Chapter 146 – The Fright of Drag Racing

Chapter 146 – The Fright of Drag Racing

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Wei Xingyue’s Alfa Romeo had already leapt forward, but Song Miaomiao’s Mustang wasn’t beside it. She waited for the Alfa Romeo to completely accelerate before fully stepping onto the gas pedal and following Wei Xingyue.

The snake face couldn’t comprehend this and asked, curious, “Master Shui, why are you slower than her?”

Song Miaomiao seemed rather laidback. She continued driving and freed one hand to pinch snake face’s face. “What, do you expect me to win? Or, do you want to have sex with her, too?” She laughed.

Snake face pushed Song Miaomiao lightly and pretended to be shy. “No! Don’t be like this! I just don’t want you to lose!”

“Hahaha, relax. There’s no way I’ll lose!”

The Mustang wasn’t as good as the Alfa Romeo in terms of acceleration and it started a moment late, making it seemingly much slower than the Alfa Romeo.

But both Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao knew that the Mustang had greater power and greater output capacity. It would catch up to the Alfa Romeo sooner or later since the distance between them wasn’t too great.

The real competition would start at the turn. If Wei Xingyue couldn’t make the turn before Song Miaomiao, then she basically lost.

With Song Miaomiao’s level of skill, she only needed to overtake Wei Xingyue to win. It didn’t matter how good the Alfa Romeo was at accelerating. It was impossible for Wei Xingyue to overtake Song Miaomiao. Song Miaomiao would definitely block all potential pathways and gaps and never allow that to happen. And the Mustang’s high power output would be fully displayed on the way back. When that time came, Wei Xingyue could only forfeit.

So Wei Xingyue had to make sure that she was ahead and it would be best to increase the distance between them. If she made the turn first, then perhaps she still had a chance to prevent the Mustang from overtaking her. But even so, it wasn’t too reliable as both of them were only fuerdais who knew how to drive quickly. They weren’t professional racers.

That was also what Shi Lei was most worried about. He feared that if either Wei Xingyue or Song Miaomiao accidentally neglected something, with two cars driving at such a high speed, a simple scrape may cause an accident and kill someone. Shi Lei didn’t really understand what kind of situation could make the two fuerdais compete in a drag race with their lives on the line.

But since he was in the car, he couldn’t help with anything. He knew that he had to keep completely calm, since any sort of movement could cause Wei Xingyue to lose focus. The speed of the car had easily exceeded two hundred kilometers per hour and if her attention was divided even the slightest, they could both lose their lives.

Racing the whole way, the Alfa Romeo created more space during the stage of acceleration and the advantage was broadened since Song Miaomiao had let her go first.

Shi Lei looked through the mirror and saw that the Mustang was behind by at least twenty meters or more.

The Alfa Romeo’s speed had steadied at two hundred and thirty kilometers per hour and Wei Xingyue didn’t dare to risk it more. Although the gas tank was only 4.7 liters, the limit of its speed would definitely exceed three hundred kilometers per hour. But that was only the theoretical speed of the car. Not to mention on a normal road like this, even on a professional race track, it was seeking death by driving faster than three hundred. Plus, these cars were too light and if they drove any faster, the head would definitely drift.

The Mustang behind them seemed to be even steadier and from the side mirrors, Shi Lei could see that the distance hadn’t increased but rather, as they drove further, decreased.

But it was only an estimate by eye, and Shi Lei couldn’t calculate the distance between the cars accurately. However, the feeling of being chased and of the pursuer gradually gaining on them definitely couldn’t be wrong.

Shi Lei could faintly see the tall fence, which meant that they were almost at the end of the road. If they drove any further, they would be on the road that had yet to be constructed.

There should be less than one kilometer left.

Behind them, Shi Lei discovered that the Mustang was only five or six meters away from their car and he couldn’t even see its full body.

“Wei Xingyue, come on!” Shi Lei silently prayed. There wasn’t much he could do to influence whether she would win or lose. But if Song Miaomiao really kept her promise, then he would even benefit from losing. However, Shi Lei really didn’t want to see Wei Xingyue lose.

Although their interactions were few, Shi Lei knew that Wei Xingyue was an extremely proud woman. If the opposite party was a man, then it might’ve been better. Unfortunately, it just had to be another woman. And if she was going to be played by a woman for one night, Wei Xingyue would definitely choose to die with her.

Even though they weren’t exactly friends, Shi Lei didn’t want to see Wei Xingyue get wasted or destroyed. Based on this thought of his, Shi Lei really could be seen as a good guy.

The distance between the two cars shrank and they were closer and closer to the end of the road…

Wei Xingyue finally stepped off of the accelerator, but she didn’t step on the brake either as she must head for the end of the road with the highest speed possible and make the turn.

There were two poles around five or six meters tall. Without a doubt, Song Miaomiao must have told someone to place it there previously. Both she and Wei Xingyue had to drive around the poles to make the turn. Otherwise, it would count at a forfeit.

The speed of the car dropped quickly and Shi Lei glanced through the rearview mirror. Luckily, the Mustang was heavy and not as agile as the Alfa Romeo when it turned. Song Miaomiao chose to slow down sooner than Wei Xingyue and the speed dropped down faster as well. The distance between the two cars lengthened by a few meters.

“Sit tight!” Wei Xingyue growled in a low voice. It was obvious that she was extremely nervous.

She stepped on the brake and pulled up the hand brake with right her hand. Shi Lei’s heart jumped to his throat. Holy shit, is she going to drift?

As expected, Wei Xingyue didn’t want to slow down too much as she knew that she wouldn’t necessarily win just because she made the turn first. She had to make sure that she was driving at a even faster speed so she could turn the advantage into a win.

Shi Lei felt that the sky was spinning. Although drifting seemed cool in movies, it wasn’t the same thing for the person sitting inside. His body was like a willow swaying in the wind. Shi Lei bumped into the door many times and collided with Wei Xingyue’s soft body. His head also smashed against the front and top of the car. If he hadn’t worn the helmet, Shi Lei thought that his head would be smashed open.

Although his head was burning, he looked at Wei Xingyue who was concentrating as hard as she could. Her petite body was nailed on the seat. She lifted her right hand as she let go of the brake, and also released the foot brake as she switched back to the accelerator. The Alfa Romeo, which had yet to complete the turn, drew an exaggerated curve in the yellow soil next to the road…

Eventually, she made the turn successfully despite the car dashing off the road and circling around on the soil. Due to the bumpiness of the road, the Alfa Romeo was shaking violently, since it had an extremely low frame. Shi Lei’s head bumped into the ceiling again and made a loud noise.

Wei Xingyue’s lips were blood red, as if she’d bit them so hard that they were bleeding. Shi Lei didn’t understand what motivated her to try so hard. Didn’t she know how dangerous it was for her? It was so close that they would’ve ran into the side of the road if she lost control of the car. Although the sides of the road were empty, with such a bumpy surface, they would’ve been thrown over because of the extremely low car frame.

Luckily, everything didn’t turn out that badly!
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