Chapter 278 - The Yu Family Wants to Know Shi Lei’s Background

Chapter 278 - The Yu Family Wants to Know Shi Lei’s Background

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Yu Hangjian smiled and sat down. “A client who bought a Quattroporte yesterday.”

“It’s just a Quattroporte. How is it worth third uncle to toast them in person?” Unexpectedly, it was someone whom Shi Lei was familiar with who spoke, Yu Deping.

Yu Hangjian was the third uncle of Yu Deping. His eldest brother was Yu Hangzhi, who was Yu Deping’s father.

“It isn’t anything big to begin with. I don’t know what background he has, but Miss Wei took him there herself and he seemed to be pretty familiar with her. I was thinking about it and I don’t think he’s a child of any of the wealthy families in Wudong. He’s probably from somewhere else. I don’t know why he’s here.” Yu Hangjian didn’t overthink it and drank another glass of wine. “Eldest brother, second brother, we are almost done. Let’s go.”

Yu Hangzhi nodded and wiped his hands with a wet towel, but Yu Deping suddenly asked, “Familiar with Miss Wei? Third uncle, don’t tell me your client’s surname is Shi?”

“Yes, it is Shi. His name is also stone, but three of them. Why, do you know him?”

Yu Deping shook his head. “Not to the degree of knowing him, but I’ve met him once.” His face turned dark as he recalled how Shi Lei had shamed him that day.

Yu Hangjian didn’t notice and continued. “It’s quite strange. He was introduced by Miss Wei, yet he had to apply for loans for a two million Quattroporte. Let’s not mention him applying for loans, since the bank has a low interest rate and it’s fine to owe the bank money, but he seemed incapable of paying the down payment and wanted to take the car home with 300,000 or 400,000 yuan. If it wasn’t for Wei Xingyue speaking on his behalf, I really wouldn’t have bothered to deal with that kind of person. His acted strangely and there was something that just didn’t feel right. But he looked like he was really friendly with Wei Xingyue and Wei Xingyue seemed like the one chasing after him. I think he might be the child of some official who may be tight on money right now, so I didn’t tell him to go to bank and paid for him to let him drive it home. It was a coincidence that we met each other again today. If he is really the child of an official whom even Wei Xingyue needs to help and be familiar with, then if I’m able to do it too, it might benefit me in the future.”

Yu Hangzhi nodded. Although they had a lot of money as businessmen, they were nothing in front of government officials. Of course, it also depended on the level. If he was someone even Wei Xingyue had to follow, then his position had to be high.

Yu Deping spoke again. “Third uncle, you made a mistake in your judgement this time. That brat doesn’t have money nor background. I had someone look into him. He’s just from an ordinary family in Runzhou and both his parents are workers.”

“Nonsense. If he has the background of an ordinary worker, then how is he worth Wei Xingyue talking to your uncle herself?” In fact, Yu Hangzhi was very dissatisfied with his son. He wouldn’t be like this if Yu Deping was a tenth as good as any of his two brothers and himself. However, he had no choice, since Yu Deping was his only son and he had to let him do whatever he wanted.

Yu Hangzhi still decided to scold Yu Deping for his unrealistic words.

Yu Deping panicked. “I’m serious! I looked into him. Fine, I admit that we had a conflict when we met at the golf club next to Mountain Qinglong. That brat was wasting time with the security guard at the gate and he wasn’t let it. I didn’t think that Wei Xingyue would stick up for him…”

Under the questioning of the three brothers of the Yu family, Yu Deping briefly recounted what had happened that day. Of course, he didn’t tell them that it was because he had failed at provoking Shi Lei a few times and was eventually shamed by him in public. He only covered the conflict in a few words and focused on the part that he found strange.

“If you think about it, if Wei Xingyue was eager to interact with him, then she would have revealed herself instead of waiting. But she hid on the side and watched for a long time, which means that she didn’t want to be a part of it. If that brat didn’t call her out, she probably wouldn’t have stepped out. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I thought it was weird afterward. So I had someone investigate him and discovered that he is just an ordinary senior at Wudong University. With his background, he’s probably glorifying his ancestors by making into Wudong University. Then I found out that he seemed to have created a cell phone app. I don’t know the details, but it looks like a lot of people are interested in it and want to invest in him. Someone I know just happened to see an investor discussing it with him, but that brat is arrogant and didn’t agree to the investor’s request. I assume that the Wei family also wants that app because it’s quite good, but the Wei family definitely wants to buy it instead of investing in it. That guy could probably afford a car from third uncle because he knows that he can get money soon.”

When Yu Deping said this, Yu Hangjian slapped his leg and commented, “Hey, now that he mentions it, eldest brother, Yu Deping’s analysis is somewhat reasonable. That Shi brat paid me 750,000 yuan with tax and insurance. Isn’t that a weird number? He then said that he could pay back the rest within three months. I thought it was strange because there was no point in applying for loans if he only needs three months to pay it back, since he can probably get another million. From what Deping said, perhaps that brat knows that he can earn a large amount of money soon, or perhaps he has already accepted an investment and can receive a certain amount of money from the company every month. The amount doesn’t have to be big. It’s only a little over a million and every installment would only be about 450,000 yuan. If he really has a good cell phone app idea, then this level of cash out is normal.”

Yu Hangzhi pondered a bit, but thought that it was better to play it safe. He pointed at Yu Deping. “Don’t cause trouble for me outside. I know that you are holding back and trying to find a chance to teach that brat a lesson, but before we grasp his identity, don’t you dare make a move. This is connected to the Wei family. Even if he is nothing in the end and he was arrogant because the Wei family has their eyes on his project, you must put the reputation of the Wei family into consideration and at least wait for the thing between him and the Wei family to end first.”

Yu Hangzhi looked at Yu Hangjian and asked, “Third brother, since that brat got the car from you, does he have a temporary license plate?” Seeing Yu Hangjian’s nod, he spoke again. “He has to get it sorted in a few days then. Use this chance to investigate him. If it is really as Deping said, then don’t worry about it. It’s only a little over a million and three months is nothing, since we’ll just see it as giving the Wei family face. But if Deping’s information is wrong, then you need to act quickly, since he’s someone even the Wei family has to follow. We might even need to tell Deping to apologize, since it’s possible for us to gain a good connection.”

Yu Hangjian nodded but Yu Deping opposed. “Why should I? Why should I apologize to him?”

Yu Hangzhi glowered. “If he isn’t what you investigated him to be and is really someone whom the Wei family has to lower their heads to, then why do you feel wronged when told to apologize to him?” he scolded. “If he remembers you one day, do you think your two uncles and I can save you?”

Yu Hangli was Yu Deping’s second uncle and he agreed with Yu Hangjian. “Deping, what your father said is right. This is for your own sake. And it’s not the time to apologize yet, is it? We need to look into him first.”

Yu Deping could only agree gloomily without a choice.
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