Chapter 181 - Wait Until My Hair’s Up To My Waist

Chapter 181 - Wait Until My Hair’s Up To My Waist

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Song Miaomiao saw Shi Lei running away faster than a rabbit. She pushed herself up in exasperation and yelled, “Are you a man or not?!”

Shi Lei didn’t dare to give any reaction and thought: Why is this damned pervert being so bold? And she said she’s a virgin? Who the hell would believe that!?

“Why don’t you want to do it?” Song Miaomiao followed him, not wanting to let him go.

Shi Lei lifted his hands over his head and forfeited. “Grandaunt, please let me go!”

“Between you and Wei Xingyue, who is the one that takes the initiative?”

“We have nothing going on to begin with, so can you stop guessing?” Shi Lei secretly thought that it was lucky he reacted quickly, or else he would have fallen into her trap.

Song Miaomiao giggled, licking her lips and making an exaggerated expression. “Brat, your kissing skills aren’t bad at all. That definitely wasn’t your first time. It was Lao Niang’s loss and your gain.”

“What, don’t tell me that was your first kiss!” Shi Lei would rather die than believe such a thing.

“If kissing between girls doesn’t count, then that was really my first kiss. But even with girls, I never used my tongue. Just on the lips. It’s a normal thing to do between best girlfriends.”

Shi Lei shook his head furiously and tried to convince himself that this was all a hallucination. He refused to believe any of it.

“If you don’t believe me, then forget it! But listen, Shi Lei. From today onward, I will grow out my hair. If you still aren’t willing to sleep with my by the time it’s up to my waist, I will castrate you, and you won’t ever have the chance to sleep with other women!”

“Hey! You can’t be like this! When the hell did I say yes?”

“I don’t care. I’m Shui Ye, so whatever I say, goes!” As expected, Song Miaomiao was very dominating.

Shi Lei wanted to cry but no tears came out. Whenever he spent time with this damned pervert, he never knew how many times he wanted to cry.

“I have a girlfriend! You can’t just force me to have sex with you!” Song Miaomiao stared at Shi Lei, then laughed with a pleased expression when he shrank back.

She reached her hand out and said, “Hand it over!”

“Hand what over?” Shi Lei was confused.

“The money for prostitution! Oh, so you do it but you’re not going to pay for it?” Song Miaomiao said righteously.

Shi Lei was on the verge of breakdown. He burst into tears. “Sister, you must be the stupid monkey’s reinforcements. Were you are sent by God to troll me? When the hell did I prostitute you? Why do I need to pay?”

“I told you already. You have to pay either way! I’ve already given the forty-five kilograms that is my body to you, so you have to pay even if you don’t do it. It’s like how if you rent a car in another city. Even if you don’t drive a single meter, you still have to pay as soon as the time is up! I’ll call the police if you don’t pay!”

Shi Lei thought: If I do you and you really are a virgin like you said, then even if it costs 500,000 yuan, the Black Card will most likely judge this as a great deal. Song Miaomiao’s looks were as good as Sun Yiyi’s, and her body was even better. This would definitely be worth more than his agreement with Sun Yiyi. Perhaps it would be another great deal and Shi Lei could gain another two chances to draw prizes.

But he didn’t do anything. They’d only kissed. Although Song Miaomiao had said that it was her first kiss, who knew if it actually was? Even if it was her first kiss, it definitely wasn’t worth 500,000 yuan.

“I don’t have money!” Shi Lei straightened himself and said.

“You don’t have money? Did you learn how to do a one-night stand from others? How much for just the sex and how much for an entire night? Spit it out! How many times have you done this?”

“I’m begging you, please let me go, hero! I’m still a real virgin, so can you stop playing me?” Shi Lei really didn’t know what to do. He did have the intention of saying, “Sure, I’ll pay. And while we still have the room, let’s do it!” But he knew that if he said that, Song Miaomiao would immediately start taking her clothes off.

“I’m digging my own grave. How is it that I meet unreasonable perverts like you, and end up being forced to sleep with them? I don’t think I’m in the human world right now. Back, demon, back! Stop pestering me!”

“Pah! You’re the demon!” Song Miaomiao rolled her eyes, but still kept her hand out. “Whatever. I’ll take the loss. 50 yuan!”

“This cheap?” Shi Lei glared at her suspiciously.

“Too cheap? Fine, 500,000 yuan then!”

“Never mind. 50 yuan! I have 50 yuan!” With that said, Shi Lei took out 50 yuan from his pocket and thought: Luckily, I have some private funds. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even give you 50 yuan!”

Song Miaomiao really took the money and smiled happily. “You are really lucky today. Lao Niang’s first kiss, sold for only 50 yuan!”

“Give it back if you think it’s not enough!”

“In your dreams! I exchanged my body for this!”

Shi Lei really couldn’t do much against a damned pervert who was so shameless and unreasonable.

He was then forced to eat breakfast with her. She had stopped dressing in unisex, changing to a set of sports clothes. With the wig on, Song Miaomiao looked so much better than before.

In the afternoon, she had to go back to Xi Xi. She didn’t seem want to part with Shi Lei.

“So we are friends now?” Song Miaomiao had asked him this when she was drunk last night and Shi Lei’s reply then had been yes.

Now, he didn’t feel like he had to change it. Although this woman was even crazier than Wei Xingyue and more or less a pervert, spending time as friends was rather relaxing. The only thing Shi Lei wasn’t used to was her asking him to sleep with her.

“I guess, as long as you don’t constantly ask me to sleep with you.”

Song Miaomiao patted Shi Lei’s shoulder casually and said, “We’re friends, so of course I’ll give you the advantages. Other than giving it to another man, it’s better to let my friend try…”


Song Miaomiao laughed loudly. “Fine, fine, I’ll stop teasing you. I’m starting to believe the idea of you being a virgin more and more now. But I haven’t done it either, so we actually match pretty well!”

Shi Lei was getting a headache and decided to not speak.

“I’m going back to Xi Xi Come hang out with me if you have time!”

“Okay, if I’m free,” he said wearily, waving his hand.

“If you don’t visit, I’ll come looking for you in Wu Dong!”

“You made a deal with Wei Xingyue. As long as she’s in Wu Dong, you can’t come!”

“That bet was solely for the purpose of stopping me from pestering her. Now that I’ve decided to listen to you and return to being a girl, I won’t scare or tease others anymore. If I change, then Wei Xingyue won’t have to worry about me pestering her because the person I want to pester is now you. Therefore, the deal is invalid because I won’t bother her. You are the only one in my eyes!”

“You should go bother her after all!” Shi Lei decided to sell his teammate out immediately and keep the excellent tradition of sacrificing his friends to save himself.

Song Miaomiao laughed. “Before my hair grows to my waist, I won’t have any ideas about others.” She flashed a wink at him while saying so.

Shi Lei was dizzy. “Can we please be more normal…?”

Before he could finish his sentence, Song Miaomiao beckoned at Shi Lei and said, “Come, lil’boy. Give jie a kiss and I’ll leave after this!”

Shi Lei straightened himself and said, “No! Hurry up and fuck off!”

Song Miaomiao jumped into the car and drove away in laughter.
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