Chapter 196 - The Police’s Visit

Chapter 196 - The Police’s Visit

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

The footsteps were too noisy and it was the intensive care unit, so the nurse’s primary reason to go out was to tell those people to walk quietly.

But before she reached the door, it was pushed open and two men wearing police uniforms stood outside.

“Uh…Police…?” The nurse jumped at the suddenly opened door and looked at the two oddly.

They stared past her, eyes landing on Shi Lei. “Are you Shi Lei?” one of them asked.

He had already guessed what they were here for and nodded calmly. “I am.”

“Okay, come with us!” The officer standing behind his partner said loudly.

The man walked past his colleague, intending to grab him.

Shi Lei narrowed his eyes and asked, “Who are you? Why must I go with you?”

“Can’t you see that we’re the police? We’re obviously going to the police station!” The officer put up a fierce front and sounded extremely unfriendly.

Shi Lei glanced at his father, who was still fast sleep, and frowned. “This…Hmm, you may not necessarily be a real police officer just because you wear the uniform. Although you can’t just get it anywhere on the street, it’s not impossible. Even if you are real officers and want me to go to the station, you need to show your badge and give me an explanation. Is it an arrest or a request to help with an investigation? And this is the intensive care unit. Even if I’m really your suspect, please have some basic respect for the patients here, including my father. If you have anything to say, let’s talk outside.”

“Hey, you brat—” The police immediately yelled and raised his hand in an attempt to seize him, but the officer who had asked for Shi Lei’s identity stopped him and shook his head.

They came here because of a report about a case. This case obviously exceeded the extent of which they could control. It didn’t matter how close Qin Huaiyuan’s family was with the police station. A big lawyer stood on Shi Lei’s side and had even talked to the station yesterday. As the police, they just had to follow the orders they were given, but they definitely wouldn’t come and overly offend Shi Lei for no reason. Even if he really did what they were told he did, Qin Huaiyuan didn’t necessarily have victory within his grasp.

“Here is my badge…” He pulled his colleague behind him and took out his police badge.

Shi Lei walked closer, took the badge, and looked it over while heading for the door.

“What are you doing?” The other police yelled angrily.

Shi Lei turned around and glanced at him. “First, I need to check whether this is real or not. As a citizen who abides by the law, this is a right. Second, I just said that even if you are the police, you need to have the basic respect to be quiet for the patients here. Let’s talk outside.” With that said, he returned the badge to the officer and walked out of the room.

He didn’t pause after walking out, instead heading toward the elevator and waiting for it patiently.

The previous officer seemed furious, but his colleague kept calm. He mumbled something to the other, who finally got ahold of himself.

When the elevator came, Shi Lei pushed the button for the first floor and the two police officers followed him in with grim faces.

After they went downstairs, the officer who was clearly suppressing his anger said, “Is it okay now? Hurry up and come back to the station with us!”

Shi Lei looked at him and shook his head. “It’s not a big deal for me to go to the station, but you need to tell me why first.”

The officer turned around when the other patted him lightly on the shoulder. His colleague took a step forward and said, “We received a report from someone claiming that you drove a bulldozer and damaged Qin Huaiyuan’s property, injuring someone. That person is being cared for right now in this hospital. We need you to come with us to help with the investigation.”

“Oh? So it’s to help with an investigation. I thought I did something wrong and you’re here to arrest me. I’m very sorry, but my father is also lying in the hospital right now. He needs people to take of him and I can’t leave at the moment. When I’m free, I will go to the station and help with the investigation. Which district are you from?”

“Hey, brat! Don’t be unreasonable. Cut the bullshit and follow us!” The short-tempered officer threatened, face grim.

Shi Lei threw him a glance. “I have serious problems with your professionalism,” he commently lightly “As a police officer, do you not understand the difference between cooperation in an investigation and arrest?”

The other officer quickly pulled his colleague back. “Helping with an investigation is the duty of every citizen who abides by the law,” he answered patiently. “Since someone reported that you damaged their property and injured someone, I suggest you to go to the station and clarify the situation. Don’t worry, we won’t wrong the innocent, but we definitely won’t let the guilty run free.”

Shi Lei gave the two officers a deep and meaningful smile. He then shook his head. “You are right. Helping with an investigation is a citizen’s duty and I never said that I don’t want to. But I can’t leave right now. As for the case, what someone says is not necessarily the truth. If I claim that someone robbed 30 yuan from me, and that person is the one who is being cared for at the moment, would you immediately take him in to ‘help with the investigation’ without first distinguishing between the right and the wrong? If that’s the case, then I doubt that you’d be able to handle all of this with the small force that was dispatched. What about this? When my mother comes to take my place, I’ll go to the station.”

“We don’t need you to teach us—the police—how to do things!” The other officer was furious. Without caring about his colleague, he rushed forward and seized Shi Lei.

He had expected Shi Lei to resist, which would give them another reason to take him in. But Shi Lei remained motionless and let the officer grab his arm.

Although it hurt slightly, he still calmly said, “I will definitely report you and pursue this matter to the very end.” Shi Lei had already decided to do this. If Zhang Meimei could settle it through the law, then everything would be fine. If she couldn’t, then he wouldn’t mind seeking help from others.

And he had made up his mind. He didn’t plan to find Wei Xingyue or Wei Qing, but he had already thought of another way that could not only settle this easily, but also wouldn’t make it difficult for anyone.

In the end, he was still pushed into the police car. He remained silent on the way and glared coldly at the officer who had touched him.

Although that man also glowered at him, he didn’t dare cause more trouble, especially in the car. He snorted coldly and thought: Just you wait to see how I’ll take care of you when we get to the station!

The other officer was worried. It was the chief of police who had ordered them to bring Shi Lei in, but if he really had some background or power they didn’t know about, then they would be the ones who were unlucky. It was impossible for the chief of police to take the blame, so they would have to take the blame themselves.

So when they arrived at the station, he pulled his colleague to the side and didn’t give him any chance to touch Shi Lei, afraid that the man would treat him like they did others, grabbing him by the collar or perhaps even kicking him in the back.
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