Chapter 205 - Reunion with an “Old Friend”

Chapter 205 - Reunion with an “Old Friend”

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Zhou Qi and Chief Feng both felt awkward, but since Zhou Qi was Chief Feng’s superior, he put his hands behind his back and snorted, transferring all the pressure from Zhang Meimei onto Chief Feng.

“Chief Feng, you should discuss it with Lawyer Zhang. The subbureau’s stance on this matter is to investigate everything thoroughly, whether it is yesterday’s assault case involving Da Hua Electronics’ workers or this morning’s vandalism case, both must be investigated meticulously. Don’t cover for anyone and definitely don’t let the culprit run free.”

With that said, Zhou Qi took a seat on the side. It was obvious that he was no longer willing to deal with the matter.

This time, Chief Feng was the one who was embarrassed and put in a difficult situation.

Contrarily, Hu Xiaohua and the others began to snicker and laugh.

“This lawyer is pretty strong. If I didn’t see her with my own eyes, I would find it hard to believe that she’s a woman.”

“Hu Shao, it looks like even without us that person called Shi Lei should be fine. Can we go?”

“Don’t be in a such hurry to leave. It’s rare to see such a beautiful female lawyer. I’m looking forward to see how she settles these shameless people who cover themselves with tiger’s skin.”

His friends didn’t stop laughing and discussing amongst themselves until Hu Xiaohua turned around and sent a glare their way.

“Chief Feng, I need to see my client. Even if he really did attack the police, you can’t just keep me from seeing him, right?” Zhang Meimei reminded again, her voice still pressuring him.

Chief Feng was helpless. He turned around a looked at Zhou Qi, but was ignored. The only thing he could do was open the door and yell, “Bring that Shi Lei here!”

Zhang Meimei calmly took out a laptop from her bag and turned it on. “Don’t you need my client and I to discuss these matters privately?” she asked Chief Feng. “There are quite a lot of guests here.”

Chief Feng believed that this woman was too overbearing. He felt like he couldn’t even breathe in front of her.

Chief Feng wiped the cold sweat from his brow and said, “No, no. Mr. Shi is only an ordinary citizen who’s helping with our investigation. There’s no need for that.”

Zhang Meimei didn’t say anything else and nodded. Soon afterward, Shi Lei walked into the room, led by two police officers.

“Lawyer Zhang,” Shi Lei greeted. Zhang Meimei nodded back.

Hu Xiaohua took a look at Shi Lei. This brat didn’t seem to be anything special. How in the world did he make his father willing to risk everything and have his son take the blame for him?

“You are Shi Lei?” Hu Xiaohua stood up. Shi Lei had already caught sight of Hu Xiaohua and the others. From their attire, he could tell that they were either wealthy people or nobles. It was highly probable that they were the ones prepared by the Black Card.

Shi Lei nodded. “I am.”

“I am Hu Xiaohua. Hu Jianjun(1) is my father!” Hu Xiaohua added the last part because he wanted to know what kind of reaction Shi Lei would have upon hearing his father’s name.

Unfortunately, Shi Lei didn’t even know who Hu Jianjun was, although he was sure that he was the wealthy person the Black Card or the Eye of the Dark Night had found.

“Sorry for the trouble!” Shi Lei walked over and stretched his hand out first. Hu Xiaohua was blank for second. This guy is pretty calm. It is really something for him to be so calm despite hearing my father’s name, especially in Run Zhou.

He took Shi Lei’s hand, then wrapped his arm around his shoulder and pulled him into a bear hug. “Haha, I haven’t seen you in so many years! I can’t even f*cking recognize you anymore! If it wasn’t for yesterday’s incident, I really wouldn’t know how are you right now!”

Shi Lei knew that Hu Xiaohua was setting up the story to prepare for what was to come. He had to tell everyone that he was friends with Shi Lei first, then use that as the excuse behind demolishing Qin Huaiyuan’s house, ultimately taking the blame for him.

