Chapter 143 – Please Spare My Life, Brave Man

Chapter 143 – Please Spare My Life, Brave Man

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The speed finally decreased from two hundred to within one hundred kilometers per hour. Shi Lei suddenly felt that the world was beautiful and his sense of security returned.

After she changed lanes, the speed lowered to under seventy kilometers per hour, which was a safe speed at which to drive. Then, Wei Xingyue exited the highway from an off ramp.

Shi Lei took out his phone and checked. They had been speeding for more than an hour and with that speed, weren’t they more than two hundred kilometers away?

Weren’t they out of the province?

On the way, they had been driving at the average of more than two hundred kilometers per hour. They went through two toll stations and Shi Lei was able to relax for a bit. He’d wished that the crazy woman would stop speeding after passing the toll station but since she was crazy, she stepped on the accelerator again and the speed immediately rose to what it had been before.

“Where are we going?” Shi Lei asked helplessly.

Obviously, it was a city Shi Lei hadn’t been to before, probably next to Wu Dong city as the road was rather spacious. After they exited the highway, Wei Xingyue didn’t keep speeding and she drove at around sixty or seventy kilometers per hour.

“Why do you have so many questions? I’ll naturally tell you when we get there!”

Shi Lei closed his mouth obediently, but there was a question that he just had to ask. After a moment of hesitation, he spoke up. “You were speeding for an hour on the highway. The limit for highway was only one hundred twenty kilometers per hour. We’re lucky that we didn’t get caught by the police. What do you think?”

Wei Xingyue looked at him coldly and said, “My plate number is registered at the police station. When their radar finds my car and look at the number plate, they won’t do anything to me.”

“Damn, that’s so cool! Is your family from the Ministry of Transportation?!”

Wei Xingyue was completely speechless toward Shi Lei’s naivety. It’s one of the privileges of being wealthy, alright?

Luckily, they soon reached the destination. It was an empty area and Wei Xingyue drove slowly in.

Shi Lei realised that there were no streetside lamps. The road was brand new, yet the sides were filled with yellow soil. It seemed to be a newly constructed road that had yet to be developed.

A thought flashed through his mind as he recalled the scenes of drag races from movies. He timidly asked, “We are not drag racing with someone, are we?”

Wei Xingyue glanced at him in surprise and said, “You can tell? Looks like you are quite smart sometimes.”

“What are you talking about? My IQ has always been high.”

Wei Xingyue’s expressions was filled with pity. “I really couldn’t tell.”

“But there’s only your car here. Are you gonna drag race with the air? Oh, don’t tell me there’s really a phantom rider?”

Wei Xingyue couldn’t help it but to smack him hard on the head. “Phantom your ass! Have you watched too many movies? We are early. Drag racing obviously happens at midnight,” she said.

Shi Lei rubbed his forehead. “Just talk, don’t hit me! It hurts!”

Wei Xingyue rolled her eyes and ignored him.

“Since it starts at midnight, why are we so early? Why couldn’t you drive slower?”

“Well, who told you make me angry? I like to speed when I’m angry!” Wei Xingyue rolled her eyes at him again and added, “I’ll let you experience what that feels like so when we do it later, you don’t throw up.”

Shi Lei jumped out of the car in terror and posed defensively. “Stop kidding. If you want to participate in a drag race or even die, I won’t stop you. But I want to live I'm still young and a virgin. I have plenty of time left. I’m not seeking death with you!”

“Can’t you say anything better? And do you think I’m discussing this with you? I’m simply notifying you. Today’s rule is that there must be someone sitting in the front passenger’s seat! Why else would I drag you here!”

“Sister, aunt, grandma, with your charisma, I'm sure a bunch of warriors would be waiting to get in your car if you wave your hands on the street. Can’t you take someone else instead? I really can’t do it!”

“As a man, you can’t say no!” Wei Xingyue also got off the car and said aggressively.

Shi Lei was close to tears and shook his head firmly. “I really can’t!”

“Then don’t blame me for tying you up and dragging you into the car!” With that, Wei Xingyue took out a bundle of ropes from her back trunk.

Shi Lei was in despair. He knew that although he was a man, his combat skills were definitely not as high as the woman in front of him. Since she was crazy, she would definitely do what she said. If he really refused to get into the car, she would actually tie him up.

“Please spare my life, brave man!” Shi Lei almost sobbed.

“Don’t worry! This road isn’t too long. Just a few kilometers because it is not fully constructed yet. It’ll end after we drive to the end and come back. It won’t take long.

Shi Lei was annoyed. Why did he feel that Wei Xingyue’s tone was as if she was a strange dashu using a lollipop to try to kidnap a child?

“Why are you so hardcore! You are even into bondage plays!” Shi Lei’s mouth twitched as he looked like he was wronged. But it could be seen that he complied. Well, it didn’t matter who it was, but he would definitely comply to such a fierce woman like this.

At this time, Shi lei noticed that Wei Xingyue’s way of dressing was slightly different to how she usually dressed.

Although she was still dressed in white, but she didn’t wear the black silk scarf around her neck, but the chain of Xingyue Puti which he bought.

White shirt and white pants. She wore a snow-white button-up shirt. The texture was thin and soft, clearly made from silk. The white pants were tight and elastic. She wasn’t wearing high heels, replacing them with a pair of white runners. The pants were slightly too tight and displayed the shape of her long legs perfectly. Shi Lei couldn’t help but to recall the scene of Wei Xingyue putting her legs on his shoulders. He swallowed hard.

Wei Xingyue saw his gaze and said in disdain, “Where are you looking?”

“Your legs!” Shi Lei said righteously.

“Do they look nice?”

“Not as nice as the other day.”

“Do you believe that I can kill you right now?” Wei Xingyue glared at him viciously.

“You don’t let me tell the truth, but you won’t be happy if I lied to you…” Shi Lei quickly begged.

Wei Xingyue didn’t know why it was funny, but she laughed. She walked around the front of the car and her petite face stopped about ten inches in from his. Shi Lei tried to adjust the focus of his eyes by crossing them, but could only barely see her face.

“You can have a look, but don’t have any perverted thoughts.” Wei Xingyue’s words drained all the colours out Shi Lei’s face. This really was a sign that she was in love with me!

Shi Lei was speechless. He thought that his performance before her wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t excellent either. But if he could make a crazy woman fall in love with him like that, it really…God, please spare me!

However, could this woman be masochistic? Shi Lei was obviously rejecting her but she was willing and content with it.

“Brave man, let’s discuss something!” Shi Lei said with a serious face, but his words weren’t so serious.

Wei Xingyue glanced at him and didn’t say anything.

“Can you please be generous and spare me? Tell me, what do I need to do for you to spare me?”

Seeing Shi Lei’s serious face in such a situation, Wei Xingyue snapped. She seized his collar and said maliciously, “I’m not telling you to sleep with me. I just want you to play with me, why do you have to talk so much useless trash?!”

“But you need to take responsibility for playing!” Tears rolled down Shi Lei’s face as he was drowned in despair.

Two light beams suddenly shone towards the Alfa Romeo, accompanied by the roaring sound of an engine.
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