Chapter 157 - The Period of Consumption Also Increased

Chapter 157 - The Period of Consumption Also Increased

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The Scepter didn’t answer.

But no reaction at all was equal to a reaction in Shi Lei’s book and he already knew the answer.

“Tell me about the status of a level two employee first!” Shi Lei purposely emphasized the word “employee” as if he wanted to provoke the Scepter on purpose.

The Scepter had to answer this question no matter how unhappy it was. It didn’t have a choice in the matter. “Level two employees have the sum of one million per month. The employee must―”

Hold on, Shi Lei thought. Something was wrong. “Wait, wait,” he cut the Scepter off. “What did you say? Per month?”

The Scepter snorted. “Yes, one million per month. A level two employee’s consumption period will increase from one week to one month. Today is the 21st of December, 00:03 AM. The first settling date for the level two employee will be the 20th of January next year at midnight. Then the amount of money will be refreshed on the 21st of every month at midnight.”

The change caught Shi Lei off guard. The sum of money increased, he turned into a level two employee, and the time increased as well?

His assumptions before weren’t entirely correct, but this was a good thing.

Now that this happened, Shi Lei couldn’t predict how level three would work.

He originally thought that the amount of money would increase by one order of magnitude, but since the time also increased, would one month increase to one year next time? If it was a year, then would the quota be a hundred million? That actually decreased the amount of money he would get per week!

That couldn’t be it.

Perhaps the sum of money per week would still increase at level three, since it was basically impossible to lower it. There was no reason to make it easier.

Or the time wouldn’t be one year.

He thought about it for a white. If the next level’s consumption period increased to one year, then the level of difficulty would decrease. There were too much variables in one year. He could even repeatedly buy houses and cars. Even if the sum went up to a billion, it would still be easy. If the time really increased to one year, then the person with the sportscar wouldn’t have died.

Shi Lei realized that just when he thought that he knew this game inside and out, he was completely lost again.

But the general situation wouldn’t change. The things he knew about the Black Card and the Scepter definitely wouldn’t change. The changes were only in the treatments he would receive after leveling up. This was something Shi Lei figured out from the training period to level one. Now that he looked back, he saw that he had been heading in the wrong direction.

Shi Lei carefully reviewed his information. He believed that he wasn’t wrong to assume that the amount of money would multiply by ten. The difficulty of consumption would only increase that way.

But what confused him was the length of the consumption period. There were two other possibilities. The first was that the one month period wouldn’t increase at all after leveling up. Actually, it was a rather long period of time. Many things could happen within a month and that would greatly affect the accuracy of consumptions. The other guess was that the time period would still increase, but definitely not to a year. At most, a season. After all, that was also a way to measure time, although ordinary people rarely used it. But if he treated everything as the actions in a company, then seasons would be extremely important for achievement reports.

Shi Lei knew that there was no point in asking the Scepter since it wouldn’t tell him anything about level three.

Shi Lei relaxed slightly at the thought. He also realized that if the consumption period increased to a month and the money changed to a million, then it was 250,000 yuan per week. The quota per week only increased by two and half times. It didn’t look like the difficulty increased by a lot on the surface, but such a thing couldn’t be so simply measured.

Because over the course of a month, there would be more questions on which consumptions counted and which didn’t, and the number of questions he could ask were limited.

Shi Lei even began to understand more about the sportscar person’s death. Because of this uncertainty, the person died due to a mere 100,000 yuan. He probably had too many consumptions he was uncertain about in the period of at least a month. And that poor sportscar person didn’t even know that he would still face the threat of dying after he spent the 100,000 yuan.

Shi Lei easily judged that he received a privilege that was extremely different from his seniors. The majority of those who died didn’t have the authority to check how much money they had left during the consumption period. Or they had the chance but never thought of it and gave up on the privilege themselves under the Scepter’s intentional concealment.

Shi Lei suddenly felt a wave of panic wash over him. Luckily, he had rejected the existence of the Black Card from the very beginning and wasn’t like his seniors, who completely accepted this fortune that befell them without a single question. They only crazily spent money, thinking that they didn’t have to worry about being poor anymore. They ate and played with girls and never thought about what it all meant.

As for Shi Lei, he had been walking on ice ever since the beginning and had wrestled enough information from the Scepter to gain as many privileges as he could.

Such as the chance to check how much money he had left every week!

No, not a week, but every consumption period.

Although he only had one chance to check, it was enough for him to make up for what he missed. He could even figure out the difference between his calculations and the Black Card’s calculations, hence finding more certainties in the ways of consumptions. Shi Lei could gain more knowledge about which consumptions could be counted and which could not. This guaranteed that he could survive for much longer than his seniors, and perhaps even eventually break free from the Black Card.

He had to be even more careful when talking to the Scepter now, and pay attention to every single detail of their conversations. Otherwise, anything he neglected may cost him greatly!

Making a mistake when dealing with the Black Card meant losing his life!

Shi Lei looked at the Scepter and asked carefully “After I’m level two, is my chance to check the amount of money left still once per week?” He didn’t dare to say the answer he had in mind, scared that the Scepter would plot against him. The Scepter, other than being extremely proud, was definitely a bastard full of schemes. It could be said that the people who owned the Black Card before died by its hands.

The Scepter’s answer wasn’t at all unexpected. “Stupid marmot, don’t even dream about it. The chance to check the amount of money can only be once per consumption period. Now that your consumption period has increased to one month, you can only ask me about the amount left once a month. Don’t try to seize every opportunity you have. The question you should be considering definitely shouldn’t be this. It’s already your greatest blessing that you have the authority to check it!”

As expected…
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