So Shi Lei also patted his back and whispered into the other’s ear, “Thanks a lot.”

“You! You didn’t contact me for so many years! Is it because you actually don’t see me as your bro? I’m telling you, I brought a big present to come and see you today! It’ll definitely make you happy!”

Chief Feng was on the verge of breakdown at this drastic change and Zhou Qi’s face was also filled puzzled astonishment.

From their point of view, even if Hu Xiaohua’s arrival wasn’t for Qin Huaiyuan, he definitely wouldn’t be here to help Shi Lei. Chief Feng was especially shocked. He had been bad-mouthing Shi Lei ever since Hu Xiaohua walked through the door, and upon seeing that the opposite party didn’t react to the insults, he continued to do so under the impression that his assumptions were correct. How was that false now? How did this famous young master Hu Xiaohua become Shi Lei’s bro? And what was this “big present” he was talking about? Chief Feng could already feel that something was wrong.

Zhang Meimei finally took notice of these fuerdais and hesitantly glanced at Shi Lei. He hadn’t mentioned in the call that there was going to be a bunch of people here. Chief Feng and Zhou Qi didn’t understand, but Zhang Meimei knew at once. If these two really were childhood friends who later lost contact, then why did Hu Xiaohua also state his father’s name? Why did Shi Lei say “sorry for the trouble”? It obviously meant that Shi Lei and Hu Xiaohua didn’t even know each other, but knew about Hu Xiaohua’s father and that this man had arranged for Hu Xiaohua to help Shi Lei out.

As a thoughtful lawyer, Zhang Meimei of course chose to remain silent. She would never do something that would turn out unfavourable for her client.

“Sorry, but I need to talk with my lawyer first!” Shi Lei said to Hu Xiaohua.

Zhang Meimei waited for Shi Lei to sit down then said to Chief Feng, “Chief Feng, about my client attacking the police, may I ask if you have everything recorded?”

Chief Feng’s face was filled with awkwardness and his heart was like a stormy sea. He secret thought: If I f*cking knew that Shi Lei was friends with Hu Xiaohua, how would I have the guts to claim that he attacked the police?

Chief Feng glanced at Zhou Qi, only to see that the other was equally astonished. Obviously, he wasn’t in any state to give him advice. Chief Feng then looked at Hu Xiaohua and thought: Why didn’t you say earlier that you were here to help Shi Lei?

“Uh…He was only helping with the investigation, so I didn’t turn on the recorder. But I think it may really be what Lawyer Zhang said. It was truly just a misunderstanding and the police who handled the case made a mistake in their methods. I hope that Lawyer Zhang and Mr. Shi can understand this and forgive us. After all, a house was demolished and someone was injured. The victim’s family member also insisted that Mr. Shi did it, so it is understandable that the officers would have some emotions…”

Without waiting for Zhang Meimei to speak, Hu Xiaohua stood up and said, “The victim’s family member? Are you talking about the woman at the hospital? That old woman who’s related to someone called Qin Huaiyuan or something, right? I said at the hospital that we were reporting each other. We’ve being here for so long, so why isn’t that woman here? Chief Feng, there’s probably something wrong with her brain. I was the one who demolished her house and I left after destroying the front door. I’ve never even met either of them face to face. How dare she frame an innocent citizen? She even insisted that Shi Lei was the one who did it. Isn’t that enough to count as slander?”

Chief Feng was astonished. Zhou Qi immediately stood up. Even Zhang Meimei was slightly surprised as she turned around to look at Hu Xiaohua. But this explained the doubt that had been in her heart. She’d never thought that Shi Lei was the type of person to demolish someone’s house in a fit of rage. But she had been wrong. Shi Lei was that type of person!

However, that was obviously insignificant. When Hu Xiaohua said this, no one would doubt that he was just randomly throwing it out there on a whim, and no one would think that he was taking the blame for a small figure like Shi Lei.

Shi Lei was the calmest out of everyone there, since he knew the truth and why Hu Xiaohua was taking the blame for him.
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