Chapter 125 - Big and Small Beauty Fighting

Chapter 125 - Big and Small Beauty Fighting

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After they climbed back down, it was almost noon. As Zhang Liangliang commanded, Shi Lei drove her to a nearby place called Xinghua (meaning apricot blossom) Village.

When people hear its name, they would think of it as an idyllic place, but after they arrive, it was rather disappointing. It was merely a normal assembly place for farmhouses and restaurants. Perhaps because it was winter, they didn’t have too much business and as Shi Lei drove in, almost every single one of them was greeting him.

There were barely anyone there. They were mainly the owners of the restaurants and almost no tourists. There weren’t any flowers blooming in winter either, which made the village seem exceptionally bleak and desolate.

As a result of such a place, they weren’t too interested. They found a random restaurant and finished eating in merely fifteen minutes. Zhang Liangliang then hurried to the car and urged Shi Lei to drive back to the city quickly.

They played games for more than an hour in the arcade and finished 200 yuan worth of game coins. After all, Zhang Liangliang was a girl and she stared at the claw machine for a long time, wanting to get a soft toy, except she was never skilled enough to catch one.

Shi Lei shoved in the last two coins in and let Zhang Liangliang try her best for the last time. When Zhang Liangliang was about to fail, Shi Lei abruptly shook the machine and used violence to drop the soft toy into the exit hole while no employees were watching.

Zhang Liangliang was shocked. In her opinion, Shi Lei was the classical representation of the good and earnest type. She never imagined that Shi Lei would do something like that and she was still frozen when Shi Lei grabbed the toy and shoved it into her arms.

After she touched the soft and fluffy surface of the toy, she eventually wowed loudly. Shi Lei quickly covered her mouth in terror and whispered: “Do you want to be caught?”

Zhang Liangliang quickly closed her mouth. They scuttled out of the arcade and Zhang Liangliang finally screamed after they got into the car.

“Dashu, you are awesome! How did you think of that? Holy shit! It was lit! I really didn’t expect you to have such a devilish side. I think I’m going back to believe that you are really the head of a mafia gang before now!”

Shi Lei rolled his eyes and said: “I only did it because you couldn’t catch it and you looked like you were about to cry. I don’t really know how to do this so I could only do that. This type of soft toys aren’t worth much either. We paid more than enough game coins for this and we aren’t really taking advantage of them.”

“Hahahaha, this is the best experience I’ve had playing the claw machine! I think I’ll remember it for the rest of my life! It’s so romantic……”

Then, the girl’s eyes began to shine. Except, Shi Lei couldn’t understand why it was so romantic.

Then, Zhang Liangliang made a request which Shi Lei opposed strongly. But Zhang Liangliang said that Shi Lei promised her that he couldn’t say ‘no’ to anything before they left her house and he could only comply.

They went back to the building which they had eaten a buffet twice before, the building which was temporarily the highest building in China. Except, this time, Zhang Liangliang’s target wasn’t the buffet on the 60th floor, but the very top.

They took the observation elevator and reached the top floor. It didn’t lack any tourists and because it was a Sunday, many parents took their children to visit the tallest building in Wu Dong city.

After they walked out of the elevator, Zhang Liangliang held onto Shi Lei’s arms but they seemed too sneaky, it couldn’t be helped as what she wanted to do was sneaky. They observed for a long time and finally, they sneaked into the fire exit staircase and walked all the way up into the rooftop of the building called Lv Feng after a few struggles.

Standing on the edge of the rooftop, Shi Lei was horrified as he attempted to pull Zhang Liangliang back. After a moment of stand-off, Zhang Liangliang finally gave up trying to get closer to the edge of the rooftop.

When she was five or six meters away from the edge, Zhang Liangliang yelled loudly. Shi Lei was extremely tempted to find a place to hide, how could she not attract the security guards?

Of course, the security guards came, brought them down and scolded them. But no accidents happened anyway and in the guards’ perspective, they were a couple who wanted to mimic the scenes of couples standing on top of the building from Hollywood films as it wasn’t the first time for things like this to happen either.

When they left Lv Feng building, it was 3PM. Zhang Liangliang asked for afternoon tea and they ate a pile of food at a dessert shop.

After a movie, it was dinner time. Zhang Liangliang chose a western restaurant on purpose and Shi Lei realised that the one she picked was the same one which he brought Sun Yiyi to a few days ago and he was astounded.

Yi’jie and Er’jie, was it really a coincidence?

Shi Lei didn’t tell Zhang Liangliang about this and ate a meal quietly. He made an exception and let her had a sip of cocktail. After that, they finished dinner.

At first, Shi Lei thought that he could finally send her home, but Zhang Liangliang strongly proposed to go to the bar where they met each other. She promised that she would get him to drive her home before 10PM, Shi Lei finally agreed.

It was different to the usual days. When Er’jie pulled Shi Lei into the bar, the traffic lights recognised Shi Lei, but including them and all of the waiters there, none of them recognised Zhang Liangliang the devil incarnate. Although, a few people who Zhang Liangliang always treated before hesitated after they walked passed her. Eventually, they chose not to greet her as they didn’t believe that Zhang Liangliang would dress like a good girl.

Except, Shi Lei was rather surprised. When she was drinking non-alcoholic drinks (because he had to send Er’jie home, he didn’t dare to drink), he saw a rather familiar person.

Well, maybe not so familiar. They had each other’s contact number due to an accident but Shi Lei never thought of contacting the other person.

That person also saw Shi Lei and waved towards her. Seeing that Shi Lei didn’t have the intention to go over, she walked over amorously.

She was still wearing an all white with a black silk scarf as emphasis as it was the only non-white textile item on her body. Whether it was her actions or smiles and glances, she was coquettish and gorgeous. The two vastly different styles on her seemed to fit so well together.

“I didn’t expect to see you here.” Wei Xingyue smiled as she lightly tapped her wine glass against Shi Lei’s drink, “How can a man drink non-alcoholic drinks? I’ll order a glass of alcohol for you.”

Shi Lei was indifferent but Zhang Liangliang displayed her hostility.

“Who are you? You know my dashu?” Zhang Liangliang was like a cat who was protecting her food.

Wei Xingyue laughed and looked at Zhang Liangliang earnestly: “This young girl is quite pretty, but, are you at the legal age yet? You are at at an age where you can’t even drink, don’t learn from others and try to hook up with a handsome dashu. And, the good looking dashu in front of you…… Hahaha, you are making things difficult for me if you call him dashu. This person in front of you has a girlfriend.”

Although Zhang Liangliang appeared to be mature, but she was nothing in front of a woman like Wei Xingyue.

She was completely suppressed by Wei Xingyue’s aura and didn’t know what to say all of a sudden.

“Of course I know that he has a girlfriend, you don’t need to worry about that. And you, since you know that he has a girlfriend, don’t try to hook up with him. He likes clean girls, not a coquettish bitch like you.”

It wasn’t that Zhang Liangliang was cursing at her but it was simply a viral internet slang right now. It specifically points to those woman who are different to green tea bitch(1), yet not the same type as the normal rich and pale girls.

“I’m just greeting an acquaintance of mine, don’t be so hostile. But, Shi Lei, I thought you are quite a good and honest boy, I didn’t expect you make a move on a loli!” Wei Xingyue finally turned to Shi Lei, who kept silent for the whole time.

1. Internet slang refers to woman who appears to be pure and harmless but are exactly the opposite on the inside
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