Chapter 234 - I Have X-Ray Vision

Chapter 234 - I Have X-Ray Vision

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Next to the practice grounds, Shi Lei and Wei Xingyue sat opposite to each other at a small table.

“Is it really your first time playing golf?” She asked with interest.

Shi Lei rolled his eyes. “It’s boring and tiring. The point of having such a big field is to hit the ball further. If the weather’s good, it would be nice to lie down and bask in the sun. Playing this is just really troublesome.”

Wei Xingyue laughed and covered her mouth. “You’re not bad at all,” she said. “It’s only your first time and you already have the strength and accuracy.”

“That’s called talent. Just like how I conquered you, you crazy woman!” Shi Lei couldn’t help but boast.

Except he wasn’t bragging just then. With the martial arts master possessing him, he could control the direction of the ball however he wished. He had only used one tenth of his strength. No doubt if he had aimed for Yu Deping’s head and hit as hard as he could, the guy’s head would explode.

And now the possession time had passed, with it being almost half an hour. He would probably go back to his level of only being able to hit seventy or eighty meters.

“Conquer me? Young Master Shi, you sure talk big!” Wei Xingyue rolled her eyes, which somehow made her seem more ambiguous.

Shi Lei laughed. “You sure were bored. If you had appeared earlier, that Yu Deping wouldn’t have challenged me and embarrassed himself even more.”

“What, were you scared?”

“No, I wasn’t,” he answered. “He doesn’t have the guts to take revenge since you’re here. I just think that you were bored enough to let it develop from something resolvable to something not so.”

“Then you shouldn’t have been angry with him.”

“Bullshit. Do you not know the idiom of ‘more than one can bear’?”

Wei Xingyue smiled and took a sip out of Shi Lei’s glass, then licked her lips alluringly.

“Why don’t you ask for a glass yourself? What you did is called an indirect—” Before Shi Lei could finish, he remembered that they had already kissed before and immediately swallowed the words he was about to say. His lower abdomen began to feel warm.

Wei Xingyue ignored him and asked earnestly, “I’m serious. If I didn’t appear, how did you plan on making him do it?”

“I can’t just beat him up, so I would’ve let him go,” Shi Lei replied immediately.

“When did you discover I was hiding there?” Wei Xingyue asked again.

I can’t just tell you why, Shi Lei thought. He had doubted it before, since he knew Wei Xingyue quite well. Although she wasn’t as insane as Song Miaomiao, she wasn’t much better. She had arrived along time ago, but only made an appearance when the situation deteriorated. Those actions fit her personality well, but he wasn’t too certain.

When he was possessed by the martial arts master, Shi Lei’s five senses had been strengthened manyfold. He suddenly noticed someone hiding behind the pole and immediately confirmed that it was Wei Xingyue watching the drama unfold, based on the expressions of the staff around him.

So when he was unable to find a solution to his problem, he forced Wei Xingyue to appear.

As for her other question, Shi Lei really didn’t have another way to get Yu Deping to stand in the corner other than using violence and beating him up. When he was possessed by the martial artist master, he would be able to completely destroy ten Yu Depings. Or after Yu Deping left, Shi Lei could have used the Millionaire Card. With his previous two experiences, he clearly understood how to target one person. But Shi Lei didn’t feel it necessary to do so. Although he had noticed that it was only ranked at Level E, which seemed useless, if he used it wisely, it could have some unexpected functions.

Shi Lei really didn’t want to waste it on someone like Yu Deping.

“I just tried my luck. I know you all too well. You’re the type who wishes for the whole world to be in chaos. You discovered that someone was harassing me, so you wanted to see whether I would choose to back down or to retaliate. You probably really wanted to see me fight back, so I just yelled randomly and you were really there!”

“It’s that simple?” Wei Xingyue asked in disbelief.

“Fine. You got me. I have x-ray vision. I saw you through the pole. Right now, I can see through your clothes andyour—”

“Do you want to die?!” Wei Xingyue raised an eyebrow as she blushed. She remembered the time when Shi Lei had accidentally seen her naked in his apartment and didn’t know exactly how much he had seen.

Shi Lei chuckled, picked up the glass and was about to take a drink when he that she had also taken a sip from it, and eventually put it down.

“Why aren’t you drinking from it? Do you think I’m dirty?” Wei Xingyue was unhappy.

Shi Lei didn’t have a choice but to take a sip with great difficulty.

“Oh right! Wait a sec!” Shi Lei bolted up and ran off. Although Wei Xingyue was bewildered, she waited there anyway.

He came running back not long after with a small wrapped box in his hands.

“Here. A present for you.” Wei Xingyue took the small box in confusion and could guess what was inside after a single shake.

It could only be perfume, a bracelet, or a watch, judging by the size of the box. It was most likely perfume.

“Hey, you’ve learned to give girls perfume? Shi Lei, are you trying to court me?”

Shi Lei rolled his eyes. “You are a few years older than me, alright?” he said in a not-so-kind tone. “If I was going to, I would go for someone younger. And I have a girlfriend, okay?”

“Are you saying I’m too old?!” Wei Xingyue yelled indignantly.

“It isn’t because you’re old, but because I’m too young!”

Wei Xingyue was speechless and unwrapped the box gloomily. It really was perfume. Chanel No. 5.

“Hurry up and use it!” Shi Lei urged hurriedly.

“I used some before I left.” Wei Xingyue said, not wanting to.

“Can’t you at least try it? What if it’s fake? Hurry up! I don’t really know much about it, so hurry up and see if it’s real or not.”

Wei Xingyue was confused. “Don’t tell me you bought this online?” she asked hesitantly. Although she said that, she still sprayed some on the back of her hand. She was relieved after smelling it. It smelled like the real thing.

“Do I look like the type to cut corners like that? Although I’m not rich, I would go to special stores to get you a present. But even if it’s a special store, you can’t completely trust it. What if the worker there swapped it for another one?” Of course that wasn’t the real situation. Shi Lei was simply worried that someone like Wei Xingyue would have enough perfume to hold a perfume exhibition. This bottle of perfume might be thrown in a corner and forgotten. Since there was only about seven or eight days left until the end of the consumption period, the Black Card may not count it into the sum if she didn’t use it. Although it was only 1,000 yuan, it would still be his loss.

Wei Xingyue laughed. She really wasn’t used to Shi Lei acting like this . But she didn’t mind and sprayed it behind her ears, then said, “Don’t worry. The workers usually don’t have the guts to do that. Losing their job is more important than cheating a customer out of a bottle of perfume. As an employee of a named brand, their salary is at least two to three times more than if they worked for an ordinary brand.”

Shi Lei didn’t really care, since he had made up his question anyway.
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