Chapter 135 - Room Xiaoqiao Liushui(1)

Chapter 135 - Room Xiaoqiao Liushui(1)

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After a few minutes, a Rover parked in front of them and Wei Xingyue gestured Shi Lei to follow her. A man about 30 years old came out of the car, passed the keys to Wei Xingyue and glanced at Shi Lei deeply.

Shi Lei knew that he would also definitely be curious about himself about how he walked out of the same apartment as Wei Xingyue. He might even understand him.

But usually, these kind of problems wouldn’t be his but Wei Xingyue’s. He never did anything and he believed that Wei Xingyue couldn’t tell people about what happened between them. It didn’t matter what happened, he was safe.

After they got in the car, Wei Xingyue didn’t say anything and took him to a club at the foot of Qing Long mountains.

Shi Lei knew that this place wasn’t going to be cheap just by looking at the exterior furnishing. Mostly likely, it wasn’t a place that ordinary people could go in. He definitely couldn’t go in with his identity, but thanks to Wei Xingyue, he was able to see what was inside.

Except, Shi Lei was slightly worried because he didn’t know if the Scepter would acknowledge Wei Xingyue as his friend. After all, they’ve only known each other for two days and although they had some skinship, but they weren't’ exactly friends. The consumptions in a place like this wouldn't be cheap; at least a few thousand for one person and both of them may consume up to 10,000 yuan.

If it was counted within the sum, Shi Lei would be happy if it was more expensive. But if it didn’t count, Shi Lei was afraid that his own funds will be half done from here.

At least he could learn more, Shi Lei wasn’t someone to be swayed by personal gains and losses anymore, at least he won’t run out of money. If his personal funds ran out, the worst scenario would only be to start again.

He followed Wei Xingyue in and they were greeted by women who were 170cm tall or higher. It was a cold day yet she wore a qipao(2) with a side slit that almost went up to her armpits. Although she wasn’t an extremely beautiful woman, but she could definitely make it into the Performing Arts courses easily.

As soon as they saw Wei Xingyue, two of them immediately bowed and said: “Good evening, Ms. Xingyue!”

“Hmph!” Wei Xingyue squeezed out a response through her nose. She took steps forward and the waitresses quickly guided the way.

A woman about 30 years old who was dressed professionally walked over. She was rather elegant and Shi Lei could tell she was definitely a beauty when she was younger. She smiled: “How come you didn’t tell me before that you were coming?”

Wei Xingyue said: “I just decided to go here a while ago. I brought a friend over for dinner.”

“Ok, I’ll organise Xiaoqiao Liushui for you.” The woman stole a glance at Shi Lei as if she was trying to guess who he was. After all, she was familiar with frequent customers here and she at least knew all their names.

“Alright, I can go there myself!” Wei Xingyue turned around, looked at Shi Lei and walked straight ahead.

The property of the club was rather big. The first floor should just be the reception hall for guests. Wei Xingyue took Shi Lei to the stairs and asked: “So, you’ve never been here before?”

Shi Lei shook his head honestly and said: “There’s no way for me to come to this kind of place. It was clearly under a membership system. Not to mention come in, I’ve never even looked at it closely.”

Wei Xingyue clearly didn’t trust him and nodded. She asked: “Can you afford to pay for it?”

Shi Lei hesitated. He thought to himself, he hugged her, watched her getting changed, she even lifted her legs and let Shi Lei see under her dress, perhaps he even kissed her last night. Even if it didn’t count into the sum, he definitely should treat her for this meal.

He made up his mind and said: “If it’s not out of my imagination, then I should be able to.”

Wei Xingyue careless said: “It’ll be a bit over 10,000 yuan for both of us. Even your blazer is more expensive than this.”

Shi Lei was gloomy. Why does everyone mention my Armani blazer? And, you are a woman, how do you know so much about men’s suit? How did you recognize that?

The second floor’s atmosphere was rather elegant. They were surrounded by traditional Chinese styled furnishings. There was a familiar smell in the air but definitely not agarwood.

There were plenty of pot plants around. The efforts they put into maintenance were clear as they were still green in winter.

The floor was transparent and connected by panels of glass. Beneath the glass floor, there was a stream flowing slowly, it was as if they were walking on top of a stream. The sides were filled with pebbles which enabled Shi Lei to feel like he was walking in the natural outskirts of the town instead of a building.

Seeing that Shi Lei was curious in everything he saw, Wei Xingyue was more convinced that it was Shi Lei’s first time there. She wondered, he was someone who could borrow the house from my father, how come he had never been here before? Is he really that curious about this place?

Xiaoqiao Liushui was the name of the room, rather than a room, it was a half sealed room. The fence was enough to block the vision of the passersby yet not completely closed off.

The compartment wasn’t too big, but it could fit a table for eight people, and it wasn’t too crowded today as there was only a table for two in it.

Wei Xingyue stood next to the chair and Shi Lei was judicious enough to pull the chair apart for her. She sat down proudly and Shi Lei finally sat opposite her.

A waitress in qipao came in and poured tea for them, then politely asked: “What would you like to eat?”

Wei Xingyue waved her hands and said: “A few dishes and a bottle of 707, you guys can handle the choices.”

After the waitress left, Wei Xingyue then spoke to Shi Lei: “Australia’s Penfolds wine, it’s rather light. Don’t worry, it’s just one bottle.”

Shi Lei was speechless, it hurt him to see the combination of wine and Wei Xingyue together.

He secretly searched what 707 was, it wasn’t hard to find as it was the most expensive mass produced wine from Penfolds. The full name is bin707 which was sold for about 2,000 yuan in China, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the price was doubled or even tripled here.

“Really? Do you really have to check the price?” Wei Xingyue seemed to know what Shi Lei was looking up on his phone and said in disdain.

Shi Lei smiled in embarrassment and said: “I don’t know much about wine. You were talking about it so I wanted to check what Penfolds and 707 was!”

“Are you pretending or do you really not know anything?” Wei Xingyue was running out of patience.

Shi Lei laughed bitterly: “I really don't know anything and I don’t have to pretend.”

Wei Xingyue didn’t say anything else. Her fingertips brushed the chain of Xingyue Puti on her neck and glanced at it. Although she knew that it wasn’t worth much, but she smiled without a reason and thought that it was rather interesting.

The dishes were extremely delicate and the speed of making it was slow too. As they readied the wine, four dishes and soup came on.

Shi Lei stared for a long time but felt like it didn’t matter where he started to eat, it would ruin the delicate presence of it. Embarrassed, he raised the glass and took a sip.

Wei Xingyue wasn’t in a hurry. She held the bottom of the glass with her fingers and lightly swayed it. Burgundy liquid rocked back and forth in the glass, leaving a curtain of red behind.

“Let’s drink!” Wei Xingyue finally raised the glass. From Shi Lei’s way of holding the glass, she was more and more convinced that Shi Lei was really a loser who didn’t know anything. But if that was really the case, it was even harder to explain.

“Eat. It doesn’t matter how delicate it looks like, it’s still food in the end. If you really feel that it’s a waste, you can take away and worship it!” Wei Xingyue picked up some food with her chopsticks and glanced at Shi Lei.

Shi Lei laughed in embarrassment. He realized that he had a long way to go in learning how to live like a wealthy person. He also confirmed that Wei Xingyue’s background was definitely not just like a normal millionaire, but at least on the same level as Wei Qing.

1. Xiaoqiao Liushui: means ‘ a bridge over a flowing stream’
2. Qipao: traditional Chinese clothing
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