Chapter 4 - The Feeling of Being Rich

Chapter 4 - The Feeling of Being Rich

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As the voice didn’t see the horrified reactions on Shi Lei’s face it expected, it emphasised it again.

Shi Lei twitched his lips once again, not even bothered to speak.

Strange silence.

Most likely, the voice was waiting for Shi Lei to ask about the details of the penalty.

“Why aren’t you asking me about the details of the penalty?” The asexual voice finally took the initiative to ask him after a long pause.

Shi Lei pointed towards his mouth, and gestured a zipping action, meaning it just told him to shut up previously.

The ATM sounded like it couldn’t be helped, and said: “You can ask normal questions. I told you to shut up in hope that you don't challenge my authority.”

“Alright, then, oh, my respectful master, can you please tell me about the penalty?” Shi Lei began to feel that this prank is getting boring.

But the voice seemed to be happy with how quickly Shi Lei had adapted to his new role, and said: “Not bad, that’s the attitude a slave should have. The fate of the man from last night is your penalty.”

“Woah, this severe?”

The voice seemed to ponder for a while, but still spoke up: “From now on, you will receive a certain quote at the midnight of every Sunday, and until the midnight of next Sunday, you must spend the quota entirely. If you don’t, I will take away your body parts according to the ratio of the money left. That man’s fate would be the most severe penalty.”

Shi Lei nodded and asked: “In other words, if I only spend 5,000 yuan, I’m basically dead because I can’t live with half of my body?”

This time, the voice ignored his question: “Ok, that is it for today. Remember the 100,000 yuan you received last night was not through the normal way so I have taken it back. Today is Saturday, and at midnight tonight, 10,000 yuan will be added to your bank account. You must spend it all in one week.”

“Remember! Spend all of it! You wouldn’t want to receive the penalty from Slave Rule number zero!”

As soon as the sentence ended, the ATM screen blurred for a second and returned to its normal state. The black bank card had been ejected from the ATM.

Shi Lei hesitated for a second, eventually pulled the card out and shoved it into his pocket, thinking, who the hell is this boring person, don’t expect me to believe you just because I didn’t know how you got my WeChat password for PayPal.

Shi Lei turned around as he heard the door opening behind him, a girl walked in.

As he walked out, he glanced at the ATM once more, thinking, as expected, as soon as he was finished, people were not kept away from this area anymore.

After he returned to the dorm, his roommates were still away. Shi Lei remembered about the password to the PayPal, hurriedly took out his phone and became more relieved after changing not just that, as well as the login password to WeChat. But when he checked the details, it was rather strange as in the transaction list, the history of the transaction for the 100,000 yuan he received last night did not have any notifications, and the ID of the guy who disappeared last night was also gone.

But, if it had the ability to get his WeChat PayPal password, wanting to do something like this would be a piece of cake.

Shi Lei spent the day muddling along without an aim, but a sense of excitement filled him when it was midnight. He wanted to know whether 10,000 yuan will actually appear in his bank account.

Even though this prank will be finished in a week, the unexpected money would seem good too.

Although, if it really did appear, he would still not believe in the so-called slave and master even when the money was transferred, as only the card number and name of the person are needed to be known to transfer money to someone.

Time was hard to kill in a dorm by himself. Shi Lei’s background was rather ordinary and didn’t ask his parents to buy him a laptop as he doesn’t really need it for his major anyways. If he needed it occasionally, he could just borrow his classmate’s. This time, trying to stay up to midnight was really not that easy.

He forced himself to stay awake until half past eleven, he eventually gave up and when he woke up, it was already bright outside.

The first thing Shi Lei did after opening his eyes was turning on his phone. It had an unread message. Opened it, it was really from a bank, notifying him that 10,000 yuan had been transferred into his account.

Honestly he was not that surprised, after seeing 100,000 yuan from before, actually, he felt slightly lost.

100,000 turned into 10,000……

Shi Lei even thought that if you wanted to do this kind of prank, it would be funny to see their faces after he actually spends all this money.

While brushing his teeth and washing his face, Shi Lei thought of how to spend this money.

“I won’t actually spend all of them. I’ll get myself some new clothes, then eat something nice. At the very least I need to make them pay for their actions.”

After a moment of thought, Shi Lei dashed out of the school gate.

Basic necessities come first; after buying two steamed buns for breakfast, he decided to start with clothes.

He dashed into the mall he was too embarrassed to enter before, and ran towards the exclusive Nike counter which he had his eyes on for ages but did not have the money for.

He picked a set of sporting clothes at first sight. Perhaps because the shop just opened not long ago, the shop employee was rather lazy.

The employee managed to find Shi Lei’s size for the clothes with effort and showed him where the changing room was, then leaned against the shelves, yawning.

Shi Lei changed into the new clothes and looked in the mirror after walking out, and was surprised to discover that he was actually pretty good looking. It was just that the cheap clothes made him look devastated, unable to show off his youth and handsomeness. The idiom goes ‘fine feathers makes a fine bird’, after changing into branded clothes, he seemed like a new person.

After buying the clothes, next were shoes.

Nike’s sports shoes, especially the ‘Air Jordan’ series, Shi Lei wouldn’t even dare to think about it usually, he had only seen his friends wear it. It was at least one or two thousand for a pair, it hurts Shi Lei to see that it was used by those people to sprint on the basketball court.

“Doing a prank on me? If I don’t use some of your money, do you really think you can scare me?”

This year’s newest design of the Air series was on the shelf, the 29th generation. Shi Lei stated his shoe size and the employee immediately brought him a pair.

Except when the shop assistant placed the shoes in front of him, she deliberately glanced at the shoes he was wearing – also Jordan, but of course a cheap copy of it.

Shi Lei had seen too much glares like this to care. He shook off the old ones which only costed about 70 yuan on sale with the original price of 120, shoved his stinking feet into the real Air Jordan shoes.

Mhm, pretty comfortable! As expected, it felt too different when stepping on a thousand dollars beneath his feet. Shi Lei suddenly felt like he could perform a slam dunk from the foul line like Jordan at the peak of his career!

Under the doubtful glare of the shop assistant, Shi Lei took out his bank card. After the payment, a genuine smile finally appeared on the assistant’s face, even subtly hinting some flattery towards him. Perhaps it was just Shi Lei’s imagination. Although the shop assistants may not be rich themselves, but if they watch customers coming in and out every day, how can she possibly hold that sense of flattery towards simply because he bought a set of sporting clothes and a pair of Air Jordan shoes?

The old clothes and fake Jordan shoes were shoved into a paper bag. As Shi Lei walked out of the mall, he threw it in the rubbish bin without hesitation.

That felt good! It felt so different to have money!

Shi Lei faintly began to hope that this prank was real. With 10,000 yuan per week, life is going to be great!

Wearing Jordan shoes and an entire set of Nike sporting clothes, Shi Lei checked the time on his phone……

This phone, if it weren’t for this bad quality phone, those pranksters would not have taken the 100,000 yuan from his WeChat that easily, and he wouldn’t have to act along to those guys.

Let’s go get a new phone!
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