Chapter 148 – Push the Car to the Finishing Line

Chapter 148 – Push the Car to the Finishing Line

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Feeling the speed of the car slow down a little, Shi Lei’s heart dropped from his throat back down to his chest. Although it wasn’t exactly back to where it was before, at least he wasn’t suffocating anymore.

The Mustang was already in front of them and Shi Lei knew that Wei Xingyue had basically lost the race.

Shi Lei looked at her with worried eyes as he thought, will Wei Xingyue really be played by that spikey haired person who’s neither man nor woman? But even if I wanted to help her, I really don’t have the ability to do so. Maybe if I used the millionaire card right now, I can change something. If I could, and I gathered a crowd of fuerdais here, then the two of them should be more contained. More importantly, Song Miaomiao shouldn’t act so impulsively in front of them or her reputation would be ruined.

But he’d overestimated the power of the fuerdais whom he met the other day. They were the wealthiest, but just like how Wu Haoyuan was nothing in front of Wei Qing, they were also nothing in front of Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao.

And Song Miaomiao was renowned for her malicious personality. If she really won, she wouldn’t care less about her reputation. Everyone knew her sexual orientation anyway and even her father couldn’t do anything about it.

Disregarding all of that, Shi Lei decided to try anyway, putting all his hopes in the millionaire card.

Then he suddenly realized that they were in the middle of nowhere. Even if this road was fully constructed, where could he find an ATM? Without an ATM, he couldn’t talk to the Scepter and it was impossible to use the millionaire card!

Holy shit!

Shi Lei let out an odd yell under the helmet.

Wei Xingyue frowned. She was already irritated and Shi Lei wasn’t helping. Just as she was about to scold him, a loud thump sounded outside. There were plumes of white smoke rising up from the Mustang in front of them. The smoke was so thick that it almost covered their windshield.

Shi Lei was shocked. What was happening? Did she light fireworks to celebrate? But even if you’d already won, wasn’t it a bit too early to celebrate?

But Wei Xingyue was extremely delighted and she laughed heartily, turning the car and driving around the cloud of smoke. She slowed down, not in such a hurry anymore.

“Blown engine! Haha, who told you to go all out? Who told you to drive on the soil? Hahaha! Karma!”

Shi Lei could at least understand what a blown engine meant. Simply put, the engine had an unrepairable malfunction. He watched as the Alfa Romeo drove past the Mustang and saw Song Miaomiao’s distorted face as she smashed the steering wheel. Why did the engine blow at such a critical moment? Haha, evil was naturally punished by God. She lost due to technical difficulties and had to be very frustrated.

Then Shi Lei quickly realized that something was wrong. Although Wei Xingyue undoubtedly won, she didn’t have to drive that slowly, did she? There was a degree to how much she should boast. Did you really have to bully her that much because of a blown engine?

Shi Lei glanced at Wei Xingyue and saw that she wasn’t filled with joy from the victory. On the contrary, her facial expression was extremely distorted, as if she hated everything, including herself.

What was happening?

The car slowed down more and more and eventually stopped in the middle of the road.

Shi Lei saw from the rearview mirror that the Mustang also stopped at about ten meters away from the Alfa Romeo.

And in front of them was the place which they’d set as the starting point, so close and yet so far. Only about one hundred meters or so. Shi Lei wasn’t too sure but he knew that it definitely wasn’t that far.

“What happened?” Shi Lei asked curiously. He realized that he was still wearing the helmet and quickly took it off.

Wei Xingyue smashed the steering wheel heavily and hit the horn. The Alfa Romeo let out a sad and shrill cry.

“No gasoline!” Wei Xingyue said, frustrated.

No more gasoline?

Are you kidding me? Why didn’t you fill it before you left? Although a sports car’s gasoline tank was rather small, it shouldn’t be a problem driving three hundred or four hundred kilometers. We drove about two hundred kilometers on the highway, and this distance was barely ten kilometers. How did you run out of gas?

The two people inside the Mustang were also confused. “What is she doing? Boasting? Fine, she won, but why is she like this? She’s betraying your friendship with her,” snake face said indignantly.

Even in such a situation, snake face still had the effort to flatter Song Miaomiao.

But Song Miaomiao knew Wei Xingyue well, and she would definitely not boast and show off like that. Also, she was always careful with everything she did. With backgrounds like theirs, they always treated things with care. Without a definite victory, they would never show off. Even if she wanted to show off, she would’ve returned to the starting point and then driven back to pretend to ask how she was doing.

Song Miaomiao pushed open the door and stepped out of the car. She saw a light black line on the ground that gradually became more prominent as she looked back.

Haha, the gasoline leaked?

Because the car frame was too low, when the Alfa Romeo drove off the road while making the turn, the bumps damaged the gas tank and it started leaking.

What…what a coincidence!

Song Miaomiao flipped the leather jacket back again with a broad smile, revealing the white singlet inside. She walked over, lightly knocked on the window, and then took a seat on top of the car hood. Shi Lei sat inside and thought that this scene looked rather familiar. There was a movie with Aaron Kwok as the lead actor. He sat on top of a car in a leather jacket like this, pretending to be cool!

When Wei Xingyue got out of the car, Song Miaomiao smiled evilly. “Ran out of gas? I thought I’m the only unlucky person here since I have a blown engine. I didn’t think that you broke the tank when you made the turn and leaked all the way here. Now that I think about, it was so dangerous for me follow behind you. If anything happened, my car would’ve been blown away.”

Wei Xingyue knew that it wasn’t because she ran out of gas. It had leaked out. She turned around and, as expected, saw that there was a line of gasoline on the ground.

Shi Lei also got out of the car. The after effect of drag racing finally revealed itself, making him feel sick in the chilly wind.

Yet he forced himself to stay clear headed and said, “So what if the gas leaked? We are ahead by more than ten meters. It’s our win!”

Song Miaomiao jumped off the hood and shook her finger lightly at Shi Lei. She stuck out her chest and the small bump was obvious, but he wasn’t in the mood to look at it.

“The deal was that whoever made it back to the starting point wins. Since neither of us are there, it’s a draw. And since it’s a draw, we should do it again! What do you think? Xingyue, shall we reschedule and do it again?”

Wei Xingyue glanced at Song Miaomiao with a grim face, not saying a word.

Song Miaomiao laughed again. “Don’t be so unhappy. This means that we really are destined to be friends. Look, you went off the track and the gasoline leaked. I went off the track and the engine blew. You can’t drive off the track in life, so the both of us must drive along the track(1). Just be mine. It won’t put you at a disadvantage!”

Wei Xingyue really wanted to beat Song Miaomiao up with a kick and she did have the ability to do so. But she couldn’t really do that, afraid that it wouldn’t remain between her and Song Miaomiao, but escalate to become a battle between the Wei and Song families.

Song Miaomiao was delighted, but Wei Xingyue felt defeated.

An idea suddenly flashed through Shi Lei’s mind as he ran behind the car and pushed it with all his might. The small car was light and Shi Lei really pushed it forward a little. Seeing that Wei Xingyue was staring at him blankly, Shi Lei yelled, “What are you spacing out for? Hurry! Come and push it!”

1. Off the track: also means cheating
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