off, pretending to be good at something, or purposely over expose one’s emotions

(2)four circles: referring to Audi’s logo

(3)Don’t touch me: it translates to Bie Mo Wo in Chinese, which is the abbreviation for BMW
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