Chapter 287 - Shi Lei’s Fierce Side

Chapter 287 - Shi Lei’s Fierce Side

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Shi Lei was being melodramatic, but not as much as Wei Xingyue. Even though he emphasized that it was his house, he let her change in the bathroom or find somewhere else to change if she didn’t want to do it in the bathroom.

But Wei Xingyue used only one move to defeat Shi Lei easily.

She turned around, unzipped the zipper on her back, and revealed her smooth skin.

“What the hell are you doing!?” Shi Lei yelled.

“Since you don’t want to go to the bathroom, I’ll just show you my body. It’s not like you haven’t seen it before, and it’ll be my loss anyway.” Wei Xingyue replied faintly while Shi Lei sprinted to the bathroom and slammed the door shut without another word.

She covered her mouth and smiled slightly. Wei Xingyue confidently removed her dress and didn’t rush to change into the long dress she’d received from Shi Lei. It wasn’t exactly a cocktail dress,but for girls, as long as the dress was long enough, there wouldn’t be too much of a difference. She looked at her curves in the mirror and mumbled to herself, “Such a nice body. Do you really not want to see it?” She sounded rather gloomy.

After she finished changing, she spun in a circle and checked that it was all good before she knocked lightly on the bathroom door.

“Alright, I’m done.”

Shi Lei walked out. Wei Xingyue was already sitting on the couch.

He had seen Wei Xingyue wear the dress before. When they bought it, he had made her wear it because he had to make sure that she used it instead of ignoring it after she went home.

However, it was obvious that Wei Xingyue was paying extra attention to her makeup. Since she was attending a formal event, so she did her hair and her makeup was much heavier than normal, making her look even more outstanding.

But Shi Lei knew that hidden under her delicate skin was the heart of a crazy woman. Her personality also didn’t seem quiet or sweet on the outside, but extremely alluring.

Shi Lei wondered how god’s creation could be so strange. She was such an enchanting and sexy woman, so why did He give her such an innocent face?

“Am I pretty?” Wei Xingyue raised her chin and asked in an extremely teasing manner.

Shi Lei was subconsciously attracted to her as he swallowed and nodded without realizing. “Yes, very pretty.”

Wei Xingyue laughed made a gesture with her fingers. “Come and help older sister put on her shoes.”

Shi Lei swallowed once again and felt that there were flames in his eyes. He clenched his teeth. “You are playing with fire, you know? If I can’t control myself, then you are…Hmph.”

Wei Xingyue narrowed her eyes slightly. The words escaped her red lips. “Do you dare?”

Shi Lei turned around to calm down the fire inside of him.

“Hurry up, lil’man. Help older sister put on her shoes.”

“Are you crazy?” Shi Lei asked angrily. “Don’t you know how to put it on yourself?”

“I’m giving you the chance to serve a beauty. It’s an honor for every gentleman.”

“Oh I’m so honored, but I still want to decline.”

“Hurry up and come.” Wei Xingyue’s voice was magical. Although Shi Lei told himself to ignore her, he couldn’t help but turn around.

He saw her lift one of her legs up. It was straight and slim. Her toes were tensed and pointed in his direction. She was still gesturing with her fingers and every single action was filled with crazy enchantment.

Shi Lei could not resist such an alluring scene and eventually walked over.

The shoes were next to Wei Xingyue’s feet. Shi Lei bent down, picked up a shoe, and held onto her foot with his right hand. As soon as his hands touched her, Shi Lei’s breathing became rapid.

Her toes were like jade and painted with charming blue nail polish. It was probably the only place on Wei Xingyue that wasn’t white.

His fingers were slightly cold, but the skin was smooth and soft. Shi Lei stared at the foot and forgot to put the shoes on.

Looking upward from her feet, he saw her jade-like legs. The rest of her leg was hidden in her long dress, twenty centimeters above her ankle.

Shi Lei’s breathing was rapid and irregular. Wei Xingyue stayed quiet. She wanted to know what kind of crazy action he would make due to her intentional one.

The room was quiet except for the sound of Shi Lei’s breathing. Gradually, Wei Xingyue’s breathing also became rapid and their breaths wove together like a melody.

The shoes were placed back in their original position. Shi Lei put Wei Xingyue’s petit feet in his left hand while his right hand subconsciously rubbed the top and gradually advanced upward to her leg.

Wei Xingyue was nervous and regretful. She had never imagined Shi Lei to really dare do it and realized that she had overestimated his self-control. She anxiously thought about how she was going to deal with it if he really wanted to do it.

Fight back?

Wei Xingyue had studied karate by herself before. With the usual strength Shi Lei displayed, she could kick him down in one move.

But she couldn’t do it because she was the one who had caused everything.

But if she didn’t fight back, would she let him touch her? Looking at Shi Lei right now, once all of his sanity was gone, the only thing he needed would be more than just touches.

As expected, his hands reached under the dress. Wei Xingyue could feel the coldness of his fingertips on her thighs.

“Lil’man, what do you think you’re doing?” Wei Xingyue was helpless and warned him verbally.

Shi Lei raised his head abruptly, his eyes red. “Isn’t this what you want?” he asked, panting. “You are always trying to seduce me and I’ve told you that I won’t be able to hold it back one day! Do you think I’m an eunuch without any desires?”

Wei Xingyue jumped. His expression frightened her. She quickly hugged her legs and moved further back onto the couch.

Luckily, Shi Lei didn’t do anything else other than pant and stare at her with bloodshot eyes, as if he was going to devour her at any second like a starving wolf.

If Shi Lei really did something, Wei Xingyue wouldn’t hesitate to kick him. She was sure that she could handle him quite easily.

However, Shi Lei did not make a single move except stare at her like a wolf. The feeling of his gaze on her made Wei Xingyue shiver in horror.

“What on earth do you want?” Wei Xingyue finally stopped giving orders like a queen, worried about being attacked by a man like a timid little girl would be.

Shi Lei abruptly stood up and held onto the legs that Wei Xingyue had wanted to subconsciously lift up. His whole upper-body pressed against her heavily and his eyes were almost touching her face.

“Don’t seduce me like this again or you will regret it. I don’t care what your background or your identity is. When it really happens, I won’t care about anything, and you won’t be able to fight back!” Shi Lei sounded fierce and threatening. Wei Xingyue felt fear rising from the bottom of her heart. It felt like she was facing the devil.

“Let go…” She shivered, her whole body becoming cold.

Shi Lei loosened his grip, but moved closer with his head and kissed Wei Xingyue fully on the lips. Her mouth parted in confusion. As she was still confused and didn’t know what to do, Shi Lei had already straightened up.

“That was a small warning.” He gave her a cold look and walked back to the bathroom.
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