Chapter 183 - A Five Star Plus Consumption

Chapter 183 - A Five Star Plus Consumption

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Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

“Although you still act like a stupid marmot, your analysis is correct.” The Scepter’s answer made Shi Lei even more upset.

“What about the time limit? It can’t be that when her hair’s up to her waist, I have to go there immediately to completely the contract, right? There’s no way for me to know exactly when it’s that long!” Shi Lei hated his lack of control over this situation the most. Just like how he encountered the Black Card and was dragged down into this giant pit without knowing how to escape.

“Stupid marmot, if someone as noble as I wanted to kill you, why would I set so many extra rules? This contract is set to be completed the first time you meet with Song Miaomiao after her hair’s up to her waist. You must complete the contract within the consumption period in which this encounter occurs. Otherwise, you will be punished when the everything’s calculated at the end of said consumption period.”

“In other words,” Shi Lei said slowly, “if she sees me on the first day of that consumption period, that means I have a month. But if she sees me at the last second of the consumption period, then I must strip her naked and go through that complicated process immediately?”

“You really are a helpless marmot. Theoretically, it is possible, but…don’t expect the noble me to help you find a way out of it!”

Shi Lei really had to hand it to this overly proud Scepter.

But since the Scepter said that there was a way to avoid it, then it had to be true.

An idea flashed in Shi Lei’s mind. As long as he could avoid the meeting, then the rules wouldn’t be triggered. This meant that he just had to think of a way to avoid Song Miaomiao during the last moments of a consumption period. As long as he could survive past midnight and the consumption period refreshed, it wouldn’t be too bad. He’d just suddenly panicked and neglected to think of such a solution.

But why did he have to complete this random contract? He found that he really was stupid. When Song Miaomiao mentioned it, he should’ve opposed with all his might. The establishment of a contract had to be acknowledged by both parties, so if Shi Lei refused to agree, then the contract wouldn’t be valid.

But without it, Shi Lei probably wouldn’t have two chances to draw a prize. He’d had his eyes on these chances for so long, but since they may go against his relationship with Sun Yiyi, he really wasn’t willing to do it.

After a moment of hesitation, he carefully asked, “This contract is only limited to the relationship between me and Song Miaomiao, right? Her request was only to sleep with her, so there shouldn’t be something after that.”

“The party the issued the contract will decide whether they want to continue or not!”

The Scepter’s words were like bucket after bucket of ice water splashing all over Shi Lei’s head. He understood its meaning perfectly clearly. In other words, according to his agreement with Sun Yiyi, the remaining duration at the moment was a year. When the time was up and Shi Lei completed the agreement, Sun Yiyi could request to increase the time. She, as the party who initiated the agreement, had the sole authority to do so while Shi Lei didn’t have any authority to oppose her decision.

Of course, the possibility of this was very slim, as once Shi Lei and Sun Yiyi were boyfriend and girlfriend, she wouldn’t be bored enough to continue being his slave. How bored would she have to be to do that?

But Song Miaomiao was different.

Because the contract between them stated that Shi Lei had to sleep with her when her hair reached her waist, once Song Miaomiao had the sweet taste of it, she, as the initiating party, could easily suggest for Shi Lei to continue to sleep with her. As long as Song Miaomiao said it, he had to act according to her wishes until he either lost the ability to do so or died.

Holy sh*t! This is bad! This is really bad!

With Song Miaomiao’s perverted personality, it would be weird if she only wanted it once! She was still a virgin too, and yet she’d dared to kiss him forcefully and even tried to take off his pants. If she really waited until Shi Lei was as familiar with her as a fish with water, then how could she let him off so easily?

If she ever said that she wanted him to marry her, then although marriage and sex appeared to be two different things, he knew that it would be his duty to guarantee his partner’s experience in bed. This meant that Shi Lei could either marry Song Miaomiao and do it legally or persuade Song Miaomiao to be his mistress forever. No matter how he looked at it, Song Miaomiao definitely wouldn’t agree to the latter.

Shi Lei felt like he had been struck by lightning. He really shouldn’t have ignored her questions out of annoyance. He should’ve opposed every single time it was mentioned.

Of course, the most hateful thing was this Black Card. It considered no opposition as an agreement. Why?! After all, Shi Lei never actually agreed. To think that the Black Card could be so unreasonable. There was nothing it could do that would be more unreasonable besides just up and killing him.

Well, f*ck!

But anyhow, everything was already set and part of reality. Shi Lei could now only think of a way to make Song Miaomiao cut ties with him after they do it once when her hair reached her waist. Of course, it would be best to never let her hair grow that long.

In reality, Shi Lei also neglected another possibility. If he became wealthy and influential to the point that even the Song family didn’t dare rebel against him, then when that time came, he could have both Sun Yiyi and Song Miaomiao. He could even take Wei Xingyue as well.

Shi Lei didn’t think of that mainly because he was naive and not that evil. If it was an old driver like Zhang Mo, he would probably starting daydreaming immediately.

No, if it was Zhang Mo, then how could he give up a woman like Song Miaomiao who wanted to have sex with him? Impossible!

If he knew that it would eventually turn out like this, then he would have been better off buying one night with Song Miaomiao for 500,000 yuan. At least that way, there wouldn’t be a follow-up. 500,000 yuan for one night seemed very expensive, but with Song Miaomiao’s background, this price was insulting not only her, but her whole family. So Shi Lei assumed that the Black Card would also judge that consumption as high leveled.

“Then if I use 500,000 yuan to buy Song Miaomiao for a night and really did everything that should happen in a one-night stand, how would that consumption be counted?” he asked, tempted by the thought.

Perhaps the Scepter wanted to provoke him. It chuckled and said, “500,000 yuan is like a drop in the ocean. It’s no different from the 50 cents you have on you. If you really did buy it, then you might actually become the first employee in history to achieve a consumption level of more than five stars! This would be a first-rate deal!”

Shi Lei’s face was as pale as a ghost as he ejected the Black Card in silence. He didn’t want to have any more conversations with this damned Scepter.

A consumption that exceeded the level of five stars. A five star plus level consumption. Shi Lei didn’t even want to know how many chances he could’ve had to draw prizes. He regretted it so much that he wanted to kill himself.

And those chances could’ve been doubled, too!
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