Chapter 266 - Discovering Another Two Details

Chapter 266 - Discovering Another Two Details

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Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Oh no, that’s bad!

Shi Lei had been too concentrated on looking at his phone and didn’t notice that someone had crept up on him and stretched his head to look at his phone.

F*ck, this wouldn’t do. Shi Lei had too many secrets on his phone that he definitely couldn’t let others see. It was fine on usual days. Even if someone unlocked his phone and saw those strange looking apps, they wouldn’t tap on it as soon as they saw it. But it was different this time. Shi Lei had already opened the Drawing App and the display and content was nowhere near that of a normal app.

Shi Lei was shocked and subconsciously locked the screen, but he heard the voice again.

“Holy shit, that’s bright! Do you want to make yourself blind from such a bright screen?!”

Shi Lei finally recognized the voice. Who else could it be other than that damned fatty, Zhang Mo?

From what Zhang Mo had said, it sounded like he hadn’t seen Shi Lei’s phone clearly. But Shi Lei found it strange. His screen wasn’t that bright, only at about half of the full brightness. So why did Zhang Mo say it was too bright?

“Too bright? My screen isn’t that bright!” Shi Lei tapped his screen and waved it in front of Zhang Mo.

Zhang Mo also found it weird. “Huh, right. It’s not, but just then…What the hell? Don’t tell me you had flash on? You almost made your bro blind.”

Shi Lei pretended to pat his head and smiled. “Oh right, I was going to use the flashlight to see the way, since I just came in. I was about to turn if off when you suddenly yelled behind me. I was scared, and accidentally pointed it at you.”

“Oh right. I was wondering why your screen was so bright. You would go blind from that.” Zhang Mo rubbed his eyes as if he was proving that he really didn’t see anything.

“You asked for it. Who told you to suddenly pop up behind me and scare me?”

“Well, it’s more like you were too concentrated on playing with your phone. What were you playing? I’m so massive, and yet you didn’t see me here.”

Shi Lei held onto the phone tightly. “Didn’t you say you saw it?”

“How could I see anything? It was just a blinding light. Almost killed my eyes.”

Shi Lei completely relaxed. It seemed like the apps given by the Black Card were equipped with a peep prevention function. When these apps were opened, no one other than Shi Lei could see the content on the screen. They would be only be blinded by a bright beam of light.

Shi Lei decided to explore this because he also thought that no one could see the apps on his screen other than himself.

He passed his phone to Zhang Mo. “I was playing games, take a look yourself…” The apps the Black Card gave all looked strange and Shi Lei only had a strategic game installed. With Zhang Mo’s curiosity, if he saw some pictures he hadn’t seen before, he would definitely try to tap on it.

But after Zhang Mo took the phone and looked at it for a long time, he said, “You don’t have anything other than that strategic game. How do you even concentrate on it that much? Shi Lei, you have fallen!”

Shi Lei also poked his head over and watched Zhang Mo going through his phone. He realized that all the apps, including the Golden Thumb Investment Card, had disappeared.

Shi Lei now understood that those apps would only appear when he was the one who was holding the phone. If others took his phone, it would be impossible for them to know the existence of those apps. And when others took his phone, even Shi Lei couldn’t find the apps himself.

He immediately relaxed and laughed. “Did you need me for something?”

“Can’t I look for you without having a problem? I just wanted to have a few drinks with you, but the call just wouldn’t go through. I came knocking at your door and no one was home. The guard said that he just saw you go out, so I thought that I should wait because you probably just left to buy something.”

Shi Lei found it strange. His phone was always fine, so why couldn’t the calls come through? Was it just because he was talking to the Scepter and the Black Card that they blocked all forms of communication in addition to stopping people from entering the self-service bank?

“My phone’s fine. I just went to the bank to put some money in because I had too much cash.”

“F*ck you. The more I compare myself to you, the angrier I get. I worked so hard from part-time jobs and I didn’t save a single cent. But you? You have so much cash that you have to put it into your bank account! Maybe it’s because the bank didn’t have reception, so the calls wouldn’t go through. Enough of this. Shall we go and have a drink?” Zhang Mo asked, draping his arm over Shi Lei’s shoulders.

“Let’s get the other two as well.” Shi Lei nodded and walked outside with Zhang Mo.

Zhang Mo waved his hand casually. “Don’t bother. They are probably drowning in gentleness right now. I couldn’t find you just then and called them, but one of them didn’t pick up and the other just cursed at me. I think I might’ve interrupted his moment.”

Shi Lei laughed and the two of the walked toward Lao Wang Barbeque. After they sat down, they asked for one hundred small cartilage skewers and a dozen beers, as usual.

Zhang Mo’s sudden appearance had helped Shi Lei understand another two small details.

First, the apps created by the Black Card, which were the prizes that Shi Lei drew, could not be seen by others. Only Shi Lei could see them when he had full control of the phone itself.

Second, even if Shi Lei was using the apps, if anyone looked toward his phone, they could only see blinding light and definitely not the content on the screen.

With those two guarantees, Shi Lei wasn’t worried about having his phone taken away from him, and he didn’t have to worry about someone peeking at his phone out of curiosity. Even if the phone was stolen or he accidentally dropped it, his only loss would be a phone. And this kind of loss could definitely be treated as an accident that Shi Lei could compensate for easily.

After drinking, he returned home. Shi Lei didn’t go to bed immediately, instead opening the phone and tapping on the lottery app, which hadn’t disappeared.

This was also why Shi Lei hadn’t asked how he could get the 80,000 yuan reward. Since the lottery app hadn’t disappeared after one use, that meant that he could use this app to receive his reward every time. Or at least before it disappeared, Shi Lei could use it to receive the money.

He had already been tricked by the Black Card once, so he obviously couldn’t expect to use this Lottery Card to make money. He just wanted to get the 80,000 yuan in peace.

Although it was late, there were still plenty of bets on. The world was huge and games were playing everywhere. Oh no, not bets, but soccer lotteries.

Shi Lei used the Lottery Card to generate a series of numbers. In order to avoid other people’s shock, he didn’t choose long numbers, instead deciding to buy a lottery ticket of 1,000 yuan. That way, he would only need about one hundred times the bet to get a 80,000 yuan prize. The Black Card would calculate everything for him anyway, so it didn’t matter how much money he charged. It would give it back to him.

Shi Lei decided the amount of payment and could receive the 80,000 yuan reward in a few days.

With the 150,000 yuan he had taken out of the stock market, Shi Lei currently had 230,000 yuan of private funds.

Hmm, after the first 100,000 yuan investment for Zhen Xu, Shi Lei still had 130,000 yuan for other investments, so it wouldn’t be too hard to earn 200,000 yuan within three months.

Shi Lei had already decided that the assessed value of Zhen Xu’s company was three million, and ten percent was 300,000 yuan. He had checked this number with Zhang Meimei. Angel investors usually invested in five million yuan companies, so three million was a modest number.
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