Chapter 279 - Great Barkers Are No Biters

Chapter 279 - Great Barkers Are No Biters

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Editor: Likia

When Shi Lei arrived and was parking his car, a person suddenly appeared in front of him, making him jump. He quickly stepped on the brake and the person obviously hadn’t noticed Shi Lei’s car either. He jumped backward and fell onto the ground.

Shi Lei quickly unbuckled his seatbelt, opened the door, and got out to help the person up. “Are you okay?” he asked.

That man opened his mouth and cursed. “Didn’t you f*cking see me?”

Shi Lei knew that although it was this person’s fault, between the vehicle and the pedestrian, it was always the vehicle’s full responsibility in the eyes of the law. Luckily, he hadn’t hit him. The man had fallen down from shock.

Shi Lei was even-tempered and earnestly apologized. “I’m sorry about that. You suddenly appeared from the shadows, and I really didn’t see you. Fortunately, I wasn’t driving too quickly and I probably didn’t hit you.”

“So just because you didn’t hit me, you are not responsible for what happened? Don’t you know that according to the law—” As he spoke, he suddenly saw the logo at the front of the car and instantly lost his confidence.

Damn! A Maserati. It should be a Quattroporte by the looks of it. The lowest price is a million and the best can cost more than two million.

He looked at Shi Lei again. Perhaps because of the car, he felt that Shi Lei also had a different aura. He assumed that he had probably encountered a fuerdai. It wasn’t “probably,” but “definitely.”

He actually knew that he wasn’t being reasonable, since Shi Lei really hadn’t hit him. Even if he wanted to pretend, he couldn’t pick on someone like Shi Lei. He had wanted to rage because he was in shock after falling down. Once he realized that Shi Lei was rich, he knew that if he pressured him too much, he would turn out to be someone he couldn’t afford to offend.

His tone softered a little. “Damn! A Maserati Quattroporte. Do you fuerdais all treat humans like weeds? You see someone’s there and you just hit them. Did you want to drive at seventy kilometers per hour(1)?”

Shi Lei frowned. He felt that this man was being very hypocritical, but he remained patient. “Bro. First, we are in a parking lot. It’s impossible to drive faster than twenty kilometers per hour, not to mention seventy. Second, I didn’t touch you. I just saw you fall down and felt sorry for it. Third, if you think this is unjust, we can solve it by calling the police.”

“Forget it. Calling the police? They would obviously side with you because of your luxurious car. Never mind. I’m open-minded and I won’t make a fuss about it.”

Shi Lei sighed. “No matter what, I’ll apologize to you because I shocked you. But I still want to say that it is dark in the parking lot. If all of us are more careful, it will benefit everyone.”

Zhang Liangliang poked her head out from inside the car. She felt indignant and began to curse because she wasn’t afraid of trouble. “Is there something wrong with you? You suddenly dashed out of nowhere and I can claim that you are playing the victim intentionally! Dashu, ignore him and get in. If he wants more, we’ll call the police and tell them that he’s intentionally framing us!”

The man cursed a few times and left, not daring to really make a fuss.

Shi Lei got into the car and turned to Zhang Liangliang. “Enough. One thing less is better than one thing more. He’s just being hypocritical.”

They parked the car and headed upstairs, but they didn’t know that there was already trouble brewing in the karaoke room.

Zhang Mo and the rest were singing. The alcohol hadn’t been brought in yet, but they had already registered a list of songs. The three men growled and roared into the microphones.

The door of the room was suddenly kicked open and they abruptly stopped howling and thought: Huh, Shi Lei shouldn’t be like this. Don’t tell me he’s exposing his nature as fuerdai?

They did a double take and realized that it wasn’t Shi Lei at all, but a few people they didn’t know.

“Damn, what the f*ck is this? Who told you to come into my room?” A youngster lifted his chin arrogantly as he glanced toward the three girls in the room. He only took one glance before losing all interest.

The three guys froze. Zhang Mo had more guts and asked, “Who are you?” Are these Shi Lei’s friends? He mumbled silently, taking in their attire. They indeed looked like children from rich families.

The guy at the front raised an eyebrow and cursed. “Who I am is none of your f*cking business. I’m asking you: What the hell are you doing in my room?”

“Our friend booked this room. He’s not here yet, so we came in first!” Luo Ming took a step forward. He was thinking the same thing as Zhang Mo. Hence, he left some room for other words.

But that person immediately swore. “What the f*ck! What ‘friend booked this room’? This room is mine. Hurry up and f*ck off before my mood worsens. Just look at yourselves! You didn’t even get a bottle of alcohol! How dare you come into this room?”

The people behind him all laughed loudly. “Exactly. Just get a small room and howl. Don’t you know that our Young Master Wang booked this room? Not only this room, but this whole karaoke place belongs to Young Master Wang’s family. If you aren’t stupid, then hurry up and f*ck off.”

Now Zhang Mo and the others were furious. Although they had heard that this so-called Young Master Wang was the son of the karaoke place’s owner, he shouldn’t be doing that even if his family ran it. Especially since they were so rude with their words as soon as they stepped into the room. Zhang Mo and the rest would’ve raged a long time ago if they hadn’t considered the possibility that those people could be Shi Lei’s friends.

Now that they were sure they had nothing to do with Shi Lei, Zhang Mo glowered. “What is wrong with you? We booked this room. It doesn’t matter if your family owns it. Since you are operating it for business and we booked it, who gives you the right to chase us out?”

Xu Yi also stepped forward. “Exactly. So what if your family runs this place? Isn’t there an order of first come first serve? If you run this business like you are doing now, it will close for good sooner or later!”

Luo Ming pressed the “call” button, wanting to ask the staff to solve this.

Young Master Wang didn’t expect these people to dare talk back to him. He was infuriated. “I’m giving you face, but you’re not taking it. I’m talking to you nicely. How dare you f*cking talk back? Fine! I’ll show you how my family runs this business!” As he spoke, he began moving toward Zhang Mo and the others, as did the bunch of people behind him.

The three girls hid in the back in terror, and the three men obviously wouldn’t be intimidated as they spread out and blocked their advance. Although the opposite side had two more people than they did, it was clear that they were just spoiled young masters. Zhang Mo and the other two really weren’t scared if they were really going to fight.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became tense, but luckily, a voice sounded from outside. “Aiyo, what’s going on here?”

The manager and two other employees were holding the six bottles of champagne that Shi Lei had ordered. The two employees each held three buckets of ice which held one bottle of alcohol per bucket. The manager had a fruit platter and two plates of sunflower seeds in his hands.

“Old Li…”

Manager Li turned to the speaker. Wasn’t that the young owner of the karaoke place? He immediately smiled. “Young Master Wang, you came? You are…?”

Young Master Wang laughed coldly and gave Zhang Mo a light push. “Get up. Don’t you know that great barkers are no biters(2)? Let me sit!”

Zhang Mo didn’t react, hoping that Manager Li could solve the problem for them. Before he could do anything, he was pushed to the side by Young Master Wang, who casually sat down on the couch.
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