Chapter 134 - Can We Not Drink

Chapter 134 - Can We Not Drink

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Shi Lei couldn’t even believe in the excuse he made up for himself since he watched her change after all.

“Hmph! Did you enjoy that?” Wei Xingyue asked.

Shi Lei shook his head and wanted to express that he didn’t see it clearly, but it felt weird so he quickly nodded. But…… Wasn’t it also wrong to say that he did enjoy?

Shi Lei gave up and shifted his gaze to the side.

Wei Xingyue obviously didn’t want to let it go easily and said: “I told you to come back after it’s dark and you came back as soon as the sun went down. It’s difficult for me to not misunderstand that you did that on purpose!”

“For god’s sake, if I was really like that, I would’ve pretended to be still asleep and do something to you.”

“How dare you!” Wei Xingyue berated him.

Shi Lei shook his head and said: “Exactly, so, I really didn’t do it on purpose. I told you I specifically checked whether your car was there or not because it was still there in the morning. But I didn’t know that…….”

“Isn’t that obvious? Can I just leave it there and not get it dragged away by the police?” Wei Xingyue rolled her eyes.

Shi Lei knew that it was his fault but he didn’t know how to explain it. He spoke up again: “Well, I didn’t do it on purpose, you don’t have to believe if you don’t!”

“Are you being a rascal now? Do you really think that I’m too scared to touch you?!” Wei Xingyue shot up from the couch and approached Shi Lei with a threatening force. Suddenly, she kicked up her leg and stopped on Shi Lei’s shoulders.

Shi Lei was scared to death. Was she a black belt at Taekwondo?

Well, in reality, he wasn’t terrified by her combat abilities, but by her craziness.

You are standing right opposite of me and you have your legs on my shoulders, aren’t you scared that I can see under your dress?

Shi Lei really didn’t want to see it, but he subconsciously looked down. Nice, her underwear was black and he could see dark shadows……

He closed his eyes and struggled helplessly: “Put down your legs first…….” His voice was full of grief.

Wei Xingyue was overwhelmed by anger and didn’t realise what she was doing until now. She was as if saying ‘hurry up and f*ck me or else’.

In embarrassment and panic, Wei Xingyue put down her legs and curled into a ball on the couch in silence.

Hearing that there were no sounds or movements, Shi Lei finally squinted his eyes open and sighed in relief after checking that she calmed down: “Please, can you please be more aware of your surroundings when you are crazy? I swear to God I never had any intentions towards you!”

But these words triggered her anger again. She glowered at him and stuck out her chest: “Is it because you don’t think I’m not as pretty as that little girlfriend of yours?”

Shi Lei lost for words for a moment but explained: “No, seriously, it has nothing to do whether you are pretty or not……” Sensing that Wei Xingyue’s glare was as if she’s about to murder him, he quickly changed his words: “You are pretty, much prettier than Yiyi. You are the most charismatic person in the whole world. But at least you need to allow me to hide from your charisma. I’m just an ordinary student. Although I don’t know about your background but obviously you are a lady of a rich household. Do you really think that I dare to have any intentions of you?”

Wei Xingyue rolled her eyes and said: “Stop trying to be a loser, do you really think that no one else knows anything about it?”

Shi Lei was blank for a second and Wei Xingyue realized that she shouldn’t have blurted that out. Shi Lei frowned but didn’t decide to ask. He knew that he won’t receive an answer from her as Wei Xingyue just let that slip out of her tongue and it won’t happen again.

At least Shi Lei now knew that Wei Xingyue had a purpose in making so much effort to approach him and it wasn’t because she admired her charisma.

Now that he thought of it like that, he was relieved, but why did Shi Lei feel a sense of disappointment?

After a moment of silence, Wei Xingyue asked: “What did you do during the day?”

Shi Lei showed her the chain of beads on his wrist. He also took out the incense and lighted one, the room was soon filled with a calming and soothing fragrance.

Surrounded by the fragrance, Wei Xingyue seemed to calm down more but the awkwardness between the two was still there.

“I was chatting with my friend and found this. There was a type of Puti called Xingyue, I thought of you and it was pretty interesting so I bought it.”

Wei Xingyue glanced at him and said: “Are you an idiot? You don’t even know what Xingyue Puti is?”

“I didn’t know before.” Shi Lei replied honestly.

Wei Xingyue rolled her eyes and stretched out her hands: “Show me.”

Wei Xingyue only needed a glance to know that it was a cheap one. She grew up looking at these and she was probably more knowledgeable than those selling them on the Antique street.

Her name was Xingyue which came from Xingyue Puti. Her younger sister was then named Puti and she had a brother named Jingang. The three siblings made up Jingang Puti and Xingyue Puti.

“Why did you buy a mass produced one?” Wei Xingyue spoke as she put it around her neck. She picked up the green agaphite and said: “This is also glued together, can’t you get anything more decent?”

“I don’t really know much about this and it’s not my hobby. I only got it because I thought your name was interesting. It’s something small and not valuable, so I’ll just have a play with it.”

“Not valuable? Have a play? Do you want to play with it or with me?” Wei Xingyue’s frowned again.

Shi Lei was wondering how it was so hard to deal with this crazy woman. She could argue about something out of every single sentence he said. His anger rose and said: “Fine, I want to play with you, happy? You are definitely more fun to play with than this. What can I do with this?”

“See, now you are telling the truth?”

Was this woman really crazy? I said that to her and she wasn’t angry. Did she want me to do things to her that badly?

Of course, he could only think about that and didn't have the guts to say it out loud, not to mention making actual moves.

“Fine, just treat me to dinner as your apology!” Wei Xingyue saw that Shi Lei didn’t dare to talk anymore and she cooled down. She treated it as an accident now but she was gloomy as she usually keeps a cool head, but accidents kept on happening when she was with Shi Lei.

Shi Lei hesitated for a second and said: “Uh, just having dinner, sure, but can we not drink?”

Wei Xingyue picked up the TV controller on the table and smashed it on Shi Lei: “You are really asking that? You want to sleep with me for one more night? Drink my ass!”

Shi Lei was speechless and looked at the controller in pity, but his mind quickly changed. Why didn’t you break it? It could’ve been a small consumption.

When they went down the stairs, the security guards looked over pervertedly.

Shi Lei couldn’t hold it anymore and cursed: “Look my ass, just keep on looking! I’ll bring back a beauty every single day and you can look then!”

The security guard jumped but he couldn’t argue back since he was thinking rather pervertedly. After Shi Lei left, the guard mumbled: “Sure, you can do anything because you are rich!” But usually the people who said this are often poor and the person referred to may even be happy to hear that.

After they walked out of the door, Wei Xingyue took out her phone and told Shi Lei: “I forgot to call someone earlier. Just wait, I’ll get someone to drive another car over and ask where they drove my other car to.”

Shi Lei could only wait patiently.
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