Chapter 159 – Marks and Accumulated Points

Chapter 159 – Marks and Accumulated Points

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

The Scepter noticeably paused when it heard the question, since it probably needed to check with the Black Card before answering.

After a while, it said, “Cunning chipmunk, you are getting smarter and smarter. That was a good question and I will answer it right now. According to a level two employee’s authority, if you are investing or doing other actions that require hired workers to perform duties, then from the scale of level two employee, you are allowed to hire a number of workers based on how much you invest. For investments above 100,000 yuan and below one million, you are allowed to hire no more than five workers and these five workers’ salaries cannot exceed 250,000 yuan per month, or 5,000 yuan per person.”

So he was another type of rodent now.

Shi Lei frowned. It was unusual for him to receive such specific information, being accustomed to the Black Card and the Scepter giving him obscure and often ambiguous limitations.

“What about investments over a million?”

“Stupid marmot, I’ve told you many times now not to dream about things you cannot achieve at your current level.”

Shi Lei understood. It was either that his level was too low or that the Black Card didn’t think he could invest in projects over one million based on his current assets. Perhaps he didn’t even have the ability to invest within the 100,000 to one million range. As for investments within 100,000 yuan, the Sceptre didn’t mention and Shi Lei didn’t plan to ask. He knew that he would embarrass himself, since he was sure that it was because he wasn’t allowed to hire anyone.

But Shi Lei had some doubts toward the low salary of 5,000 yuan. After all, there were different investments for beginning companies in different businesses, and the salaries for the work would differ based on the type of business. For example, if he was to open a restaurant, the salary of the workers was already set. 5,000 yuan was obviously too high. 3,000 yuan was enough. But what if he was to open a real estate company? For every deal the agents made, the agency would also receive an appropriate ratio of commission from the deal and this was the agency’s profit. And as the agent of a real estate company, they should also receive a percentage of the commission. So the agents usually didn’t have a high salary because of this. But as the employer, if the percentage of money was higher than 5,000 yuan, you couldn’t just not give it to them, could you?

“What you said was salary,” Shi Lei began. “What about percentages or bonuses? Does that have other restrictions?”

“What a wicked person! Whether it is percentages or bonuses, it means that your company has rather high profits. Since you gained so much profit from investments, you want to pay percentages and bonuses with the Black Card’s money?”

Shi Lei was speechless. The Scepter wasn’t wrong. Percentages and bonuses were built upon the foundation of high profits and it was illogical for him to pay with the Black Card’s money.

“Why do you have so many questions?” The Scepter was getting impatient.

Luckily, Shi Lei didn’t have another question and he quickly smiled. “Noble Scepter, I’ve finished asking my questions, so please continue.”

“That’s more like it!” The Scepter said proudly.

It was satisfied by Shi Lei’s seemingly humble attitude.

“As for level two employee’s performance at level one, after evaluation, the level two employee’s level of completion was one hundred percent. There were three cost-efficient deals and the final grade is seventy-six, with one hundred being full marks. Out of these three deals, one can be exchanged into an exact amount of money. The other two cannot be converted accurately into money and will instead be a chance for you to draw a prize. At the same time, seventy-six points, hmm, not bad. You exceeded my expectations again. With this, you broke the record out of all level one employees. Don’t be too proud and keep up with it. Considering that the level two employee has reached seventy-six points for the examination for level one, and that the money for level one was 100,000 yuan, one point can be exchanged into 1,000 yuan of free funds. Level two employee, do you wish to exchange the points into your own funds?”

Shi Lei frowned. The Scepter hadn’t said this much when he levelled up the first time. It only said there was one cost-efficient deal and it was him buying Sun Yiyi for one year with 60,000 yuan. Because that was a great deal, even the Black Card evaluated that girls at Sun Yiyi’s level should be around 500,000 yuan per year, but it wasn’t a consumption that could be measured accurately by money and hence, it was calculated as five star and he was given two chances to draw prizes. This time, he only received one chance for two deals. It seemed to be less, but it was logical since those two added together may not even be as high as a four-star consumption.

As for the seventy-six points that could be exchanged into his own funds, Shi Lei had anticipated that, except he didn’t know how many points he would receive. But last time, the Scepter exchanged the points into RMB right away and he received it from the Black Card. This time, it emphasized that the points could be accumulated and asked if he wanted to exchange them into his own funds.

Then did that mean he didn’t have to exchange it into money, but into something else? Such as chances to draw prizes or some kind of card?

Shi Lei was obviously very keen to have his own funds, but if he could exchange it into chances to draw prizes or cards, he was even more interested. Even the millionaire card which was useless in the Sceptre’s perspective had helped Shi Lei greatly. So, what about other cards? If he could exchange for or draw the intimacy card he had been dreaming about, it would be awesome!

So, Shi Lei asked carefully, “What can I exchange points for besides my own funds?”

The Scepter was obviously shaken. It hadn’t expected Shi Lei to really think about that. Thanks to its principle of concealment, it purposely didn’t tell him about it. But since Shi Lei asked, if it concealed more, it would be counted as deception and it wasn’t allowed to deceive the holder of the Black Card.

“Cunning chipmunk, you even thought of this. You damned brat, discovering the problem with accumulated points this quickly. How are you so different from your seniors?”

“How many people realized that they could do more than just exchange the accumulated points for money?” Shi Lei said, smiling. “The exchange for funds was always given according to the amount of money in the previous level. In other words, unless you received full marks, you cannot receive the same amount of money as was given for the previous level. To those who were accustomed to spending, it really wasn’t very attractive to them and that’s why they neglected this problem quickly, right?”

Shi Lei wasn’t wrong. He was the only one out of all the holders of the Black Card who was extremely interested in free funds. The other people thought that it wasn’t worth much but because he cared, Shi Lei discovered that there was a difference between the given marks and the accumulated points, and realized that the marks could be exchanged into money, but accumulated points would be exchanged into other things.

Seeing that Shi Lei was full of himself, the Scepter poured cold water on him again. “Do you think you are smart? You’ve only discovered a small problem. In reality, you shouldn’t be too happy about the result. From level one, it’s true that all the points you receive from levelling up will be turned into accumulated points, but without one hundred accumulated points, you are not allowed to exchange it into anything other than your own funds.”
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