Chapter 127 - Combination of Hua and Mao

Chapter 127 - Combination of Hua and Mao

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When they had almost arrived at Zhang Liangliang’s house, Shi Lei purposely glanced over to the front passenger seat and discovered that Zhang Liangliang had already fell asleep.

They really went to a variety of places today. Although they drove around, but it took them two hours to just climb down the mountains. They didn’t take a break in the afternoon either and walked around the whole time. Even Shi Lei felt tired, not to mention a 15 year old girl.

Shi Lei dropped the speed and parked the car on the side. He took out his phone and wanted to call Zhang Meimei to tell her that her daughter is asleep and ask her to pick her up from below the apartment, also for Shi Lei to return the car to her.

But as soon as he walked out of the car, the car behind him also stopped. There were no shops nor restaurants there, if it wasn’t for Shi Lei not wanting to disturb Zhang Liangliang’s sleep with the call, he would never stop the car there.

He purposely paid more attention to it because of curiosity and realised that it was the Alfa Romeo which he saw at the car park earlier tonight. If it was just going the same way as him, it may be a coincidence. However, if that car also pulled to the side on such a desolated and dark road that a bird wouldn't even want to poop on, it definitely wasn’t a coincidence.

“Don’t tell me that’s really Wei Xingyue? What does that woman want?” Shi Lei also realised at this point that it was impossible for a woman like Wei Xingyue to only own one car.

The Volvo which she drove last time was more for business, and it was natural for her to drive a sportscar for killing time at night.

While hesitating, the phone call was connected, so Shi Lei didn’t walk towards the Alfa Romeo

“Hello, Mrs. Zhang, this is Shi Lei. After dinner, Er’jie suggested that we should find a bar and chill there. She agreed to come back before 10PM so I took her there. Oh, we didn’t drink alcohol, not a single drink. Rather, she wanted to drink during dinner so I let her had a sip of cocktail, the type that has almost zero alcohol. Yes. We are almost at your house, but because we went around for the whole day, she’s so tired that she fell asleep and I don’t want to wake her up. I decided to park the car and call you so that you can pick her up. I’ll also return the car and the key to you. Oh, you should be able to pick her up, right? Oh, oh, ok, I’ll send her home right now.”

Shi Lei hung up. Although he was rather curious about the Alfa Remeo which was following him, he went back into the car and kept on driving anyway.

This time, he paid more attention to it as he observed the car behind him through the side mirrors. As expected, the Alfa Romeo saw that he continued to drive, it also followed after him at a steady pace. Shi Lei confirmed that it was indeed Wei Xingyue, but he couldn’t understand why she followed after him.

They quickly drove into the apartment cluster and Zhang Meimei was already waiting for them downstairs. Shi Lei parked the car and gave the key to Zhang Meimei. He whispered: “Do you need help?”

“No, it’s fine. I’m sure you are tired from today too, so I’ll do it myself. She’s only a small girl so I should be fine.” Zhang Meimei couldn’t smell any alcohol from Shi Lei nor Zhang Liangliang, hence, she completely trusted Shi Lei.

Shi Lei didn’t continue to ask and said: “I’m not tired. We just played for the whole day and I earned 800 yuan, that’s lucky for me. If you can carry her up, I’ll leave first.”

“Do you want to drive the car back? I’ll just catch the public transport to work tomorrow and you can return it before I come back. It’s probably difficult to catch a taxi at this time.” Shi Lei thought that Zhang Meimei really did trust her. Although her Passat wasn’t exactly a nice car, but it still worth more than 200,000 yuan anyway and she was happy to let someone she wasn’t very familiar with to drive it away?

At the same time, Shi Lei turned around and glanced at the front gate which led into the apartments. He knew that the Alfa Romeo would be there waiting for him whether it was Wei Xingyue driving it or not.

He turned down her offer politely and replied: “It’s okay. Your house isn’t too far from my school. I’ll just walk a few steps and I’ll be there.”

With that, he waved his hands at Zhang Meimei and watched her lift Zhang Liangliang up horizontally. Although she struggled, but she could handle it, then, Shi Lei left with relief.

As expected, Shi Lei saw that the Alfa Romeo was parked on the street in front of the gate to the apartments.

He walked over and without a surprise, the window was lowered and a perfect head poked out of the window, which even seemed to be dazzling in the dark.

“Hey, handsome, it seems like we met again by coincidence. Let’s go drink!”

Shi Lei was speechless. Can you stop saying that? It’s just an old thing to say!

Though, Shi Lei didn’t really mind. He mainly wanted to know why Wei Xingyue was interested in him so much as he walked towards her. Wei Xingyue jumped out from the car and said: “I almost forgot, drink and don’t drive or drive and don’t drink, you can drive!”

Shi Lei’s lips twitched and held back the urge to roast her as he climbed into the driver’s seat silently. At this moment, he finally understood that if you don’t want to be roasted by others, you must be someone that could be roasted for everything you do or say. This made it impossible for others to roast her as she didn’t have a single loophole, the author Gu Long already made that clear about forty years ago.

Shi Lei familiarised himself with the gears and steering wheel and asked: “Where are we going to drink?”

Wei Xingyue flipped her long hair back enchantingly: “At a time like this, shouldn’t you, men, drive the car to your underground garage and say that I just happen to have a bottle of good wine at home?”

“You wouldn’t go even if I said so. So, what purpose do you have!” Shi Lei threw the question back to her and was quite proud of it.

Wei Xingyue laughed and said: “I like your quick change of topic when you talk! Let’s go!”

“Can you at least give me a direction?”

“Go straight, keep going straight!”

Shi Lei shook his head speechlessly and thought, isn’t this girl drunk? How is she so weird now? The aura was so different to the two types of aura she possessed before.

After a moment, Shi Lei thought that a pretty and rich girl with an unusual background shouldn’t be able to deal with the embarrassment of eating street food. It was probably the best scheme for her to give up without a fight, so he drove to the street food stalls next to Wu Dong university.

Seeing that Shi Lei got off the car without turning back, Wei Xingyue giggled as she pulled out the key and locked the car. Although the night wind was chilly which made her uncomfortable, but she quickly followed after him.

“Did you think that I definitely wouldn’t be able to deal with a dirty and messy environment like this?” Wei Xingyue walked behind Shi Lei as she hugged her arms and shivered.

Shi Lei turned around and said: “That’s what I thought, but you don’t seem to care other than the fact that it’s cold.”

“I ate street food before when I was a child. Of course, I didn’t do it often so I can’t deal with it. But now that I think about it, it isn’t bad to kill time with someone like you in a place like this.”

“We just met and we are far from being friends.”

“Why? Do you think I’m not good enough for you/”

“Exactly the opposite of that. Alright, we are here. Sir, thirty skewers, combination of hua and mao, and a dozen beers please.” Shi Lei found a small table and sat down as he ordered loudly. Wei Xingyue frowned slightly but sat down anyway and asked curiously: “What’s the combination of hua and mao?”

“Peanuts and edamame(1), it’s a must for beers. It’s called a combination of hua and mao if you want both.”

Wei Xingyue seemed to be amused again.

Shi Lei didn’t speak and waited for the owner to bring the beers, peanuts and edamame to his table.

“Do you think that I’m weird? About why I’m following you. If I say that I’m in an extremely bad mood today and want someone who doesn’t know me well to drink and get drunk with, would you believe that?” Wei Xingyue decided to break the silence first.

1. Hua comes from hua sheng, which is peanut, and mao comes from mao dou, which is edamame
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