Chapter 195 - Demolish The House

Chapter 195 - Demolish The House

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Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Because he wasn’t in a good mood, Qin Huaiyuan drank quite a lot of alcohol with Li Peisong and then went straight to bed.

He woke up at around 2 AM from thirst. When he poured himself a cup of water, the twelve hour time limit Shi Lei had threatened him with came to mind and he couldn’t fall asleep. The end of the time period was at 4 AM and he couldn’t ask the guards to work the entire night, so they went home at around midnight. Qin Huaiyuan really was worried that Shi Lei would creep into his mansion in the middle of the night. There was no security system installed in the house, only some glass shards that could easily be avoided if one was careful.

Once Qin Huaiyuan had something on his mind, he couldn’t go back to sleep. He rolled around in bed until 3 AM before deciding to go downstairs and sit in the living room. Although he didn’t turn on the lights, he did light a cigarette.

He constantly glanced at his phone, counting down the minutes and seconds until 4 AM. Qin Huaiyuan felt ill at ease and even opened the door to check. It was pitch black outside, quiet and devoid of movement.

He waited another two minutes to finish smoking the cigarette in his hand before laughing awkwardly and muttering to himself, “What the f*ck. So he really was just a rambling brat. My heart is f*cking blind.” With his hands behind his back, Qin Huaiyuan walked toward the stairs to head back to his bedroom. Not even two steps later, he heard the sound of a diesel engine outside. He hesitated for a while, but didn’t really care, continuing to ascend the staircase. Perhaps some car from the factory came back in the middle of the night.

But soon after, he heard rumbling. The house seemed to be shaking. Qin Huaiyuan was startled and lost his balance, rolling his ankle. His chubby body tilted and he fell down the stairs.

The obvious sensation of blood dripping down his forehead quickly explained his dizziness. Everywhere burned with pain. It appeared that many places had been scraped open.

Luckily, the stairs were covered in carpet, or else he might’ve even broken his legs.

He shook his dizzy head and forced himself to stand up. On his way to the door to check what was going on, he stumbled and fell again.

Upstairs, his wife had also woken up. She soon realized that her husband wasn’t beside her and heard the sound of things rolling around downstairs. The woman trembled in fear, thinking that a thief had broken into the house and didn’t dare go out, covering her head with the blanket.

Before this all started, Shi Lei had observed the door a bit, then jumped onto the bulldozer and started the engine. It rumbled as he directly collided with the front door.

The blade(1) hit the front gate. How could a gate made out of sheets of iron withstand this gigantic thing? It instantly broke down and the poles on both sides also collapsed halfway.

Shi Lei finally felt like he was able to calm down a little. He’d held his anger in for the whole afternoon, waiting for this very moment.

Looking at the collapsed gate, Shi Lei silently said: Dad, I’ll avenge you first, then look for more trouble tomorrow!

Then he began to operate the bulldozer again. He was very unfamiliar with it, only managing to switch to reverse gear after a while.

The vehicle charged ferociously at the part of the wall that had yet to collapse.

Qin Huaiyuan fell down rather harshly. After falling two times, he couldn’t even stand up. He understood what was happening. Although he didn’t see it with his own eyes, someone definitely pushed the wall down. Since he was injured and panicking, his blood pressure rose rapidly.

Shi Lei didn’t feel too well sitting in the bulldozer either. The force he experienced was of the same strength as the force that had pushed the wall down. For someone like him who had no experience operating a bulldozer and relied solely on its speed, the force from the collision made him dizzy as well.

But Shi Lei was excited. He had never done anything more exciting than this. Hence, he clenched his teeth, reversed the vehicle, and charged in a third time.

After three consecutive hits, Qin Huaiyuan’s blood pressure rose until it was too high and he fainted in the living room.

Shi Lei quickly gained experience after controlling the bulldozer these three times. He couldn’t go straight in with the speed of the vehicle, but should instead press against the wall, then use the force of the bulldozer to push it in little by little. It didn’t take long for Shi Lei to push down the entire wall surrounding the front yard. Broken bricks were scattered all over the ground, but he still wasn’t satisfied. He slammed the bulldozer into the mansion itself.

Of course, that wasn’t the right way to demolish a mansion. Shi Lei only went for the front door, since he wanted Qin Huaiyuan to have a taste of what it felt like to have his front door sealed.

It was strange, however. Usually, with this amount of noise, it didn’t matter how deeply asleep the couple was. They would’ve woken up by now. How were the lights not even on after all this time? Don’t tell me it’s empty because they were so scared of what he’d said and stayed in a hotel?

Shi Lei didn’t care too much and headed straight for the front door again. The blade pressed against it, then when he stepped on the accelerator, the bulldozer forced the door open like a hot knife cutting through butter.

With the bulldozer’s headlights, Shi Lei saw something lying on the floor. He squinted his eyes and saw that the “thing” was actually factory owner Qin Huaiyuan.

“Holy shit! Did I crash into that guy?” Shi Lei jumped. He took a closer look and immediately knew that it was impossible. Although the door fell and broken bricks were everywhere, the furthest brick was still three or four meters away from Qin Huaiyuan.

Shi Lei cursed. “This junk of a house is really f*cking big! The living room itself is at least two hundred square meters.” He was pondering why Qin Huaiyuan was lying there and came to the conclusion that the man had fainted from anger and panic. Shi Lei decided that that would be as far as he would go. He couldn’t afford to play anymore. Otherwise, something bad would actually happen.

He didn’t drive the bulldozer away, instead using it to securely block the front door of the mansion. Shi Lei jumped off and, while no one had the chance to see him, left the factory.

Instead of going home, he went straight to the hospital.

He wandered to the front of the hospital, where all the breakfast stalls were already out. Shi Lei drank a bowl of soft tofu soup. Only then did he calmly enter the building.

As soon as he entered, he saw Qin Huaiyuan’s wife panickedly rushing the receptionist. Shi Lei was dumbfounded and thought: Qin Huaiyuan’s already at the hospital? Looks like it is pretty severe. But since he is already here, his life shouldn’t be in danger. Even if it was, Shi Lei really didn’t care. It was just karma for not taking others seriously and caring only about himself.

Qin Huaiyuan’s wife was too panicked to see Shi Lei, only wanting to quickly pay the fees. Shi Lei walked past her into the hospitalization ward and went upstairs into his father’s intensive care room.

The nurse who was on the night shift yawned. Seeing that Shi Lei had arrived, she quickly told him, “Mr. Shi, your father woke up last night. The doctor checked, and there shouldn’t be any huge problems. His mind is still relatively clear. We wanted to notify his family members immediately, but after you father learned that you came back, he said that you must be tired and told us to let you and your mother have a good night’s rest…”

When Shi Lei heard this, he was overjoyed by the unexpected good news and dashed straight into the room.

Shi Zhongping was asleep. Shi Lei looked through the glass door at his father, who was still frowning from the pain. Tears spilled down his face uncontrollably.

The nurse also walked in. “Rest assured, Mr. Shi,” she whispered, “your father is fine. All he needs now is rest. The doctors said that there’s no need for him to stay in the ICU anymore. Well, he didn’t have to in the beginning. The prices are so high too…”

Shi Lei waved his hand. “Do worry about the price. Just keep an eye on him for a few more days. He’s old now and his body can’t afford to be tormented like this. He looks fine at the moment, but if anything takes a turn for the worse…”

While the nurse nodded silently, noisy steps sounded outside…
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